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Illegal Hands to the face is the new kid on the block when it comes to sports pod casting, especially pertaining to sports betting and handicapping. We will be keeping track of all of our picks, for every sport as the seasons progress, which has turned into a "friendly" competition between us on who will have the most profitable season, however in the end, we all win. We are not just about sports picks and sports betting however, as we will also give our opinions on the major news stories circulating throughout the sports world. Give us a listen, and stop by our blog for even more content not delivered on the show. https://www.illegalhands.com

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Episode 17 | 2018 College Football Season Total Over/Under Picks

On this very special episode of the Illegal Hands to the Face Podcast, Jon and myself give our over-under picks for the 2018 College Football season. Tune in to listen to our best bets and hear Jon miss his cue a number of times, and at one point I believe I forgot I was even recording a podcast. Enjoy!!!


13 Aug 2018

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Episode 16 (NFL Week 13 College Football Week 14)

In this week's episode - Jon returns!!!Jon is back from having a kid (not him, but his wife) and he is better than ever. By that, I of course mean tired and delirious, but it is good to get the band back together once again. This week Jon and I pick up right where we left off, giving out free picks (winners...sometimes) for both college football and the NFL. Also as a side note, please excuse the audio, due to Jon's lack of sleep and the very high chance of waking a sleeping kid by him leaving the house, this podcast was recorded (crudely) by phone...my apologies.


1 Dec 2017

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Episode 15 (NFL Week 11 and Week 12 College Football Picks)

In this episode of the Illegal Hands to the Face podcast, Steve is once again flying solo and hopes to improve upon his horrible showing last weekend. Steve also learns a very valuable lesson when doing a podcast solo...make sure you plan otherwise you say uhmmm wayyyy too much. Also, Steve has just now learned that it looks childish to use too many extra letters in the words in his podcast descriptions. Sorry dawgs.


18 Nov 2017

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Episode 14 (NFL Week 10 - Week 11 College Football Picks)

In this lovely episode of the Illegal Hands to the Face Podcast, Steve is joined by...himself as Jon is attending to some personal business at the moment. I break down all of our games (both mine and Jon's) from this weekend's upcoming slate of games, and hopefully, armed with that stellar information you can head out this weekend and make some life changing money! Or at least enough to contribute to the tip at the bar...either way.


10 Nov 2017

Rank #4

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