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I share my personal stories for your amusement and inspiration! I'm Stacie Wimer, an optimistic 43 year old twice divorced mom of one amazing teenage daughter. You'll get practical tips and strategies you can implement everyday to experience more joy.

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Ep12 - Fast and Furious

Have you ever met someone and fallen really hard, really fast?  Has someone ever met you and done the same? It may be flattering or freaky, but it happens. In the movies, it seems like it's always young women who are portrayed as being obsessed with envisioning a future with a guy that she just met. However, in real life, I've found men sometimes get ahead of themselves too!  I think it's actually a very normal part of getting to know someone. I  plead my case for this throughout the show.In this episode, I share some stories of times in my life when men have said things early on in meeting that I refer to as "future thinking"... Times when they have giving me a glimpse into their minds as they are envisioning what a life would be like with me in it.  I've done the same.  So, of course, I'm here to poke fun at myself too.Fast and Furious Conversation Topics include:Let's go on vacation together!Where do I put my stuff? (Moving in together)I can't wait for you to meet (my dog, my friends... my kid)WEDDING detailsWhen we meet someone new we're excited about, it's an opportunity to daydream AND practice self restraint.  Be conscious of your words and actions and mindful of how your enthusiasm may be interpreted by your date.  We should be considerate and cautious of the other person's feelings and timetable.  Equally important, I think we should grant a little grace and not take things too seriously when our dates are enthusiastic about the idea of how the relationship could evolve. Sometimes we slip and say things out of excitement without recognizing our words could scare someone off or give them the wrong impression.  As we are all navigating the complexities of dating later in life, I think we should be forgiving and understanding of some of these simple slips of the tongue.Personally, I can't wait to meet someone who makes my heart race and leaves my head spinning with visions of fun vacations together and building a vision of a shared life.Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/manshopping)


23 Jul 2021

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Ep11 - Dry Spell

In this episode, I share my personal stories of the Dry Spell I've been in for the past 9 months or so.  I went through a literal dry spell of no sex for 9 months.I've been on very few dates.My phone has been silent with rarely any flirty messages from anyone and very little conversing with men.When you're  separated or newly divorced, everyone advises you to "be alone for awhile".  It's common for people to say "I'm working on me right now".  In all honesty though, most people jump right into a relationship or date like crazy.I've been ALONE for awhile now.  It is only now, after 2 years of leaving my marriage that I "get it".  I'm happy in my life just the way it is and without the excitement of dating, flirting, or romance.  I'm busy with my daughter, my work, my passion projects, and spending time with friends and family.  I am fulfilled.  While I always remain optimistic that I'll fall in love one day, I am truly happy by myself... BECAUSE I'm not really by myself.  I'm surrounded by people who love me.  Also, I'm SUPER  busy chasing my dreams over here....Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/manshopping)


16 Jul 2021

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What's The Buzz All About?

In this episode, I tell you about the one and only dating app I've been on, Bumble.I tell you why I prefer Bumble over the other dating appsI explain how Bumble works I share  my strategy on optimizing the app I make a case for paying for their $premium serviceI tell you what I look for in a man's profileI give tips on creating a profile that will attract the kind of person you want to meetSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/manshopping)


9 Jul 2021

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Barbies, Lust, & Love over Addiction

In this episode, I talk with a close friend who is using the pseudonym "Shayne".  (Listen to find out why!)Overall themes for the show include - Our over sexualization as children, our tendency to mistake love for lust, and our marriages to men who struggle with addiction."Shayne" and I share some very interesting similarities from our childhood.We both grew up acting out sexy scenes with our BarbiesWe watched soap operas and adult romance television at very young agesLosing our virginity in the manners we did shaped our future relationships and lives in different but equally dysfunctional waysWe both married men who struggle with addictionWe are both are focused on self-discovery, healing, and growth. We are both committed to raising our children to have healthy self-images.Our friendship is an easy one because we can relate to one another on so many levels.  "Shayne" was my early confidant regarding my ex-husband's struggles with addiction and has been a loving, helpful, and trustworthy friend to me for several years. I love her and her willingness to share her stories with all of you!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/manshopping)


2 Jul 2021

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Unfamiliar Penises

This episode is all about the anxiety we feel and the stuff we worry about when we're contemplating "getting back out there" and dating after divorce.  "Unfamiliar Penises" were at the top of my list. It's normal to be scared about starting over.  I share my thoughts on body image, grooming, health conditionsBoobs - Boob Jobs, Boob reductions & scarring, Boobs after babiesBelly fat, loose tummy skin, celluliteGrooming- shaving v waxingManscapingGetting older topics- hemorroids, anti-anxiety/depression meds sexual side effectsBottom line - Work on accepting your body as it is! Being confident is sexy! Communication is the key to lifting some of our worries.  Talk with your partner prior to and during sex to feel more confident.The thought of being intimate with someone new can be terrifying after divorce and can hold people back from dating in general. Speak your mind and take things slow!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/manshopping)


25 Jun 2021

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What Kind Of Eggs Do You Like?

The title "What kind of eggs do you like?" is from the 1999 movie Runaway Bride starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Richard Gere's character accuses Julia Roberts of not having a mind of her own to molding into whomever she thinks her fiancee's want her to be.  This is the launching point for explanation of what this show is all about - self-discovery!In this episode I’m going to expand on this revelation I’ve found to be true - as traumatic as divorce is, it gives us a unique opportunity of aloneness to find out who we are.  I challenge you with some thought provoking questions…  How do we know what we’re looking for in someone else if we don’t know ourselves? Do you want to know the secret to meeting quality people online? How do we balance our preferences with those of who we are dating?Occurred to me that a lot of people accomadate their spouse & children and lose themselvesBusy lives career & family neglect our passions - single people have an unique opportunity to do great things Sometimes our passions are stifled ridiculed by our spouses Lose ourselves in our kids/spouses preferences So… How do we know what we’re looking for in someone else if we don’t know ourselves?Explore your passions Secret of meeting quality people online :Be the kind of person you want to attract!  Portray yourself as you are! With honesty & integrity DONT DECEIVE PEOPLE Be PROUD OF YOURSELF just as you are today. 


18 Jun 2021

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Show Some Class

In this episode, I discuss the concept of dating with dignity.  Also, I share several intimate stories of classless acts I’ve personally experienced in the dating world.  I give insights into how I handled each situation and how I managed to walk away with my head held high.First, I share my communication style.  I am truthful, honest, direct, and up front. Because of this, one of two things happens when I’m dating… I either align with someone quickly or things end abruptly.  In the first story I share about how I ended up being sexted by a stranger… um, no thanks.Next, I tell about a blind date canceling on me last minute.  This podcast and Google may kill my dating life. (BUT don’t worry about me.  I’m good over here.)Submariners welcomeHave you ever had anyone forget their wallet on a date? I have.State your intentions for dating : Do you want a date to a summer wedding? Do you want a chatting buddy? Do you want sex?  Be honest and up front.  Get what you want! Don’t compromise.  You have nothing to lose! If your intentions don’t align with the other person, be willing to help “Dad of the Year” is a guy I met on Bumble and a head scratcher. We met on Bumble. I stated my intentions clearly out of the gates & we appeared to be on the same page.  He was an out-of-towner. We spent a couple of fantastic nights together.  When it was his turn to reciprocate and make the trip to Kansas City, the communication waned and I canceled the weekend. He didn't seem to care.Ghosting. You are an adult. Don’t do it. Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/manshopping)


11 Jun 2021

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Wise Words with My Girl

My first interview OF COURSE is my amazing almost 16 year old daughter!My daughter, Lanie, shares her perspective as a child of not one, but two divorces.  She talks about the impact it's had on her and her life.  We talk about her young childhood being raised by a single mom during preschool and early elementary school.  While I was busy having mom guilt in my early thirties, she was making friends and enjoying the after care program at her Catholic school.She also shares a bit about what dating is like as a young teen.Lastly, we discuss the social impact (or lack their of) my most recent divorce since she's been in high school.We share a very tight bond built on honesty and open communication!  I hope it helps some of you navigating the course of single parenting.


4 Jun 2021

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The Brighter Side of Being Single

In this episode, I share just 4 of the MANY things I enjoy about the single life. Listen to this episode if you're feeling down during separation, divorce, or in your single life. I'm here to remind you of some positive things about being alone!Don't take for granted the freedoms and liberties living life unpartnered can be! I'll revisit this subject over & over because there are tons of things I'm loving about being alone.I sleep SO WELL!Watching and binging whatever tv show you want whenever you want without interruption or judgmentReconnecting and prioritizing your OWN friends and family members.  Take advantage of your alone time by growing your relationships with the people you love the most!Decorate however you like and make your home your sanctuary.  You don't have to argue over colors, style or budget when you're single. So, take advantage! Now is the time to make your home uniquely you.


28 May 2021

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In this show, I share three intimate stories of rebound relationships I experienced after each of my divorces. The first story is involves a fling because I wanted to feel wanted.  I wanted the excitement of hand picking and hunting down a man to escape the reality of my divorce and feel desired. So, I stalked my single hot "Eye Doctor"  on Facebook and flirted with him online.  Inevitably, after we had the sex I had lusted for, I became a bit attached to him and the relationship was short lived.  Since this experience, I have learned to let relationships evolve naturally on their own and I have stumbled a bit less since.The second story is about a man who I was set up with by mutual friends.  "Funcle" was charasmatic, connected, and made me laugh.  What started as a fun night out at a bar evolved into an roller coaster of a relationship that lasted well over a year.  We had a blast together while I was on his arm at fun events and galas.  I've made wonderful friends through him.  He taught me accept complicated dynamics for what they are and to not try to pursue a relationship with someone who is not capable of loving me and my daughter the way that we deserve.Lastly, I share insights into a more recent rebound relationship with an old friend of mine.  "Mr. Wonderful" is a tale of us reconnecting online and moving our longtime friendship into a romantic one during my separation. He was familiar, comfortable, and someone I inherently trusted.  He wined me and dined me and I absolutely adored him... However, I was picking up on red flags out of the gates.  He was lying consistently and I was taking note.  After I had granted months of graciousness hoping he would resolve some issues and make progress toward his own divorce, I broke things off.  My divorce finalized.  He is still married.

1hr 5mins

21 May 2021

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