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This is a podcast by Kenyans residing in Kenya and around the world. We talk about cultural issues, society, and current affairs. We also interview guests about their stories, life experiences, lessons they've learned, and how to make a difference.

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Episode #2 - (Part 2) Spare the Child Spoil the Future

Part 2 of Episode 2, picks up from where Part 1 left off, with discussions delving deeper into modes of disciplining kids, their results, and perceptions.


2 Jan 2020

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Episode #3 - Drink it and Be Merry! The Good, Bad and Ugly about Alcohol

This episode about alcohol was recorded on January 2020, features the usual suspects, Stacey, Eunice, Matiko, Fiona, Machera (Marsh), and Evans. Discussions are centered about their individual interactions with alcohol, and observations of the same, with others.


8 Feb 2020

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Episode #5 - One of us is Quarantined (Impromptu episode)

This is an impromptu episode. We discussed our hopes, fears, concerns, and personal experiences over what has now become a worldwide pandemic of the Corona Virus. Like all our previous episodes, this show was recorded remotely (via internet).


16 Mar 2020

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Episode #2 - (Part 1) Ideas About Parenting

This two part series, recorded on 16th December 2019. is based on discussions that give various perspectives, of a diverse group of individuals, centered on the ever changing dynamics of modern day parenting.


2 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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Episode #1 - Home Away from Home

On this first episode, we introduce the contributors, who tell their stories and experiences while living, working and studying abroad.

1hr 1min

28 Nov 2019

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