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If life is a ball of yarn, then these two dudes would be the kittens, playfully unraveling it on the throw rug in your living room. Fireplace optional.

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Episode 28: We Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business

In Episode 28, Bill, Justin, and Dylan each share a story where they get into a jam, make a mess, or encounter a disaster. Follow these links to just find us: Want to say witty things to us in 140 characters? Click here to just find us on twitter. Want to talk about the episode? Click here to just find us on facebook. Want to see how pretty life can look with the help of unrealistic filters? Click here to just find us on instagram. When you hear apple, do you think phone and not fruit? Click here to just find our itunes page. You can subscribe to our podcast and even rate us and write a fun little review. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts at www.popularoutcasts.net. my fellow pieces like I have however having said that kept happening it wasn’t like it will will I go to bit.ly will I will be popular, outcast production work with area review the readings on the WW January sounds great. okay, perfect internal organ welcome move to Serio is podcast time. just then, John and Bill pleased to meet you. it’s fun to be here in driving as you have done. you look like you are having a blast of the year. I always have and must be in general questions almost shoot square was weird in my mind. I feel you have a question for all of the sky. you have watched what did you guys do your fight club homework. I did not note a passionate suite where you identify club have both able to I call the person to their voice. I wasn’t so hard. Janet and I had a bill tried to do, fight club causally right now, but it’s really late to the other. now they had to let you know no national advantages, but we can fire someone you know how to data has to be like an unknown number is there to see you calling them in there and I know that that they don’t work for you. late one of the rules of this game, you just fire somebody you don’t know we just call up and say, listen, buddy. you don’t need the work. I was going to look up an out-of-state phone number and call someone out of state, I just dial random telephone number where I was like two one three area code and the horse romance, no voicemail– their candidate to know if any of was done many FICA cloning, feel free to find the somewhere and let us know this feels like something that we would deal, we would set up this awesome idea. like a homework assignment, you give people to do, and promised that were going to do it ourselves, and then don’t do it. so we have to have had a NASDAQ other people to do it anyway. we currently consume unnecessary and totally consumed a robotic media now know we can set the date for that. that is, we want everyone to consume with us in heaven discussion. yeah, robot media nursing, we can recently on financing as I have a couple of sci-fi friends will be so cool and applicable to his room along and maybe now essential about forever welcome to another episode asserted#. I said that tests of fight club, next week if anybody did any good one, so please find us and let us know car voicemail: eight hundred serving ice. that’s not our phone number and call it on fire. whoever answered the law should allow for some, I have always didn’t do it good for me to admit him into it how you are my second question was can you guys tell me about a time where this is the question topic yet. can you start off as ten yields of the that is a yes or no answer. okay, I gotcha I was thinking that it would be fun if we went around in a circle and each in a triangle is translated as a you a refund( returns and told the best story. we can think of where we made a mess or really destroyed eventually forgot ourselves or someone we know and care about into a jam to have a good idea. there yet. Justin do you have on either the first okay there so many for me. is there one account to my way. like all that was such a disaster. I can’t believe that I caused X, X, Y or even a time you embarrass yourself. maybe once we fill the pieces around you write that something about a remember the first time I did LSD. that’s called acid. also, also known as acid. this is your past. oh yeah, I haven’t done anything like that in at least fourteen years, a Democrat, even in hard drugs. he that I’m not a and illegal drug user. currently, probably neither yet seldom tells me you are not a good idea. well, I would like this. somebody tells me it’s not a good idea to do anything illegal or admit to anything illegal got to sell. so the first time you hypothetically did the palace gates are you in the past you can’t get in trouble. it’s not illegal to be high. oddly enough, it is illegal have these drugs on you. you can be high, as long as you’re not operating vehicle whore in public, I think, but this was in public, it was very strange. there were several things that happened, my friends and I we decided that we were going to do this. I was with my lady friend at the time, and two other friends. one of my friends have decided to not partake in any sort of recreational hallucinogens in order to be sober one, just in case she wants to hear, so he was going to drive us to the mall I’ll go do something else probably get sued or something there. the weird thing about drugs. this is that especially like something like I said is that doing normal everyday things is a total of venture going to the mall is one of the customer easiest things you can think of doing action high today yet it’s insane. so the first, they were reduced of the playground. that’s right. where do we go to the playground and as were driving on the road. my friends car broke down, as we worked turning crossing traffic and we almost got hit, but I don’t remember that because I was out of my mind is car was pronounced we had to call his parents does nobody else had anybody else that we’ve tried calling everybody and their use. I like this, parents, and his dad came and picked us up so as I’m out of my mind. I’m hanging out with them these parents have never met and then they were like you’re acting really weird like my friends were like year to give us away sober to put you in this room and my friend had a little sister and she had one of those three foot tall Barbie dolls and she kept coming into the bedroom where they had snowed me while we were looking for another ride to the mall and she kept coming in and just putting the barcode of that room, and then leave a further look like that with some ship to do that. she was like eight may be, and I don’t know why she thought it was such a great idea, but it was probably my reaction is my reaction wasn’t the best receipt. honestly, I do. yeah, it was terrifying. I may have a real little dog that had really bad skin ferreted out to and then you find out later that they don’t really have a dog in this dirty little effort what layout was so weird and then we ended up getting a hold of one of our friends and then they drove us back to my house and the kid who was the sober one who is going to continue driver like will just take my car so we ended up going back to my house, which was like fifteen miles from where we were we got a ride and we went got my car. the problem was as of the kid who was the sober one. he was the drummer in our band and we had taken the drums out of his car and put them in my car to store them while we drove around in his car. so then we had to take the drums out of my car and bring them into my home which I was living with my parents at the time. so picture this, you’re carrying a drum set into a home at like eight o’clock at night while your parents are watching Casper the friendly ghost the live-action movie and your timekeeping on LSE yet that Orwell was like what is going on. so, like I just I got to put this in the bedroom I got for these in the bedroom. you know couldn’t look at my parents or anything like that and were like room all see and so we go to the mall. we got there about ten minutes before they closed, and for whatever reason we ended up getting a ride from another friend is leaving my car there. I want to say that Doctor who fans, not his name, and so likes him he told you about this, and then you’re telling me to sound cool, that’s all cardiac colleges. podcast best unknown podcast recommended recording Justin Strawser daily item daily news news item thejealousone xmen x-men stan lee the jealous1 Pennsylvania northumberland sunbury lawsuit newspaper sex porn dick art artist writer comedy mnmomn mike’s no mic open mic night poetry funny hilarious philosophy smart sharp witty wry aware politics how to fix self help ranch make made making progress free signup free shipping vinyl record free good paying job nude blonde fucks money dollars million secret to secret of pay rent avoid charges racist run episode one first episode spoilers classy rude write intelligent diy hip hipster Shamokin pa the jealous one youtube thejealousone youtube Justtubed videos fun popular unexpected surprise music experience cute cats kitty adorable kitten fail jump keep your house bank scam false rumor troubleshoot solution virus solve solution pain sick epic Mike Bennett vine superstar rumor horror film American lost gun control new Star Wars sequels United States Suspense Serial drama Doctor Who David Tenant Directed by Steven Spielberg. With Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough. During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok. Michael Crichton Jurassic Park Dr. Grant Ian Malcolm John Hammond Robert Bob Peck Muldoon Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight Dennis Nedry Velociraptor Deinonychus paleontologist claw feathers t-rex tyrannosaurus rex discovery bone dinosaur legit sitcom lies art artist broke money free halloween dracula good nature battle spirit martian conspiracy theory fingers work coffee genres apart indie hip punk rock comicon comic books film director famous way beat the odds survive liberal her member now the sober friend decided that he had to go home and he was taking my car which I had no problems with it. we went to Denny’s and a couple of things happened. this is after the morning with the news of yet. for more actual and that I was almost attacked in the bathroom. I remember there are people who are giving eyeballs their site on the bathroom, and Simeon followed me in one of the eyeball givers and I remember them ‘s him base and it was like a reading something on the bathroom stall was a limerick or whatever and then the last part of a set of really loud guy donor was the cadence was the dead is dead dead dead that, and then the one for the man-made bill yeah and then follow the great big pill. I don’t know, but on LSD. he was highest in the and that’s the story of Bill. so if it was, and that’s the story of Bill and then he goes. I said, and that’s the story of Bill and then I resume or open and like five other people came in and him standing there and all these people are in a semi circle around me building a motorbike gang of poets, you wrote: yes, so I turned around wash my hands and walked out of the bathroom somehow whoever was near the door didn’t stop me or whatever. like their heart was in it to beat me up or do whatever. I don’t know what they were planning on the here wasn’t just the drugs talking with now. I’m pretty positive because when I walked out. I said to my friend. I was like ADC. this, like, look at the bathroom and tell me if there’s like six people who walk out and like six people walked out as a okay we got to go, so that we went outside and I heard them yelling and arguing with each other, and then one of them came up to me and either yelled at me or hit me and I don’t know what it is because that’s awesome works there weren’t feeling punches you have it hurt her role that. or maybe it didn’t hurt me was just like just the fear and screamed at for your punch during the first half there was legal for easier we can say crazy how necessary are in a jam. now that I actually do have a crazier story. I said I didn’t think I like chili crazy story sizes that you might also reverberate in the Denny’s in my eye when everybody if all men alter mega chicken attacks, no, no, he is legend Vincent Buddhas or agent Bruce Robert, now that’s for my cooking. Billy which the Billy witch doctor .com. they are all just and you have one of those of a drugstore API do you have any junk stories, know all you should have a drug stories whenever no no culture, no, no accidental overdose on the orange juice, orange juice, no probably my biggest story now of getting in a jam with my silly story and I will tell the abridged version here because the Civil War unabridged version just takes a piece of my soul, the USA that story from the runner-up. this is the story that I should probably tell you for back in two thousand ten I was a I used to make YouTube videos, and there is a big community that has popped up and I was going to Philadelphia to meet one of my friends Leslie Glenn met through this whole YouTube thing forward your videos consist of Israeli people as soon as it is like if you forgot Beto ‘s for you. I said, talking and you explain the whole thing to react. I usually was cat videos, and fifteen -year-old kids showing the added build a car yet. I then realizes people that became how conversations dance fun things my life basically a video blog yet radio weblog of you log and I met a lot of people through this him one of these people I went to meet in Philadelphia because she think she was visiting premorbid down that way. that’s closer that she could get all my weight down to see her my car overheated and in the middle of traffic ten minutes outside of Philly anytime out of office on the road and a nice person would pull off the liking of bottled water to cool down and then eventually I couldn’t move it any further and then a nice gentleman took me to the gas station to get some radiator fluid and then brought me back and on the way back we saw PennDOT worker sitting there with his tow truck, and we finally got there and I might know, I call you like, okay, I was out of the car ‘s weight around secretly come back and then I would put greater food in. I thought everything was fine. I drove another five mins on the road. my car overheated PennDOT driver grabbed it to get to the parking lot of the target. and from there I was like well I can you haven’t heard from them and get me, but they can’t leave for another couple hours or I can go meet my friend who has been sitting at the train station for three hours now, so went to the galley cat went to the train station had a really nice day with Leslie. it was fun. we ate dinner, we went to Independence Hall and we lay down the law and we just made a video along with video log together of the log, and we write. okay, maybe it’s time to go back to get back to the cab back to my car and as I’m getting out of the cab, I realize I had forgotten my camera case in the cab and your camera case was a camera for your just gotten my yet camcorder that I just purchased a couple weeks before a camera attached picture taker camera. there, a GPS system and a pack of gum. woo hoo as soon as I realized that I and and and I started freaking out and I ran after the Cabinet was already gone. so Leslie and I are try to call the cab company is in the like can you please get that cat that was just here back and like the cat company basically said they didn’t have a real way of communicating with the Cubs, which is such bull ship in today’s day and age seven hogwash. the hot wash as it doesn’t make any sense to me at all. why have a phone number to get a cab near you. if you can’t make it with tabs so you called a cab. HQ and they were like I’m I’m just here man, yet pretty much less play solitaire all day and then pay me in the drivers do what they want. that’s so crazy, yet I’m so angry at that entire company. I’m sure that I has a town of people all the time calling and I’m sure everyone thinks that they are the most important thing in the universe right now. I’m sure he has a generic answer for everyone which is like oh Islamorada two zero times ten is a wrong because I was sober I was supposed absolute best on your behalf. I’m year time I talk about and I get so angry at that cab company. yet how can the gap. how do they send a cab to reorganize. I have no number and you call the number and you say, hey, I met such as at the place. please than the cat hotly litigated there. it wasn’t like a bunch of Kathy’s sit around like an taxi he could visit around the office. you know, like I guess I better go pick up either Acme just didn’t make any sense at the end of that. I think I literally just left, right, yet you let your left and you started calling the idea so would’ve been a huge deal yet. I imagine people calling a guy five hours ago in being like he just left to send the car back in to that point, the dude left and you call it again asking if I have I received when I didn’t have a receipt. you wouldn’t think to ask even bother to say, here’s a receipt in the you you you you forget how many minority where your C4 was he like trying to help with the kind of like it. the Illini if I asked if I guess if you have the receipt you be in a telecom number was in the video above that have idle now another Saturday. this add-on to have happen agers have what you may have to pull over the side of the road to debate out in carrier pigeon that is was like, what year the old four years ago, twenty ten, gods have four years ago are in wild ended yet. there feels like a year and a half ago. the most yet so we tried calling several different times pretending to be a couple who just got engaged to try to make them take pity on us and the like. we just got engaged on independence lawn. after all, or video footage from our engagements on the way we talk you guys earlier, we promise where looking into it, which I don’t think they were capturing out of a John and Karen went back like our ears on the grinder that, yes, yes, I now dry to get out at the water in order, I was in a cheesesteak, but yet so about time you know what else to do so lovely and I decided with the dinner and then up take her back to the train station. my car is my car had been in the type of vehicle that would overheat and then I would let it sit for a while and then be fine. you let me use your card to go north. a couple times and overheated yet that you didn’t have anything of me find so this time am I okay what should be any different about this time, so I take her back to the train station in the car overheats again in the disguise of this red light, and nine o’clock at night. some freaking out about that and also at the same time. Leslie is trying to call my credit card company to get the receipts, either directly get a receipt. so all these things are happening at the same time and I finally, parents, and I’m like hey listen, if you still can. coming we got in there like okay will be down so you called them in your car initially wrote. yet, I may have to come down yet. recently, we can come down, but we won’t be able to leave until a certain time, and that’s why I want to meet Leslie got out of the INA determine if yes, and then I called to get easier time. yet that’s what I was on sale. I would maximize my time yet and then I called him after my stuff got left the cabin, and I said, everything else is okay. I think I correspond. I now bobble block so yet. by this time, there’s nothing else I can do to get my stuff back until the next day. maybe I know number for the cab from my receipt off of my credit. our company, so I call the police at that time at the red light and I’m like hey my car. you know the street and I don’t know what to do because I don’t live around here and I just don’t want to get hit. I just did it. I don’t know the Bible, which treaty minor really honestly don’t know. I don’t live around here. I know that there is a building right here in the gym like crazies take place right here at liquor store where am I the bus station is literally two blocks away, and the like, okay, Wolf. you know what -year-old we can come help you and I didn’t. and so there like okay will Maple sensibly out but they didn’t, but again, because I in Philadelphia if I’m even if you have a choice between somebody getting murdered in somebody’s car that is how to break down a red light. I’m sure the pick murder every time which is fine, I get it. it would be nice to have somebody come and help make it would’ve been nice so that it will deliver the transition was rested two blocks. she leaves after about an hour and then I met the train station in your drink. I walk around a little bit and I’m like laying down on the bench because I’m just so tired and stressed out. I called Dylan on my pillows that was happening, and at that time, the police approach me and the like, which is the worst site on that I skive please approach me and now I can’t sleep here, I’m not sleeping here and is waiting for my parents, my car broke down. I got all my stuff stolen and they still have targeted the stolen. I almost felt gone and they’re probably just think it might end up making up all the ship right. you give them a homeless dude who just want their crooked and even a nice warm place to write and I like know you, and then build on the phone while this is happening in your file mother at one for dad. I was like, I think I’d is an atrocity like how singular, tell me again, beer and I want a lot of luck involved, don’t take their ship. you don’t need it like you called them for help earlier, the negative bucket show up until you can rest and wait for your parents are safely at night. I was really yeah yeah even but man the phone. I value you and I would be happy in the end I finally was slightly whenever I believe, and so I went outside like all the cabs we run the train station. I figured that’s what this mail so much about the situations you call the police and say please help me right into ministry and we gave him like rough location and I I get that they probably there’s a million places in Philly look just like I’m sure Sally and find what to make no effort, and then four cops just a randomly show up and say hey this is where tourists come in. we can be being an eyesore. get the fark out. you guys just yet awful so frustrating seminary, yeah, definitely… snap+ and they have all the traveling around, whom videoconferencing can even see if they got a message or anything, and they said that they hadn’t gotten the message, whether from the same cab company. I think so. I talk to a lot of different values over the houses frustrating up to begin with when you told me the story originally executed sale you talk to cabbies from the same company) are important in that so finally I went over my car. I just completed my card. my parents got back at that time with my parents and their coming out to help me until my vehicle back to our area which is three hours away. I was like okay but I didn’t put much thought into what they were going to do when they got there. so my dad gets there with his truck and you’re just upset your display. I hope how come soon. hey were coming to tell you and your family about your life hangs people here safety awesome yes to my mother, the truck and my dad without the rope and starts attaching it to the bottom of my car and fight club Tyler durden marla singer just find us Serving Ice racism racist homophobia transphobia transsexual jack Kerouac William s Burroughs Allen Ginsberg autobiography thinking thoughts bipolar curious Dylan sommers Dylan saje Dylan sage William russum bill russum William sokal bill sokal The Bouncing Souls The Gaslight Anthem Crime in Stereo Against Me! Dalek I’m what were you doing in his upward until your car back on what and it’s just a rope. it’s not. not anything at all else is just a flocking heroic will visit thirty four. I wasn’t like white nautical rope. the really fixing associate the Ally William Giuliani and the only license cause. and sadly nodded our anything, whether defined by the bunny rabbit, and I probably raised yet it was like straps to battle yesterday afternoon to see if the straps too, but he’s like a right-wing sarcasm, strut like a strap in the seconds, then you are the one we do. will your innocent in your car and put it in neutral and then I’m when a type. the car behind us. how are you still alive pain and I would like what anything yet so I break you break a lot of what I thought were doing this through the city first and then we get on the turnpike in all fairness I have to tip my hat here than, say, that’s really fun and resourceful chart by good for him. I there are really good when it comes to doing things for me. I just went doing great shot to my parents deserved them. they will do anything for anybody to supersede and help us move, yet highly awesome and by that particular thing, because to get a tow truck and have it towed that can be so much money yet just help with a rope that is, you may not been the safest thing, but that claim you are going on in so we are going down the way breaking news breaking and letting go. when you going and steering and my hands are on the wheel and the height around the wheel and the whiteness of my knuckles are showing and I am stressed out and I’m like sobbing in the yard and I’m just so you know, and I’m writing an unlike God, if I’ve ever done anything wrong. please forgive me. now I build are you want to die does let you go to heaven if I die at home, like all and I’m looking at my file like Lansing, Attica, they don’t want to guide off the road and make what I call the cops right now and tell them overdoing one… that will make this stop. it will make it stop it all go away. we don’t deal with it. and I’ll never have to let them, but enough affection during a color child in her avatar interaction and allow my cousin and avoided by not only been carried out but I was so scared to take my hands off the wheel to give them afraid if I did I’d swerve to the humble. and like I’ve wrap up the car with my dad ‘s truck. everything is going wrong at your paradigm shocks like an arrow in the shot if you like that thing Minutemen just run around people ‘s fees would like to have below hello, you have a feeling of all I would like a tractor-trailer in so we finally get on the turnpike and they let us through all. I hated it. I don’t even know why and I don’t know how will in the unit. Jefferson has that make but there’s easily Sathya Hallinan area right in the taken area tags usually is automated by their summary. taking tickets. unlike the other lame, but I don’t think I saw Blair that they said to my dad. one ticket, but I’m probably wrong about all of them. I even had again as I find out enhancement act of their doing and I think the guy was like bubble bubble blogger like ads is wanting one twenty one p.m. and is paid twice an extra because of them. we do have extra ticket so they can make you pay for the same take it right. if you lose your ticket when you’re on the turnpike, you have to pay the from the gap when it is a smaller amount of money to travel a short distance of anyone acting at their right. but he was taken to make you pay from the beginning of the Turnpike all away to the end, the best of it is pretty much sets, harbors, related that bad. allow me to demonstrate this works probably like that for probably about forty five minutes to an hour on the road and ended stoppers and gas. I get out and I said that I can do the more I’m so stressed out. I cannot do this anymore. I don’t like. please do something different like I don’t know what it is that writers of a different any checks a vehicle and it turns out that the radiator has a hole in it so we can connection. radiator fluid to cool it down. that’s the reason why it won’t work chewing gum. I don’t have a lot of semi- dad graciously volunteers to be a mutt driver seat of my car and let my mom drive the truck and that is me being the passenger side is very nice of them. that’s the rest of the way and went home without only like four five no morning we still sobbing in the truck. now if I was coming down. I wish it was a happy ending to the story. the ending is I got a new radiator, but it broke. that’s what that radiator broke out a week later you to do the same thing with the rope from Shamokin, this young girl by God, that’s only forty five minute. what I wasn’t nearly as bad because now I can have a stressful day that day. Dan is on a turnpike were yet going like ninety my rights normally and I never got my stuff back. I tried every possible way to try to get it back. I tried calling my credit card company getting the cab and that didn’t work and I try: the cab company again. they didn’t find anything that I tried calling I think Holland Karen company does you will, warranty, I have nothing was working there and I go to craigslist for you. you get this item is a long afterwards because I didn’t want to tell you I was doing it at the time I didn’t know you get your hopes up. yeah, I shall be revealing a pleasant surprise. I checked this out as I and that the ending to the story as I got a new vehicle and I really like it, but then you know longer really do YouTube videos, and often in the went through a low point in and then you got a camera and you were like him back on track. many some new videos in the camera was gone, and that’s like me, and I was yet those around time that most like a nail in the coffin. I don’t think the wind like I was getting frustrated because my audience wasn’t growing and you know, I felt like I deserved it. I don’t want to be in place right felt like I deserve something in the same time my camera gets taken away friendly so much where Canada’s video e-mail article friends. she had Erin ensure a and Natalie in here and lay out another notice Google for a McCandless instead, but the people are awesome you have any of those people that I know I think you’re awesome. yeah, yeah, I’ll fear I think it’s like one, but I can get the third two two dead weight which Cameron Cameron that we set the live titles that I actually owe you a lot into her twitter note in regard to deliver loads of room cares yet so that sucks. that was last nail in the coffin. I was also thinking about life with his people being I hate to each pitch like ten or twenty bucks and get Justin a camera right. I thought that might embarrass you if I did that I told you that as well. I have to do something that I think you’re going to thank you for not doing the but I thought I would ability to listen. one of the worst days of my entire why not related to someone’s desk, but also a good time to hang out with your friend, yet in your something view Gallery throw a sure one out there than the authors show out there. I have tons of stories like that but they all are too personal. I feel weird talking Raven where they all involve someone. I don’t want to talk about in a public manner. read something they just don’t want to think about perfecting whatever I haven’t made a mess of this and is in a disaster situation, I created but I’m always afraid that my grandparents on my fathers side think that I’m on drugs and I’m not right I’m always a guide. it will be like hey if you can use drugs recreationally keep you should see a manifestly wanted to go for a man whom I sure might have some great experiences, and I would like to do mushrooms at some point in my life right. I don’t really want to smoke the pots I did when I was. I thought a lot of how I was like fifteen through like seventeen maybe make sense and then one more time. a few years later I think I was like nineteen. I is maybe slightly, so I’ve no I don’t really want to do drugs, but I do wish they were legal for people to do if they decide to do. I would like to defend the software, but as of now, I don’t do any illegal drugs at all. I smoke cigarettes I drink tons of coffee and I drink alcohol, sometimes on it is unclear. do you really will go toward shore. nobody but just because earlier when he’s like that’s a bad idea and I’m like, or maybe it’s not about idea that there is an idea. it’s probably not a good idea that he probably could have yet you said that’s probably a good idea. I was like, or not a good idea if that White House finds the drugs yet yes I do any drugs, but since I haven’t known my grandparents and my father ‘s side, my whole life. I met them recently, which is a whole other same story alternates out, but I meet them recently and they, I think they occupy different world than I occupy you and their supersweet, but they don’t really like tattoos and they don’t be. I have made nostril piercing should there like chewing and allies have uranium is no area is passed have holes in them tight for a while. the purpose that they get attacked by a slanted stapler. I will all and they know that I travel a lot and I go to shows to see bands play and I don’t know if they understand how big a part of my life that is organized or how much I like the travel industry in a new area and check out bookstores in record stores and meet crazy people on the street or same people on the street, make friends and that’s almost the only thing that it makes a feel life is that right, and a lot of times my world hinges on him amounted in a while I get really like on run-scoring earnings, arthritis, get trapped in my own talk festive reality to make sense. so I’m afraid that my grandparents as I’ve done, and I’m just really airheaded and like pretty bizarre to so I’m sure they let slip on it yet. yeah, I’m sure that, like the one year I forgot my grandmother ‘s eye. I remembered her birthday, but I thought it was a day earlier, so I show up to surprise her and I have a couple things that I picked up for her and I put in the third. it was your birthday this year I heard your birthday with some time and this year I put in my phone, calendar, the day ahead of her birthday and her birthday, so that I would not miss it. so my alerts failed somehow there would be two alerts and all right, I would know that was ever that but I don’t think I put Brandon the alert enough to say, like day before grandmother stressed that Iran and I saw grandmother ‘s birthday asked by fun and I don’t know when anyone’s birthday as I don’t I know one person ‘s first African forgot of this year. I barely know my own birthday my right to the miracle, so I show up and I have these gifts and I might have been. she’s pruning plants outside her house and she so excited to see me. I might have a birthday libel are you fruiting plants in your birthday will be put in the plan/ yeah@ analgesic… we are you staying the night. I was like, oh, probably not the as I stuff for United. I like it was pretty sure it’s a something the next day and then she was like a hoax. my birthday is on full tomorrow. I was like oh yeah because no reason for that is what I tried to roll to a throat a little bit and I just fell in a scumbag@ Mike I my calendar. I’m a mess and I’m always late. whenever I go to visit them. I never look put together or drinks properly now and with all the time I spend traveling, I’m afraid they think like always, is going to buy drugs right ELR area to buy drugs and how values in New York this weekend, seeing a band life who drives to New York to see a band bratwurst. he’s buying and selling drugs sure, and that’s totally didn’t know that you probably have you no more stability, if either, but if I thought it’s all yeah I do if they ever bring that out. I think that would be my argument is that if I really dislike this, but have the money yet I don’t think that I was good that you have the money to buy time to look more put together. I remember your birthday and you think I’d hired as our people to remember everything for me. I would need like you and my memory shall ensure that doesn’t help. then again, I’m not trying to shy away from the fact that I used to smoke weed like over ten years ago. let’s this is not constantly afraid and systemwide. I don’t eat meat and they always ask me about you and me and I’m sure they think that what you will happen in this kit was right on the mise got stable through the nose to look at his left ACL in the final box in the that my thing is, I am really self-conscious about and sometimes I feel the need to over explain some of my adventures right. I give than timestamps for everything right so it’s like, look, there’s no time to buy drugs and I think I’m thinking that their thinking it right, but at the same time, it just sounds like you’re like coming up with a very elaborate, may I ask you what you added goals of the terrible three oh seven p.m. I remember it because there is the pigeon right there beside me, no light. what is the vision for a air so pretty sure my parents lady drugs or think you do drugs there and didn’t know they deftly thought I think I bought and sold, and injunction in pretty sure Hani, I mean I would be honest because I think there’s too much of a statement attached to doing drugs. so even if my grandparents asked me like hey what about I did tell someone on their side of the family that I used to smoke weed on my cousin Jess we were having a conversation asset impairment smoking. Levi was a kid and I just off-season may be lethargic. even my grandparents if they asked what he x-rays of the drugs I would outline and reverently to honestly like sometime in the future. I want to try hallucinogens), but it’s just not anything that they asked why I don’t know that they would ever ask right now. maybe they just think about it or maybe don’t even think it may be in my mind. I’m just like they have to think I do drugs. Brian donated on May the gas, so maybe some others harmless outlet mall was in last night she was in the goofy mood is not usually the goofy mood night ‘s likely high and I got it figured out you should know are you high do you do drugs like magic. as you I I I I would like no and no. but you were deflecting right now I’ve got ejected out of the home man bends only. to wrap it up to the dentist in episode one of the more lipids of the admirals. the episode are about the cops don’t talk to cops always morally absent Williams is our hopefully my grandparents something I do drugs may review maybe Justin had a terrible time in Philly will, but thankfully he had his parents to help them out. yes, it sucks that the people didn’t try to find you who found your camera to someone, as I camera now and did not someone has that trial is not a link to friend e-mail( London, they thought, yeah. you know what not to try to climb shaders and just to get nothing right now, so it wouldn’t you were being sarcastic, just not right right back. a summary listing to be like Harley to try to find two idiots if they didn’t, but you actually really just to want is simple. you case you should have simple Google search would bring up your stuff and then paid us a guy in a stupid freaking time company to get a cabbie was like a funny summative to me the camera on a camcorder and check the things price the next guy they got it. processes of the county, said the tabbies but I talked to was like one. there’s a lot of cabbies who might take your stuff and not report it, or to the next person that came in that cab probably took a last I really wanted to believe better. I really want to find your site. I’m the type of guy that would step into a cabin be like holy ship… hey Kathy, yeah, yeah, and that the person that I am, I would hope that the be somebody like that. people just aren’t sometimes are just bastard filling, yeah, yeah, I think that the Doctor Cox quote from scrubs Doctor Cox, Doctor Cox started all three of us here like treating them honest. I am honest to a fault and got myself in trouble for honesty before, but I think there is such a thing as tact and sometimes I do like Academy, the smooth things over, but as far as like finding lost items. I stopped assessed once in Massachusetts. I thought I was going to kill me, I saw this guy breaking a car and I wanted to tell that story is a good for concern. now that story involves a bummer. the best I’ve also been cool to know that when a good one yet. should we continue to be continued. bill your moral is VLC do it, have fun, but make sure you have friends around for when people were crazy. yeah, I feel like none of those early decorated stories were we caused the disaster was all good stories where weird stuff happens not only yeah, what are you I think we all would have had better stories. it’s that was the thing right maybe is a time traveler story the fire going on in the joining was semi- tough talking, time travelers are yet without would like nothing bad happened without you believe that high-density bill is a time travel story I the story where I stopped a guy break into a car and thought I was going to die yet and Justin has some crazy stories revealed lesions are about the sewers and yes, utterly crazy that states it’s still it doodles, crazy, crazy, but happen on your birthday. hey Justin, happy birthday of eleven. so much fun this sewer overflows regularly call: I really go grab the party. yes yeah by solicitor money. now they feel is abandoned bike club next week if they waited any good fighting yesterday finally did any good fight club, Inc. you confront your homework assignment via fineness and where can I find us on the slanderous were somewhere. we are everywhere, not everyone who works were double play, which replaces it was easily easily unjust and I’m doing. I’m Bill and you boozing, deserving of his icicles more like icicles at the just find us.


16 May 2014

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Episode 6: Ironically Clowning Around with Guilty Pleasures

Good day, and a hearty fuckawoop to you. Episode 6 with special guest Bill Russum Topics include: –Dylan’s guilty pleasures –Ironically liking the Insane Clown Posse –Ironically liking Alex Jones Follow these wicked links, ninja! Click here to learn about Big Money Hustlas. Click here to learn about Big Money Rustlas. Click here to see the Too Punk To Park comic. Click here to watch the video that made Dylan fall in love with liberty: Alex Jones -vs- Piers Morgan. Click here to see factcheck.org debunk the wrong way Obama pledge. Follow these links to find us: Do you want a seven second insight into Bill’s life? Click here to find him on vine. Would you rather read Bill than watch him? Well, forget vine- click here to find him on twitter.  Want to say witty things to us in 140 characters? Click here to just find us on twitter. are you so much of the second– that’s got a good and anyway, how will you know you want hello, I will know who was on doing another episode of serving ice on Justin and Dylan Dan, we have no one builds your bill is here. thanks, guys. thank you. I last episode we talking off in guilty pleasures like a hobby episode with couple line. and then we got into a fun discussion about the jungle book and Winnie the Pooh and I wanted to ask you, do you have any guilty pleasures. Dylan that is a great question. when I message before I would say that I don’t have guilty pleasures biggest things that I enjoy. I will enjoy them loud and proud, and I don’t want to shrink away from something, I get enjoyment from it. however, I do as much the next person. so my guilty pleasures include like what you like and like it, but if you don’t yet they haven’t you just look there is stuff that I might well yeah, I like bowling for soup people Mimi Schaeffer ‘s and thirty one together like a whole. they’re like more fun and less jerky version of the Vandals magic that more poppy with Lady Gaga is overly like Lady Gaga is a Ke$ha. I love cassia Ke$ha love capture. I know you thought I look at it. then I read this interview with her and Mike article on Reiki is in Rolling Stone or summer but she is talking about how she would live that her car, and Mike was chasing the dream and she bribed a gardener, I think to let her into princes house so that she can leave a demo wrapped with like purple ribbon or a book, purple Bauer purple something on his desk. what is flocking awesome like the cash it. I don’t think she’s a drunken floozy lapses. her image. yeah, but I I deftly every cheaper trades– a portrait though she was a security worker is meeting like by using I you been losing. I just don’t get that music- funny, serious, I think she liked to drink like the party, but she said in interviews before that she does my slam bunches of years now and I think I ain’t even if she did. it is a ship. there’s an illuminati special knowledge than this to his deemed her. I think two thousand and twelve ‘s number one sit and ask lots or something without you now know what Alex Jones, but that is another guilty pleasure of mine, Ms. Alex Jones know this guy has beef with Alex Jones. they used to run together for a little bit and then this guy less famous dice regulator module of the illuminati. he liked to talk about Sheila tequila going on the illuminati rabbit hole is apparently see well little crazy and I I did skim through Facebook and she did seem like she killed tequila. when off CNN’s Aaron dancing crazy. did you guys know that she performed at the insane clown posse and gathering upon the love sports. I know and I’ll like beaten, whipped out and if you say that I got out I will admit everything else know you. you can know you have. is it awesome how you have to help you have to. I can’t do it, why did you hear either the episode. I’m going to do another edit, and just tell Bill that area makes it, I will release this episode was done with that would be added by money alone, I find sucking pilotless doing what would you like to say I don’t ask for illness and tell everybody insane clown posse. what about you ironically love them to the point where you love them. now the I ironically like them because they’re so ridiculous and their silly to quotes of people to govern them. I now let me and let me explain. I can be a delegate on all-out ban on what you like on what you like, okay– I’ve been learning and let me explain you why haven’t got your head. I love there is coming in the retail environment in which I worked to me. every dish out my previous job Boston got along very well. like whenever force us to do and when they were customers in the store. we recount play in our music, sometimes right after whatever we wanted, and somehow we started playing ICP people would walk by, like taking the trash out and they would stop and be like this is a Sufi way out of the classroom that eventually people in the store started to get into a little bit. there is one person who wasn’t so crazy about it but I think by the end she might have an onboard dyslexia. it does man is a you go down the carnival route and you just ride the Ferris wheel of wickedness or something. there is a God, the Ridley. we had numerous Juggalo customers. they came in and we would always talk to them in a way that Nina how I talk to people that are like, yeah, yeah, in a playful way, but this one guy, his name is flocking easy shot. is he I hope he listens this for a while do that I work with and I would have really a very negative opinion of Douglas and somehow started this way when people like easy this is other juggler became man who was a UPS driver and designate a marquee like move such a nice dude. but Izzy would come in the be like once a busy, how are you having like I’m good with a little slice a wicked yes I love you how I was doing what what’s all that, what you doing on the month to shop with little slice wicked like you rule out that is all yes and he was so into it and do such a good dude. a general once told me to Fokker what I was like talking to them. I was doing my best to talk the Juggalo talk. I have a semi- limited knowledge as a people granular way and do it again, and the ironically liking it just ridiculous, doesn’t let me have my foot is even in the door, you know, I have even wound the Riddle box soon as Friday. the thought in thing hasn’t popped out a spot out for them. for me, I set up cranks and drive sounds to you for a exhibit for the plug-in eyes so I I have kind limited knowledge of the Dubliners as I find the settlor. I think he got the feeling I wasn’t exactly down the clown right as he left, he fought what the him. I even mean for my manager came and then I was like in America, fog, walked by a juggler and he was like, I think he told you to pound sand is like, what’s I I thought I was like waking like a greedy, nor like an exit. move all of the Isle of Man and then and then this other Juggalo came in later and Josh was like my dear year stuff a couple of my fellow earlier and I see that means# Zeni pound sand, and he was like, yeah, pretty much as like I just foot intervals. only the humming away. we were talking about who’s going chicken, mutton, apparently wheeze gone chicken. you were blowing on my metadata. I’ve always wanted to the gathering because it seems I would just pay my face and go so far overboard with it. like the Juggalos there so fanatic. they would just think that I was that much into it, so hopefully they would go even more in doing right so it would just we would just keep getting in the way of cycle of clowning. the cyclical surrounding just how the download links are an iPhone and wished you’d was here with me to tell a story. the ICP was putting out a new record right and they sense sampler CDs to all of the stores so I give away with. we resulted to give away. do you deny would like Haley, hear this and Mike see what Wright was all about holiness giveaway willy-nilly at the DI work with his CD player got stolen from his car. one day silly. we walked up to RadioShack and dude knows everybody in the mall and he knows I guy RadioShack five. I figured he was going to walk in and we open of the CD and walk over to want to see players and RadioShack. we put the disc and there’s a guy that I had to have a filename you dislike over it. we just want to try, try out a CD player Ciel works or whatever in the godly are a line of Yanks we hit play and out of whose surroundsound. it’s readers that it got fifty euros you wanted deep in your ear if any, will forget loud and then RadioShack. I starts, nobody like hey and then minutes like another slide whistle and then another this is my year. why when I ever wanted in my here and they were in the big raise. I got like you can’t play that year and other customers are walking in all, and then dealing down with tries to turn it down because Frank should be off the jacks up the volume is light because listening to mainstream music is like having a year earlier and shouting at the year the RadioShack. I was freaking out and were like wrestling buttons in the CD pops out and you and me. we grab it and were like okay that’s all he wants nice. and then we split and as walking back to the store is looking back, I write and do would like not enough cock, including I will on and I thought I was like a Freddie or the like. no call man, yet so after we heard that we were intrigues we listen to the rest of this disc, and we were like the silliest most ridiculous should ever does is great is right. it is, and then from there we just went on a mad carnival ride through wickedness itself. my juggler, Major General Ali is signaling a willingness to sell embarrassing. I say that in such a defeated way because the dude that I worked with would give everybody the best Juggalo names. I guess that the big dwindling desperate. he also know that I was your gentlemen, I want my thinking anyone our identity would be a Newsday reporter, right asking he’s asleep that night. anyone are now valued anyone can you do it is impossible to leave anything on extending it to give the want of but bizarre to have one of Israel. I wish I had one. I used to draw comics. there poorly drawn. I used to have this series called to public Dylan and one of them either. I’ve never said that phrase by the way, that’s just his interpretation of my attitude right that he is to pump for things like him to pump for parking on to punk forth on the coupon for the two puncture parking is I I really love Alexander’s based on it on actual event that I guess they’re all based on her all is loosely based on actual events have become vegan for Dylan was the parking is that based on the actual values and I were driving to Walmart parking lot and he decides the park in the in a weird way for their weight. I anticipated, yet be a problem. it was late at night. yeah never a billion part one billion, but there were a large quantity of parking spaces open, and I didn’t get the first one closest to the door. I got like maybe like four spots back row. it was from that it wasn’t signed by what however far you are. I would like what you know and do while you just park closer dichotomy go a lot yet you went crazy and thinks span off and then park the furthest possible party. I made out and I started bitching about like talking at an alley way American yeah yeah like lazy, dumb Americans don’t want to walk to their store that sells everything for dirt cheap on those eyes wet of children in Third World countries. so the least we can do is suck in all show you like Morgan, who are part that is the way home this party spot literally than the very yeah, why not throw all away for the right so the comment goes on to pump for parking and reporting for this the way and then the next panel is now let’s go get some Sweet deals at Walmart… and then, so I have that series goes on, and there’s there’s a bunch of different things for two public Dolan, the one that I was good observation and has been observational humor, I come shaking my head at myself for such an idiot, but I’m the one I’m referencing is part of our Juggalo talk as I have a comic where Dylan is slowly ironically liking as it was it to the insane clown posse and then he’s like I will look at me. ironically, listening to their music. I hate them so much and then I goes panel of how the panel, and finally like in one of the last panels. he’s putting makeup on you like, look at me, ironically putting makeup on to show how much I dislike ICD in the last panel. you shower whenever and he is dynamically gathering a gathering in light of the guide of unclean eyes like Lookout cloudy you are or something. I don’t know exactly how to last the lifetime of the Ludlow, and ironically love our little much I dislike, then join my dislike for and son clean and sound pomposity and sounds insane clown posse by being here in my town downtown Austin is the amount of what I would hear in that last know better, but if the idea at its. it was humorous to me is very universal. I just so sometimes window. ironically like things I’m worried that he will like them, for really see just to get a walk in one interest rate on radio and a bunch of fat bitches or I’ll drive my car is now totally in a song only named their needs be conference for little that they had a difficult by this. I thought maybe you could give us may be thirty seconds worth of you speaking insane clown posse four oh uprooted on chicken Humvees don’t chicken Houten, I’m just so in thrall by the way that when else’s coming up Bill is delighted you now I I I listen to ICP around the time that the great Polanco came out and got heavily into their back catalog catalog to build the building down the clone to give the former owners create your recovery, recovery will I can never go to a gathering because I don’t like sticky. I don’t know why I know every may base you that they go everywhere and so I would not. I don’t like being stickier like I have a feeling of phobia of stickiness. this view. Shawn Brannon, me and him have a gathering eye. I would love to go is anywhere. I really love it. you him of his good dude that Sean is funny Malagasy. I really hate my hair and put but I got into the side of the tunnel of love net and okay yeah nine is Juggalo for pussy reality workaholics. there is the only episode I realized I’ve never watched workaholic. this is less of them. and that is true. so it is it is generally a relevance of the chicken hunting chickens are rednecks. how weird is that man in the flocking class. the Juggalo culture intrigues me now because they is salt rednecks and racists right. and yet, from my observation, a lot of them are rednecks and relatives like how I’m not racist but but seem redneck. he year and that might be another not mutually exclusive, but usually go pretty close to heaven hands, but then again we are also talking about candidate area and the area that we live in. there is one time I went to Salem, Massachusetts with my ex- ex-girlfriend Sasha and she there is like a thriving Juggalo youth underground. there is a lot of leg bathroom graffiti about who’s going chicken on wheels launching on writers like a hatchet man, and the fantastic man is not holding a hatchet, by the way, it’s holding a fork in meaning. we were speaks to their practical also be servants. now that they will run a how far can the appears more his hatchet man for the New World order to keep dancing around this move will never get to doing whatever it is we have to get through it yet. before this there is a thriving jungle of youth culture letter document the ranch in the bathroom in this mall and then there was a package of wild young Juggalos hanging out at all a big eyelid eyelids and like the one kid had on accordion that he Kalli, like sharpie on the funk and hatchet man in my can rise the pins. a man stuff and other abortion juggle lets that have Mike like to read about the area in the Chelsea haircut or the like, yeah and yeah and I allotted yet so soft I walking behind. she’s likely kinsfolk and stupidly on Mike Garrity socks man, I might just laugh inside your like that’s so cool down. this is before I arrived all this is you visit all my years. the spry like seven or eight years ago. maybe I would’ve been twenty or twenty one` I was twenty that come back like literally eight years, seven years and she’s like all mass, I say Sergeant O’Malley said he has a cancellation and refund policy. so we walk by energy site. hey, did you do you make your hoodie and the kids like yeah I totally unlike so enthusiastic about it. she liked Olive, that’s really fun to blame the event all. yet it took them and they like pottery. second, and they were like fark you fark you you bitches and shattered dreams of a kid. yeah and and that’s exactly how I felt as we walked away and I felt like a terrible person who generated his Manila now. I honestly I did. and then like they were yelling like go home for us and all the students and she disliked in the finger, and like we kept walking the night and then as it automatically feels bad. she’s like the advocates of Falk and losing much of it like for you to start somewhere, and that’s like a cool DIY thing like you can afford. Douglas C Funk and grab more. I like to feel like an hassle quote you know could turn away worse. you could have been chicken hunted. yeah, they could’ve figured you could have been chicken hunted man. what’s that one site I upload you swing that all I amounted heads fly in the air and ship gas on the can of power bombed us modify negative on the desk pictures of power volume of him and yeah they like wrestling the Juggalos they love wrestling that even I used to have the big money hustlers humbly see that so bad if I dig it up all that it’s on VHS. I’ll find somewhere and do not remember that there was another movement is is a letter. you know what no know about the general culture. no, it’s even better the of years and the insane clown posse created a feature film. it’s called big money hustlers and they play parts I like it like Mick Foley is in it, all of ICP used to be on the BCW world championship wrestling. yeah, they were they were wrestling for a while and they get kicked off and then we willingly back there. I forgot halfheartedly can download Federation is a lot of that yet it was cultlike strangled mania that’s what I heard the big money hustlers segmenting hustlers on not only remember is that I found Jay had some bitch tried to train tracks, twirling his mustache or so. I forget what he only made a he had something was going on was playing like some sort of gangster Al God, I wish you could remember the fog and plot better anyway so now that exists in the nails amid a movie called big money Russ was with Jason use with Jason thought how lucky and weird is that there did I work with a lot of people in all, with the focus of guys named Dusty to know the whole absolute characters, and I seriously the, I’ll know anything you’re saying right now and so lost why. first of all, do that I work with bought the big-money restless DVD. he committed more to the ironic Genoa light United, but that the retail place I worked him influence of music culture. we got one of merchandise for this and the higher-ups were like this is can be huge. we got a bunch of shirts. they were like, we are like so many for exes of like Dusty proves is that one of the characters names and like stank something like this, but they were like wanted posters of the characters of unwanted dusty boot. yes, and we would just have the full bees over and over again because they wouldn’t sell what people would just rummage through the middle rectum and the one on clearance and they stole himself anyone more clear in setting the related dollar ninety seven and we still had a million dusty projects and the one year we didn’t get races at our company, and that rubs some people the wrong way more than other people and I member somebody they give you to does the pictures of the race is over, that would automate out for a Christmas gift, but I remember folding the dusty food shirt and some way of work with,, commanding like while you give us racist by Lisa got hit least we got fifty dusty pooch shirts light of your folding our raises right now. I hope summing up fired over that mistake over you, Bill. I don’t know big money hustlers are cast to animate him on the holes on the LDS. the guys are my severe wearing make up the entire time while that’s brilliant. now, Jimmy Matrox and monoxide child from Dino twisted okay they played big steak and little boot. there’s a character that was the day after your raises it up. misery notices narrative that are racist is the sequel, but you have misery was for plate green Willy. there is fat kitty sat. Kitty Kitty, she’s played by Kayla cleavage is a him that him now. we went way far into the ICP reckoning eggs are you doing this again. I yard money. Ross was Jimmy Maddox plays Ross stank that Ross thanked us the prude sometimes something that they’re all related to write. it’s this like their ancestors as the Edison, which is smart. yes, smarts were forever: thirty four Jason Muse plays Bucky there’s dirty Sanchez dirty Sanchez of one the ghost Jodi Sally place. thank busy just staggers unlike static route that was dusty dusty boot is it anything sank penalties thank on your outer minimum sure this isn’t the full cash at IMDb for that. I see gator McGraw okay Street Walker Sandlin girl. this is a guy movie with eight when they say when they listen was streetwalker you don’t know if that’s their name and that there are either JavaScript, Native American, one and two anatomy from you. there is I don’t see I don’t see anything quite will develop organ. I think a stank visit who there’s a stank where to get the dusting rag. there is Sanchez. there is pursuit was the other one. otherwise, Dusty Ross stank. there is Ross stands for raw thank .net two dirty Sanchez and there is one other one was a big baby chips now using a henchman. it wasn’t one of the main needs. I don’t see a dirty, there’s raw steak dusty boot act Benjamin, there’s no others. I apologize. I wish that there was this him a sorry Sir Benjamin is the other one is Benjamin. yeah, I didn’t see was hi Benjamin I thought they all had really silly names will have management in these of the Graceland. these are the not as silly as Dusty Cruise Lazzara, the Falcons and imagine having those in sizes small through four X well for something else in there when I raises Focht up in your Christmas bonuses in there. they still have them on the website for the company I used to work fourth. there are now marked down to one dollar ninety five gifts of bread dollar ninety, the Edwards and that is a steal. they only have them in three axis can you buy them would we kiss of like cancer. I think you guys are come on by to give yes, absolutely. I think we should give them away for a week. I think we should give them away. Dylan think we should get the quote with a Dylan to, let’s make the contest result was still it is the one by one we buy one now and now you think, usually violent, and no one even a minor leak is a you don’t know what that means the first caller. we connect with: right now in effect before while were on the air gets a free T-shirt. I favor going insane clown posse lyric from now, from cotton candy. I just also, I’m sure it’s in which witches also slang for pussy jungle of her pussy anyway, I thought that something else now yet I wake indeed, in the process a second and own brand building ends a problem is not one of those things where I’m afraid for you to jump into and ironically like an immensely like I think it’s innocent, and I think it’s fine if one ever little weird, because of who you are compared to I and St. Valentine’s Day jump in for a second and say no and and were deftly getting it, you can jump in an inaccurate real quick if I can. I read their wikis. one night more unthinkable to just idolized by the enemy comes delivered to the forefront, regulators think they are missing the butterfly right with a guarantee you’ll love this yes they that is fun and magical the same. I don’t really date value. I need since they dedicate me that they dedicate the rounds to the butterfly yet with fellow species now know it’s the butterfly idleness with others and click on guide. now I I like I could say something dumb, so rising a single one of them was a kid. maybe both. but they know each other American side of her father ‘s perfect world window. there was the past in a perfect world, they were both warned the same sideshow mistress yes, the bearded lady, the they want not only caught a butterfly never like living this barfly whenever a kid and they put in a jar was so pretty and they went. I want to end next day, the butterfly was dead and that has stayed within the mage they like, thought about that a lot and was like yeah his real fortune. but that’s also lead picture from them. is it with a toy hatchet to ship and apparently they love Jesus and with all one huge metaphor for Jesus. yeah, weird. did the butterfly rise up every day from the dead, now known as the butterfly was a metaphor for Jesus, but that we can corner, but I hire him think of killing redneck racists in the mailbox and Riddle box and the ringmaster in the grade one ago in Jack and Jake Jekyll Jack and Jake Jekyll found sounds right vehicle brother, surgical brothers were the other rings or the other cards when they all came together the world and what IAS do anyone earliest all MA one point or reading an interview with the show ‘s forty now that was the Riddle box in the about like there was a, there is an interview where they said that Lake when they are about to release their last. the six joker card they that beyond the organ that was the last album, so they delayed that by telling the record will have told you were to change their name to like. I forget what it was it was like a lotus. though white lotus or something like that. and, like the record labels just like the people greatly go Alice Cooper and/ or both on that album at that point, getting that your falcon brain, they wouldn’t need money with a huge map and also talk in the no ice is on their label psychopathic records. the adhesive jungle and any other low chassis yet once he attaches your info. I will yeah is a weird crossover between social distortion fans and Juggalo fans and talking. it’s weird to me that is so regular Juggalo transit equipment. I’ll duplicated. trans- stamps with your regular mounting chance to have children, a disaster that an hour ago okay that feels like the other day but yes I was you I would and I I deny system and I don’t need a transept of something. Mary and I plan you will get you what you actually know what is gone. Eileen backwards for this him us a goblin transmit Thessalonica and again transplant. I just said we’re definitely a fashion trend you wanted in the ICP driven area where the dead baby thing on the Juggalos. now the loader ‘s okay I is a fundamental right. it’s okay and so sometimes apparently my ironic liking of things I see please retain like whatever. but attempting to say that again and again the ICP is pretty tame or whatever is at the first time anyone’s ever called ICP same year low ICP is prepaying a level or whatever your ironic love of ICP is pretty tame and whatever it doesn’t hurt anything to hurt anybody whenever but sometimes I get worried for your level. Alex Jones because can you say ironic name for elections just clarify ironic when we know you’re perfect that I just don’t want people to hear that you like, oh my God, he’s a crazy not even given a voucher of this would like to explain your listeners who Alex Jones is Alex Jones is the only thing standing between you and this is not true and total globalist takeover, yeah, yeah, Bill said it right. Alex Jones is liberty incarnate in his naught is not. he may talk and liberty incarnate keys like he all but God is the worst you don’t think he’s fighting for your freedom. I think he is already zoned money, love, and now come on now. I just he loves money. anyhow, the persona and that’s how he likes him. I don’t know disagree. I think he really believes everything he says Alex John is a possible way of human being to believe the shipping he says Alex Jones for a sample before we launch into this connection everyone, my love of Alex Jeremiah Wright, Lebanon, absolutely like just. he literally just one or two ago, Google, Piers Morgan Alex Jones NMR seventy eleven come back and listen because that is, that’s where I started my, my ironic love Alex Jones. I watch that the relief and how to rescind that either that happened for that. I’ve just been enthralled with Alex Jones gap, but yet he is on our API to ease as he worked for himself. we have the primitive awards .com lower .info are not info wars info wars .com shot deflected shots that everywhere in North .com yet it will overcome he is the host would you sent. he is the is a radio back to the liver where it on the info was on the beacon of info course. I am yet, but he’s Agassi ‘s eighties libertarian parasailing, according to Hamptons or libertarian. well most people just assume that all libertarians are conservative signing some way more than others, men all yeah yeah, I wouldn’t consider myself a very conservative person, but I am a libertarian seven. I consider you a conservative, I would consider myself a libertarian, but definitely not conservative. I think Alex Jones is just crazy. she thought I don’t mean that in a way of like all Madame X Grover was crazy. I literally mean that I think he needs professional help that you need to go into an asylum, and they need to be, far, far away from society because he’s why I see you have some current personality disorder, and I know a doctor, so my opinion is per him how he first thought he had IMDb that not enough that indeed it he also knows the doctor and the doctor seems liberty mother. so while you get a healthy dose of it, and a spoonful of freedom agonist on full freedom. hey, here’s what’s going on, just than you don’t realize that the globalist of already programmed if they’ve got you to know the program, not a globalist that has been the Alex Jones a night I watched in Alexandria with him on a young search the and then Young Turks are far awesome junk yards walking on legitimately awesome, not how it’s done right, actually awesome, but I had that I also watched a video about his time at Bohemian Grove might get back on that and that’s like an intriguing man, and not send, I get some spots, and basically you are saying and let me let me let, let me split the middle here. Alex Jones is a supreme conspiracy is a very a supreme conspiracy theorist propagator. it is entertaining his flock can. I’m so sorry. note that it is sometimes amounted to on. he’s a conspiracy theorist propagator. now may be in fifty years when the truth comes out, he would be in either you having a dubious reseller muckraker. carry on. either you might be her last conspiracy to have a reader scarcity theory that he things can be real. it’s a small possible. how is it not possible. it’s not possible. anything is possible. first of all, and second of all, anything is being infowars fluoride poison health militia conspiracy devil cnn msnbc globalist control michael hastings reporter truth austin texas rebellion rebel libtard revolution deathsquads infowars.com prisonplanet piers Morgan debate Alex Jones piers Morgan gun control second amendment rights taken away police state military tsa government taking our rights Doctor who fans, not his name, and so likes him he told you about this, and then you’re telling me to sound cool, that’s all cardiac colleges. podcast best unknown podcast recommended recording Justin Strawser daily item daily news news item thejealousone xmen x-men stan lee the jealous1 Pennsylvania northumberland sunbury lawsuit newspaper sex porn dick art artist writer comedy mnmomn mike’s no mic open mic night poetry funny hilarious philosophy smart sharp witty wry aware politics how to fix self help ranch make made making progress free signup free shipping vinyl record free good paying job nude blonde fucks money dollars million secret to secret of pay rent avoid charges racist run episode one first episode spoilers classy rude write intelligent diy hip hipster Shamokin pa the jealous one youtube thejealousone youtube Justtubed videos fun popular unexpected surprise music experience cute cats kitty adorable kitten fail jump keep your house bank scam false rumor troubleshoot solution virus solve solution pain sick epic Mike Bennett vine superstar rumor horror film American lost gun control new Star Wars sequels United States Suspense Serial drama Doctor Who David Tenant Directed by Steven Spielberg. Samuel L. Jackson Velociraptor paleontologist claw feathers t-rex tyrannosaurus rex discovery bone dinosaur legit sitcom lies art artist broke money free halloween dracula good nature battle spirit martian conspiracy theory fingers work coffee genres apart indie hip punk rock comicon comic books film director famous way beat the odds survive liberal fight club Tyler durden marla singer just find us Serving Ice racism racist homophobia transphobia transsexual jack Kerouac William s Burroughs Allen Ginsberg autobiography thinking thoughts bipolar curious Dylan sommers Dylan saje Dylan sage William russum bill russum William sokal bill sokal The Bouncing Souls The Gaslight Anthem Crime in Stereo Against Me! Dalek dreams, though always come true is your dream, but they this was the lizard. my dream is a reality. he just keeps sucking off Mount Everest and got back him out of the slack and let them brainwash you. you know Disney run by globalists, it absolutely is. I feel in. I feel like I’m in a room. I know I feel like I’m being ganged up on why because you both alike cloudless, to which modality gets shafted me as a student is our profit and are seen here at on severe McDowell as: Mel Alex Jones is sucked into it. Justin Alex Jones is a Christian. you would never, ever say that he is the prophet or say what he will say that Obama is Satan. he will set up a saving God experiences Earth in regards to the reality in her suit. yes, Jesus Christ is the exact opposite of Obama and Obama is synonymous for red carpets and job– now there is there is then now I am so fearful. I abstract icon outstripped him. he’s a conspiracy theorist propagator and and and and a a bigot and a sexist is yet all yeah, there’s no way let’s be real for a minute, now you know how much I love watching Alex Gerald okay for it. probably the same exact reasons you do because it is so talking out there seemed but, but, like, based in slight truth. there is a a fragment of truth in what he’s saying. but where he takes it is a million miles from where any rational person would go. and that’s what makes it so much for confined. here’s the difference between you, watching Alex Jones and door watch Alex Jones you secure your computer. what you say here your computer and you laugh at it, and then you go to sleep still in the sleep while listening to Alex Jones idea. I’ve got a point at all asleep without my blankly and Alex don’t have a nominal ally am afraid because one of them to wake up and he is going to be full-blown house jumping all over our house. you think that he’s ever to become you and say, you know, just in the homosexuals are stealing our children. I guess I’m afraid that one day you will wake up and be brainwashed because that is how that that’s how people get over things they listen to things in their sleep of the way of the hour things right once. yet it will not be a way of getting on the things unconsciously like if you listening to a self-help book okay are made of disfigurement friends episode. I don’t know because I’m a Chandler is a globalist he didn’t tell me know about those who bought sounds about right. I think I’d I think that it’s important to all seriousness, I think it’s important that we know that someone out like Alex Jones exists and I think it’s important that we listen to his words because there is no know this is me being like this is not a character. this is me like being one hundred percent of I personally think that it’s important that everyone should listen to him because of the fact that you will hear that and go as most people are like people are inherently good people really don’t think that Obama ‘s the devil right now this guy does and we need to remind ourselves just how. people can be like when you think like you want to live in a world without racism or without sexism or without homophobia that’s it. that’s a dream of mine and yup, and the middlemen in the moment that you start to they really were making progress. you put on Alex Jones and realize we just went back fifty years because, and this guys from imbeciles on key real quick. he doesn’t think that Obama Satan, he is yes, as dominion. he has one word might try. I think it is demoted them out is denoted him to just another globalist puppet right lizard person. if you listen person. well, according to the Jesse Ventura conspiracy theories episode Obama actually, Obama George Bush apparently, according to according to Jesse Ventura ‘s show conspiracy theories, Obama George Bush rate in the rematch. all of the presence for the last fifty years welcome from the same bloodline now apparently that can be traced back to England, but then worship and you would say Jesus and then and then Jesus will, why not the lizard people, apparently in a white widget lizard people like averages did you watch the eye does not harm and urological as it utilities on Jesse Ventura as I watched any vested interest. Jesse Ventura is our morale or former governor, former actor, former Navy seal, maybe seal and add it. he he knows the truth. his show is all about, you know, finding out the truth is also watching them on. I watched a couple interviews– it is a smart mother Fokker Buddy’s also conspiracy theorist, but also like here’s the problem. here’s what I love talking conspiracy theory so much because people like Jesse Ventura notes Jones are able to put you put you they are able to put that doubt in your mind because let’s face it, we all know that at some him why gap of so if you can take that step and then take one more step and give you some real facts that you can just search in twenty seconds, and pull up on Google, like for example George auditoriums auditoriums, but auditoriums all yeah I watched that episode are that statement you would, of which one Auditorium, Seattle, the woman or India. you can. I looked up fact right with you about Midori was would you find out that it’s not what you set what exactly which when Dylan when you and I watch that I paused it and said, by the way that utterly a Bob Torian is just basically like a vestibule and it was in in the article I read about it was like. it is commonly mistaken for whatever Alex Jones said it was a room where you go to puke. yeah, yeah, there is apparently the Romans gorge themselves with food and puke they didn’t. but you know, I mean, but but that’s the thing that people believe that because it makes sense in your brain and so now he can take you anywhere because he’s already given you. he’s given you a fact he’s giving you a belief that you can see make sense. then he gives you both should, but it sounds right and then you’re at that point where it’s like, you know what I think the religion of the Jews that Joe Kennedy, the NL. I mean like you go from here. the religious component, but will know, I know he doesn’t, but way of defending him him- it was the lizard people of healthcare money everyday. yes, like I know you might allow long is the more man. my problem is that if if if Dylan. if you are this listening to him and being like I is funny whatever, but like he is subconsciously getting into your brain because as you sleep villains, way more smart than him asleep, you don’t have those innovations are not like your hamper, but only as for himself, but he convinced I’m afraid. I’m afraid I don’t like it. I like it. I’ll admit I like to understand, though, just than that. that’s not that’s probably one of those propaganda things that year. you’re more susceptible to I guess I I would I would I would go with, well, let’s let’s put it in the real world. okay, go for your terrorist. I’m going to interrogate you will let you sleep a whole bunch and whisper into your ear for a big keep you up for weeks and screaming. you and limits allergen and play Metallica delete hard drives on your walk more willing to your more susceptible to your brain is more susceptible to new ideas. if your wood to practice that makes you crazy. then, if you’re getting well up on you when you win this one, I will. I want you to know the allowing of the United. your logic makes sense, but damn, you’ve been out no I don’t I don’t necessarily I I can’t let me make this statement, if I live in a world where Dylan really honestly goes from ironic love to love. love, self. I think it’s time to act. I think what will happen on the clock out there. I think that’s what would happen shifts much responsibility in goodness. I could never let myself get enough we now raise. I just you would let us down so much. I just pay back Isamu, which will, there’s a lot to hate because a lot of it is he come by belief is not a lot of people I would rejoice indefinitely. he might have come on man, not that far really know what is given and what I let his people like him pushing this way and I’m glad there’s other people pushing this way and hopefully we can find a pleasant center somewhere. so you’ve got Dick Cheney on one hand painted their and Alex Jones on the other, and I mean you know, by the way, where the bikini shoot that guy in the face. what state does not like that unit, wherein the phase to be human. the theories like if the answer in the face. what state was it that he shot the guy in the face state of paranoia and half. that’s the joke of the longevity that God dude like you killed a man like an incredible get to flock and riled up camp IEA Ramey this is normal, then NRO know dammit this is a deficit. we just do us no category and I went over him. you go over me that have no radio. then again, I feel so dirty, it is normal. I just have all this, Alex Jones, rage, yet just as a thing. I love that I like to call Alex Jones range whereat I would play options before ingesting it really grumpy and tell me to turn off and I I would keep playing a menu to step aggressively grumpier in my curable and it would carry on after Alex Jones had been after I turn them off, you just be like fun in my PC for a little while and then kind of your afraid of the truth is the free liberty, no air of leave of we use a lot of the same things as Alex Jones and our friends like Alex Jones and there were times where I would talk to her leg. like earlier like I says I’m done now. I thought everybody like I I am. there’s only intriguing and I want to see it happen. so there like I I would ask questions. interesting to hear and for her to interact with other people and stuff like that would be like Wolf until Justin and I know about the fluoride in the water in a acid is literally every night I’d like an elephant out of wedlock does not describe ourselves are starting to just about the fluoride and he would just get busy and the one time. what was it you went overboard with reviewer like that’s that’s it. he would get grumpy and then now is in Florida. Margaret wasn’t any super series of might and in particular guns. the out-of-the-box of how begins like a national jihad against the something crazy with, or least maybe was gun-control, it might be viewers by now, but it was something and I was like house us and let him now and then our friends at WL like word offensive. our member. I try to block these moment on I had worked on the rapidly general with what was said, I don’t recall what was a what did you say in response. I don’t recall talking this is how it happens, and web-based reflect the seriousness, what would you choose like outsell Sony but amazing flightless, it would try to block it out and ski reduction voice clearly I remember when I was a friend said something about like he doesn’t want to. he doesn’t want to know or like I was home because he doesn’t want now. yeah, I’m aggressively come back to you it. it was like he doesn’t want to find out or something. this is for the true him as he snapped and was like, I feel like you’re talking nominee. I like it or somebody was like I feel something something and then like a field related revenue in the child yet and then you followed up. I don’t like it or something. something very like a step back now and then it brought the mood down a whole lot and I was like will like does not Madigan ‘s amendment pleasant for everybody and I realized he has Alex Jones, rage right when it when he’s on, or when this talk of G4 can he loses it many can handle it. I’m trying my best to keep my from blowing over here with all its options on what this makes me so angry to ask why I don’t doubt that there are conspiracy theories, and I don’t doubt that there are things in this world that the government does better is incredibly shady, but I don’t think we know about Mike Lacey ‘s. I don’t think that we would know and I don’t think that it would be as easy to figure out as everyone who believes in conspiracies, things that would be, and I think that by him having this platform, and he is perpetuating all these things. I feel like it is bad for those who might be on the fence and not maybe quite not quite understand things do you think you praise on dumb people and converts them to his way of thinking made and I feel like yeah tonight, and as a person who is involved with news right. unlike facts and by trying to get the story straight coworker newspaper. it just bothers me to see some fight somebody spouting off rings in our half-truths, truth, half-truths, and might wormer propaganda and things that are definitely not true him as fact and that’s why you never watch Fox news saying, that I’m thinking CII think I feel like I agree to a degree. I think that it should make people mad, but I think that I would like to think that I live in a world where people just and I know it’s not true but I really want to believe that I live in a world where people will hear that stuff and then spend twenty minutes in research. I don’t. I know you said on your Facebook feed all the time somebody posts something and says Obama did ask her action ally that sounds little weird right now. wonder why Obama would do that and so I go to Google, type in three keywords Obama, something, something, and then immediately find out without even clicking on any of the links of what exactly happened and it was never what that person says it is on Facebook and stuff like that bothers me like to the core. because if it is easy for me to look up something in ten seconds, like out. Obama joined the Caliban or something like that yet, but the small stuff. I can’t think of any good examples this point I ice kept seeing people repost something I heroin needles under a gas pump that yeah, I would copy the Snopes link and write a significant begin of his last year there was a picture of Obama going around with his hand over his heart, but it wasn’t his hand over his heart. it was left-hand over its left side of this is is just pledging allegiance to the flag, and like the caption was our president gave employees the flag right way. how can you leave the country while a walk in life the Photoshop picture mere fact of him actually planting the flag right, but just switched around amygdala, but he wasn’t. it was easy to look up right and it took me five seconds in there than there are still people who I would say this to you. maybe, like well you probably wouldn’t do it anyhow and that’s it. that is just it just like hurts me inside because like I said I’m a newspaper reporter and my life is about facts and getting things right and I just wish people would do that and Alex Jones is an example of that where he is presenting information that ladies that might sound true with some truth in it, and also lies the like with the truth. he is frozen. all these crazy claims as its hurts me to write it just winds my gears will you take an Alex Jones journey with us and can we just try to chat with Jones journey and we all listened to fact check and see I don’t want to I don’t want to do if you’re free to the truth. yup, we’ll will does them a premature completely with that now. like I just can’t did you ever looked up operation gladiatorial is easily spouting off about is declassified, and I say that without you, without a hint of. I say that without much of a hint of sarcasm. I don’t want to put any time and effort into anything. Alex Jones is why if you use if you could tell you the truth about something wider. tell me one attention. why do you like the way sounds since I don’t like him and I think why he writes. I just spent the last finder to split you haven’t told me any instances where you fact check to find out, except the footing vomits green thing which he probably is just a dummy and fought the perfect, but like because it can spirit C-Series don’t serve much attention from you. everything started out as a conspiracy theory man what everyone can know what Leonardo will be floundered by David JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. and Michael Hastings, you don’t eat you know that the boom, the police uniforms are black because the so that they look like the military. what, what police uniforms, one from from blue to black so that they look like paramilitary uniforms to get us ready for the takeover with the EIB on martial law to keep to you is that is your proof right there and call Dustin Justin that your proof right there. I just said something that was a little bit believable, but way crazy, and what he do, he, he called me out on it. you have nothing to worry about this if that’s faster artistry while police uniforms are black. you’re almost every life there like the SWAT teams everywhere in our man’s uniform to announce that man’s part of the. I really just despise Alex Jones would like all of my being at wit with the way the government has lied to us in the past there probably ten percent when asked ancestry of yes that should blaze your percent percent, and that, and that’s what we heard that the real ten percent, not bode not be ten percent where streets are being hunted for their children. they give you the homosexual element is able to the point where were murdering children and loving it so we go down, turning the ons. I won’t. I’m getting sleepy. there would we be able to wrap this up soon since I was wouldn’t we be able to wrap this up soon, liberty, stemming in the way Welshman is not being very reactionary right now. now I feeling the oxidizing but it’s delicious state on journalist friend of ours is probably wrap it up. Dylan page. thanks for listening to serving ice while one date ago to be in a retirement that we have to recount the attic. being a big player in way that I think I regret that your audio year. I manually run everywhere, I regrettably to stop the long episodes locked again will have a cut on twenty five minutes or an infinite candidate highlight catch the# off the Atlantic in so I think this is a good place to stop you want to do your usual recap a guilty pleasures catch a good bowling for soup good ICP. I ironically good. I don’t really like them. now Alex Jones, ironically good, entertaining eight eight so much great cat. Daisy, so thanks listening yet. thanks for listening. this has been serving ice on Justin time John and we have built Miller replied to popular, outcast .com. you also find me on find William Rossum or twitter at the _ movie/ movie stars. one word, and where can I find us anywhere. find us. this finds you just find us. this is been serving us stay cobras, a Want to talk about the episode? Click here to just find us on facebook. Want to see how pretty life can look with the help of unrealistic filters? Click here to just find us on instagram. When you hear apple, do you think phone and not fruit? Click here to just find our itunes page. You can subscribe to our podcast and even rate us and write a fun little review. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts at www.popularoutcasts.net.


3 Dec 2013

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Episode 3: Of Pig Bullets and Bacon Culture

Episode 3 with special guest, Cody Kratzer In this episode we: –Discuss the stupidity behind pig bullets –Rail against bacon culture –Brainstorm a way to create guilt free leather boots (R.I.P. Mooey, the cow) Follow these links for some context: Click here to read more about Peace Through Pork. Click here to see bacon culture in action. Follow these links to find us: Want to tell Cody how great his wineskin story was? Click here to find him on twitter. Want to say witty things to us in 140 characters? Click here to just find us on twitter. Want to talk about the episode? Click here to just find us on facebook. Want to see how pretty life can look with the help of unrealistic filters? Click here to just find us on instagram. Do you even apple, bro? Click here to just find our itunes page. You can subscribe to our podcast and even rate us and write a fun little review. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts at www.popularoutcasts.net. at Wheeler. I have no way you have been out YouTube. only, I think the difference with Apple would be the Apple would have to approve your stuff like literally like they do with the apps and it would be just know I have an account now and I just upload music and able to approve every bypass is necessary whatever. okay, no more something how it happens that new house in iTunes is okay, Jesus, they listen to it to make sure you unite is a a soldier and move those you are actually you can’t talk about child porn or you can endorse John Fontana on federal and guilty myself right into a situation where one talk about child porn, but just in case we should clarify a weirdly much help for now those same amount of six yeah if that is applied to the podcast yearly you want to say child porn ‘s oxygen exists. that’s terrible news out of Admiralty to get you to sign hours to happen out and realize Marilyn was setting out. I I can’t stop is that it is a similar one of the few things that he is, it’s not a big, it’s just right. the ladies love it. we were according out and okay I this is an episode of serving ice. I am Justin Strawser, I am doing summers with a special guest in studio a door, introduce yourself, I am Cody Prosser, yeah. oh Justin doing of the podcast serving ice podcast Weasley remits the least delay door makes you not. yeah, I actually used to sleep in a bad only a foot from your bed on the blood leaves the couple of nights we would often talk about actually taking the best discourse Umatilla make a super bed and superglue had so much more room for activities we would often talk to each other and falsely kudos voices that is true when it is a way of romance remember mentioning a married in either resemble one hundred percent of our roommates go off to get married as if yesterday ‘s counties go to the latest he will use the first roommate in the last roommates and about right as you are the longest now is with the homes January, a path that you have testimony clearly which or where to start a business that says, you know, moving with us and you will get married eventually, David testimonial right now. when I first moved in, I think I was ever married, but then after a few months that our leaders sure you ask. I’m at the moment my dream life. he got run with it, now you do a good most of at first I thought it was just a coincidence, but that her dog back and remembered dad got married and and then she got married. it must be the house, it must not only was there oh yeah… so that eventually it must be the early surplus likes facts, truth things, facts, I can get another. you know what I saw today that is, is this him. in fact, check in, but I read of her reliable source that there are bullets, pig, pig waste bullets you send Islamicists to have the excellent regard what so we can not look like where to get it okay. he has talk about trouble, but I believe they were called the G Hogg, bullet, and that is true. basically, the concept was abated the least. their bullets with a pork induced paint so that when you might have become Idaho so that when they shot a Muslim terrorist, they would become tainted and would not access heaven, yet when they got what the flock. first, like, what are you thinking called a: South Fork industries, based in Idaho, the claimant ‘s ammunition called Jeff Hogg and though the defensive deterrent to those who violently act in the name of Islam it real quick and easy to cite the source and get the shops of author .com were talking to puzzle her injury and just paraphrase it, so not by preventing layoffs and claim this off with that, let’s talk about O’Leary and some of sayeth the bullets are covered import. I just read it silently and summon up or or say in the outdoors essay likely we are reading about such a small step in the right half is like talking Skynet like writing ship just downsizing of the administrative mentor offered to me. some died names named Huffington Mister Post is quoted as saying that this is only a first name- vessel is there a bear named Huffington had led a raincoat she is Paddington talking about so okay you you want me to say and him not having been sent to them and impose reparations to Tracy Simmons, she’s a religious news service out of the Huffington Post, the boys are coded and pork infused paint Stephen, which the company states makes VMO around or unclean, and therefore keep a Muslim who shot with one of the bullets from entering paradise. what okay for the company builds the bullets as peace through pork this far since stupid a peaceful enough of the drug to radical Islam. there is a related line of apparel that will enlighten, put a man in Mohan made at a target was to give him a spike in with some bacon bacon. it was bacon with some bacon… and when time words, mannitol, that’s beyond me, but I get you dominate on the side of us. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. I think to say capitalize off of people ‘s unfounded fear control and unfounded fear when I get that, that they’re extremists to do this and I’m sure compared to how many followers of Islam. there are, I’m sure the extremists are very small in numbers, so I figure that they are capitalizing on an American Odyssey study for them to do that. that sucks. first of all, doing you like why would you like they just do it for the Kinko’s Terrace what terrorist like one terrorist network share it like why will and what you can than the demand their freedom of bullets that can keep them in line. I feel like this is like what I wanted a family lady article goes on to say how the Quran doesn’t say anything is. I was really being shot by a big bully doesn’t keep him up a Muslim from from entering heaven. my eye was the essay I I’m not very versed on on that so a beast. people are just stupid. they just make it up as you you know that is not a thing in the Koran. nevertheless, the ML has plenty of supporters with more than forty three hundred people liking on Facebook. one fan Ted of California, said he planned my five hundred rounds another generally silicone and Ted, what for, what either by the spoken rounds for visit LinkedIn and lengthy brief summary here. more idiots talk about how they can buy this and do nothing with it. there are one of the terrorists every day another Jeffrey said he hoped some of its local bullets into the US military troops and at the end of the article referred to as the heart somewhere. Tracy wrote quite beautifully thinking Tracy Simmons ethically driven, but she wrote about what was it a act memory. I wish I had more to say I was in essence a loss for words wielding a good idea to give a terrorist on the terrace. the wind that that it was about the whole piece by pork that they that they’re saying that it’s peaceful menu cover the sum of intervention with a big cousin used these by pork in it. you said that. but why why they call it that you cover that limits that opens up, but I can’t penalty and output essentially the concept is if the Muslim terrorists are aware of the existence of these bullets that may be, don’t think twice about for a ride before terrorizing because there’s the fear of terror risers, we will have to use the bullets because the Muslims are good at heart of any mortgage, their freight will shoot them with the bullets and then they will go to heaven. that’s the mindset of peace pipe for peace. the report is the more there is nothing there is no religious document that says a fair shot with pork, but they won’t go to heaven. there is there is there something I I’m I’m really really cigarette up on their not really consume it. okay, but I’d I don’t think no, I don’t think the biggest factor of him, so they get worked up, they can still go there. I would say that heaven title that’s out of hand. I thought occur on the speculate. I mean, maybe it’ll him freak the freaked out by the prospect to get a shot at all, and I like that it terrifies me. you are saying without the bacon thing that was insulting to you while you resulted bacon and bacon culture offends me again. I think just because like besides when I called the beef sandwich, a murder burger whenever I called the other day, do I ever get on a soapbox about like bacon. Debbie is a bigger eventual time, nobody will ever get the soapbox. my ever like you’re eating. eat your killing like I’m not back. I had all I never liked. she and one really is not demanding sometimes you make offhand comments about how your murders and winter like that. I don’t think that you often not often offered to send them on social on a crazy ship. I don’t know if I say it often. my point is, I’m not that you get the soapbox and bacon quietly offends me, but now all the shirts that are like. I heart bacon and should like that. it is a venue to yet. I worked at a place and had to sell things similar to those things and I wanted to punch anyone that weren’t in the face really like I want to punch through their face and I remotely cooked bacon on the other side avuncular face. maybe, but in the area. it suspiciously off it. it’s like people for a novel feel like hey, this is quirky and funny and it’s like making money off of the death of a living thing. there is not enough that this falcon piece of shipped like just eat the bacon they have to like advertise like Outlook, how quirky I am. I have a keychain. it’s as I heart bacon. I don’t have a problem with eating meat, but i.e. have a problem with bragging about eating meat. yeah, remember to determine I did think two thousand hundred and eleven right beneath meat from the yet humor that the last month, now in California and the first thing we did was stop it in and out burger and then does in and out burger, but I did not eat meat. the whole trip. I just knew a given opera night in a vegetarian stuff rest of the trip but the boys and regulate when I tried doing that through the whole subs all that might hold the mess they were like laundry, eat double to me to make up for it. that is weird to me that whole you love me so much that you must eat double the amount and someone tells you is report inconsiderate. maybe things are considered absolutely if you have really horrible thing to do. do you know to a friend or to thought, you know, else something that they’re trying to do something important. and I like long enough, we AME doubled in the display review. this is moreover a year. yeah, yeah, totally. I dislike you think you’d you do a good think I’m in a double do the things you’re trying not to leave you cancel out your dad and little weird there, but that’s actually really thing that I see the letter where me and my wife recently moments ago on became qualified with a very part-time vegetarian physically happened was one of those stupid documentaries got to me and I was like all those animals ask myself that all those animals and my health and that sort of double whammy in my eye. I want to look better in and feel better, and so on marketing meet anymore and I don’t think this is too hard if I just try and quit cold turkey. I’m going to look for my face and just eat everything, but that cold to me so happy you quit. but anyway so so we decided we were in a gradually doing and am weeded in an hour to the point where, like we have one day a week -ish where we have a meal then will we meet in the own goal in overtime to achieve a war just like stuff our faces with me and we just like me from beginning and its like okay like your meat in your media use. let’s go up, but sadly this relented and went on to them. we know sin has been seven days, and have wings tonight, but like I do. I thought thought about it like a villains really well now like I’m not eating any meat for the second one meal a week iced tea like an meet my breakfast probably meet my launching my dinner like every day psyllium. I quit all of this meet reminds me that I like. I McDonald’s. it’s only the end, nothing like this model is talking awesome than you thought. sorry for the AI to I give you a quick look at this because this is a revised version of the Levi’s. this will get you real quick onto on the guest number one need when we started to do that we hear from people all the time about like why would you do that and it’s stupid and it’s okay to you, me and like me still wishes a bubble bath. my wife’s boss actually hounds hurling multiple times a week about it is a good order X Army doing Lebanese police. he was a police officer is like your typical central PA office and I got the guns and I’m one fifty more so that when the country goes to hell I can I can survive everything to animals and people, and everything but he’s always a China ties to make a mistake by not eating meat mistake to just let us ninety unique, yet attempting to be a dust settle with tongs. I realize is fine with me. get offended by bacon culture, I thought. I hate that it’s become a thing that I feel the need to attack the beginning of mouthwash. I think the flaws instead and this would be consented, blankets, sliders, why is it that quickly and marginally labor bacon people of bacon, is dearly love and I cannot recently that they come in. I really flavor you are going to try among them are going to lie in saddle of bacon. okay, this is a cluster fark it is a cluster fatherless, all battling for Mike as I feel like were all talking to each other over each other as an author is really have to ask as I am trying to like when he starts talking and try to stop when he says saga. is it a cluster Fokker is always working out of the awesome okay I I was jumping you a flight alike. and I didn’t know it is because he loved me and the evil of your socks there like it is obsessive in her life and I trust in your stomach. life is good to disability. him a mother is a function of my grandmother. my father side lovely person. she’s the greatest and her husband and the keys they will ask me periodically stuff about when I stopped eating meat and said to clarify, I am sure you do a whole episode on this I should try collect my thoughts might write down notes of you want like the skies and hassle to just hates making culture and finds you… peaceful carrots you wanted to note for our broadcast booth of them, and you want to go to know, but I think what I’m trying to make a point about scientist strongly about whenever I talk about it. it’s just like the lady a radical idea radical idea and then when it’s in my head. it’s like here’s why I think the CNMI development millennium. nope, never mind, I thought if I thought it was my charming written in dashing good looks when I guess I’m the mistaken missiles on a clear and I there’s no reason for people like as an collaborative relay is in it was just as things were like cherry lime soda and play anything and you like really good. I is that I like it. I’ve exactly what auditors actually really help me quit meat because it’s every time I would see bacon culture things being coders everywhere now like bananas and bacon. thanks for Dylan. I guess just to submit for examination. I don’t examine what every time I get his Riverside. I anytime I would go to eat bacon, I would be so psyched for bacon. what this can be big labor agreements can be amazing. I cannot wait on them like I bite into them like a letdown as beacons, not as good as they can culture so that is good and so on. like turning the big video culture is hurting the vacant movement. so I’m like, now that I’m quick meets Israel’s. I’m just like the forget bacon. I know if I can be as good as I think it is sound. the bacon notes rewind grandparents yet realized. yet now I don’t, some vegetarian recipe seafood occasionally have some money because of cycle myself a regional seasonal pesky Darian, but that’s a separate explanation put it, it sounds like it would something an old like show tunes like the ability to a lot arrange a whole slew that all of us. Scott Carey Avenue to the funeral and exempt from any of the dance dance on the video podcast. I’m not one of us feels alimony vegetarian food and meet grandma arrived at these leather things like I really comes once a really wonderful compared boots. here’s here’s my thought on the boots reflect a one. I literally finished up on the other vegetarian not a vegetarian in a someone was throwing away like that. like if they got a hamburger thing I want burgers too many for their fat white rich American selves and they were going to throw one away in front of me if they were like Dylan, you look hungry. I was like hungry. and then if they like I’m enough for this burger away. would you like his burger. I would I would eat if there they are a contributed to the whole font subsystem and there just to throw away we go to waste. you’re not perpetuating it, so I be like you I you whenever you have the sweetest piece of this pepperoni on it. I have picked off all the pepperoni. but like Morley I’d I don’t feel like I need to talk my pepperoni like, so I’m sworn with the boots I really want a nice pair of boots, but I don’t want to have like an and I looked in the light vegan boots. I don’t know the Kalikow, I don’t have a cow. the statements home and take sorry, no matter what you do in life. I figured somehow contributing to like that the harm of another living thing, but I I just think I asked off of my music is important enough that I look a like vegan boots Doc Martin doesn’t reimburse, but are not the kind I like. I was looking for a very specific boot. plus, I’ve looked at this him. I met all my specifications in the stores, book allelic buckles. maybe it’s like me important over something. maybe one-of-a-kind, California yeah I I dislike the bottles Maza Michael on them, then I’m like I will, but I don’t. I don’t want to buy as a second of the style and the people of the shoe store looks to me like another had nine of my shoulder in a search for this economy is something like Jess, I moved into a new place recently. I’m thinking to myself, we these leave a sizable backyard. I wonder if I’m not opposed to like animals for meat or leather. whatever the lake if you take care the animal you don’t like feed about hormones in my tree like she didn’t put in the little space and then life violently kill it. you know, something like I kind one of by a cow, and just let it hang out in the house until it dies of old age, and then just in the apparent in the backyard house whatever basement light and then just get her boots made out of metal, that will probably worry a barn deathly something we could, but admit that that’s like Otto thought that thing. I don’t know if, like us, I would attach the cow and I be wearing it. and I’d be like, that’s a whole another level of web design and usability about the latest and would you care me if I die I will I I’m I that that’s part of that. the question that you want me to wear you what you guys. first of all medicolegal for you, but second of all. I do where I probably have high cholesterol for probable before you maybe. but like if I died in my room right now to really outside interests. it’s a really weird thought that one of us in this room will die first, unless we all live to the end of the world or we all die at our plane crash, or the man by some cosmic coincidence, we could all that he said he had to understand how well-educated begin building and set up right there anyway you what you want me to wear are you when you die to make you happy now is not been decidedly if you will not be giving without a need for a suit in the player plenty left over from that I can do boots and they’d be like Mohammed to them like wearing. I did like legalese, so individually if they get it at the skin off my feet and strength. I’m picturing like like the, the Ellison foot umbrella stands and I think that just as an e-mail illegal in your urine will of the logic that you have to cut out the June, it’s with the property automated alone. I is the point where the house who is the real heating oil housed what to make why was the Jesus hack off doesn’t seem to follow mouth in his realm on you, leave a little island. this is getting way too indefinite announcing of the mechanics of it matter that events do you want me to wear any part of it you wanted if you wanted me to wear you I would now filling up the so now back to the sucking child, I want to buy LMI, forty Cal. what I known suicidal days, but I might have a word count limit attached accounts and unlike I went to put it. and like abilities and how, how long do I want to be a cow owner like should I shoot for the one that looks really decrepit at the farmers market legs closed close to death so I only have it for like twenty four hours. maybe I’m front yard in a bucket dies the next day and I might will ship that was easy like anything attached to it like somebody you know, take movie off this guy would be attached to its, I wouldn’t give it like a musical ability of the abdomen message and account him I would get. I wouldn’t got attached. if you like a real man now. I just called nebula debris here. now that I think about isn’t it fascinating to be a good idea is just issued for the countless for these welcome to the farm be like you got any in the back that you are as well that I can make it another six hours. you don’t build them. not likely. I is it fair as long as this is always the coolest touch my property like is that his mission accomplished about several point is it no longer okay, could you show up on the farm, and they are ready have a dead cow. what is that you be at least living a little bit. that’s an insane is that I I it needs to be living a little bit like if I got a couple of hours autograph if you get one of the light is beautiful, but I is out of your account. your eyes on the one transit and will and can’t exist and are out front. it believed that the U married and living the week that I get to and call it. it existed in accounting the named something else) hybrid in twenty four hours e- twenty four hours for the feelings it, but what I like. I want to know that the cow got taken care of in a something. maybe I should buy like a little cow and bonsai bonsai cows using bonsai bonsai is the one about guys like the shady magnets and each is a bonsai. but I don’t know that’s the tree in French and in so far country, bluegrass, will benefit from genetic endowment, examining you don’t really measure cows, yet I genetically engineer miniature cows. I never I never thought about genetically engineered how else would they be so small when the genetically engineered. I guess of July Winona genetically engineered towns make them feel like I like that is the opposite of what was it together Kia CFO can’t say I have a legit counselor counselor passed away, grow and it led the fake leather like to be in love. whether this will not only in him or is he hiding a wonderful weekend and how is a question if being in boots already exists and you are okay with raising a cow and then turning it into customized boot. I don’t know that I’m okay like that’s a moral thing, then why not just find a vegan group maker and be like, I want to custom boots can you make me one. the idea of the significance of that would be way too easy it would be through the state. analysis can cost you. it’s how to run a shoemaker is probably the taking care of your new heaven and our allies– and feeding it. maybe it would you be without with the beta cells in the be the underdog. I despair. those don’t they like shoot water out of the trunks on. so that’s the deal of the fluffy down having it on the cow leather, leather, Mimi. I told your dating culture. see hot bullet. see hot bullets there. we probably do log ridiculous. I integrate the use even if you have a cheat day. I think some people would be like to thank some people just want to be cool would be like, you know, I mean real love love love and like. I’m sure other detractors on the meat side of things, would say like, like, are you really saving animal like you do a cheap game like how Miguel you believe it, but like me. Doctor who fans, not his name, and so likes him he told you about this, and then you’re telling me to sound cool, that’s all cardiac colleges. podcast best unknown podcast recommended recording Justin Strawser daily item daily news news item thejealousone xmen x-men stan lee the jealous1 Pennsylvania northumberland sunbury lawsuit newspaper sex porn dick art artist writer comedy mnmomn mike’s no mic open mic night poetry funny hilarious philosophy smart sharp witty wry aware politics how to fix self help ranch make made making progress free signup free shipping vinyl record free good paying job nude blonde fucks money dollars million secret to secret of pay rent avoid charges racist run episode one first episode spoilers classy rude write intelligent diy hip hipster Shamokin pa the jealous one youtube thejealousone youtube Justtubed videos fun popular unexpected surprise music experience cute cats kitty adorable kitten fail jump keep your house bank scam false rumor troubleshoot solution virus solve solution pain sick epic Mike Bennett vine superstar rumor horror film American lost gun control new Star Wars sequels United States Suspense Serial drama Doctor Who David Tenant Directed by Steven Spielberg. Velociraptor paleontologist claw feathers t-rex tyrannosaurus rex discovery bone dinosaur legit sitcom lies art artist broke money free halloween dracula good nature battle spirit martian conspiracy theory fingers work coffee genres apart indie hip punk rock comicon comic books film director famous way beat the odds survive liberal fight club Tyler durden marla singer just find us Serving Ice racism racist homophobia transphobia transsexual jack Kerouac William s Burroughs Allen Ginsberg autobiography thinking thoughts bipolar curious Dylan sommers Dylan saje Dylan sage William russum bill russum William sokal bill sokal The Bouncing Souls The Gaslight Anthem Crime in Stereo Against Me! Dalek plus you plus your wife, plus his life. fifteen days or whatever you like. plus, all of these other people. how do it least. save one creature over the court, I. I’m sure not feeling the effects of that because I think demand theoretically the way to make a change. the demand for the dry subsequently won’t continue to bring things to the midfield. I don’t think it’s like all men, there’s not just we have to kill one less child this month, so newly over here gets to go free. I don’t be worse like that. it’s like the demand for decreases and unless things are created in the him, but I figured you don’t make times once I get done to you that I read everything starts to all. I’ve been running into this circumstance everywhere my life lately with all it starts with someone and then light as it spreads so I get a bump to my one coworkers on samples and start that way. sure stick of the positive stuff coworker was cigarette butt on the ground as a mark around the corner I see him. he sees ICM and some reason feel super guilty about drop in the cigarette butt on the ground is littered and I was given be mad at him for some a are obese like I that’s mine. I like both those that come like I’m going to throw in the trash music. yes I was on my way was a Russian I saw those three cigarette butts. they are now is like, what’s really got hurt and I was like I wanted you a story. some until you get started. I guess the lungs is I don’t river the details of the story, but I never kind out went and I’m sure like some big news. the story better. could my comment and say that’s not how it goes at all, but this is the just, you know what they would do that is the story and it was it was enough for my coworker so it’s good enough for me but there’s like this native American tribe I’m in a big potluck and every unit of this big pot luck and the role the polyp is of interest big giant vat and every family brings a wineskin and force their wineskin into the back and one year this family waited, all with the last minute, didn’t have the wine wineskin wasn’t warming due to those you know what I am going to fill my ones can water port that joins that whose given know if one of the wineskins was water in bucket three fills up with water ‘s family goes to the potluck forces water into the that they they did serve everybody. their wine, everybody drinks and everybody’s at my wine to sip water what’s going on every family in the tribe had the same idea him whom the first to be liking Orlando for my wineskin with wine and not cheap out and Phyllis water and unscrupulous and so you keep a purpose, but through the trash can so vividly by considering that identifies a vegetarian thing is eventually enough people to be inspired by always healthier and oh, the poor animals, and whatever the reason may be this many reasons to eat less meat. at least you come into people just be like portions correctly like stop getting the thirty two ounce steak. it is Longhorn Lego children’s Allen was enough. sure, this throws up and maybe afterwards. I can have ideas about how madness do you think you would have owned slaves. I think are probably one of the visit, based on my theory, not all. I mean, I guess partly cut like if we would’ve that would own slaves. now that’s what you’re asking. I like that I super excited owner person by less lets talk this over. if I utterly good like there was a point where I was like, it is a is a wiki and I didn’t. I didn’t really think anything of eating meat. that’s like talking this mean am I playing whenever it taste good. I like the bacon. I like the chicken whatever you have been thinking of it, and then deal right. I was getting. I was like there’s something. about this, but it’s legal and it’s convenient and I’m just going to do it just because I can get up and keep you to me, but I would know like this talking like this is a weird man. and then after a certain point, a couple years ago I was like, I decided she can’t do this anymore and I was wondering, does that I am not I am completely not equating eating meats owning slaves, but by that logic, what are the horrible things I would do if it was legal, and if it was convenient for me. like, what kind of font option, but I do what I am. people convenient legal way back when, like maybe I would help. maybe other treated them right if you can even use that as any kind of positive reinforcement for any fine hassles and people in our but like what I is by this logic, I seasonally. I’ll do anything about it. I just do it as I can life. yes I think I would end like that talking weirded me how I was like, I like you think about this a week. we limit we live in a time when there’s obviously not slavery in America. I’m even sure there is thankfully, there’s not sure there are pockets somewhere where he people will get arrested because they’re doing something stupid and yet we live in a society where we don’t so and we know we can look back. I know I never I would never do that. that’s horrible like living in a time, you probably would. there is a good chance that you would probably be own. I would lease a unit… a knot. I would like say, would not have any idea that they don’t know why I’m saying what I said I can’t talk myself out of not equating exceedingly and lately as you found out for yourself to eating meat was screwed up you would like to think that had you grown up in that time, the yes I would’ve done the same thing within language was alleged as you got older, you might, and I don’t want to do thy will, obviously, are not the same thing. I don’t think debarment of you like well-known than the same day Helen thinks that owning a person is just like eating an animal that I’m on the melodic. where else can I apply how bad of a person what I be how many findings, weird shape when I let him suck up. should I let slide by, because we do it would be hard for me to think that me and living in that world would have been not okay with slavery because of how socially accepted it wasn’t in the day like I’m a sense of the damage that part slaves is wrong, six thirty six. some upper episode here yesterday. I think were about right. I have yet is him enough. I ask is my sexy ones I was like enclosing. she was a great, don’t do drugs, you know, don’t wrongly or holding scissors and it would be great on a draft and without some bad my memory is what all did we talk about we start with the bullets. yeah, retrace our steps in fact, so, so we just did me going. we just got done talking about animals, animals, good animals are good eating less of them is good. love it. it’s okay that Justin doesn’t feel as strongly about eating less animals. that’s good to him. he’s only human and ten meters tasty. I thought he was a robot. one section. yes, that’s the real that’s real life. we talked about this earlier time of the baking culture bacon cultures, lame and weird and confusing and over while the Robin and all that because we think it is absolutely insane that there are bullets out there painted with vague in order to keep Muslims from entering heaven when their shot weird episode. that’s so crazy. I’m actually surprised how well we stayed on topic, I felt like we did a hundred different things, but really we went from bacon bullets to making culture to vegetarianism. this order regional seasonal Presbyterianism. all it was a good time. yeah, though I will have fun. thank you Cody from the rest that you are being wires just that you are having a handy life be one hate you out yet how we finance for or if you want to be found you purify me time, you can hit me up bed at CTX core on twitter just so much. I’m just a unveiling fineness you can find us find it somewhere. find a somewhere that you for joining us, yet they stay cool friends, but as he is beginning is shipped to pay. thank you for listening to him. another episode that you for listening to serving ice. this is on my home in the start regularly do serving ice stay cool friends. now my goodness gracious, no silly tags only woman who is not my single friends will be good to this is serving ice on Dylan summer signing off was Justin ‘s why my visiting the library exiting, you’d be a wave mineralized a gopher; in hell with the instead go with the uncertainty facing listening to serving ice. I am your host to one summer ‘s I am your other host Dustin Strawser guest hosts find a guess through security crosser stinko( home


12 Nov 2013

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Episode 5: The Piglet Algorithm

Episode 5 with special guest Bill Russum In this episode we: –Talk about Justin’s guilty pleaseures –Question Miley Cyrus’ cultural appropriation –Discover racism in Disney movies (which is like discovering the color white in a snowstorm) –Unravel a Whinnie the Pooh scandal over 9 decades old Follow these links for more context: Click here to find The Root article Bill read about Miley Cyrus appropriating cultures. Click here to discover the Winnie the Pooh scandal. Follow these links to find us: Do you want a seven second insight into Bill’s life? Click here to find him on vine. Would you rather read Bill than watch him? Well, forget vine- click here to find him on twitter.  Want to say witty things to us in 140 characters? Click here to just find us on twitter. Want to talk about the episode? Click here to just find us on facebook. Want to see how pretty life can look with the help of unrealistic filters? Click here to just find us on instagram. When you hear apple, do you think phone and not fruit? Click here to just find our itunes page. You can subscribe to our podcast and even rate us and write a fun little review. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts at www.popularoutcasts.net. him, but I have nausea or how low are we on LB recording carried on this high welcome to the this is a another episode of serving ice. a yeah day I’m Justin Strasser and Dylan Summers, and we are spectacular. yes, we are out to have a really good reason why we’re spectacular. I just think we are like you deny it. I don’t deny I accepted a yearly need on a conversation rabbit trail today. sure, force of your guilty pleasures voice Arthur guilty pleasures. I likely would elect monthly. let me retract that statement and say I loved the first two seasons of league soccer and then I slowly gradually started to hate watch it. why I don’t know why I love it so much, should they find that one guy dead yet. I was really announced today industrial than Israel. they found the main actor of that show dead. it happens. I don’t read much and what some of those drugs. I don’t know that’s true) and that that is that the kind of sad it is that if I don’t know why I latched I saw a Cairo click. I saw someone post about social media thingamajig and the is is sin than Hudson, yet I soft, thin, and I thought it was the character from adventure time which I never watch, but that’s automatically, who popped into my head and I was like holy function. instead, they found a cartoon that that’s exactly what I thought I can’t I can’t set in this case, why don’t limited run around it yet. I can’t separate reality from cartoons. I guess these I thought they found that fourteen a vicious character, dad items you mentioned in Iraq, but I imagine it’s something else. once we first started, I think it was a really good show about like bullying. I thought I had a really amazing message, then the last two seasons turned into. let’s see what crazy topics we can get into this with we believe both of these high school students who do I hate watch it now their worst addressee with that serve Canadian teen drama as that, like the Canadian league. we now know they they put a lot of boundaries and interesting. I think another guilty pleasure. I think of Miley Cyrus. okay, I actually have started to like her sweet wet reassignment. you know who Miley Cyrus is yet yeah, we really like her to make a creepy way. know what I’ll I’ll I’ll they’d really would be my Cyrus as the player know I just I find her new additional useful to know your age you like she’s of age, I find your new look like a punk luck at the Domino fun could let the title looks. the late shorthair, I don’t know whenever I never whenever she is. I have a day shocking hate that we can commercialize things that were originally antiestablishment and say I like the punk look that’s cutesy blows my mind. sorry man to be sorry. I hate how much I like her even working as of late. yes, she is the Queen of pork, Palin, I don’t think she’s used that phrase too fast, cheap, I just use the cheap works a lot. yeah, that’s that. the thing that she does. she says things like, it feels black what I don’t love that but it is the news. he says it. I don’t know if she set about to set a humanism set about working did her and her father having a falling out over Twitter. I don’t know why I read some I know everything about Miley Cyrus summary photos on the Facebook about popular people having like dropping over this winter. at one point she had tweeted something to her data about you while talking this is going nowhere, I am not eligible valued. I think they had something from .com Miley Cyrus was something that quote is black and what cultural preparation is right questionable working as their most important that he’s been doing all over the place that wasn’t enough, now she has a whole grill and that somehow she is flat-out going for a more black sound with her new music writers in a single in an interview before the singer has a permit. I just want something that I is you wonderful that is weird. could you sleazy in a better way to make it not as I went to be an R&B singer is probably what he’s going for. I want to do this. I want to be the next scary spice. yes, I do not use light displays girl. I wonder though knew that the guilty pleasure. I want one scary splice is wiki page. I forget how my wiki train went, but sometimes I’ll hit the back arrow and I’ll replay my wiki steps and find out where I started and what I ended up wanting to everyone. we gone the wiki trail where you looking at spices and they’ll need to get started with. I started with the guy from Public enemy was on Alex Jones show and read about him getting kicked off of that server are yes that’s it was you I read about him and then I clicked on some deals as Wikipedia page, and then from there I clicked on a producers Wikipedia page, and then from there I clicked on the Spice Girls Wikipedia page, and from there no way denies it. I just want straight scary spice, and from there I reserve the wiki trail Ginger spice of my girl. I like Stanford for us as well have a thing for redheads slow one up. besides the R&B thing could we flip that around, and I’m not saying that we can’t run thing. could we I wish you are asking this question could be feel way more comfortable not ask you what useless and I’ll ask it it here as they were either you and I stuffed by her him her giving the IVC, Sam, what is the decision is elevating a style of music that he’s elevating music and then saying that it has a rich cultural is that we look at it and say hello. she’s given to do you think the Miley Cyrus is elevating black culture and music by saying that she wants to sell my get note, I him .net would be great for that podcast that I said about right. three people tackling hard-hitting topics and talking himself through an starting out I was like, I don’t think this is the case, but what if, and then by the end of me talking myself through even phrasing the question I came to a no a lot in the jungle book and they had King Louis, you know, the orangutan. yes, and he is an orangutan orangutans living in having a tan orangutan bring attacking whatever King lilies that is, let us what the focus is over the term therapy. if you see something and give it a just peace. what is a soft drink called what is an unhealthy soft drink on what her derogatory words for unhealthy soft drinks set up no pop-culture. okay, I average you know what is beverage now mate how fark I’m looking forward. that’s like commercialization commercialization. now what you have to incorporate some beverages, aviation, pop culture, beverages, a station will you try and ascertain as influence, are you saw exactly what I was going with that. yeah, I’m trying to ask you, Chang has pop-culture beverage. this is stationed around it. thanks, yet has it as a sophomore. we just talking to their man for a step off and then when the Kleenex tissues Frisbee disc forty seven copiers are you stroking out at. I have an heavy rotation will know what step I is a step up my marsupials with NARA orangutan, they are beings and back to my something to look at a what’s the higher multiple right is a what’s above, it is is a duty meaningless as both eat with you to think the genie the genus on this date, the species. I like your file on thank you gone. I was lost in the jungle book and they characterized King Louis as a individual who likes scat music like R&B night R&B, but got his ass. he will be a dupe dupe dupe you what was that like that stat jazz jazz is where I decided us to get a big characterizing Louise as a character who sings as a jazz and he wants to be a man in a subtly with watching this and I thought is this familiar character are they trying to characterize aggressively black personalizes the same as the earlier you know that talking weirdly late sixties and it was weird to me watching this and thinking like a king. Louise pretty much the falcon coulis the yacht on the thing is not. I like blue and tailspin, but I really care from Luna John from what I remember the jungle book. it is refinancing or listen that fast mother Fokker star was not right. you know, and I don’t know I sure can’t flock ESU. they sound a lot alike. I just want my busy moving around and voice actor. I don’t know what I think it might be okay for him to visit Shir Khan and scar shards from linking sheer con is afoot and that yes he was, but there were the reason the associate ‘s users and black music and jazz typically started with African-American measure the rock ‘n roll manual. the civilians selection when an you thought how does watching this movie from the sixties and thinking like I try to make me trying to say that this monkey wants to be a man that characterize another domain, saying that I think that black people, monkeys were many men posing like I either ensure their people. my father like how black people are monkeys and when asked for continued, would they have made. I guess they would presently with it making really is super cool as they did if the if it was like a racial thing and when they would have to because that’s beyond the time where they have the super racist Disney cartoons. that’s like subtle yet weird and hope to help a solitary goal for the Anaheim one zero to be a man wants him within one BC and was actually not a whole lot yet I was when he couldn’t remember what you think of life in a Belushi or Khan, Billy Schrodinger, Louis Armstrong, Louis Armstrong, King Louis whole initiates logistics those races of men. Disney using they were like it after Julie Armstrong play: King Louis Johnson or do you think they were like, can we all agree of that has to be working for him. I think we can agree it is a chance is a lot going on for you. that’s better than that. Charlie Rockville that one only Rockville on him on build on. I like him, and on the show. thank you guys. thank you, Bill. not a given that family. thank you so yet so jungle book XTs King Louis Bromley Armstrong probably Louis Armstrong probably more than likely right now get off drugs and whatever thing and we can say that not right this January. in my view, or it might be a subtle jab to the result, at least it’s probably not but knowing Disney and would probably wasn’t. but maybe there were somebody who is really supercooled at work for Disney villains like we’ve got big dude we object from kidney wonderful world on the God of what are you this, my father. they probably try to get the voice and he was like now. they got Gottman Carruthers that allows settlement. I just looked it up. I’ll look it up after you did the voice or tingling into the black man doing kingly voice. I think we might have settled it, which is busted a wide-open and settle it. as far as a nod, or as far as a racial, I think of the black man, it’s probably a nod if the white man doing an interpretation of the court. the lack of a race jazz voice and so who I I I I want to bring up by the way, while I’m googling this for you. this I feel like Robin, which is kind of my roll over was my role on on delusional loners, where I look stuff up. I thrown a thing here. there is, and as with them. now I have infiltrated you guys that I can keep my funky mouth shut so the low lying about it to be infiltrated new guys. I guys. yeah, time to blow your fork in mind slowing as well. and who did King Louis ‘s voice is this guy Lewis were Louis Prima, who is Louis Prima is away follow the also known as the King of swing is musician jazz, swing, and traditional pop occupation singer entertainer trumpeter bandleader, well, Fakih, after members scenario we all agreed that it must be Louis Armstrong, now we were wrong and that’s what life is all about were wrong. they week, we thought that I still think see the reason why Louis Prima decided to do is music. this jazz, swing thing because he won the sound of people that more black. so, Louis Prima is Miley Cyrus, which is run him attracted up talking easy as it acknowledges easy boom from budget from working to the jungle book is other weird cartoon moment that made me go. I was reading Winnie the Pooh and they are first introducing tank can guys obviously the kangaroo and room is the daughter of King are right on. I’m not sure which one, but when King is first introduced. all the characters in the hundred, eight hundred acre woods don’t want him there. we don’t want came to bear the use. like racial things. lots they use a racial thing of being like we don’t want your kind here. while you but also they devise a plan of get out of to make sure that you can gain root leave, so they kidnap of room in the workplace through with Piglet to maintain to think that it’s piglet. there are to make the Kanga thinks that nothing is wrong. so came to obviously is not an idiot right realizes the pig and not room takes piglet back believes piglet so basically molest sexually assaults piglet in the pub is that I am resolving and skimping about its adult giving a child that you have met about one other thing lately weird if that kid was pretending to be your kids you just strip down and I have as their Winnie the Pooh ends off everything at knowledge. everything ends, find no help for me to do now, not bad has it has a story and is like it was a great day in the earlier ones I got you close the book and there’s a plug-in. I don’t know about it all in fact I don’t remember I actually watched Winnie the Pooh and New Year’s is talking to I believe the first people ever to notice that there might be some racial undertones in jungle book. I’m sure racism in Disney stuff way, how I was able to strongly influence a wishes for a dumb joke, but now I cannot account but that story ends. I think all happy and fine right now realize that they dislike each other so BLT ever have anything that moves into the neighborhood. make sure you discriminate against them. right, make sure you kidnapped their child right, and if someone could answer child. make sure you molest another child right to get back up with Piglet in on the plan year shall be the piglet is molesting how they integrate IBM and Dell all the characteristic because anything you have a kid. okay, and I cannot get ahead and replaced your goal. another Carolina. second, can we establish the age of my kid to think that obviously is self-aware doesn’t matter what age you speak is piglet can talk and think for himself. so let’s say an piglet whole world did okay with twelve additional light building pickles, hold the phone. this is an integral part of the question is Piglet eighth year and what age is it okay to be sexually molested now that’s what I want now is a great team. if it’s okay with a peer who is now i.e. could be my kid because Piglet is in one of their kids. okay, wait, do you want if home. I want your underage friend be molested in England Raiders piglet here in France to be sexually assaulted. I think I think the name Piglet implies that he is not a full-grown pig on crack. that’s that’s my personal thank and I think that the situation in this situation, you would be you would be Kanga, someone has kidnapped your room. okay, and future you are stopped another child and said no, that’s your kid and then you take that kid home hot, but in an beta okay guys so it will establish the table. it is underage. now right eye. I mean, I’m, I’m assuming that Piglet is a page. I think the only adults, there are bigger rabbit in Tanga and maybe Al Faisal socket. maybe ER, but your is really depressed. yet I can’t even wear if you are is not in the door, I will let you molest my friend piglet Eeyore is not an executor of his estate at this point right as I do that a lot and I think Eeyore is timeless. I think you were like death himself busy or electronic ER is the underground oak. I isolate we’ve established I noticed there’s this real fox and in the low piglet to write to Christopher Robbins and their tubules are only visible when the story is also a child. he is a child to okay so we have piglet out of quality can be the pillars did I think we’d was a kid mid- twenties, snow, Winnie the Pooh, now all you Wiseman widens Winnie the Pooh, I feel like he’s got the other characters who bear Piglet kangaroo is just a single mom. yes, there are ocean boundaries. there is rabbit how is doing at around ninety County okay yeah okay Roman figures yet you are doing with it, put it here and there they now have this. what this creature is able to snuffle awkwardness, no, it’s something else with the elephant out of office now that’s scary. Potter, a full awful one man is imaginary. no technical knockout excited that the metal lumps of lumps, bumps at the lump lump it him him now because Robin and why we might react in this letter feeling all his characters racing, except for maybe favorite not rude pundit Google hold his piglets. I so they would year the case, but Piglet is, how do you use the reason I was a piglet is probably ten cc ‘s of fighting during the meal will give a damn good vocabulary for ten -year-olds. you I don’t know if that’s sure I’m selling on going to the arms and fifteen I know that a teenager we talking that the Disney adaptations you miss about this is a story about like a single-story, other kidnapping was that I was not a movie life are. I don’t have any frame reference for the Sunday something I’ve ever read Winnie the Pooh. I read like a little like I love those basement cartoon are based on the actual episode, or a movie, but I I I it was part of a single day loan story that I read on my other phone that had like free stories ever can we say twelve or twelve five okay shipping with the photokina and Piglet agreed to this right. yes okay so you and I and our group of friends, and there’s someone coming way. what ownership. what’s up want to be eight is a told his piglet of Winnie the Pooh Piglet is just a baby. he is not certain he is not a certain age just known as a baby pig babies out, not even an non- and I live my life. I need to redo the city. and just like an severe minute I will scroll my phone do only podcast now none of this is all importance on the phone can take you bitches to town. okay, where were you are you according to the fitness of town. I like being in twenty yes yes yes really to see the slight methods. as a result of that I don’t recently signed with Atlanta. they don’t show you guys the home man, but a Google king molasses piglet that the much better Google search I did okay. I build you have paper and a pen. I I can produce him. that’s that simple compilation Kanga that nothing good came up from there. so what’s our site. it is evidently what would happen is Piglet that would be fun. it would be one of our friends at somebody new comes around and they suck right. get rid of you that I have a kid, so he kidnapped a kid and then replace it. what part of this is good enough. save out. I’m just saying I don’t think you know you’re right, yet the desk talking deftly molested back if I has functional. yeah, yeah. I mean… I asked why she saved Piglet did pay would need about Norfolk and hundreds it was just like, well, I can show you one of the people delusion that they thought that she didn’t know you think that that’s like the FBI has is what question do you think that life if you are infiltrating a group of like crazy like tree hugging, anarcho activist people right right and you have the illusion, the date one and then you bang one and then you do drugs with them all that stuff you did isn’t you can get in trouble for right. much like your reason, point break when he joined surfing break. you should see him flip the roles between Piglet. his kangaroo, not knowing she would be FBI agent, but she’s actually the eyes, which are saying about the AIF can grow one wall. what Christopher Robin. the check. shut your falcon now pay on the wiki here is the system, talking, listening, as a female kangaroo, the only female kangaroo in the series, with the exception of Christopher Robin Christopher Robin and one B’s mother. okay, nevermind of him while I was okay. you eat my whole world was in turn upside down right, I said lease, the molesting deftly happened. it was thought to have had a rounded to the racial profiling information that had that ends I’m trying to find that story again. spatial am almost positive it ended in a good way. I believe more like species profiling. it but yeah I seen in allegories, the racial profiling for supervisory and you know what you are now so far were one and one we’ve been working. Lily is not a a a racist interpretation, however, by Cyrus would be the river comes to terms with not having there in the terms with the lowest purpose. I can’t find the story. I really wish I could give it a positive yeah we just did a quick break and we listen to the story that I was referencing from Winnie the Pooh. some of us listened. I listened and do listen I I listened, I zoned out and then started listening intently because it got to the Vienna situation over talking about. I clocked out pretty early on, I got asked I was working on and on an algorithm is used to it. do you want a breakdown. verse thirty one. your duty out room for now you let me list. first of all it. we arty all agree to the street is fought right. I was the one that was fine onto it’s not really that weird right and as I was explaining it back to you. I like wait a minute, that’s totally ordered down. I just want to say that I’ve determined roughly piglets, age and ten years of it, so here’s lonely walk you through my math real quick, Winnie the Pooh, when the stories went through under that an outside window. it’s like different stuff, but it appears they’ve been him really between nineteen twenty six in nineteen twenty eight is when they were released. so I heard the level. so I looked up the average life expectancy of someone in nineteen twenty eight given you guys the benefit of the doubt here. they never live expectancy of someone in nineteen twenty in a couple different websites and the relation it seems to be fifty five. six, so that a paragraph that I looked up the average lifespan of a wild pig. not one son off the butcher what are some butchers as extra redneck thing to say. not one. the brutally killed right at a slaughterhouse which is what Butcher means, yet earlier, but that’s their way SLI and an average free roaming patent would lose leverage legacy is twenty five years progressed, so big with the males and and I did find life expectancy of a male in nineteen twenty eight. I match the vocabulary to melt. look that up. I get I do not look about them. if that’s wrong to him pretty sure we know where this for my mind doesn’t melt in so then I found the percentage of light. I assumed that Piglet cannot be older than the age of eighteen will send you guys a was referred to as a baby, baby, I look at the definition of baby and baby and infant are a citizen in most Western things there. they usually use synonymously baby and infant breast incident comes from Michael Latin phrase meaning. meaning cannot speak so paid was different enough talking infant because people was an infant piglet wouldn’t be oldest week and in fact not be able to read or write– Piglet- does all the time that I’m confronting ins and outs. I didn’t do the math, friends, and for that I figured piglet must be less than younger than the age of eighteen site I found out what percentage of the Jew find out what baby pigs like what age do they become adult now, because because why would you not do that because here’s the thing piglet was appropriate for work. yes, they were office size have a rather nice isms. they live in anthropomorphic, not sized to yet so so now father is based on talking to this whole thing is ridiculous, but I wanted to figure it out okay, go for it. as I thought somehow doesn’t serve you guys do. well, you seem to identify the root of what you get… me so. eighteen is three. zero zero four percent of fifty five. six so then I took three. zero zero four percent of twenty five to make this paying eighteen and then that equals out to eight. three two. if my math is right, is probably not the software can see her but the piglet in pink years is eight. three two years old or younger younger has to be eight. three two great. so that’s what I think is not very much. I have like a crazy mathematical like stuff a circle narrows are drawn by Professor Piglet is younger than eight years old I guess is the moral of the general view to be a star on Reddit, their people and read them to do that sometimes you if some some the story updated. I clocked out to take algorithm is just was right. it was basically get rid of this mother Fokker because it was a kangaroo or because because now it will day-to-day contract because they were scared. yeah, it was racial profile ‘s visual profiling one hundred percent. they didn’t. one, an exotic creature in the hundred acres Woods for why different different. I should note no other reason other than an sissy outreaches are all anthropomorphized sized right that that would break that would be the equivalent of racism right. yes, as is an entirely racist story to have a good moral dancing I think we take me there. it doesn’t really I know Robin coming scholar held off an almost here is what happened. so rather comes up with the plot. the plot is there going to choose to distract anger with poetry with poetry that was booze, IDS, very beautiful. as for you clocked out, listen to the boat rolled out. yeah, yeah, the clock on, my DI was the boat cruise to falcon weird on a Monday reality. whatever was it like emotional now. now it was it was just about the woods. there’s like Hickory victory knocked him flat, use your imagination. if it wasn’t, it’s not worth even wasting time talking rabbit is going to snatch row out of the pocket and at the same time to do the switch switcheroo and which will row. maybe that’s work on something I doubt it and neglected my thoughts and Piglet will jump in to the pouch at the same time, and because those insides tangle will notice right at the very right. piglet doesn’t want to do this, they convince piglet that the only way that piglets is basically going to do this is if we all will take credit. he was in for plunking Kanga. we all have to be there. we all have to be asked and culture that they are that I used that towel yet they and basically the whole ideas yet likely just at that before will give you your kid back if you leave plan goes off without a hitch. or so they think Piglet jumps, then, and basically Kanga ops home for the evening paper. you can renotice all yeah oh yeah one hundred percent, so she was just like she was yet he’s rolled as well. yet, how a baby now because she needs revenge. so here’s how she gets revenge she takes a glyph to get some takes piglet out of her pouch, at which point Piglet says all him to say hi right and realizes that nobody else is there. so now Piglet has now expecting it to go this far by Piglet wasn’t this piglet on everyone to me that it would thought that everybody would be there because the plan was they were all then go back to the house, okay Jay all ditched out that reality on a native of MML. here’s what happened. I will rather than Second Life really play a house through rabbit is now playing with real later for my LA friends that no description. note know actually what he says or what the narrator said was that the rabbit has grown quite fond of room gap in the like. the ten minutes that it took for my fight and can go to get back to her crib, though, is busy trying to learn how to hop at the beach at the beach. he went all the way to the beach in the ten minutes attempting to get home and is trying to learn how to hotwire the desktop yet. he’s these jealous of Canada’s ability. or dunk for don’t are you not a good moral because it is utilizing all of this if I this guy rabbit now is fond of this. it was like hey what you do is actually really cool like they slowly come around the map, except their difference, except her differences perhaps. but here’s where it gets most flocked up Piggly gets pulled out of the pouch, a half way would be doing a low row. it’s time for your bath island. I’m not real although silly through steps are around. I got you a cold bath gone just like you like it the coldest of backs ever piglet was the victim. they convinced Piglet that he had to do it with tingling against this gives Piglet was big with a linear for the beginning of a huge and he wasn’t like, hey, that so bad he was just legally painted one ability, but why was he again to you scared yet that he thought he was not back up in embryos like our back you up. so they bail on big when it grew dark, and got it like you use your cold bath. here’s the roughest washcloth I can find. just like you like it, all the while Piglet is saying I don’t want this gap. I’m not. I’m not your kid stop this. this is crazy. oh, literal quote look at me. Doctor who fans, not his name, and so likes him he told you about this, and then you’re telling me to sound cool, that’s all cardiac colleges. neden workaholics podcast best unknown podcast recommended recording Justin Strawser daily item daily news news item thejealousone xmen x-men stan lee the jealous1 Pennsylvania northumberland sunbury lawsuit newspaper sex porn dick art artist writer comedy mnmomn mike’s no mic open mic night poetry funny hilarious philosophy smart sharp witty wry aware politics how to fix self help ranch make made making progress free signup free shipping vinyl record free good paying job nude blonde fucks money dollars million secret to secret of pay rent avoid charges racist run episode one first episode spoilers classy rude write intelligent diy hip hipster Shamokin pa the jealous one youtube thejealousone youtube Justtubed awol walmart shopping rabbit hole Insane Clown Posse ICP faygo hip hop duo from Detroit, Michigan chicken hunting Big Money Hustlas and Big Money Rustlas Dark Carnival Carnival of Carnage and Ringmaster strangle mania stranglemania jason mewes kevin smith jason mews Riddle Box The Great Milenko Nationwide tour Eminem feud the House of Horrors Tour Legal troubles Mainstream success 1998–2000 The Amazing Jeckel Brothers Big Money Hustlas Woodstock 1999 Amazing Jeckel Brothers Tour troubles Bizaar and Bizzar Independent releases (2001–present) The Wraith: Shangri-La Hell’s Pit and post “Joker’s Cards” era Big Money Rustlas and Bang! 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Jackson Velociraptor paleontologist claw feathers t-rex tyrannosaurus rex discovery bone dinosaur legit sitcom lies art artist broke money free halloween dracula good nature battle spirit martian conspiracy theory fingers work coffee genres apart indie hip punk rock comicon comic books film director famous way beat the odds survive liberal fight club Tyler durden marla singer just find us Serving Ice racism racist homophobia transphobia transsexual jack Kerouac William s Burroughs Allen Ginsberg autobiography thinking thoughts bipolar curious Dylan sommers Dylan saje Dylan sage William russum bill russum William sokal bill sokal The Bouncing Souls The Gaslight Anthem Crime in Stereo Against Me! Dalek I don’t even look like your kid. I’ll look at you. you’re making faces you know if you’re if you keep making faces like piglets, you’re going to grow up to look just like piglet always gets better because after the bath, it’s time for your medicine of a lever of the Rob at all. yeah, the raw power of yes tell Rob know. she said the medicine first, and then she was. I know you’re out rough towel Rob to dry off as your rupee is the rub and then Christopher Robin knocks on the door has liked what and Jenkins like coaches giving rule bath and piglets like Christopher Robin Keller on now, Christopher Robin had no part in any of this design are just one hundred percent shows up as a dumbness muffler periods. they look like now. now is Robin Teller does telecommute those piglet is Robin does. you don’t look like Piglet because negligence, medical baths, who is a different color. all also Piglet tries to tell Christopher Robin, what just happened yet, and came to shut them up again like I don’t even know what about it. I was right, and then so can go gives in the medicine work on medicine, not description now they are again some sort of medicine. probably something to make him forget you think this is a globalist plot out on out of that set of the seven taking medicine is more acceptable for them from a young age of prep, possibly but so Christopher Robin is all that’s not vaguely maybe it’s whose uncle, uncle and piglet is like the full is wrong with you people. they give the new name they give them a new name which was Walter frugal as well, yeah some strange action. yeah. Mister Robin, completely oblivious so was the dummy is around Christopher Robin. so basically, somehow a pretty much jumped from that scene see everything is okay too. everything ‘s okay because every else was a gorgeous year since they could your goal. could you can jump and I like your kid yet, but it would start and end of paragraph for Piglet Seattle all the emotional scars that they glad doing their tower really worked out fine order. Dick Bigelow, like flashbacks of the plane with Google and you like yeah and now his best friend is like jumping around reminding him of the tragic day, every plenty of the call back yet. if you have flashbacks. it’s weird what happens when we get sick and I think medicine that he take it. probably not. probably like that bitch drugs and take your medicine death you were defending that use talk just Dylan, I thought since he went along with it, but do you think you got is a decided yet. I exactly is younger than eighteen. it is now the think of the globalist plot. I know I told you. do you think will hold family at dealing we should wrap out episode up there and then go for smoking them( good businessmen. Justin ‘s guilty pleasure episode. I guess all featuring Bill Gaia heartily at a refined in the popular, outcast .com the radio unless are they took over my enemy, death, regularly talk about my pleasures and honesty buyers definitely got wrapped up in the Avenue that wrapped up in the Miley Cyrus. we jumbled everything I say let’s retrace that I have that were to sum it up. thanks, David Lee bounced over the Miley site. we guilty pleasures under that librarians is yet I believe Miley Cyrus Tommy, it’s a Disney from because you are talking about how Miley Cyrus one oh Grace to you about what happened to feel black and then from the race up and we got on. do you look at jungle book and of the jungle book, we got on which we gone up the jungle book wasn’t racist I wasn’t right because it’s a white guy out who is it and he voiced singer, who voiced St. Louis and he was playing himself basically goes the guy was Louis the King of swing. what are now in turn of events right. Disney is not racist, but Miley Cyrus says once, but Miley Cyrus is sense. I will recently and so ‘s Elvis Elvis McKesson after a second pelvis is a hero to most, but even means your domain and then from and from the jungle book. any think of screwed up children’s things there and I started writing down a fair number of them. yes, it will room nothing out there is the right word, but I made in China. a flowchart or something that you diagram, not the absolute idea, yes, so built check. I’m popular, outcast, and he also has to do these yellow limited amounts later going on. I I usually don’t have that athlete too much, but you can follow me at your bonds broke yeah I I do fine. I think it’s the same as twitter the handles on there on William Rossum on Twitter or at weight, William Russell monde vine or at the _ movie star movie stars. one word: gay, and finally there and asked for just and I find us find us our services been serving ice. stay cool. my natives


26 Nov 2013

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Episode 4: Dugongs (Close Enough)

Rubber-band your stockings to your tin cans and fire up that Keratin meter, because when those are the best quotes we can pull from the episode- you know we have no idea what we’re talking about! Episode 4 with special guests, Cody Kratzer and Bill Russum Topics include: –Justin’s belief in meremaids –Evolution -vs- creationism –Dinosaurs -vs- dragons –Unicorns -vs- horses –The creationist museum –Dylan’s foolproof get rich scheme involving time-travel and unicorn evolution Follow these fun links for some context: Click here to learn more about the dreaded mantis shrimp. Click here to learn more about Dugongs. Click here to learn more about the dragons exhibit at the Creation Museum. Follow these links to find us: Want to talk about Chocobos with Cody? Click here to find him on twitter. Want to say witty things to us in 140 characters? Click here to just find us on twitter. Want to talk about the episode? Click here to just find us on facebook. Want to see how pretty life can look with the help of unrealistic filters? Click here to just find us on instagram. Do you even apple, bro? Click here to just find our itunes page. You can subscribe to our podcast and even rate us and write a fun little review. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts at www.popularoutcasts.net. at what I had known to everybody. this is an episode of serving ice. I’m Justin Strother and Dylan Summers, and we have our good friend Cody here again and we also have we agree upon father and Godfather of Central Pennsylvania East Coast Godfather East Coast fun father OG gangsta Mack loves the Ohio belt makes me had a desire pod father, but don’t call me to get back and you can leave it in but don’t call me back when I was your phase out this is exactly dirty plot father is interested in you will okay, they’ve only got thirty and justify war at Cody ‘s house last night and I thought of a couple really brilliant things. the first, first of all is how will involve unicorns and now that I have a ready folks believe that for the endless talk about as the plug-in toss of his levels and throw some threads and see since any bill or each layer with evolution of heard of it. I guess I I haven’t looked into it. recently I’ve added basic gist of it right and I think I might have a couple things a little messed up, but I think I had a great idea last night and also because justice. I believe in mermaids, which is kind of fun and weird juntas we are, tell us about the mermaids and and it wasn’t immediately just let me interrupt upon it. of course it was not because he watched the documentary on the Discovery Channel money that the part of is a really late for this conversation already. that’s crazy. that’s part of it. after the documentary aired justice. it’s a fake document. okay, you understand that your article must be willing to see on on the family yesterday and they were like the mermaids exist. holy cow him is one way people thought mermaids exist and then Justin text me life a man. I think mermaids exist or something about mermaids, am I right remains really so can you click it is some background on your underfunded police. I think that the possibility of mermaids is not far-fetched. if you have a ancestor of us humans are who for some reason or another needed to was around water is not far-fetched to me to think that if they needed to swim that they would be able to develop things or develop some kind of swimming mechanism by nonmotor promoter. that’s how we have whales and dolphins labels are mammals that left the ground and let the earth to swim for some reason or another. okay battle is far-fetched to think that there is a possibility that mermaids could be a thing can I stop you one so far. I’m picturing in my head mermaid. okay, we all met we all get probably are thinking the same thing is that what you think these creatures would look like now so you’re thinking more of like a not so much a half fish wrappers and write less Arielle and more age sapient mermaid. this was a guess what you call me whatever you look at another I said however, I don’t think there’s fossil evidence to show that happened. I also don’t see any evidence against the ceiling. that’s right right right. I also don’t see any evidence that would suggest that they are alive now write the settings are not that you’re not saying they exist or existed, but it’s not a very far stretch of the imagination to say that they could have right right. I agree with that. I really enjoy crypto zoology genitive. I think it’s amazing cyanide. I love the Stargate. I watch fifty videos of this country. it doesn’t exist. it’s clearly a guiding Gillie suit. we saw jukebox for any dealings you have a major downtown known about the I think it was like fifteen years ago or murmur, watching the Discovery Channel. they did a similar thing him. Ragan ‘s. it was like around Jurassic Park and they had used the technology to basically make a fake documentary proving that dragons exist, it, and I remember the same thing happening with people being like holy ship to see the dragons are killed and clearly we know dragons or do we limit. I read a book that explained away every reason why we can’t find weekend on remains, how like you know why would they be in every culture as they write you know if they didn’t existed like one of the big things evasively, how can they fly, and because it were so big and had small wings woes because they were filled with helium and that’s how they create the fire and whatever they yet. and like also the fact that they were like bird bones. basically, they were hollow bones, so, like there are they made were very brittle and said he couldn’t leave fossils and like sometimes we if we found fossils would mistake them for dinosaur bones and stuff like that so the only difference between the dragons in the mermaids is that mermaids make way more sense than dragons. I agree with predators get smaller as time goes on. how many T Rex ‘s other right working right sized animals. animals just get smaller over time and now they’re not around. they went to chicken size. if there’s anything in my world that would disprove evolution to be that what the dinosaurs and chickens. nope, the survival of fittest. not my watch, wait while the Tyrannosaurus, which they’ve in recent years proven with his editor has feathers and what the scavenger not a predator. I was just giant nano I know it doesn’t suck, we find out like one of your favorite things in the world him him not as cool down and having sloths are major is what evolution is a lot of wafer slots filled up one slot sometimes confuse their own arms from tree branches and then fall to their death. survival of fittest mass. imagine what they evolve from her. we’ve been able to discover the amount just in our own time. like you can make the fossil record shows, for example, almost all of the evolution of the Tyrannosaurus rex to the chicken name a lot though the foghorn. in fact, all of what one might want to there actually felt like once I think that the real chicken found that out earlier today on the grounds, not foghorn like, or it’s just like Lawrence clearly their giant chickens should publicize, I don’t know how big that is to me talk about holding the creature into a joke about that would be awesome. what is a joke about a joke about was basically a but she can keep that is the size of an ostrich. she’s the people run and people ride them. please is a true thing shot children will desire our fictional character from the new game series Final Fantasy I was. I thought they were arrogant. I thought they were a fictional character that basically a giant ostrich sized yellow bird, the people ride until the post CC what it is that is CH oh CE OBE oh two Cobo revenues. there is, I want one of those cell battery. the call list it as it is no less terrifying ostrich tell me they exist, there exists a awesome that’s all I needed to get you just get him getting on the baby chickens. a man is morally wrong, but what are the outcomes that sandwich was asking the government in incredibly today’s culture of victim blaming, make it happen. this is absolutely one of the chicken to provoke the ostrich head Melissa sickened when I was edging across the road to get talk when you set that up. I was inches away from saying it, but that was awesome. I was awesome and I think that, yes, the dragons seem very implausible. I think that firebreathing things that just sounds nuts. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to think that unicorns existed even then it’s a mammal with a horn, which we know exist rental horns down levels of arms after the discovery of the mantis shrimp. I don’t question anything ‘s ability to exist together but mantis reality is that on a social media thing like Amini. and I and then I googled it to say I was like, there’s no way this thing really operates like this. I was like a modernist inherently operates like that yeah, yeah, this crazy shrimp who is lives in the bottom of the ocean. I guess the bottom of the ocean, but in the deep Journal of the notice of the ocean on sale has these arms in front of it. what is in the armpits of the PMR. it’s only a question of New Jersey. sorry Bobby’s arms in front of them that they can wave so quickly that they like kill their prey with the speed and the heat that it generates from how quickly it would* not a snap. there got after been solid, but they snap pincer so ghastly that increase the heat around me and for saltwater EAS as of the shockwaves of gas lights, get crazy dance crazy insane differently different set of cones in their eyes, which allow you see certain colors. this answer like we have so many butterflies have like twice as many as we do as they see all the colors and stuff. we can see them in the mantis shrimp has like ten times more cones than the butterfly and it was amiss in the deepest darkest of the ocean. yeah, so there’s no color really database… forget rainbow colored white, yet so maybe it’s got colors on itself, it only extends the gaps same that blows my mind thinking about that really disturbs me. I feel very unsettled right now what, what are the animals and mermaids, manatees, or use of the dugongs in the dugong was a creature. it looks more like a sealer walrus is a creature that sailor supposedly would like because they had like a similar like the way their body felt through whatever was close enough to simply retrieve the funding sailor place in radiology of your bigger bang in the chubby seal. your loan in order that Seo must have a hell of personality. going back to the dragons were quick to creationism Museum is ushering in a new Dragon wing are actually going to have a cause they believe that dragons exist one or existed. why are his creation Museum of Indian visiting the notes of Tennessee since I was getting us the South. I know it’s the south that are the creationists behind the creation is Museum light on the leveling the question itself Christian like I was about the Christian thing about it is eyeing like in the creationism movement on it in the six thousand years old earth and the guys are being really literal digressive, yet dinosaurs and because does God made everything the same. you know, like men, and Noah brought to everything on the boat, except dinosaurs right now yeah, right. everything else, but because in that area down off the record right. it is needed, but before before that, like curtains in the Bible it says that God created man, and then also later. later that day the next day created all the beasts– and because of the fact that we know dinosaurs existed then because the fossils we know that they would’ve had to walk the earth at the same time that the creationism Museum. they have a triceratops met with a saddle seat looking right yeah yeah yeah on, but but that got resonated both domesticated and good, but the difference between us, who all think that’s awesome and they would think it’s real addicted line like they really think like that they have on all kinds of set up somewhere like there is children playing in water, and there is a baby T Rex behind them like this might be. they were not the brontosaurus is diving evolution loses points for for changing dinosaurs into birds and I think creationism loses points for not making ferocious dinosaurs, ferocious tackling any type, Kentucky, Hawaii. there were yellow, Mary and Joseph Wright in the Bethlehem or family and it was an option, the judge is good before the choices that they got to the food to boot the dealer of transportation they had an elegant enough of a camel men they had enough reader close the swallow with, or they had enough the retina stressor stops one of the daughter is not budget on the price that if you guys online. I can. I can either not read this to you or I can but it’s up to you. it’s I would love to hear okay it’s it’s from the website for the creation Museum Dragon invasion, a dazzling new exhibit that will soon descend upon the creation Museum Dragon legends will bring visitors face-to-face Dragon legends, that’s the name of the exhibit will bring visitors face-to-face him sick tales of dragons from all over the world regale yourself with delightful artwork and other adornments as you stroll beneath extruder, Chinese dragons Museum portico will visit if you regale yourself in Kentucky publicly have to do some kind of glad that you have the choice of either being chemically castrated. I was more afflicted there enough learn about fabulous encounters as it as though this is fact with these incredible beats from China to Africa, Europe to the Americas and Australia, to the Middle East discover what ancient historians have written about these creatures and examine armaments that may have been used by valiant Dragon slayers. why are there so many Dragon legends from cultures around the globe. why do descriptions of these magnificent animals often sounds similar to what we call dinosaurs. how could our ancestors car paint or write about these features if they had truly been extinct for millions of years. evolutionists struggled to explain the intriguing evidence that people lived at the same time as dinosaurs God ‘s Word indicates that dinosaurs and man were created on the same day, so biblical creationists are not surprised to uncover clues that ancient man had indeed seen these peace were dinosaurs dragons find out at the creation Museum ‘s new Dragon legends exhibit and prepare to believe they’re going from like mythical creature to real late when they should be going the opposite like right are stories of dragons come from the dinosaur bones. write us presumably. I assume right and you know just from the fact that we as people we want to tell stories about things conquering everything giant things and so it would make sense to make the creature that I thought the size of the Chrysler building, or whatever you remain deaf him to slay a dragon. the rescue a princess. I’m curious what evidence they bring to table like I would look at that exhibit just to see what they actually found the one thing now is afterwards despite diamine, Christian death, but it seems like I’m always battling other crazy peoples battles right because people think, oh, you’re a Christian urine insane guy with the rest of these people rise and an IRB like that. I will know my dragons of dad when I go bad, and now asked God if there were dragons whatever the Lord about it. I’m a senior evidence on the single if these guys were believe they were dragons out of the Goodson issue, so writing the book. there was a pastor about in the Rob Bell. he was interviewed on the native weird would-be homes and he said to be defective, you know, like, especially eighties and be like, you know, I don’t believe in a in a guy with a long beard sitting on the cloud. judging people and these is like, yeah, that’s not that I believe in either, yet will I don’t believe any know the God who would kill innocent people and allows hunger and blubber in and these again, I don’t believe that God either, like what I like what let’s talk about the God I believe in an interview, not me. like I don’t think it really did a government integration ‘s Museum of Lakers got the one guy who works at viciously these people mocking the way it is, or any signs and scientific evidence at the creationist museum that site actually would make some ago. I still believe in dragons best interest. I would love it if they busted out the documentary Dragon heart is. I went to a Christian school may cause racialism, there was a lot of evolutionist don’t know what they’re talking about, they can’t explain this survey can’t explain that when I got to college and actually took classes about evolution. it was so weird for them to be like yet creationists say this about this, but him. I say this because we do know, like, yeah, there was so many blatant lies told in the books that I would read it was really mind blowing to me to go to college and can see that they actually wanted to know what they’re talking about. that’s a shame. why does do it honestly. but if you want to battle like evolution, with room belief system like who you helping by lying around what they know, like I Weiss, it is thing. I was listening to for a while. the Radeon happened lately is basically this guy with a really cool accent gets on for like three minutes and shares like something interesting that scientists discovered and then she shot cut it tells you how it ties into light the Bible by heart out how the scientific thing makes sense to back up God ‘s word, and like a lot of topics. some of the time that list would be like that. that’s really cool, but I get makes me wonder. like sometimes when the guy would say like this. does this for this reason, but evolution says like this is possible whatever I like Mexico does evolution really say that a riot. I get the image wanted to the first like my mind mutely goes like that’s interesting like there’s something that this proves that playing in a soft, perfect, but maybe that guy on the radio ‘s photograph down Welker, Cameron and his master Adam know what it’s like his. his homeboy ‘s name is. but did you see the thing about the bananas. now they were try to prove that Apple bank that evolution doesn’t exist because of deficits in our hand. yet yeah, that’s weird. make that especially conglomerate that even I don’t especially hear years. the best thing the bananas that we know were genetically modified to be the items that we know they were not created by people who do fit in your hand and have appeal and like have various seeds are wild bananas are basically on edible by people I had to exist. it doesn’t sit well of me that like a pastor or the Sunday school teacher or something would try to explain science right now at today I look at sciences, no likely religion early the Bible and Mike passes the this is how working to teach you how late I what would the Bible means an account how to live them. and like you know how how’d you know, interpret for you how to how to serve and be a good person and like follow Jesus ‘s teachings and ultimately in my science to me is like how God like me. everything works right and whether or not no fraud. I know guide made evolution, as I would be against got to say evolution exists. why would that be something that I think a lot of people paying science versus the Creek Christian. I don’t subscribe to the idea that God is out to trick us the secretary that would be silly. he sets up and a it’s obvious that there are walls all the thermodynamics and there are, there’s gravity and there’s this scientific theory in the scientific theory that obvious right. I don’t think God is going to sit back and be like, well, all these other things are true. this is how I set up, but I decide my fingers over here and that’s how everything else worked right now they doesn’t change anything in my life. I look at it as light, you know, they come out on the go got this new theory gravity interest is forcibly keeping everybody down, but I would look at ambulatory crap. God doesn’t exist yet. third, it’s no he just made things that he just snapped his fingers and do not be like oh job guide to chemical gravity that was part of what science radio show sizes is unveiling how God don’t message in mime in my mind. that’s how that’s how that works for me as a Christian, let’s get back to the roof of evolution. this is what visible he wanted to talk about him. I’m sorry we got such intended@ Menzies ideas is an organic give it living. this is the evolution of our time. Dick started pages of science. I’m yeah. indeed, we disprove evolution, second in the second of these a good idea to get him you take fifty families right right just because fifty sounds good to me right yet from around the lake. okay you lately got fifty families yelling at fence or son, you don’t want advanced, why not your leave and then scientists are in charge of life observe it, and I am gone on only fifty families because how long deftly don’t bank people you related to terrible idea, and I what’s what. how right how long can you go before that before there is no genetic trial in Munich. even how foreign silicates and I like how far until you knock me if I felt from the Abbey Saint Jansson coming generations using the safest city families had wanted kids, and then you yeah yeah everybody had two kids, that would be a hundred children, so fifty couples and then they’ll had two kids that would then create a hundred couples and then it would continually be receiving lake that has been nicely got fifty around the lake, Lake Erie, bananas banana Lake Erie is a leading theory, experiment, though every I is a family thing and yet Justin said the evolution takes main dealership, but maybe we can just I don’t say that that’s the fight that’s okay will Justin synthesize instead of burnout. so I’m thinking we’ll need the likes see a funk and fish person. we just need to see little bit look something like whom evolution proven and I I think Blackfeet excitement for the title of zeal at what you do is stare at a lake and then every life generation you move their houses or hots were tense or like with one’s lifestyle. he sang I I think in like twenty five years while the bubble can you now down to the vitamin C in like maybe it’s finally fifty years and maybe it will say a hundred years just to be safe is than I can this will be fun to write, but like you move their bubble or their kelp, hot, or whatever closer and closer to the seafood is in the air in the lake facilities in Lake right and then every June and see a slight sea level on the web. it appears maybe FDR will try all we know what the webbing is just because the incest note view view view, make sure there’s no incest, California, fifty pennies. yes, Bill understand they were put out a lot of activists gather all of the Panama O’Leary family I have to make your vendors know February Eric might expect from a director yet. yeah, I think that’s I guess lately. it’s horrible to give you. they are basically do what B you will be allowed to believe that whenever they could never leave, they can leave. I’ve wonder how long it would take for people to start. I would say thousand thousand using a lab given night. it was when you create a situation no for them to need to be in the water will that their hearts are going out and talking water like one way or another. I like you I want you also need a greater situation where all people with the better abilities. the swimwear, the one that lived yet when their houses are in the water, yet they would have to swim underwater in order to get out is that you don’t you put them in the middle of the lake on a platform that the dome, you know, he slowly has a good platform for them to get out to get to the shore to get to their food area where they have the forms and stuff they go under the water and swim but that but you move the door like you. you filled with knockout gas once every ten year as an move the door of life foot density happens when a foot further in order to get, you know, and their lung capacity would be the first thing probably to get better soup with exercise of the generation with the best lung capacity would pass the lung capacity genes on to the second generation so that the second generation would have the best lung capacity. this sounds like the him why you see them last night that if you have appointment gas cloud that suddenly appears around the earth is six feet off the ground. everybody was six feet or taller, would die and then over generations. anybody who short short. you just keep getting passed along in the Navy and a hundred thousand years. everybody was three feet, four feet tall got out to left. that would also left in it. that’s the family ‘s last night without murdering people right are crawling on it. I mean them. I would require you know us not doing anything to help out with all people screw you guys were down here below, but maybe if they started crawling. they would just develop better and I feel maybe, maybe the choirs would crippling. he’s been signed, we might have asked two different yet we would have two different people. we would howbeit the ground crawlers with her arms got longer and the short walk insider like and yet it would get like spindly and they would have more like an arch, there would circuit formed like they walk on their toes and on their fingers. so their hands would be more callous and the need to basically end up turning in the wolves are nodding like you think I’m using comedy to explain, but we all know exactly what would happen equal to explain wolves, they would the left column werewolves, NFL walls came in existence with. there is a cloud of God. so you’re saying with a situation where people need to have good lung capacity and action skin between their fingers, he said. make the. I feel like yesterday. he’s a genius. generally, you are one of brothers. I’ll just do this to have the best Olympic swimmers well, and just let them out once a year. once a read for you. well everything be the best Olympic swimmers or the best weightlifters work like the best athletes in the world come from a genetic line like I think that our culture, our society, our human race is destroying evolution because we keep ours as I pulled continuing to a mall in the next front label ER just the newly armed man RFID Pratt per we are perpetuating survival to Venice. therefore, our species might not continue were continuing to rely on technology for survival and that of our own bodies is that it’s Hades that is a type of data that is because I mean, people are getting my I read this evening. the nouns are the eye. maybe that’s why they got out. maybe, like acoustical on. I have a perhaps as I read this weird thing about items are now. I resist administrative tramadol, Obama, Rex Williams having a tragic time in a sore leg, right, my rinse throw with Obama throw right actions. I read the source rule robot Obama Reynolds via tyrant Obama racks or something and then say about death panels, breath, and then have him killed the sick. that’s rising, and then when users. audio is like oh, thank God he say because I will have the status symbols as I am. I read some weird like a remember when my son was diagnosed with autism. the statistics were one in like a thousand kids. now it’s double like one and seventy five have altogether have autism, and I was reading this weird article that said, perhaps it’s his part of evolution because one well it does accept you are because people don’t communicate the way that we use two hundred years ago we used to go to peoples houses and sit down and talk, but now we’re in a situation where we all stared or phones. we never make eye contact leg. it is almost to the point where it is improper to make eye contact or if you make eye contact with summary on the street, then you’re challenging them so people like keep their heads down when their walking places and you don’t really communicate with your strangers or anything like that anymore. and like all like you. you think you know you keep everything to yourself and you like people or have obsessive-compulsive disorders, becoming like a trendy thing almost to the point where Lake people are self diagnosing with excessive compulsive then and and ADD and things like that owes you cannot manically clean my house on the OCD OCD is like the dude at this that is embedded into life release. he under you. when you know when enough is enough. you don’t have the disease. like I my little brother on. they diagnosed him with the excessive compulsive when he was a kid he would wash his hands until the skin would crack and bleed and many would wash his hands again write it. that’s excessive. yeah, exactly. but there is little things that like I have as far as latex and stuff like where, why Koch like with my fingertips or something like that. one such like certain things happen touch it with my other fingertips and what little things like that. and like it used to be way worse where I would like lock and unlock the doors and stuff like that and check my alarm seven times to make sure it was sad. men like you normally down and start fall asleep when I checked that more times like like stuff like that. and I think that is like genuine OCV, but it’s more like a tick on a thing like Dylan was about to say, but they held OCD is there is this self-diagnosis, but the reason there’s a self-diagnosis is because it’s becoming more more common and doctors are diagnosing people with obsessive-compulsive disorder. more and so they can. there’s a whole lot of the Temple should get some of the autism thing is altered as well. letters also people who like how I want my kid to be in the special class like where he gets treated better. Emily doesn’t have to do ship so you know, rich people are actually paying to have their children when your Yahoo! mandates it’s flocking crazy, but regardless, if you look at like the way we act as humans now versus a hundred years ago, and you continue down that progression like what would happen if we continue down that that would be basically where like a high functioning autistic person would be on the evolutionary scale. what is the evolutionary advantage than other of that advantage so much as that’s where it’s going. anyway, I’ll get a good example of my kid when he wasn’t. he was basically nonverbal for and listen to like six seven, maybe even like he had like a bit like like seven word vocabulary. I might be exaggerating a little bit, but I think of my brain doesn’t sure tell time very well, but like he he was teaching himself sign language fraught like alphabet in from signs that he read in the classroom so he was able to spell things with sign language, we advise me of myself and his mom thought we might have to eventually like OSHA to get a jump on the sign language that because he’s learning to spell things and we don’t know what he’s saying is through inducing got it night like to the point where he’s now to the point where, like this might be a little bit of me being like all on his data and I know we saying alike. there is like old like the way he communicates and like he’ll say things that like I know what he means is he saying certain things like reason, really, really mad. he is like I fit the like. I think the baseball out and broke the window and slake that means he’s mad like he’s necessary. I have yet likely so mad that like you grew up baseball through a window. you know, it’s weird because he learns differently, but like cinnamon front of a computer dude given three minutes, so find anything I want to autism conference. everything was over my head as it was an actual conference for doctors in four people who work with them right. one of the children was able to if you gave them a date, they would be able to tell you what day the ELR gave you. September twelfth nineteen eighty nine right would know instantly right in this kitten was able to do that was able to do that thirty thousand years him for once. yeah, citing a faster and presented accurately and adequately hit a really, really high percentage of percent easy, you have an accuracy nineties in the present Iraqi or significant my class in high school, awesome, yet exact same way we would. we would go to only be like hey when my birthday. he knew everybody’s birthday right because they told him one time when I’m five years. we just ask a downtrodden. he always knew any might consider that I don’t know what what is severe and what is not titled how the ranking system works. he could talk to us. just like that. my job. yeah, but what if you can’t struggle with math both really good with calendars and reading in and stuff so like I don’t really know what his case was, but he maybe is a mine if the calendar one one equity took a lot of pride in it, like you just tell you enjoy doing the birthday game with everybody, so I don’t really feel like it was a sleeping interface is that they children with autism are people with autism. they recognize objects a lot better than the recognize faces, and memory from the conference correctly. yeah, in fact, a lot of times what like they react well to a lot of times children with autism will not look in a person ‘s face or people about his mama( because it’s painful when you look at something your brain if you like movement is just a series of pictures. the difference with autism is is that this short-term memory stores all those layers. so it’s very overwhelming. it also happens with sound like for example my kid will hear a baby crying from a mile away. well, yes, even but not literally a highway, but like if he hears a baby crying like it is going to be around babies cry word where shopping FY year something like that notice be like no lots, it’s time to go and it’s like that scare you off to find that really adorable and will just have a day. that’s another thing he says when he’s having a good day and I love that because of the skin. yeah, it’s like the cutest power analysis, a heart of like anyway the point is the technology the way that their brains work. it’s very easy like children are very quick with Yahoo! technology to begin with, but they hold onto it, matter, and since we are a society that is glued where phones glued them. computers will be Internet looking up everything on Wikipedia to make sure that we were wrong. their memorizing Wikipedia, so they known about the past, my kids like him. five. Monique movies Johnny Depp was in that also was directed by you. this guy or whatever, and who, like right. all kill just go on and on until you like everything like an link it all together and then get back to who was also in this with you. yes I do. it’s great questions. why would that be the next flight I will think about evolution and survival of the fittest. yeah, not in this day and age the fittest means how smart are you because the smartest get a better job survival of the smartest and it is social evolution. evolution ‘s peers form is whatever is surviving members, is what the chapter generation becomes so in the past when technology wasn’t so crazy right. it was, you know that the person I wasn’t getting eaten or killed by his brother whenever she whatever he was doing was what the next team with the right ones, and proceeded better and better. but now that we’ve got like smartphones is that when you know whatever we’re doing that’s being passed on their best. there was a major wool ball all thumbs and won’t be a bad thing to be all thumbs yes, the first month and all about okay I really want to go on record as stating. I don’t think autism is the next step in evolution. okay, I also I can see where it makes sense, but I don’t think that it like I don’t think people are evolving that Ray and I think that the numbers, Ursula R and currently skewed because of the fact that there are people were diagnosing doctors are like will like in twenty years you like Asperger’s. that was something that, like recently was discovered management around for ever regular what triggers an autism in his OCD and now we’re just almost starting to understand when I got my kids had HDD or ADD in worship for HD twenty four HD high definition assault that would be a really good way to describe the idea enough in the Lord, we discover that disorder by different. it’s just a case of looking really, really good to happen all back. you want to grow unicorn, not only want to grow, but I figured out I can’t wait to hear this evolution and science. that’s it down. VI. the method of growing unicorn I get this big Lake and were back to the lake. however, it was the same legacy of it. inside all one project day I saw one that people have that ponies because he ate a late yet. get on the horse is your havoc on Browning ‘s difference for us. go figure. yet you got that you have a budget of fifty families of ponies that I really don’t know how family units run with companies or horses were rooms, there was reports of these are some forces write science you have chance I get the dysfunction can easily can opener the applicant. this is synthetic and benefited him him veto has what is a non- aluminum television day at a university in cans and in the tin cans put like somehow yummy horseshoe right. the scientific yummy if you will read and then you put a stocking over it in your rubber bands. the stocking around the can really stronger about really# industrial sized just as I and you hang it from a tree right and you put it just out of reach of the horse. there said they have to break the stocking to get the food where they’re going to die up there. I think their integral I will write him genius and I agree I would like some signs of what I haven’t chosen which one I like. yet the only attack on his theory that I have is that giraffes experienced a somewhat the issue, and they just grew. Doctor who fans, not his name, and so likes him he told you about this, and then you’re telling me to sound cool, that’s all cardiac colleges. podcast best unknown podcast recommended recording Justin Strawser daily item daily news news item thejealousone xmen x-men stan lee the jealous1 Pennsylvania northumberland sunbury lawsuit newspaper sex porn dick art artist writer comedy mnmomn mike’s no mic open mic night poetry funny hilarious philosophy smart sharp witty wry aware politics how to fix self help ranch make made making progress free signup free shipping vinyl record free good paying job nude blonde fucks money dollars million secret to secret of pay rent avoid charges racist run episode one first episode spoilers classy rude write intelligent diy hip hipster Shamokin pa the jealous one youtube thejealousone youtube Justtubed videos fun popular unexpected surprise music experience cute cats kitty adorable kitten fail jump keep your house bank scam false rumor troubleshoot solution virus solve solution pain sick epic Mike Bennett vine superstar rumor horror film American lost gun control new Star Wars sequels United States Suspense Serial drama Doctor Who David Tenant Directed by Steven Spielberg. Velociraptor paleontologist claw feathers t-rex tyrannosaurus rex discovery bone dinosaur legit sitcom lies art artist broke money free halloween dracula good nature battle spirit martian conspiracy theory fingers work coffee genres apart indie hip punk rock comicon comic books film director famous way beat the odds survive liberal fight club Tyler durden marla singer just find us Serving Ice racism racist homophobia transphobia transsexual jack Kerouac William s Burroughs Allen Ginsberg autobiography thinking thoughts bipolar curious Dylan sommers Dylan saje Dylan sage William russum bill Final Fantasy Chocobo Final Fantasy VII Mystery Dungeon In Secret of Evermore, a Chocobo Egg is a rare item. In Kingdom Hearts Square Enix square cloud auron russum William sokal bill sokal The Bouncing Souls The Gaslight Anthem Crime in Stereo Against Me! Dalek next so we might of the horse. I just get along her neck. yeah, that’s my big concern which is my thought was you just make the cans different strengths of in the happenings while restocking on the money tends talking sound and others must live within the easier to break these unassailable stockings have any of the others are here and ready well in others it can hotly can has sought the interest in sitting out at this weather. and then there’s another a van and the stocking is sued because, like you say how you’re going to have to hit the front and thing really hot like a knockoff into the ground and hope that open the greater immune hoax or something. I will wonder wasn’t aware( as a thing as me being the get up and that their next row and then they teach it harder so they can break to. that’s what the software is maybe liberal arguing outline and pick up his elders. ultimately the worst enemies really are doing worse is that I was there there like the deer family dear Doctor and your horse animals that are related to horses that warns to one think most animals do you like a horse like most horny animals do not have Formula One two thousand and go back in the water. the problem is they does it have a close. of course, relative to the horn. we don’t want him to read genetically into a unicorn right. we want white horse of all the new EAA and we don’t want to mess up you divorce is one of the legislator out for so long that our wallet will have to be accomplished yet about what blonde I’d love the executed was okay to stick control the environment to drive and were forcing people to be at this link. then we can execute worse and absolutely make sure to make the boot of the horses. yes okay preserve business for him as we wrap this up. I guess I can we notify said it will be going on on. I’m talking, so I think that it would take some time very skeptical. I just am just worried that one would not be evolution ‘s answer to the problem in evolution, then how do week. I’m on stopping immediately longer lips place I snooze if you delete in Max ‘s rebirth and you and you will as well. the question would be gambled to get taller than the other later I sent you would need to keep them at headline the and then he would need to make no, I’m seating chart on packages of some kind of work to get it but couldn’t get it am I right or am I wrong when I say this horns are basically I know with a rhinoceros. it’s definitely hair like it’s a negative note, I will know that either, did you know home around the check really doing is the same material gap, carry your fingernails are kind of the same material sugar to the extent it’s like dead skin cells and whatever that my right think Harrison urges they asked myself. I don’t know what is technically in nursing and carrots. the Sheraton is about. that was something that was in care. it’s not American is I don’t, you’re saying is that the K no contest. it starts with a K congregation. on the inner riboflavin riboflavin horns rhinoceros horns, unlike any those of any other horned animal which have a bony core only consistent to carrots and whole leave. she asked how we do it we get courses with a lot of carrots and that’s that. still, science, there is not some I have nine hours genetically engineered were not better you get courses with an unusually high amount of carrots in the carrots and meter are you is totally not prepared to carry enough gas on fiction and nudging the cans him, you shouldn’t kill the ones along and she shouldn’t even enclose the animal cement all of this is fictional writer has a regular one who really and then you and I know it is a great idea and I think it is. if all of our families got together years from now) used in our artisans would be rich as they would, they would grow unicorns that, however, growing unicorns involving immigrants to do the okay you got it. I just saw it happen to you just have the greater idea sake, here’s what we do, please send for your site. no, it can wait all our families get together eight and then the wheel for you know as soon as so lonely bully is exhibited with kids and artistes carry out this unicorn research violates and this is this what we put all my life and how long you think Italy before we move for unicorn happens like five hundred years whatever you know, we have no basis to even estimate as a hundred on the Cisco five hundred somewhat off with a short five hundred years now have unicorns are descendents are to me filthy, filthy falcon Ridge and we passed down the legacy we passed on the story of why they’re going to be filling that they become filthy rich, and then they rent the Time Machine go back in time and make us fill the rich. so it’s like through the generation will only make ourselves incredibly fussy rich by drawing unicorns. that’s a great idea. is this all get rich quick. I guess something Germans under the check and account executives. everybody get on your funds check your bank about accounts see if it worked yet be because it is any day now will be feeling is that genius is like, L’Oreal and immediate. how does all of us talking to each other. I live in. there might be a pile of money and are descendants except for the money. all has unicorns on because he is the author in the money rainbow we will send you anything now because fake money horizon. some began. I have always as different as gold asked the Swiss right there is readable in the instructions that with a few goals. what matters even identify what is going to your draft a big piece of bone nubbin on new courses is now deathly don’t enslave, don’t trap forces kill the longnecked ones and don’t ratchet on the other, but if you graph the nubbin would it for the purpose of poking would it hurt with a birth numbers probably gone for it can be done with little like that when I was right there main with Joe just one afternoon in an overtime to her heirs. that way, the horses of the thickest hair would be able to like breaking open as they are going to the poem actually like the horses with the thickest hair tosses out smelling like a rose, and yet you should wrap it up. yes, let’s all wrap it up. my name is Bill and thank you for listening. I am Justin. thank you for listening. I am special super amazing guest Cody Kratzer, I was Bill. you were a part of all to fill glasses subtle but significant. if I go to obliterate the Tax Court and you can find Bill, where are you a movie star at the _ movie star, but find the online instead of buying a gallon hundred and you can just find us their finest sinus. this is been serving ice. thank you for listening. it was ice the knee. you state


19 Nov 2013

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Episode 27: Fike Club

Justin and Bill fight homophobia, who is Juan?, Justin gets a new job, Dylan pits Ted Nugent and Fred Durst against each other, answering machine high jinks, homework, Fike Club, and more. Follow these links (especially the first few): Below are a bunch of wikis from the people Dylan mentions at 23:01-23:32. Please don’t limit your knowledge of these people and their struggle to the information on Wikipedia, but the following links should serve as a good jumping off point. Click here for Mumia Abu-Jamal’s wiki. Click here for Leonard Peltier’s wiki. Click here for Assata Shakur‘s wiki. Click here to check out Amnesty International. Click here to watch Bill and Dylan’s favorite (non-comedy) news source, The Young Turks, talk about Ted Nugent being a creeper-creep. Click here to JFU on twitter, here to JFU on facebook, and here JFU on iTunes. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts at www.popularoutcasts.net.


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Episode 25: The Ultimate Standoff

****  Hey, friends! Due to cocktail of unexpected events, unpreparedness, and bouts of depression, Serving Ice has fallen a bit behind schedule. We’re pulling ourselves together this week with the release of Episode 25 on Friday, Episode 26 early next week, Episode 27 later in the week, then when we hit Episode 28 on May 6th, we should be back to our regular schedule of weekly Tuesday releases. We really appreciate you sticking with us while we sort ourselves out. Since we’ll be back with another episode in a few days, we thought this would be the perfect time to release this short (but incredibly fun) gem. We’re 25 episodes in now and we’re still shocked, delighted, and honored that anyone takes the time to listen to the three of us think out loud. Thank you, and, in the Immortal words of Dwayne Hicks, “Stay frosty.”  **** What happens when Dylan does not want to talk about wrestling, but Justin desperately, desperately does? What is Bill’s favorite flavor of Bit-coin? One of these questions will be answered, the other is nonsense! Get stubborn with Episode 25 of Serving Ice! Find us: Click here to find our iTunes page. Click here to find our Twitter-thing and here to find our Facebook-thing. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts on www.popularoutcasts.net.


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Episode 23: Double Features

Bill, Justin, and Dylan sit down to talk about double features, conjoined twins, and the drawbacks of dating djinns. Something about a mantis, too. Check out these links: Click here to find our iTunes page. Click here to find our Twitter-thing and here to find our Facebook-thing. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts on www.popularoutcasts.net.


2 Apr 2014

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Episode 22: In Search Of… The White Man March

In episode 22, Dylan talks about a recent adventure where he tried to infiltrate, study, and inevitably mock a group of white supremacists, Justin falls for the KKK’s new PR hook, and Bill reveals a secret about The Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. Check out these great (and not so great) links: Click here to know your enemy (and waste your time). Click here to know your friends. Besides being super-rad, Dylan’s pal Freya plays awesome folk-punk acoustic music. Click here to check out her tunes. Click here to find our iTunes page. Click here to find our Twitter-thing and here to find our Facebook-thing. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts on www.popularoutcasts.net.


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Episode 20: Is Dead

Recorded in September, released in March, fermented to perfection. This top-shelf episode aged for six long months until the time was right to serve it. Two of Dylan’s old friends joined your hosts in the studio to laugh over handfuls of candy corn. Subjects include hitchhiking, Japanese culture, the expiration date of Serving Ice (we’re all melting), and everyone’s favorite bird. Knowing that Dylan edits a lot of the Serving Ice podcasts, his pals don’t miss any opportunity to make it a challenging undertaking. Listen in and laugh at at his past-tense, future-present difficulties! Follow these links for some context! Click here for James and Alex’s hitchhiking twitter. Click here to find our iTunes page. Click here to find our Twitter-thing and here to find our Facebook-thing. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts on www.popularoutcasts.net.

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Episode 19: Those 10% Times

In Episode 19, Justin and Dylan regale Bill with stories of late night fun with strangers. Losing sight of the bigger picture, Dylan gets bent out of shape over pizza, while Justin makes a new friend who may be a ripple in time. Bill talks about going on a casino journey with Dylan. FxTxNxT / Beers’n’breaD! Check out these links, if you feel so inclined: Click here to find our iTunes page. Click here to find our Twitter-thing and here to find our Facebook-thing. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts on www.popularoutcasts.net.

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6 Mar 2014

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Episode 18: Have You Met America Sometimes?

In episode eighteen, the Serving Ice crew work through some of the questions left behind from the previous episode. Together, the three hosts boldly confront corruption, racism, stereotypes, and patriotism, as attempt to dismantle the mechanics behind each. Follow these links for as much context as we’re willing to give you: Click here for that Newsroom clip. Click here to find our iTunes page. Click here to find our Twitter-thing and here to find our Facebook-thing. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts on www.popularoutcasts.net.

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Episode 17: The Bald Eagle – Love It or Eat It

In the 17th episode of Serving Ice, your hosts talk briefly about travel stories until Justin asks the ultimate patriotic question. Listen in as they try to figure out how closely admiration is tied to consumption is tied to ‘postrofree’Merica. The usual moral ambiguities abound, but this time… they’re star spangled. Dylan soaring as a majestic eagle soars. Soar on over to these fun links: Click here to read the article from the San Jose Mercury News. Click here to find our iTunes page. Click here to find our Twitter-thing and here to find our Facebook-thing. We’re on a podcast network created by some of our friends. If you like us, you might like one of our pals’ podcasts on www.popularoutcasts.net.

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Episode 15: #RedHairWeCare

Lindsay joins the guys again to discuss ghost stories and the mistreatment of redheaded people. Should you kick a ginger? Are redheaded men attractive? Do they have souls? Answers to all these questions and more in our 15th episode. (Left to Right) Our friend Bekah, Duck Face Dylan, and Super Special Guest Lindsay Click here for Lindsay’s Instagram-thing and here for her Front Door Decor. Click here for more information about Being Ginger and here for How to Be a Redhead. Click here to see Dylan’s favorite scene from Reservoir Dogs. It’ll make his day. Find us: Twitter Facebook


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Episode 14: Serving Ice and the Jar of Memories

In this episode, the Serving Ice guys are joined by super-special guest, Lindsay.  The four of them chat about eating memories right out of the jar, raising clones, sexism, the reduction of human life, and much more. Follow these links: Click here for the Stop Telling Women To Smile zine we mention. Click here for Lindsay’s Instagram-thing and here for her Front Door Decor. Click here to listen to Justin on episode 35 of the fantastic podcast, Girls on Girls.


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