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EP #49-(Sedona, Arizona) How to Move Your livelihood FROM Beverly Hills to Paradise

We finish our Sedona series by looking at a family that did the opposite of the Beverly Hillbillies by moving from Beverly Hills to the outback of West Sedona, Arizona. Learn what this family did to create a legacy of serving others which has lasted to the next generation. www.RamblingBusiness.com


24 Aug 2017

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Ep# 26- (Southern Sierra, California) Tips to Starting A New Business In A Vacation Destination

The high desert/mountain resort area of Lake Isabella, Kernville and surrounding areas has been a welcome escape for people in California. It offers great activities like fishing, boating and white-water rafting. Join us we talk about Betty Fleming, the long-time owner of Rustic Antiques and the challenges to running a business in a vacation destination. Series: Southern Sierra Business. Get the full multimedia experience at www.ramblingbusiness.com


15 Mar 2017

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Ep# 73-(Glendale, Arizona)Overcoming Disaster in Business

We leave our Julian, California business series and head east across the Arizona border to the city of Glendale. Here Rick and Judy walked into history and stayed at the Gaslight Inn Bed and Breakfast. Learn how Teresa Outzen and her husband Pete Gliniak went from a heartbreaking business venture to a successful popular B&B.www.RamblingBusiness.com for the complete multimedia experienceSubscribe on ITunes --- http://ow.ly/Mm5d305iwvR


7 Mar 2018

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Ep #3--(Louisiana)How to Plan a Plantation Wedding On The Mississippi Without Getting Wet

We continue this month’s series “Business in the Bayou” by moving up the Mississippi River to the Nottoway Plantation in White Castle. There Rick and Judy attended a wedding that started in the early evening and went late into the night. Check out what Rick learned about how to plan a wedding! www.RamblingBusiness.com


4 Oct 2016

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EP #37-(Haight-Ashbury, California) Adjusting To The 1960’s Hippies Clientele Of Haight - Ashbury

We continue Haight-Ashbury series by stepping back years BEFORE the hippie movement and how one business had to adjust to flower children. Rick stopped by Mendels, which has supplied the Haight with fabrics and other creative items for decades and talked with 3rd generation owner Naomi Silverman. www.ramblingbusiness.com


30 May 2017

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Episode #46- (Route 66, Arizona) Serving the Native American Culture on Route 66

We continue our Route 66 series in Flagstaff by popping next door to Galaxy Sales Outfitters and James Burns. Join us as we tell the story that starts with escaping Belgium Jews during WWII who settle down in Flagstaff.


2 Aug 2017

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Ep #45-(Route 66) Working with Legacy on Route 66

We continue our Route 66 series by hitting Flagstaff and its oldest business, The Grand Canyon Café. Join us as we tell the story on how two families joined together to keep this historical legacy alive. ramblingbusiness.com


25 Jul 2017

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Ep #91—(Flam, Norway)--How to Create a Viking Village

Rambling Business leaves our Stavan’ger, Norway business series and moves up north deep into a Fjord near Flam. Here our family walked back into the times of the Vikings when visiting the Viking Village, Njardarheimr, in the town of Gudvangen. Hear about the history of this unique place and how a group of individuals turned the dream into a reality. Check us out on www.RamblingBusiness.com or Subscribe on ITUNES http://ow.ly/Mm5d305iwvR


8 Aug 2018

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Ep #64-(San Juan Capistrano, California)How to Not Get Milked in the Dairy Industry

We continue our San Juan Capistrano Business series by meeting a business you wouldn’t think existed in San Juan Capistrano, dairies. Rick met with Rey Rivera of MRV Dairy Solutions and learned how MRV changed the way milk is sold in California.


21 Dec 2017

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Ep# 105--(Bethlehem, Palestine)--Shepherding Your Business

Rambling Business concluded our Bethlehem Christmas Business series by looking into Christmas present. Rick and Judy were able to cross paths with Shepherds not far from Bethlehem. Stay with us to learn what these historical icons are doing to survive at ground zero of Christmas and whether they had to change their business model to survive. www.RamblingBusiness.comSubscribe on Apple Podcast --- http://ow.ly/Mm5d305iwvR


1 Jan 2019

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Ep #65 — (San Juan Capistrano, California)Stepping Back 100 years for a Great Steak

We finish our San Juan Capistrano Business series by getting on board at a converted train station and rail cars at the Vintage Steakhouse. Rick and Judy met with Heather Tran of the Vintage Steak House and learned how she and her husband, Chris, stepped into history to carry on a tradition. See the multimedia experience at www.ramblingbusiness.comSubscribe on Itunes . http://ow.ly/Mm5d305iwvR


10 Jan 2018

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Ep# 57-(Idyllwild, California)How to Make Chocolate the Old-Fashioned Way (like back in 2,000 BC)

We leave our Ashland Oregon business and fly back down to the little town of Idyllwild, which is in the California mountains just above Palm Springs. Here Rick met Eric and Jessica Landis of the El Buen Cacao (Ka-Cow) chocolate shop where Rick learned how a former archeologist and anthropologist turned heads by making the purest of chocolate like the Mayans. www.ramblingbusines.com Subscribe on Itunes --http://ow.ly/Mm5d305iwvR


17 Oct 2017

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Ep #16—(San Diego Micro-Breweries, California)How To Start A New Micro - Brewing In San Diego

We leave the East Coast and fly you all the way to the other coast to San Diego where American Micro-brewing began. Today we give some business take-aways on starting a new business while getting a rare glimpse of the birth of a new industry and Ballast Point Brewery. We also have our travel advice and tax tales. www.RamblingBusiness.com


3 Jan 2017

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Ep# 42-(Ojai, California) Tips to Creating Your Own Wave with A Green Business

Last Memorial Day weekend, our family of 20 extended our Ojai adventure by kayaking with the Santa Barbara Adventure Company in the Channel Island caves. Rick talked to Michael Cohen about how he went from sleeping in the back of his pickup truck to one of the most sustainable GREEN businesses in Ventura County.


6 Jul 2017

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Ep #104—(Bethlehem, Palestine)—The Christmas Magi and the Business of Creating a Niche

Rambling Business continues our Bethlehem Christmas Business series by looking into Christmas past. No, not Dickens but the original Christmas with the visiting Magi and a theory of where they came from and their business model that helped propel them into Christmas lore. Subscribe on Apple Podcast--> http://ow.ly/Mm5d305iwvR Multimedia experience --- www.RamblingBusiness.com


26 Dec 2018

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Francisco by Prism of Rhythm (Our Family Band)

Prism of Rhythm's (family band)latest release--"Francisco".Amber Rose Manley (daughter)--Lead vocalsBrandon Norris (son)--Backup VocalsDevin S Norris (son)--KeyboardsJudy Stepan-Norris --PercussionSatya Fuentes (Devin's girlfriend)--Backup VocalsSarah Lloyd (Brandon's girlfriend)-- celloRick E Norris (guitar)Spencer Lere (Drums, Engineer)Music and Lyrics by Rick E NorrisProduced by Rick E Norris, Devin S Norris and Spencer LereHear the Rambling Business podcast series "Haight Ashbury Business" which inspired the song.


15 Dec 2017

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Ep# 60-(Costa Mesa, California)How to Adjust During an Economic Downturn

We leave the Idyllwild business series and head back to the Orange County coastal city of Costa Mesa. Today we start one of our industry-specific series: Costa Mesa Construction Business! Rick and Judy will bring you the small businesses that worked on their house, giving it a complete remodel and facelift. Each week we will interview a different contractor or supplier and what we learned from the running of their businesses in the risky construction industry. www.RamblingBusiness.comSubscribe in Itunes --http://ow.ly/Mm5d305iwvR


8 Nov 2017

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Ep# 58-(Idyllwild, California)Marrying the Yeast in Baking and Brewing

We continue our Idyllwild business series by visiting Paul and Katie White of the Idyllwild Bake Shop and Brew. Here Rick, Judy, grandma and great aunt Gilda stumbled onto this one of kind culinary havens among the forests above Palm Springs. Learn how an infantry instructor and baker married the yeast in their respective passions (beer and baked goods) to make one of the most unique businesses in Idyllwild. www.RamblingBusiness.comSubscribe on ITunes -- http://ow.ly/Mm5d305iwvR


24 Oct 2017

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Ep #24-(Palm Desert, California)Building A Legacy With Nature Even On The San Andreas Fault

We continue our Greater Palm Springs Desert series by taking you back into history a bit. We will be visiting the Thousand Palm Oasis Preserve just outside of Palm Springs situated directly on the San Andreas Fault. Here we will be talking about how a business and community developed created a legacy cherished by thousands of visitors every year. www.RamblingBusiness.com


1 Mar 2017

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Ep #25- (Palm Desert, California) How To Plan Your Business And Not Just Fight Windmills

We round up our Greater Palm Springs Desert Series with the Quixote view of the Palm Springs alternative energy windmills. If you have driven I-10 to Palm Springs, haven’t you ever wondered about the thousands of powerful windmills? Join us as we talk to Tim Bannister, owner of the Palm Springs Celebrity Tours about the history of the electrically-generated windmill industry and how he charged up his business telling people about them. www.ramblingbusiness.com


8 Mar 2017

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