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I.C.A.N. - Improving Constantly and Never-ending

My new mantra, ICAN! Use it to its fullest in your life to inspire you everyday!!!


17 Apr 2007

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Where is your FOCUS?

For 2007 narrow your focus to 3 areas of your life and come up with a one word FOCUS for each. So what is your one word focus for your FAMILY, for your BUSINESS, and for your PERSONAL life?


9 Jan 2007

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The Energy Bus and The Four Agreements

This week I tell you what is on my mind with the two books I am reading. One I just finished, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and one I have just started that was released this week The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon.


2 Feb 2007

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212 Degrees - The Little Difference

Can there really be that much difference between 211 degrees and 212 degrees? Water boils at 212 and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!


16 Feb 2007

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What Do You Fear?

What kinds of things do you fear? Write out a list in your journal, highlight the ones you struggle with from time to time. Most people deal with fear by: 1. Moving away from fear "repression" 2. Fighting it 3. Moving toward it or through fear. Write out what you fear and ask these 5 questions: 1. (intellectual) "What do I not yet understand?" 2. (emotional) "What is it I'm really feeling?" 3. (Physical) "What do I not yet see?" 4. (inner knowing) "What does my intuitive wisdom say?" 5. (curious child) "What does the little kid in me have to say?" Feel the fear and do it anyway! (Great book too!!)


2 Jan 2007

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The Power of LAUGHTER

This week you are going to smile! During this podcast I send you over to watch a little video on my website, get there by clicking here http://www.spencerreynolds.com/video/laugh I bet you cannot make it through the 1:47 video with out breaking into laughter. Let loose, have fun and LAUGH this Holiday season with those you love!


12 Dec 2006

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Exercise in the Morning

The morning time is the only time to exercise if you really plan on sticking to it! 3 out 4 people who exercise in the morning are still doing it a year later. Half of those who do it in the afternoon don't stick to it a year later. And only one in four who excercise at night can keep to their guns. So play BIG and 'Just DO IT' as Nike says. You'll feel better the first day - instant gratification!


24 Oct 2006

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Who Would You Rather Spend Time With?

This week we go through a powerful exercise on who is in your life and whether they are building you up or tearing you down. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO INFLUENCE YOU FOR THE BETTER IN YOUR LIFE!!


2 Oct 2006

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You Must Be Prepared!

Lesson 4 of 10 "You must prepare physically and psychologically if you don't want to be in pain." BE PREPARED!


25 Mar 2008

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Working All By Yourself?

Lesson 3 of 10 "Working all by yourself is SO difficult you may want to give up". Sometimes people drag you down and you must release those people and surround yourself with a mastermind that builds you up!!!


25 Jul 2007

Rank #10