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Promoting Your Business lab is a regular insight into building brand awareness and a lead/ sales generation for your organisation or brand from experts and professionals in their field. There is something for everyone that drives businesses forward, whether an entrepreneurial startup, or a multi-chip director, if promoting your business will benefit you, or you are interested in keeping track of what's current in the marketing world, these bite sized-chunks of non-scripted conversation topics will provide you with value. If you would like to download the book by Ian Hainey, Promoting Your Business, this podcast is loosely based upon, then simply search it Amazon.

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#3 Video Marketing is becoming one of the most important elements of the marketing mix and a necessity for businesses nowadays. Ian has invited insights on that from Pirlanta Toubba, partner at Phenomena Production, who specialise in video production.

Pirlanta takes us through using your video content as a medium to reach your target audience and explains how you can incorporate your artistic sense with any brand’s story to create an effective video marketing piece. Ian Hainey asks Pirlanta to give her insights on the main touch-points that have helped make video marketing a necessity for most businesses nowadays.


22 Mar 2020

Rank #1

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#2 How your website could be holding back your business and what you can do about it. Website Tips from Dubai's web guy Brad Standish.

One of our most used web developers for clients, Brad Standish has quickly developed a strong reputation for delivering effective websites of all types quickly and with a high level of customer service. Ian Hainey asks Brad about how websites are letting companies down and how you can improve your business by improving your website offering.


2 Mar 2020

Rank #2

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#1 Exhibitions & Events marketing - Christina Bostock - consider it early, not as an afterthought; amplify your message and make more of your investment

Companies spend hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions on exhibiting at events, trade shows and mega-exhibitions. They pay huge exhibition fees, then vast amounts of money for the building of a stand; then flying in, housing, feeding and watering senior employees to speak to passers by at the stand. However, only a small percentage of these exhibitors realise their potential, as they don't use simple marketing techniques to amplify their message and make the most of their investment. As event season heats up, Ian Hainey and Christina Bostock from iHC give a few examples of simple measures exhibiting companies can put in place to ensure their time and money at such events and exhibition are well spent, using PR, social media and content marketing.Promoting Your Business Lab is loosely based on Amazon bestseller, Promoting Your Business 2019 available on kindle and paperback.


10 Nov 2019

Rank #3