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Episode 85 Kallenshaan Laser Pen Turning

Episode 85 Kallenshaan Laser Pen Turning

18 Jul 2011

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Episode 67 Tour of Dust Collection System

6 Sep 2010

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Episode 58 Mustang Sally

28 Jun 2010

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Episode 99 Epoxy Floor Treatment: Shield-crete

Episode 99 Epoxy Floor Treatment: Shield-crete

13 Jan 2014

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Episode 96a Shed Build Day 1 Timelapse

20 Dec 2013

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Episode 51 The Tablesaw

Episode 51 The Tablesaw

16 Jun 2009

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Episode 94 Dr Kapex

Episode 94 Dr KapexTesting the true depth of cut of the Festool Kapex.Also see (briefly) the Kapex stand in action, and the Promac generator.

30 Oct 2013

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Episode 103 Shed Tour

Finally!  A tour of the shed, warts and all.  It is still a work in progress, but I guess, it will always be somewhat of a work in progress!

10 Jun 2014

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Episode 50a Preparing and Turning a Wooden Pen

Episode 50a Preparing and Turning a Wooden Pen. Part b will include finishing with a CA finish (Superglue), and assembly.

21 Apr 2009

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SSYTC053 Carving out a niche

SSYTC053 Carving out a nicheThe CNC Shark Pro from Carbatec. Carving the ManSpace logo in a piece of walnut.

10 Sep 2013

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Episode 100 Assembling the SawStop

Episode 100 Assembling the SawStop

14 Feb 2014

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Episode 102 Centipede Sawhorse

9 Jun 2014

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Episode 47 3D Drawing Board and the Smartpen

Episode 47 3D Drawing Board and the Smartpen A quick demonstration of two technologies – one useful for quick visualisations of ideas in 3D, the other with the ability to transfer handwriting and drawing into a realtime digital form. Contact page for drawing boards http://www.3dboards.com.au/ Contact page for SmartPen http://www.smartpen.com.au/ Original Stu’s Shed review article 3D Drawing Boards

4 Mar 2009

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SW09 – Fire in the Galley

Fire in the Galley. A short slideshow video of the result of a simple fire, and the resulting damage (in a very short space of time). I attended this fire after the actual incident (we were on the ship next door) to document the situation. Note the result from the heat that quickly resulted – especially my favourite – the speaker that got so hot that the bungee cord holding it down has actually pulled its way through the speaker itself. The sort of heat, and damage documented here is by no means uncommon in a typical fire. Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4), Flash Video (.flv)(Right-click, and select “Save Link As”) Best video quality is achieved by downloading then playing the mp4 version.

6 May 2009

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Episode 87 DVR Remote

Episode 87 DVR RemoteUpgrading and using the Nova DVR XP with the Remote and Retro kits

8 Oct 2012

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SSYTC051 & 52 More GoPro Trials

The first video is using the fly-jig, with an additional wire now (as pictured recently) for additional stability.  The second wire will also allow panning effects, by offsetting the attachment points in relation to the main line.  There is still some shake that I haven’t been able to solve – wind is the primary culprit, so this jig is probably more of an interior-only variety.  There will still be more I can do to stabilise it – I’ll just have to think what that is!  Raising the camera so it is directly opposite the line, rather than below it will help a little.  Having some damper system on the line(s) to minimise vibration transmission is probably the next target.  Further slowing the period of oscillation of the jig (in the same way as a pendulum is controlled, or a spring-system) will also help.  Further increasing line tension would help too, but that will require some modification to the jig itself to cope with the increased rigidity that the tension would cause. (BTW, the timelapse is over approximately 20 minutes, not that there is much to watch – a few clouds and growing grass!) SSYTC052 More GoPro Trials The second jig is a skate jig.  It uses the same type of motor (30 RPM at 12V) driving directly on one of the wheels.  The camera was used to get the shot, so was notably absent, but is fixed via a tripod screw through the hole that can be seen near the battery.  This jig is either used to run on a smooth surface or track.  It will be interesting to see how easy it is to create a track that it can follow. Vibration is much less of a problem, but getting overhead shots is its limitation. SSYTC051 More GoPro Trials There are commercial solutions, but they often can operate over 1m or so, and/or are prohibitively expensive. Cheaper (non motorised) ones are out there – will keep searching for better options.

27 Jul 2013

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SSYTC004 Ideal Tools – Festool Mecca

18 Jul 2009

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Learning from mistakes

We all know the idiom about book-smarts versus street-smarts, and it holds just as true (if not more-so) for woodworking as any other pursuit. You can read and read about a topic, watch all the videos, follow the forums and talk with experts, but I can still guarantee the first time you pick up a chisel and try to make a square object round on a lathe, you’ll discover in practice what a kickback (or chisel dig-in) is ALL about! You can learn as much as you can from all other avenues (and that is a good thing), but the real learning curve comes from biting the bullet and trying it out for yourself.  However, jumping in the deep end without RTFM is fraught as well.  Tried that yesterday, and the result was, well, a learning curve.  No real harm – bit of time was wasted, and some scraps of timber, so that could be considered well worth the price.  As another saying goes (stolen from its association with fishing): “a bad day woodworking still beats a good day at work” (Of course you’d want to add a small suffix to that “so long as you finish with as many body parts as you started with!”) Tried out the MLIS (multiple layer inlay stencils) from Tarter Woodworking, and while I didn’t finish with a result, the templates proved how well they would work once I refined my processes.  Trying to do it the first time and on camera just makes it that much more difficult!  I also started with a pattern that was perhaps a little more complicated than I should have, so the second round will be with a simpler form. So the majority of the video footage is destined for the editing floor.  You can see a bit of timelapse footage that is left over. It was a good test run of the multi-camera setup, and particularly the new audio recording arrangements.  Running a couple of high-end mics (NTG-3 and NT5 Rode mics) through a Beachtek DXA-HDV gave some great results. Rode NTG-3 Rode NT5 Matched Pair Beachtek DXA-HDV

15 Nov 2014

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Episode 79 Wagon Wheel Manufacture

Episode 79 Wagon Wheel Manufacture

8 Feb 2011

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CNC Shark

22 Oct 2009

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