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Welcome to the "This is Bigger than Life" podcast, inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle! We will be focusing on the interpretation of reality through our music! [Warning: Conversations will be real, and at times uncomfortable.] It is time to make moves that will bring HEAVEN to this Earth by looking for Truth and not being triggered by it. IT'S GOING TO TAKE ALL OF US to initiate; social transformation, innovation, unity, community investing, self awareness, spiritual consciousness, and most importantly, FREEDOM of the Imagination for the good of Humanity! Let's walk this journey together!

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The Evolution Process with Joe Veal former member of the Black Panther Party

In this interview of historical significance, former member of the Black Panther Party, Joe Veal discusses his participation in the party and reason for joining the organization. Through him, let us learn the true intentions of this party and why it existed. Let us understand him from a HUMAN perspective and challenge ourselves to view the system we are in and how it is maintained. Let us also learn where the idea of a REVOLUTION against the system was formed. For more information check out this website: https://revcom.us/ There is so much we must be aware of in our world and our country. WE ALL DESERVE THE RIGHT TO THE PURSUIT OF LIBERTY, JUSTICE, AND HAPPINESS!


9 Jun 2021

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In this episode I analyze the death and injustice given to Ronald Greene who was arrested after a Police pursuit and later died due to police brutality and wrongful treatment. What is it we can learn from a "Human Perspective" about this situation and where can we evolve in our understanding? This incident occurred 2 years ago and an investigation is under way, but justice have not been given! What will it take for equality to be the leading component in the administration of justice, peace, and love for all of mankind? Let's listen to Bob Marley's, " Get up, Stand up!" to see where we can improve our way of being! Let's kill our pride and operate under the true principle of love for one another! This is the only way! 💜🌅


27 May 2021

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Solo cast 7: PRIDE IS THE DEVIL!!!

In this solo cast, I explore the destructive attributes of pride and why it is essential for us to eliminate this idea from our mindsets so that we can evolve into new dimensions of love, peace, and understanding within ourselves and the world around us! J-Cole's album is the motivation and inspiration of this solo cast! His song, "PRIDE IS THE DEVIL" is the song that stands out as it reflects the struggle we all face with our pride before recognizing the greatness that already exists within us! Want to also give a shout out to all of my listeners who provided feedback on ways the podcast can improve. Also want to express my gratitude to Kia Baker for having me as a guest alongside Gloria G on their show, "HOT TOPICS." Also want to expresss my gratitude to the Lakers and Pepsi Cola for manifesting my dreams that goes beyond my imagination! #22 Fight your pride and rise to the heights of limitless possibilities!


23 May 2021

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Explore the music of Nas and Jay-Z in one of my favorite classics , "Black Republican". Understanding the multidimensional interpretation of this song can shed light upon the state of our existence in this world and universe. This track also confirms why Oneness is the answer to all of our conceived nightmares! Let us continue to dream and envision the outcomes we want to see instead of dreaming about the nightmares that are presented before us! Keep Dreaming!


5 May 2021

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The Evolution Process: Interview with Producer/Artist Meezy Maze

Explore the mindset of Meezy Maze, a prolific music producer who has a spirit of a true entrepreneur. Listen to his perspective about the world we live in and where he has lost faith, but pay attention to where and who his faith is in! Through this interview, we can hopefully begin to understand the passion of those who have disdain for the current system and how it can change for the better. Let us learn the importance of supporting one another! Most importantly let us recognize how harmful the "middle man" is to our economy and let us discover how to find the steps we can take to eliminate it! Dream big, live, and learn to LOVE YOURSELF!!! Change only comes from within!


3 May 2021

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Solo Cast 5: Living Life like "A Gust of Wind"

In this solo cast I share my personal experience when meditating on top of a hill around 3am in the morning approximately 2 months ago. Explore how I came to realize that "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!" I also share my experience with intelligent life in the cosmos! Let us continue to DREAM (in LOVE) about the good things in life we want to see for ourselves and each other! Never give up on yourself and I promise whatever you pursue will work out for you! Be strong, and most importantly, BE YOURSELF!!


30 Apr 2021

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The Evolution Process: Interview with Mentor Andrew Colon RCP

THIS INTERVIEW IS DEDICATED TO CORNELL GUNTHER AND HIS FAMILY! #JusticeforCairo In this interview, my mentor shares his opinion about the importance in delivering high quality care for those who ALL need it. He also shares the importance in respecting life and why our Humanity takes precedence in moving towards unity versus division. There is also a discussion about accountability being the true foundation in establishing change in our society and within ourselves! Listen and enjoy the perspective of one who truly knows what it mean to be a servant to their community.


28 Apr 2021

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When experiencing disappointment, setback, or FAILURE, these are the moments we usually give up! After listening to this session, we will know that FAILURE IS A LIE! ONLY PROGRESS IS TRUTH! After going through a setback where my interview was mysteriously deleted from my file, I realized how having the wrong perspective can lead to the temptation to quit the pursuit. I wish to encourage you to believe that there is no such thing as failure as long as you don't quit. Here is the funny thing about all of this, even if you do quit, you are progressing. The goal is to be AWARE of your progression so you may have the blessing to determine your fate!! Let's explore this idea together in this brief discussion concerning FAILURE and PROGRESS!


27 Apr 2021

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The Evolution Process: Interview with HumblebVicious

REST IN PEACE TO DMX!! Father, husband, entrepreneur, artist, and close friend, HumblebVicious, discusses how his life experiences shaped him into the man he is today. Listen to his story as he boldly reveals what it is like to grow up in a system that had all of the odds stacked against him. Most importantly, listen to what motivated him during those dark periods in his life and the message he has for those who may find themselves in the darkness now! Be inspired, remain strong, and be who you are above all costs!!!


10 Apr 2021

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Solo Cast 3: How to find the God in You!!

In this episode, I discuss a portion of Nipsey Hussle's song, "Double Up" where the artist "Belly" gives us instructions on what it takes to let our immortal soul (God) take the lead in this dream state of our existence called Life. There is a homework assignment to listen to the song and allow it to speak to you from another dimension of higher thinking! Always remember to "let yourself down so that your soul may bring you up."


10 Apr 2021

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