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News and updates about all things vegetarian and vegan in the Greater Toronto Area including restaurant openings, events, and more. Brought to you by the Saturday Resource Centre volunteers of the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

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Veg Out 508: Gia and Stefano’s with Jennifer Coburn

The TVA podcast crew is joined by Jennifer Coburn the genius behind the popular Toronto casual fine dining restaurant Uffico from which Stefano’s and now Gia was born.  Jennifer shares her personal journey alongside the journey of Stefano’s and Gia.  Along the way she shares stories of her experiences sharing vegan menu items with guests and how they usher people into eating delish vegan foods. You can find out more about what is offered at Gia and Stefano’s on their websites.  And, if you are lucky, you might be able to reserve yourself at spot at this ever so popular location. Listen Now to Veg Out 508! https://veg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/VegOut-20210905-with-Jennifer.mp3 The post Veg Out 508: Gia and Stefano’s with Jennifer Coburn appeared first on Toronto Vegetarian Association » Toronto Vegetarian Podcast.

20 Sep 2021

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Veg Out 507: Veg Food Fest Popup

This year’s Veg Food Fest will look a little bit different.  Because of COVID-19 restrictions, it’ll be staged as a pop-up event at the Steam Whistle Brewery rather than its usual home, the sprawling Harbourfront complex. There will be 30 vendors instead of the usual 150+. Instead of three days, it’s just one – Saturday, September 11th. And, you have to sign up in advance. But there will be food. Glorious food! And shoes and purses and jewellery. All 100 percent plant-based, of course. As always, the event will be hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, so we spoke with the TVA’s Executive Director Kimberley D’Oliveira about what to expect on that day, and also about the series of live Q&As the TVA is hosting on Facebook and Instagram in the week leading up to the event. Sign up for your free ticket here. Listen to Veg Out! https://veg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Veg-Out-Veg-Food-Fest-Pop-Up-2021.mp3 The post Veg Out 507: Veg Food Fest Popup appeared first on Toronto Vegetarian Association » Toronto Vegetarian Podcast.

4 Sep 2021

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Veg Out 506: Accidentally Vegan Products

Cookies, chips, and crackers, oh my! There are many mainstream products in grocery stores that are “accidentally vegan.” Everything from puff pasty to pancake mix. The term refers to items that are not necessarily marketed to vegans, and are not produced specifically to be vegan, but they just happen to not have any animal derived ingredients on the label. Think of it as a happy accident that vegans and non-vegans can benefit from. Barbi, Sweta and Jeanette share their favourite accidentally vegan items, offer tips on when and where you can use them, and the best places to find plant based convenience foods. https://veg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Veg-Out-Accidentally-Vegan.mp3 What are your go-to “accidentally vegan” items? Email us at tva@veg.ca and we might share your item on an upcoming episode! Download Veg Out! The post Veg Out 506: Accidentally Vegan Products appeared first on Toronto Vegetarian Association » Toronto Vegetarian Podcast.

21 Aug 2021

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Veg Out 505: Vegan Camping

Let’s Go Camping! Ugh. It’s August and we’re still not supposed to travel outside of Canada unless necessary. If you’re lucky, and rich, you might have had the foresight to book a cottage somewhere up north months ago. If not, hey, there’s still camping! Our three vegan camping enthusiasts — Marni, Barbi and Steve — discuss how to have a successful plant-based camping experience that goes beyond the Beyond Burgers. We’ve got tips, tricks, recipes and even some suggestions about where to camp if you’re having a tough time finding a spot at a provincial park. https://veg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/VegOut20210807-Camping.mp3 Download Episode Links https://www.facebook.com/WishingWellSanctuary/ See June 14, 2021 post for information on glamping at the sanctuary https://www.blackriverwildernesspark.ca/ https://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/cookie-dough-baked-oatmeal/ https://www.vegvisits.com/ https://www.hipcamp.com/ Credits Hosts: Marni Weisz, Barbi and Steve Editing: Sweta Write Up: Marni Weisz Theme Music: Matt Judge Image: Wikimedia The post Veg Out 505: Vegan Camping appeared first on Toronto Vegetarian Association » Toronto Vegetarian Podcast.

7 Aug 2021

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Veg Out 504: Vegan Celebrities

Vegan celebrities, boon or bane? Join us for an informal chat about some of our favourite vegan celebs and the contributions they’ve made to the community, some famous folk we thought were vegan but upon closer inspection probably aren’t, as well as some who were at some point, but now, not so much. How much influence do famous veg-heads have? How much should they have? Does it really matter? https://veg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/VegOut20210724-VegCelebrities.mp3 Download Episode Links Mic the Vegan’s Brain Fog Video Earthling Ed’s Miley Cyrus Quits Veganism Video Kidney Stones and Spinach, Chard, and Beet Greens: Don’t Eat Too Much Save Ralph – A short film with Taika Waititi & Ricky Gervais Aamir Khan Talks about His Veganism (in Hindi) Credits Hosts: Marni Weisz, Jeanette and Sweta Editing: Sweta Write Up: Marni Weisz Theme Music: Matt Judge Images: Wikimedia The post Veg Out 504: Vegan Celebrities appeared first on Toronto Vegetarian Association » Toronto Vegetarian Podcast.

24 Jul 2021

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Veg Out 503: The Portuguese Vegan

Connie Oliveira is the creator of the food blog The Portuguese Vegan, which you can find on Instagram and Facebook. She joins fellow Portuguese Vegans Ana and Jeanette on this episode of Veg Out to talk about her journey to create a cookbook that honours her mother’s heritage by preserving family recipes, and veganizing them so they can be enjoyed without the use of animal products. https://veg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Veg-Out-Portuguese-Vegan.mp3 Download Veg Out! Connie has generously shared her recipe for custard tarts Custard Tarts – Pastéis de Nata Copyright of The Portuguese Vegan©. You cannot visit a Portuguese bakery without seeing these all famous desserts.  They are the royalty of all desserts in Portugal.  Normally made with eggs, butter, and milk I have updated the recipe to be vegan.  These were not a dessert made available when my mother was growing up because they originated from Lisbon.  If you are looking to take a shortcut and reduce preparation time see the notes below on suggestions to purchase an already made product for the pastry portion. Pastry Cup Ingredients: 1½ cups all-purpose flour ¼ teaspoon salt ½ cups vegan butter or margarine 3½ tablespoons ice water 2 teaspoons white vinegar Custard Ingredients: ½ cup cashews (soaked in hot water for a minimum of 30 min) ⅓ cup maple syrup 1 package soft tofu (300g) zest from ½ a lemon 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ⅛ teaspoon ground turmeric 2½ tablespoons cornstarch 1.       If you want to skip this part and buy premade pastry cups/shells please see notes below and skip to step 4, then add the custard to the ready-made shells. I only recommend premade pastry shells if the tarts will be consumed in a day or less as they tend to absorb the custard.  If you are sticking to all home-made then keep reading. 2.       In a large mixing bowl whisk flour and salt thoroughly. Cut in your vegan butter/margarine to the flour and salt bowl.  If you are not aware what “cutting in” refers to it is basically taking two butter knives and making a repetitive cutting motion outwards until the butter has broken up into smaller ball-shaped pieces that are all coated with flour.  This could take about 5 minutes to do but it does make quite the difference in the final product. If you are questioning whether you are doing it correctly just quickly look up a video online and you will see what the final result will look like. 3.       In a separate small bowl or cup mix together the ice water and vinegar.  Slowly add it to the large bowl of flour and butter while mixing gently.  With your hands form the dough into a ball, keep it in the bowl, and cover the bowl with plastic wrap.  Set it aside in the fridge until you have completed the custard. 4.       Drain the cashews and add them to your processor with the maple syrup.  Process on high until the mixture is creamy with no large pieces.  Once smooth add the remaining custard ingredients, minus the cornstarch, and blend away.  At this point you can also preheat your oven to 375°. 5.       Transfer the custard from the processor to a pot on low heat.  Mix continuously while slowly adding the cornstarch.  Stir for 5 minutes on low heat and then set aside to cool. 6.       Remove your dough ball in the fridge.  Lightly sprinkle flour on your work surface and roll out the dough to a fairly thin state. No more than a couple millimeters thickness. About as thick as the rim of a wine glass because they will puff up when baked. 7.       Use a cookie cutter or something circular (a mug or glass) to cut out circles about 3½ inches in diameter.  Place circles in a cupcake tray forming them to the shape of the cupcake mold.  Do this for all 12.  Take care that no tart shells have jagged pointed out pieces as these will brown and burn the dough during baking. 8.       Spoon the cooled off custard into the dough tarts, filing up about ¾ to the rim.  Try not to get custard on the rim.  Smooth out the custard so it’s flat in each tart.   Bake in the oven at 375° for 25 minutes until shells are a light toasted brown. 9.       Remove from oven and let cool.   These can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one week. Tips • If you do not want to make the pastry shells from scratch you can look for pre-made dough that is “accidently vegan.”  Meaning that the manufacturer did not create their product for vegans, but lucky for us there are no animal products listed in the ingredients list.   I suggest using Pillsbury Crescent rolls as all you have to do is unroll the dough from the container.  Please note these will be denser than and not as health-wise as the homemade recipe above.  Similarly you can take a browse at the grocery store and find some Phyllo/Filo pastry shells that are vegan as well.  Good luck on the search and be sure to read all the ingredients. • If you have any leftover pastry dough after filling up the tarts I usually get creative and spread some jam onto it and roll it up into a croissant to bake. The post Veg Out 503: The Portuguese Vegan appeared first on Toronto Vegetarian Association » Toronto Vegetarian Podcast.

8 Jul 2021

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