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Welcome to 2019!

With the calendar changing over to a new year just under two weeks ago, the stock market has been the investor's friend. Quint and Daniel start off the year in this week's episode by examining where we've come from, where the market has been lately, and what the might mean for investors this year.2018 In ReviewVolatility showed up with a force throughout 2018 resulting in a wide-ranging market that looked distinctly opposite of 2017's action. Ending the year near lows for the year left many investors feeling ready to turn the calendar.January EffectAs the calendar turned, the new year and new mentality had its typical effect on the markets. Investors found a reason to be buyers once again and a healthy bounced has transpired for much of the last two weeks.Bear Market Over?Many of the commentaries regarding this market are breathing a big sigh of relief. With the rally picking up steam it seems like all the trouble might be behind us. However, we look deeper this week and dissect whether this is more a mental change than anything else. Further, we look at what the trend is right now.What To Do NowBefore we wrap this week's episode we consider investors across the investment life stage to see what might be important for each at this juncture in the market.


12 Jan 2019

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Following the Professionals

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss an edge that "professional" or large investors have in investing markets as well as some ways the individual investor might benefit.HeadlinesOne of the major stories making headlines this week was Warren Buffett’s backing of Occidental Petroleum in its attempt to acquire Anadarko Petroleum after the company announced plans to be acquired by rival Chevron. An article by Bloomberg illustrates the benefits a large and well-connected investor such as Warren Buffett has in ensuring that potential opportunities literally come calling.Big Investor's Moves Aren't SecretEven though large investors get the first mover advantage in many circumstances, their moves and investments are hardly shrouded in secrecy. In fact, as Quint and Daniel discuss, many of these investment managers are obligated to report their investments and changes on a quarterly basis. While this data is delayed, it does give investors insight into what some of the large money managers on Wall Street are putting their money behind.Look For Opportunity, CarefullyWhile investors can get a peek into what money managers are doing, investors would be wise to develop their own thesis rather than blindly following. The reason is simple, reading a buy and sell report hardly tells you the whole thesis and strategy a money manager may be following. However, as Quint points out, there are times when you may be able to assess an investment made by a money manager and ultimately enter that position at a better price or value than the large manager. Patience and a watchful eye are critical in these circumstances!


4 May 2019

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Tariff Tango

On this week's Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel dive into the continuing headlines on the US/China trade war to discuss whether these tariffs are everything the headline make them out to be.Tariff TrackerThe trade war was in the news again this week as the White House announced $200B in tariffs on Chinese imports to the US. The back and forth in this trade war has become so regular that it's actually becoming difficult to track what tariffs we already knew about and which ones are actually new news. Daniel is keeping an eye on the Tariff Tracker for clues while Quint breaks down why the headlines make be making too much about the potential impacts of the recent updates.Buying the China DipQuint and Daniel break down a recent investment in the Chinese large-cap ETF (FXI) which might seem against the grain with the recent turbulent headlines. However, Quint looks at both the technical and fundamental reasons why Joule has decided to wade into this particular area of the investment world.Medicare Open EnrollmentTaking a break from the headlines, Quint and Daniel talk with Kim Milner about the upcoming Medicare enrollment period about what enrollees need to know during this season.Is Your Risk Right?When it comes to your financial plan, success often comes down to managing risks. Quint and Daniel preview a new technology that Joule is implementing in the coming months which will help investors get a more complete view of the risk level in their portfolio. After all, lining up your risk requirement with your risk temperament is critical to the success of your financial plan.


22 Sep 2018

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Interview with Paul Lountzis

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel interview Paul Lountzis of Lountzis Asset Management and listen to his insights about risk in the investment markets here.Worldwide LiquidityAs we dive into where markets are today we discuss the tremendous liquidity that has been provided by central banks around the world. While this has helped stabilize much of the world economies it has also forced investors to take on undue risk as they search for yield. Since the Federal Reserve here in the US still doesn't seem ready to hike rates further any time soon investors may get a little too complacent in these risky assets by the time future rate hikes come.Time Horizons MatterInvesting has major distinctions from trading. Investors often are required to have patience and perseverance while waiting for their thesis to unfold. Paul Lountzis talks about how this manifests at his firm and what it means as he looks to take on new investors, pointing them to the fact that they need to have a time horizon measured in years and not months for the funds they invest.Passive Isn't Bad, But It's Not EverythingQuint and Paul talk through the popular trend of passive investing and agree that it can be a powerful tool for those trying to build their wealth. On the other hand, for those focused on capital preservation and limiting downside volatility, there may also be instances that management has its place in their portfolio.


21 Apr 2019

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Interview with Coach Mark Blythe

Mark Blythe may be one of the most decorated college athletes to emerge from the University of Kentucky. From humble beginnings in Lexington Kentucky, Blythe went on to be a stand out baseball player at UK during the mid-1980s. This week Tape Talk Radio takes a break from the markets and economic reviews to talk about all things sports and life. Among his many honors, Blythe was recognized as a First Team All-SEC Selection in 1989 and still holds the records for 9th all-time home runs and 12th all-time RBIs for the Wildcats. In addition to his athletic prowess, Blythe was the first athlete, male or female, any sport, any school to make the SEC All-Academic Team 4 years in a row. After graduating with honors in 1988, Blythe completed his master's degree in Administration before a short stint with Deloitte and Touche. In 1997 Blythe joined the Lexington Fire Department where he serves still today. Shortly after graduating Blythe began coaching youth through a variety of outlets and can be found at Champions Sports in Nicholasville on a daily basis instructing youth in the areas of hitting, pitching and all around life skills. It was an absolute pleasure to sit with Coach Blyth and discuss his past successes as long as his current view of the challenges facing youth today. Don’t miss the opportunity to pull up a chair and eavesdrop on this general conversation as you’re sure to gain a few morsels of wisdom along the way.


9 Sep 2018

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Planning For Success

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss what you need to know about financial planning to best reach your goals in your financial journey.HeadlinesThe news this week was all politics. With Tuesday's election in the rear view, financial markets breathed a sigh of relief and traded higher on Wednesday. Quint breaks down what this might mean for markets going forward and what he's watching as this move plays out.What's A Financial Plan?One of the key elements that keep people from creating a financial plan to help them achieve their financial goals is not really understanding what a financial plan is. There are multitudes of misconceptions about what the financial planning process is and how the planner works with clients to help them succeed. We break down a few of these misconceptions to remove any doubt why it's time to get your plan together and set out on the journey towards reaching your goals.Risk Tolerance vs Risk TemperamentOnce you've set a roadmap for your financial journey it becomes critical to understand the difference between the risk your portfolio can tolerate and the risk your personality temperament can stomach. While these sound similar they are distinctly different measures that work in tandem to create your target portfolio risk. During the financial planning journey, we explore with clients both of these risk aspects and create a plan for investment portfolios that will allow the plan to succeed and the client to sleep at night.Getting StartedThe most difficult step in developing a financial plan is getting started. While this first step takes the most effort it creates the momentum your financial life needs to meet your goals. If you don't have a plan in place it may be time to ask yourself "why?" Interested in getting started on your financial plan? Find out more HERE


10 Nov 2018

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel welcome spring with some tips for spring cleaning your financial life.Rebalance and Review Investment AllocationsIf you didn't already do so at the end of the year, it's time to rebalance your accounts which don't automatically do so themselves. This is an important part of any investment strategy to ensure you stay aligned with the investment objectives you set out for yourself. Additionally, it's important to take this to review your investment allocation and ensure it is in line with both your risk tolerance and your risk temperament.IRA and Roth IRA ContributionsWith one month left to go before the 2018 tax filing deadline, it is a good time to consider any last minute 2018 retirement account contributions. Additionally, while taxes are on the mind and all your paperwork is handy it is the perfect time of year to review your retirement savings strategy for 2019 and how it can be best optimized.Review Your Will (or make one!)While you already have many of your financial statements in front of you for the tax filing season it is a good time to review your will. This important legal document is something most people don't think about until too late yet it can save you and your family much strife when it does eventually need to be utilized. Once every year or two, it is important to dust off this document, review it, and make any changes you might need.Review Your InsuranceInsurance policies tend to be a "set it and forget it" type of situation in our financial lives. However, insurance is directly related to the areas of our life that are being insured and these areas tend to change from year to year. Because of this, it's important to review your various types of insurance policies to ensure they still meet your goals and objectives. Further, if you are unsure the amount or type of insurance you need in any circumstance, it is a good time to set a meeting with a financial planner.Your Financial PlanIf you don't know it already, it's time to get to know your required rate of return. If you knew it in the past, it's time to revisit. Tax season is perfect for financial planning because many of your financial numbers are already in front of you. By doing a planning, or updating an existing one, you can be sure you know and understand the rate of return you require to meet your goals as well as what this means for your overall financial life. If you are interested in learning more about our financial planning services and discovering your required rate of return CONTACT US!


16 Mar 2019

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Wrapping the Decade

In this episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the year as it closes out and what investors might look ahead to in the new year.Investor PsychologyWhile the US stock indices are on track for a better than 30% finish to the year many investors seem to be filled with a sense of skepticism and an eye towards a coming decline. One of the benefits of this attitude still being present in a good amount of retail investors is that the latest move higher has yet to be fueled by general euphoria which often marks market tops.Required Rate of ReturnAs investors look forward to the new year it's an appropriate time to consider and revisit your required rate of return. This number, which is the return you require to meet the goals for your investments, is a critical part of your financial planning and investment allocation process. If you are entering the new year without knowing this number and how it applies to your portfolio it may be time to review your financial plan.SECURE Act and IRA ChangesCongress recently passed new legislation with significant changes to various tax rules affecting retirement savings. One of the most notable of these changes is the increase of the age for required minimum distributions as well as changes to distribution rules for inherited IRAs.  


28 Dec 2019

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Holiday Market Update

Quint flies solo this week and discusses the continued selloff in the stock market. As we roll into the holidays and pundits begin to discuss the prospects of a seasonal rally, Quint breaks down the areas to watch for and what to do when it comes to protecting your portfolio from the possibility of an extended downturn. 


24 Nov 2018

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Impeachment, China, and End of Year Markets

In this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review some of the recent headlines as well as what investors might need to consider into the end of the year.ImpeachmentThe markets yawned at Nancy Pelosi's news conference announcing articles of impeachment. Quint and Daniel discuss how most of the impeachment news now has become political posturing more than it is market moving. Most investors have an idea of how the events should transpire from here and unless there are any surprises the market may just ignore developments from here.China TradeInvestors are forced to continue wrestling with President Trump's opaque remarks surrounding his intentions and desires for a trade deal in the near future. After recent comments from the President that a deal might not need to be completed until after 2020 elections markets through a temper tantrum in response to the lack of clarity.End of Year PlanningNews aside, there are still things investors can do to make the most of 2019 before the year concludes. Quint and Daniel discuss a few of these items that investors might want to consider before the calendar turns.


7 Dec 2019

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Pandemic Selloff

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review this week's selloff in equity markets and what that might mean for investors.Week in ReviewOver the course of the trading week, stocks cascaded lower about 15% on increasing fears of the spreading coronavirus outbreak. With headlines coming out each day about new cases in new countries it became increasingly difficult for large investors to price in the short and long term affects of this outbreak.How a Virus Affects StocksWhile the coronavirus is certainly a serious disease that is quickly coming into focus of many around the world it may not simply be the virus that stocks are reacting to. In fact, Quint and Daniel discuss how much of this week's move is the result of the impact of attempts to control and contain the virus on the worldwide economy. With entire cities in China shutdown and the global supply chain disrupted it has become difficult to assess how any individual company is going to be impacted.What Next?No one is certain at what prices the current stock selloff will find stability but there are a few logical next possibilities on the horizon. Quint and Daniel discuss how supply chain changes and Fed rate cuts may come into focus in the coming weeks.


29 Feb 2020

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Planning Ahead

In this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss some ways to think about planning ahead in your financial life.HeadlinesHitting the headlines this week is news that China and the US intend to begin rolling back some tariffs as they find some neutral ground in the trade war. However, at this point, the market doesn't seem to be paying attention to these updated trade war headlines. In fact, it may just be that the market overall is becoming deaf to the trade war static until something more tangible comes to pass.Preparing for the InevitableIt's been said that nothing in life is certain other than death and taxes. While you are hopefully planning for your taxes annually it seems that death is quite a taboo topic for many. However, whether it is the death of a partner, their incapacitation, or just a change in life circumstances, it's important to plan ahead for what you'll do if something happens to the financial "CFO" in your relationship. Quint and Daniel discuss what they consider and what families might think about to prepare for the inevitable in this area.Low-Cost InvestingCosts for investors are dropping rapidly and yet Quint and Daniel still often see people who are paying more than they should while rarely realizing it. For this reason, they discuss how to review your investment management fees while also considering the tax ramifications of fund investing some investors tend to overlook. RebalancingIf you are planning your finances for the end of the year it may be time to think about rebalancing. What's your strategy? What are the triggers? What type of tolerance bands are you using? Whether you do it yourself or rely on an advisor, these are some of the questions you should be asking to ensure you are keeping your actual risk inline with your intended risk.


12 Nov 2019

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Yield Curve Inversion

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the recent yield curve inversion and what that means to the market. Inverted What?!?The headlines and watercooler talk this week is all about the recent inverted yield curve across the 2-year and 10-year Treasuries.  However, all the fantastic headlines tend to leave out why this matters to investors and what it really means. Quint and Daniel spend some time explaining the yield curve and why there is so much focus on inversion here. Main Street Interest RatesIt's all fine and good to know what's going on in Treasury yields but how is this trickling down into real-life economics of consumers who are affected by interest rates daily. What might be surprising to some is the vast divergence in the effect of the recent Treasury rate retreat on actual consumer rates. While mortgages are down some, many other rates have held steady or even rose!Recession on the Horizon?So if the yield curve is a recession indicator, does that mean we're on a direct road to this adverse economic event? Quint reviews what else is going on in the economy here to question whether we really need to be concerned at this point.Your Required Rate of Return, It's the Foundation!The one thing that is certain is markets will move both up and down. Sometimes they'll move calmly and other times more violently. Through these ups and downs, it's critical for investors to know precisely what they need from the market to achieve their goals. Understanding their required rate of return gives investors a metric by which to judge whether volatility is having a real-world impact on their current goals or is simply static to ignore. 


17 Aug 2019

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Agriculture & Trade Wars

In this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review what's going on with the trade wars which have slipped out of recent headlines.Quiet HeadlinesWhile the headlines have been somewhat quiet this week that doesn't mean there is nothing going on in the market. We've seen earnings from some big bellwether which investors will use to assess the fallout from the recent trade wars and any potential economic slowdown.In The TrenchesQuint and Daniel talk to Quint Pottinger of Affinity Farms to discuss how the trade war, as well as China's purchase of agricultural goods, is playing out in the trenches. You might be surprised to hear that the headlines are not all smoke and mirrors as farmers are actually seeing increased prices with China returning to US markets for products.Earnings In FocusQuint discusses three key companies that he's watching here for an indication of the health of the economy going forward. Unlike the popular FAANG stocks which encompass a technology-heavy lean these three stocks represent areas of the market that may give helpful clues about the broader economy overall.


28 Oct 2019

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Interview with Archaeologist Mindy Wetzel

At 21, Mindy Wetzel was miserable and bored as a chemist within a cement company. Just a few years later she found herself on an archaeological expedition in Egypt unearthing a 3,000-year-old cemetery. In this unique and fascinating Tape Talk, Quint takes a break from the norm and discusses the fascinating career path of a modern-day Indiana Jones.


20 Jul 2019

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Interview with Rachel Smith

As we roll into Thanksgiving Quint sits with Refuge Medical Clinic's executive director Rachel Smith to discuss the organization, their mission, their success and their needs going forward. This in-depth review of a local non-profit celebrating their 10th year and servicing over 5,000 individuals is a great break from the political and economic back and forth. You may learn more about the Refuge Clinic at their website: www.RefugeClinic.org   Enjoy!


22 Nov 2019

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Market Update

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint reviews what's been happening in the market recently and what may lay ahead.Market AnomaliesOften times the time to invest in particular companies or sectors is during a time when the waters appear choppy on the surface. Quint looks at Fastenal as an example of this particular strategy while considering whether Capital One Financial may be next on the list. Opportunity in a Breach?Capital One Financial dropped on news that it is navigating a data breach but is it possible that the market is overreacting? Quint continues his discussion on finding value in adverse times by reviewing the company for potential opportunity. Fed Flip FlopThe Fed appears to be struggling with how to communicate clearly its intentions to investors. During his most recent press conference after the July FOMC rate decision, the future forecast became murky and the stock market sold off in response. Know Thy RiskWith markets entering a more turbulent period than they've been over the past couple months it is again important to understand your risk tolerance and temperament. The time to consider, review, and change your risk level is in the quiet times of the market, not when emotions are running high. 


5 Aug 2019

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Interview with Brent Beckwith

This week Tape Talk welcomes friend and client Brent Beckwith owner of Beck Travel. Quint interviews Brent about his new venture and why after over 30 years in the corporate world why he chose to start a new travel advisory business. At 65 years young, Quint and Brent discuss the ins and outs of starting a new business and just why Brent chose the competitive field of travel. 


29 Jun 2019

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Analyzing the Sell-Off

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss how they're analyzing the current market moves and what they're keeping an eye on to indicate where we go from here.Where We Go?No one really knows for certain where markets will move from here. While many may attempt to call the bottom or top of the recent volatile moves, the situation in health, credit, and oil markets are all rapidly evolving which makes any prediction more of a guess.From Oil to CreditBefore markets started to move on the COVID-19 pandemic there was an emerging crisis in oil prices. While consumers may cheer lower gas prices, even with nowhere to travel right now, the ripple effects in the economy are being felt. As oil prices slip below profitability levels for domestic drillers their entire supply chain comes under pressure and eventually the financial institutions that finance all those companies do as well. Signs of LifeSo where are we looking for signs of life now? Daniel is watching credit markets for an indication that the Federal Reserves' historic interventions are going to provide the needed liquidity which may then calm other markets. Quint is watching oil prices to see some stabilization which will then give other areas of the market the peace of mind that the ripple effects may cease. 


28 Mar 2020

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Summer Market Slump

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the recent volatility across markets and what that means for investors.Trade WarWhile stocks moved on the Federal Reserve's implication that the recent rate cut was not the start of a new trend, the move was propelled much further by matters worsening on the trade war front. After the Trump Administration broadcasted additional tariffs set to take effect, China released news of decreased purchases of United States agriculture products.7.0, A Key LevelOver the weekend, the Chinese Yuan broke the all-important 7.0000 psychological level which indicated the country was allowing their currency to devalue versus the US-dollar. This move effectively shifted the trade war from a matter of goods and services to a currency scuffle which US markets, with their volatile trading on Monday, indicated would be a fearsome escalation.Required ReturnWhile seeing your investing and retirement accounts gyrate with the forces of the market is never palatable, it does help to understand how the moves affect your investing goals. By understanding your required rate of return you might be able to sleep easier at night by knowing if recent volatility is something to be concerned about or just already factored into your plan.


10 Aug 2019

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