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https://conspiracy-cafe.com/ https://thepowerhour.com/podcast/Time-tested to take you from confusion to clarityWhat we broadcast is determined by the age in which we live. It is a time of global upheaval, unprecedented change for individuals and entire nations. Decisions we make today will determine what kind of life we'll have tomorrow whether for our children, our friends or ourselves. Forces are at work to sabotage how you think and what you decide. CONSPIRACY CAFE is dedicated to making you aware of what those forces are. Once aware, we promise you, nothing will be the same, but that's the whole point. The decisions you make based on that awareness will set you on the right course. That's what brought you to us in the first place. Get to know the host of Conspiracy Cafe, GEORGE FREUND recipient of the 2016 Conspiracy Factist Award by TruthRising.

1hr 36mins

26 Jul 2021

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James L Hill Publisher, Multi-Genre Author of Adult Fiction, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi

A native New Yorker, born and raised in the Bronx, James L Hill spent his adolescence years in Fort Apache, the South Bronx 41st precinct during the 60’s, a time when you needed to have a gang to go to the store. Raised on blues, soul, and rock and roll gave him the heart of a flower child. Educated by the turmoil of Vietnam, Civil Rights, and the Sexual Revolution turned James into a gladiator. Realizing the precariousness of life, he took on an adventurous outlook trying anything once, and if it did not kill him, maybe twice.12 years of Catholic education and a couple of years in college spread between wild drug induce euphoric years, which did not kill him, produced an unique moral compass that swings in any direction it wants. A scientific mind and a spirit that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough guides his writings. He enjoys traveling to new places and seeing what life has to offer.With little other interest outside the bedroom, and still a hopeless insomniac, he is free to pound out plots. Killer With A Heart is the first in a series for Bulletproof Morris ‘Mojo’ Johnson and Killer With Three Heads continues the saga. Killer Series Book 3, Killer With Black Blood to be released Summer 2021. James writes crime stories (as J L Hill) and science fictions Pegasus: A Journey To New Eden, with a slant on the dark side of life. He recently penned, The Emerald Lady, the first in the fantasy Gem Stones Series and coming soon book 2, The Ruby Cradle.

1hr 40mins

25 Jul 2021

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Randy Seedorff Kanzas City singer songwriter

Randy Seedorff bioRandy Seedorff has been writing and performing for over 30 years, with his interest in music starting at the young age of 11 when his mother gave him his first guitar. A veteran singer, and songwriter, Randy comes from a musical family with a strong heritage in country music. In 1992 Randy joined the popular Kansas City based bluegrass group Greenside Up as its lead singer and guitarist and performed with them until 1999. During that time he fell victim to an armed robbery that profoundly changed his life. The experience turned his full attention to both his life and music, and he rededicated himself to serving God. Randy founded the group Soul Purpose in 2010. They released their studio album Rearview Mirror, produced by Larry Gann of Awe Struck Studios in 2014. Randy released his 7 track EP, Elevate, in 2017. The first two releases from that project reached number 1 on Christian Radio Charts. Randy serves as pastor of worship and discipleship at Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Independence, MO. Soul Purpose plays frequently at churches, festivals and other events, bringing the love of God, through the vehicle of music to as many people as possible. A prolific songwriter, Randy is a member of both ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and GMA (Gospel Music Association). All his original music is published by Danjartay Music. Randy has artist endorsements with Petersen Tuners, G7th Capos, and Reverend Guitars. Randy’s new single, “Family Tree” is out on MTS Records, January 2021. https://randyseedorff.com/https://www.facebook.com/RandySeedorffMusichttps://twitter.com/RandySeedorffhttps://www.youtube.com/user/RandySeedorffYouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/RandySeedorff


23 Jul 2021

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Lady Redneck Country Artist Dallas Texas

Lady Redneck Bio 2021Stephanie "Lady Redneck" Lee is a country artist from Dallas, Texas. Her high energy performances and fun, tongue-in-cheek songs are making the world sit up and take notice of this blonde bombshell. Though she doesn’t look the part, her small-town roots and quirky personality have earned her the “Redneck” name that she proudly displays. She writes from the heart. Her songs are true-to-life and based on her real, honest moments and stories. Stephanie Lee was born in Blackfoot, Idaho, and raised until she was 12 years old, in a little town called Howe, Idaho, population 23. Before junior high her parents moved to the BIG CITY of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Stephanie Lee played in the family band, Dusty Boots, that performed all over the northwest. She grew up playing the guitar, piano, bass, fiddle, mandolin and drums. The family sold 40,000 CDs during their career. Now, Stephanie is doing her own thing, releasing her own songs and earning the respect of both fans and the industry’s toughest critics. Stephanie Lee is also a dark chocolate lover and a workout-a-holic. She loves her family, her Savior, and her country. Now living in Dallas, she speaks Spanish and a little Cebuano.Her new single, “I Dented Your Truck” is due in June 2021.Websites: ladyredneck.orgLadyredneckmusic.comSocials:www.facebook.com/ladyredneck.orgwww.instagram.com/lady_redneck_musicwww.twitter.com/ladyredneckywww.tiktok.com/lady_redneck_musihttp://linkedin.com/in/ladyredneckhttps://www.reverbnation.com/stephygirlmusic


22 Jul 2021

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Stan Deyo Atlantis, Garden of Eden, UFO, Anti-gravity, Prophecy

Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology".As an autodidact polymath, Stan's diverse background encompasses:Computer programmer and senior systems analystResearch physicist (both formally and self-educated)Marine architect (self-educated)Advanced propulsion engineer for marine, air and spacecraftAuthor of three books and six scientific papersPartner in Deyo Enterprises LLC - website hosting, book publishing and distribution company for the last 38 yearsAmateur archeologist in the Middle East – knew the real "Indy Jones" and explored his digs near the Wadi ha Kippah in the Qumran (Israel)Discoverer the Biblical Garden of Eden in Tanzania (May of 2014)Discoverer Atlantis (May of 2016)TV documentary television host for several shows on Tesla (Eye of the Storm) and a series of three highly-rated shows on Channel 9 in Perth: UFOs Are Here, UFOs Deyo and You and UFOs Are BackUniversity lecturer in 3D computer animation and graphic artBible student in English, Hebrew and Koine GreekPublic lecturer on world events including:The coming global economic collapseDeveloping solar-related crises in the Earth's climateThe "UFO" deception and its real intentSuppression of badly needed technologiesThe destruction of America by civil war followed by foreign invasionHis discovery of the Biblical Garden of EdenHis discovery of AtlantisHis discovery of the great Cuddapah AsteroidThe candidates for 'antichrist' and the 1st Beast of Rev 13.Born in Clifton, Texas to a family of American Pioneers, Stan spent his first two years in nearby Valley Mills with his grandparents until his father returned from the Middle East - a US Army Air Force Base Commander in WW2. Valley Mills is just seven miles from Crawford, home to President Bush's ranch.Stan spent most of his youth in Dallas where (while at J. F. Kimball H.S.) he was a member of the National Honor Society, Captain of the rifle team, Lt. Colonel in the NDCC (ROTC), recipient of the Sons of the American Revolution Medal, and honored as one of the two most outstanding math students.Graduating high school just three months after his 16th birthday, Stan was awarded a partial engineering scholarship to the University of Texas and also was given a full congressional appointment (scholarship) to the US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. He was the only 4th class cadet who received written permission from General Curtis E. LeMay (head of S.A.C. at the time) to drink coffee and sit at ease during meals - which was not the norm for 4th class cadets.Upon returning to Dallas from USAFA, Stan trained in computer programming, systems analysis and operations at IBM. Shortly thereafter, he formed his own "mission impossible" team solving extremely sensitive, difficult corporate computing problems.Stan's main love is still advanced propulsion and "free" energy research which took him to Australia in '71 to work on these systems as part of a global project under the direction of such men as Dr. Edward Teller and Dr Andrei Sakharov.Currently Stan is:a) working on a Tesla-based energy system similar to that of Dr T. Henry Morayb) several, novel air and marine propulsion projectsc) giving many radio interviewsd) writing his second paper (in a series of three) on the inertial nature of gravity with many graphic illustrations which show the 'layered shells' nature of moons, planets, stars, galaxies and even galactic clusters... which addresses the 'hollow Earth' possibility and...e) writing his next book on the GArden of Eden and Atlantis and the asteroid that destroyed Atlantis and caused the Biblical Flood.In 1969, Stan experienced an NDE which only strengthened his Faith, though at the time, he was not a Believer. We met with Hopi elders of the Shungopavi Village in Arizona twice by invitation to discuss prophecy.In 1996 we visited the restricted access FNMOC at the US Navy base in Monterey to share Stan's method of earthquake prediction (based on sea surface temperature anomalies - something Stan formulated from the Navy's own data but they had not seen this use for it until he showed them.) For 10 years he made earthquake forecasts using their data with an accuracy of about 70% and a lead time of 1-7 days. Sadly, in 2006 the Naval data stream was classified; so Stan had to abandon this project.At Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs (now headquartered in Omaha), we met with Major Green, affectionately known as "Major Meteor" by his colleagues, to discuss the probability of meteors impacting Earth. Stan has packed more into 74 years than most folks do in two lifetimes!Stan's scientific approach is backed by extensive research. He is not motivated to make a "quick buck", nor is he trying to sell anything other than his books that are treasured by those who have them. He feels obliged to let the public know both what he sees from a scientific perspective as well as from Biblical research.As strange as this might sound, on occasion, Stan has what he calls dream/visions. They do not happen often, maybe one every few years and initially, they only involved him or the immediate family. Now his dream/visions are becoming more frequent and involve other folks, other countries. My first "proof" of his abilities was his dream/vision where he "saw" me as his wife, his partner in life, and exactly where I lived several months before we'd even met!We did, in fact, meet as a result of one of Stan's early appearances on Art Bell's radio program Coast To Coast AM. If you knew our details and the fact that we were living 12,000 miles apart, you'd appreciate the near-impossibility of this, but it DID come true. When Stan tells me he's "had a dream", I hold my breath, because his dream/visions have never NOT come.God graced him with a phenomenal mind that he uses to help folks, not to make us wealthy. Maybe it sounds like I make him out to be bigger than life, but of how many people can you say, "it's truly a gift knowing him..." He's kind and gentle, an idealist with a terrific sense of fun.In 2001, Stan and I, and our 4-leggeds Seismo and Taco, came back home to Pueblo County, Colorado near the Sangre de Cristos of the Rockies and the beautiful Beulah Valley - just 25 miles from our home. Sadly on the 11th of June in 2011 we lost Taco and then Seismo followed her this year on the 26th of July 2012. They both had long and adventure-filled lives with us: flying across the world, joining Stan in international radio shows on Coast to Coast AM, chasing jack rabbits, catching mice on the farm and tracking roos.... We miss them both.As Seismo began to fade in 2011 we found two Australian Kelpie pups to keep him company. He was not pleased at first but as the pups grew he tolerated them. Now they are our support team and we love them both but are especially fond of Jayzbo Baggins Deyo who is more loving and responsible than his mate, Isabella Margarita Deyo - whose intelligence gets her into trouble a lot.May God bless you all,Holly Deyo

1hr 2mins

18 Jul 2021

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Interview with 3 Little Wolves birmingham music band

Formed in a Scouse psychedelic stew and finessed with https://open.spotify.com/artist/0I0IyeUZNS8kauipgTpehvsome West Midlands indie.Twitter https://twitter.com/3LittleWolves1 Instagram https://instagram.com/3_little_wolves?igshid=1k1u03xuw2mn0We will allow the amazing @MildManneredMax to finish off our bio. https://soundcloud.com/3ittleolvesEvery now and then you hear something... Something that isn't another pale imitation of some dreadful trad rock act. Something that isn't clad in Stone Island. Something that isn't just more noise. And so to 3 Little Wolves who arrive with something that, isn't that... Instead they are something more gentle and genteel, something romantic and heartfelt, something fragrant and delicate.With both "Darkside" and latest release "The Garden" we are, as Dorothy might have put it, "Not in Morning Glory anymore Toto".This is deliciously dark, like The Chameleons or The Triffids, but exquisitely peculiar like The Coral or 13th Floor Elevators. But, crucially, neither song sounds anything like any of those things. It's...a vibe. A feeling.Who doesn't want to feel? Boors. I hope I'm right about these little wolves because they remind me of what indie music used to be before it was captured by blokes. 
If I see a photo of them and they are wearing bucket hats and trainers I will be devastated but the music will still be elegant and satisfying. 
You can find them in the usual places, but I hope to discover that they really belong in the most unusual places.


17 Jul 2021

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April Brucker Don't Read My Lips!

Seen on “Entertainment Tonight,” “Inside Edition,” “My Strange Addiction,” “Today,” “Videos After Dark,” “What Would You Do?” and many domestic and international television shows, April Brucker started as a ventriloquist at age 13, had her own public access TV show at age 16 and was the only ventriloquist performing in Las Vegas in late-2020/early-2021. She is currently appearing as the special guest star in “BurlesQ,” an all-female revue at Alexis Park Resort Las Vegas. A former New Yorker, Ms. Brucker performed for more than a decade in Manhattan cabarets, comedy clubs and off-Broadway shows. She earned her BFA in Acting at NYU’s Tisch School and was awarded an MFA in Creative Writing & Screenwriting at Antioch University Los Angeles. Connect with April Brucker on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and at www.AprilBrucker.TV.•Hi-Res image of “Don’t Read My Lips!” book cover available for download at: https://bit.ly/2PyKxup•Hi-Res image of April Brucker available for download at: https://bit.ly/3tWIA9L•Hi-Res image of April Brucker and puppet May Wilson available for download at: https://bit.ly/3cqKaLthttp://www.aprilbrucker.tv/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/0984208585https://www.amazon.com/dp/0984208585https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/57414982-don-t-read-my-lips


15 Jul 2021

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I Am Not Contagious Book by Angela K Pearson

https://www.amazon.co.uk/am-NOT-Contagious-Angela-Pearson-ebook/dp/B08V8XPG7DGrayson is an engaging and light-hearted six-year-old boy, who loves going to school but there is just one problem; some people think he’s contagious!But how can Grayson be contagious when he’s perfectly healthy?Grayson lives in a loving home with a family who takes a holistic approach to vaccinations. He has always lived an adventurous and beautiful life filled with friends and family. However, not everyone shares the same health views as Grayson’s family.Then one day his world is turned upside down when the government passed a new law preventing him from attending school with his friends. Now, he must be homeschooled instead.Grayson is left feeling confused but is hoping to find answers to his questions. Meanwhile, he makes a few suggestions to a talk show host and to his state Governor.A heartwarming story from a young comedic perspective of confidence, compassion and courage that’s sure to inspire you.https://www.angelapearson.com/inc-fps-home-optin-1619534881291-03Explore the fun activity inside that teaches a few civic ideals and practices.

1hr 11mins

13 Jul 2021

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Psychic guidance is an art. Don't settle for a forgery.Corbie Mitleid has seen it all – the rip-offs, the truth-tellers, and the workaday psychics who may not have marquee names but are skilled and valuable nonetheless. Active as a professional psychic medium since 1994, Corbie has experienced clients from every angle: Rookies. Seasoned co-creators. Skeptics. And she’s dealt with the desperate, the delusional, and the ones who think psychics are a shortcut to gaining their heart’s desires without lifting a finger for themselves.Why do some people have terrible experiences? Why do they end up going from reader to reader, never finding what they need? Because they didn’t have a reliable GPS (Guide to Psychic Services) to take with them on their search.But that doesn’t have to be YOUR story. You can follow The Psychic Yellow Brick Road instead! Covering material as basic as Psychic Boot Camp and The Ins and Outs of a General Reading, Corbie also talks about "red flags" to watch out for, angels and spirit guides, mediumship and more.THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD is your field guide to navigating the world of professional psychics: sharp, clear, and full of practical information for those who are intrigued by the idea of using intuitive assistance, but have no idea where to start. And whether you’re a first-time client or a veteran explorer of the metaphysical realms, you’ll find clear and useful information and suggestions to make every session with your intuitive a valuable one.


12 Jul 2021

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Patient Lee Tomlinson Compassion Heals

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Compassion-Heals-Healthcare-Lee-Tomlinsonhttps://leetomlinson.com/We carry out many roles in our lifetime and even throughout each and every day. Some of them we give little thought to, while others may require us to bring our A-Game or may even cause anxiety as we anticipate what’s ahead. That can certainly be the case when our role is the one of “patient.” When we access healthcare, we, as patients, find ourselves part of a care delivery system that also requires some patience on our part. While most health care experiences are hopefully positive ones, there are instances when care delivery falls short somewhere along the way. When this happens, it can add stress and even negatively impact our state of well-being.That’s where this week’s guest, “Patient Lee” Tomlinson, Award-winning television producer, movie studio executive and owner, former professional athlete, speaker and TED Talk presenter, comes in to revamp the provider / patient experience. Author of the new book, Compassion Heals: From Self-Care to Healthcare, Lee Tomlinson’s life mission is to inspire healthcare professionals to return compassionate care to its rightful place at the forefront of modern healthcare. Doing so will benefit patients, their families, the bottom line; and perhaps most importantly, their often suffering, “burned-out” selves.But finding this mission wasn’t even remotely easy – in fact, it’s a mission that found him.Unfortunately, during a recent battle with State 3+ throat cancer, “Patient Lee” became painfully aware of the trauma caused by treatment lacking in compassion –that drove him to the darkest of depths. What saved him from suicide was a tiny, simple, yet powerful act of compassion delivered by a loving doctor and friend. “Patient Lee” is alive today due to the combination of a lifetime of extraordinarily effective medical treatment and deeply kind, compassionate care.With his renewed zeal for life and newfound purpose, “Patient Lee” created the Compassion Heals Movement. This Movement is designed to reconnect America’s 20 million healthcare professionals with the compassion that got them into healthcare in the first place. Then, do whatever is necessary to prevent the “burn-out” that affects over 60% of these vital caretakers, rendering them unable to provide compassion to their patients, themselves, or anyone else. And finally, once healed of their own distress, to reignite these dedicated professionals, and inspire them to redouble their efforts in providing even more compassion than before – all to better heal their patients and the world.Wearing nothing but a hospital gown, Lee has already told his story on more than 200 stages around the world! You can learn more about him, purchase his book and connect by visiting him at www.LeeTomlinson.com. Or join his Compassion Heals Movement at www.challenge.LeeTomlinson.com where he invites all of us to commit to purposely providing one additional compassionate act daily for themselves or others, and sharing them for 7 days on his Compassion Heals Challenge website. A must-listen, inspiring power-hour of enlightYOUment for everyone!Thank you amazing Aging Rebels for tuning into the show, we appreciate YOU! To connect, share, download, stream and find more ways to listen, visit www.CTRNetwork.com/holleykelley or www.HolleyKelley.com. In our efforts to bring you more ways to listen on your favorite players and devices, you can now hear us on Amazon Music, Audible or Ask Amazon Alexa! If you enjoy this episode, please leave us a positive show review and share it with your friends and family! Remember, YOU Rock and YOU Role Model!


9 Jul 2021

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