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Learnings from Leaders: the P&G Alumni Podcast

Anyone who’s worked at a great company knows it’s all about the people. Good managers, great leaders - in and beyond the business. Through conversations with P&G Alumni leaders, we go deeper with the leaders you know, but want to know more about. This is Learnings from Leaders: the P&G Alumni Podcast. pgalums.com/podcastLearnings from Leaders is a production of the P&G Alumni Network (pgalums.com) — an officially recognized, global nonprofit by former P&G’ers committed to community, enrichment, and philanthropy. With more than 45,000 members worldwide, the Network connects through global conferences, local chapters, industry events, and online content. Our nonprofit Foundation supports economic empowerment in communities around the world.

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Craig Bahner, Sara Lee Frozen Bakery CEO

“You have to work harder with international assignments. Get to know the people, the culture - and see your own country through somebody else’s eyes.” Craig Bahner is the CEO of Sara Lee Frozen Bakery - leading iconic brands like Sara Lee, Van’s, Chef Pierre and Bistro Collection. An 80 year old brand, Craig was there for the recent spin-off, putting in place pieces to accelerate growth, operations, and innovation. Previously, Craig was Kellogg’s President of US Morning Foods, and Wendy’s CMO - helping transform the iconic restaurant brand for the first time in decades. Craig spent 20 years at P&G rising thru the ranks - serving as GM of North America Hair Care & Color and GM of Northeast Asia’s Fabric & Home Care business. But Craig actually got his start in product supply @ Pillsbury, and later working at an AVIATION company in Cincinnati. Craig is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he’s a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council for the Fisher College of Business, and also a trustee of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Craig also happens to be an avid aviator - a certified pilot having flown all over the continent. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation about stepping outside your comfort zone, and always seeking to humbly learn from those around you.


17 Oct 2021

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Keila Lazardi, Revlon Chief Scientific Officer

“With so much uncertainty, all of us are now more aware, focused and socially conscious. We are going to do wonders with that.” Keila Lazardi is the Chief Scientific Officer of Revlon, responsible for global product innovation and strategies — across technologies and categories including skin care, color cosmetics, nail care, hair care, fine fragrances and deodorants. With 25 years of global experience in CPG & Health, she has an exceptional track record of delivering breakthrough innovation. Prior to leading at Revlon, Keila served as e.l.f. Cosmetic’s VP of R&D, and previously held senior technical roles at Schiff Nutrition, Reckitt Benckiser, and P&G, where she got her start - in paper, hair, fabric and home care categories. Keila received her PhD in Biochemistry from the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research and a Masters in Biology from Universidad Central de Venezuela. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation about the need for career transparency, authenticity, and perseverance - as well as a very optimistic take for the times that we live in.


10 Oct 2021

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Jorge Uribe, former P&G Latin America leader

“It is better to sleep well than to eat well. Knowing that you have done the right thing - there is nor price for that.” Jorge Uribe served as P&G’s Global Productivity & Organization Transformation Officer until 2015. Mr. Uribe spent 33 years with Procter & Gamble, where he held roles as Group President, Marketing & Sales Vice President, and grew through numerous roles across  Switzerland, Central America, the Caribbean, Cyprus, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia and Colombia. Mr. Uribe serves  on the boards of a number of organizations including General Mills and previously the United Way Worldwide. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Xavier University and a bachelor degree in management engineering from Universidad Nacional de Colombia.  You’ll enjoy this candid conversation reflecting on an impressive career - from working on farms in Medellin, to a globe-spanning career - where Jorge demonstrates the power of always being your best self.


3 Oct 2021

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Brian Niccol, Chipotle Mexican Grill, CEO & Chairman

“It’s powerful to say ‘I don't know everything’ - I love an organization of thinkers, creators, and people unafraid to be accountable for ideas.” Brain Niccol is the Chairman and CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill - driving brand strategy and performance of over 2,700 restaurants across North America and Europe. Chipotle is a purpose-driven brand so many of us love - focused on fresh, responsible ingredients that respect the animals, land, and people who produce them. Prior to leading Chipotle, Brian was CEO of Taco Bell - the culmination of more than a decade @ YUM Brands in senior roles on Taco Bell & Pizza Hut - including VP, CMO, and General Manager. Brian got his start at P&G - where he spent nineyears rising through the ranks of brand management - working on brands like Scope, Thermacare, Vicks, Pringles. Brian studied Engineering @ Miami University in Ohio, and got his MBA from the University of Chicago. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation about not just some of Brian’s earliest lessons in business, but also about how he’s always staying curious - and doing what’s right for our communities.


26 Sep 2021

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Yolanda Talamo, Heineken's Chief People Officer

“Share good moments, but also pass on learnings where things did NOT go great - for experience and learning that will benefit others.” Yolanda Talamo is The Heineken Company’s Chief People Officer. She joined Heineken in 2017 as SVP Human Resources for the Americas, but during the pandemic she assumed responsibility for all crisis management and related plans during COVID-19. Prior to Heineken, Yolanda was an SVP of Human Resources for SAB Miller, and spent 18 years at P&G, working in senior HR roles in Latin America and North America, as well as roles in marketing and consumer research. Yolanda has a proven track record of transforming organizations, developing executives and human resource organizations and delivering high performing teams with profitable business results. Yolanda was born in Venezuela, and holds American and Italian citizenships. She serves on several boards both in the U.S. and around the world and is seen as a positive and trusted force for change across organizations. In this candid conversation, you’ll hear not just about Yolanda’s accomplishments, but also her experiences with setbacks — and how she’s continued to use them as fuel for next steps and learning, as so many things in life are not a one-way door...


20 Sep 2021

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P&G Alumni "Leaders Under 40" (pgalums.com/40 - Sept 30th deadline)

The P&G Alumni “Leaders Under 40” program (pgalums.com/40) is a great way for P&G Alumni under 40 doing amazing work in their careers and communities. Nominations remain open until September 30th, and winners will be recognized* at the P&G Alumni Global Conference (Nov 11+12). Nominate someone - or yourself (self nominations welcome) - at pgalums.com/40 - deadline is September 30th, 2021. *Fame and/or fortune not guaranteed, but thousands of people around the world will hear about this next generation of P&G Alumni Leaders at the upcoming global conference this November. To be eligible, P&G Alumni must still be under 40 by November 1, 2021. ...so be sure to visit pgalums.com/2021 - to nominate yourself, or a fellow P&G Alumni under 40 by September 30th, 2021!


19 Sep 2021

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Matt Story, Visa’s VP of Global Marketing Partnerships & Advocacy

“Seek out experiences and not titles, because that's where you’ll get the most value at the end of the day.” Matt Story is VISA’s Vice President of Global Marketing Partnerships & Advocacy - where he leads strategy for marketing partnerships and the company’s approach to uplifting underrepresented audiences through marketing initiatives. Matt has also held senior marketing roles @ Intel, Razorfish, and Publicis “Denuo” a agency’s unique worldwide center of expertise across mobile, collaboration and gaming practices - helping some of the world’s biggest brands  “see around the corner” to solve marketing challenges. Matt got his start atP&G as one of the company’s earliest hybrid Digital Marketing Managers + Business Analysts. Matt studied Computer Science & Computer Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, and is also an Investor, Board Member, Podcast Host, Inclusion Advocate, and most importantly, husband and father. In this candid conversation, Matt shares how he’s gained not just experience, but empathy from everything he’s done. You’ll enjoy hearing about how young leaders like Matt doesn’t just seek to understand, but also seeks to see where he can help others on their unique journeys.


12 Sep 2021

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Gordon Brunner, P&G’s Former Chief Technology Officer

“Honestly, if you could describe what you needed to a P&G technologist - it could be done.” Gordon Brunner, was P&G’s Chief Technology Officer leading the company’s technical community, and even serving on P&G’s Board of Directors. Gordon initially joined the Company's Food Division in 1961 as a Process Engineer, progressing through R&D assignments with increasing responsibility and experience across food, laundry and cleaning. His work directly impacted many of P&G’s Billion Dollar brands. In 1976 Gordon  became head of all European R&D operations, and returned to the US soon becoming Senior Vice President of global R&D. Gordon led internal venture programs responsible for new products like Swiffer, Dryel, and Febreze, and growing P&G's life science and healthcare business.  Gordon was elected to the company Board in 1991, and in 1995, he accepted the U.S. Medal of Technology on behalf of P&G from President Bill Clinton. In 1999 Gordon became P&G’s Chief Technology Officer. A native of Des Plaines, Illinois, Gordon studied Biochemical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and got his MBA from Xavier University. Since retiring - Gordon has remained quite busy leading ventures across academic, philanthropic and professional organizations - and ever the scientist/tinkerer - remaining very technically active in some of this passionate pursuits of golf, cooking, and fermentation. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation about the importance of products, people, and thinking big - but also how this cutting edge work doesn’t matter if it’s divorced from business realities and consumer context. For Gordon, the power of people is paramount - you’ll appreciate his candor and perspective on the rich history of the company where he was such a big part.

1hr 2mins

5 Sep 2021

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Kristi Zuhlke, Founder & xCEO, KnowledgeHound

“Entrepreneurship is high risk, high reward - the ability to solve problems others haven’t been able to figure out.” Kristi Zuhlke is Founder and former CEO of KnowledgeHound, a Chicago-based startup with a mission to build the largest database of consumer data in the world.  Since founding her company 6+ years ago, Kristi has raised $5 million in funding with Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Knowledge Hound is actually Kristi’s third startup venture. Before founding Knowledge Hound, Kristi launched and quickly sold her second business, a smartphone app company, and she started her first business while in college, revealing her to be an entrepreneur at heart. Along the way, Kristi worked at Procter & Gamble for 6 years in the CMK market research function, serving on brands like Gillette and Always. Kristi studied at Xavier University, and is now also a wife and mother of two kids and a loving Labrador. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation with another accomplished Alumni entrepreneur, where Kristi shares how she came to the decision to leave Corporate America, and how entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily for everyone.


29 Aug 2021

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Julio Nemeth, P&G’s Chief Product Supply Officer

“Overcome inhibition and introversion. Get prepared, but don't get intimidated by roles, personal equities, or styles.” Julio Nemeth is Procter & Gamble’s Chief Product Supply Officer, where he leads P&G’s global product supply organization, including procurement, engineering, manufacturing, and more. Julio joined P&G in 1990 as a site engineer for the Beauty business in Brazil and throughout his career has worked in engineering, plant and business operations, and product supply. Julio has led and supported P&G businesses around the world, facilitated by his fluency in four languages. In 2015, Julio was elected President, Global Business Services. Outside of P&G, Julio recently joined the Board of Directors of The Boston Beer Company, Inc. Julio received his bachelor of science in Naval Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires and his MBA from FGV in Brazil. What’s unique about this conversation is that Julio is a current executive P&G and was able to give us a peak behind the curtain on what the company is doing in product supply, including how they managed to increase production with fewer staff during the pandemic AND why they’re partnering with EY to license that methodology. You’ll enjoy this candid conversation that focuses on creating ownership, continuous improvement, and lessons learned during Julio’s 30+ year continuing career at P&G.


22 Aug 2021

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