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The RIKEN Podcast each month highlights some of the best research recently published by RIKEN, one of Japan's leading research organizations, by interviewing RIKEN researchers about their work. RIKEN has six institutes spanning a broad spectrum of research in physics, chemistry, engineering, genomics, neuroscience and developmental and cell biology (for more information about RIKEN see riken.jp/engn/).

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RIKEN Podcast: February

This month it's all about the brain: Yoshiki Sasai's recipe for growing brain tissue from stem cells, how our early life experiences shape the wiring of our brain's visual centre, and the RIKEN researchers that used brain cells to clone mice frozen for over a decade.


5 Feb 2009

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RIKEN Podcast: December

Join us on a trip to the English countryside to see how RIKEN researchers are using beams of muons to probe the micro-structure of materials. Also in this show, sex cell determination and the unusual wave-bending properties of metamaterials.


4 Dec 2008

Rank #2

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RIKEN Podcast: November

A new kind of microscope that could bring colour to the nanoworld and the latest research from RIKEN's Plant Science Centre.


6 Nov 2008

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RIKEN Podcast: October

Learning and memory-building in the brain, the enzyme complex behind metabolic syndrome and the origin of superconductivity.


3 Oct 2008

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RIKEN Podcast: September

A radical new approach to blood transfusions, the genetics of lower-back pain and how research into plant toxins could help scientists design better anti-cancer drugs.


4 Sep 2008

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