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Episode 10: We’re on safari to stay!

We swear, we did not intend to time the release of this episode so that it lands on Brian Wilson’s birthday; we recorded this in late May and just…got hung up in post production. But here we are now, as summer is about to begin, as we discuss not one, not two, but eight records’ worth of music: four classic double-album Beach Boys compilations that arguably may have paved the way for the reissue of Sounds of Summer. Ninety-six songs covering the best of a mere eighteen-year period! Recorded May 30, 2022 Show Notes: Endless Summer commercialEndless Summer artworkSpirit of America artworkThe Beach Boys “perform” “Beach Boys Medley” on American BandstandSunshine Dream artwork“Sifting Sands: Ten Years of Harmony,” by Brad Elliott, from the Add Some Music fanzine

1hr 36mins

21 Jun 2022

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Episode 9: Run run wee-ooooooooooo

It’s May 16. Gee, what topic do you THINK this married couple is going to talk about? Well…if you still can’t guess, then…Pet Sounds. Given that an entire encyclopedia could be made about the revolutionary album, Lisa and Sean decided to narrow the scope a bit. They start with a bit of discussion about their experiences with the 1990 CD. Also, they have some experience that not a heck of a lot of people have been through: they actually got to be part of a performance of the album in front of a paying audience, and they talk about the experience. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. This is the BEST trip we’ve ever been on. Recorded April 24, 2022Three guitars, a ukulele, a bike horn, a bike bell, an iPad, and a plush giraffe (not all pictured) are just some of the things you need to put in your car when you’re about to perform Pet Sounds with a group of talented friends.The labels on Sean’s beloved Rickenbacker 12-string to help him find his positioning for “That’s Not Me” and “Sloop John B.” (He still managed to screw it up!)

1hr 9mins

16 May 2022

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Episode 8: Well, oh my, oh gosh, oh gee!

Hi-ho, Tune X Podcast here! This episode is released on the day of the 45th anniversary of the release of The Beach Boys Love You, an album that polarizes Beach Boys fans the world over. To mark the occasion, Lisa and Sean discuss the album with a special guest — in a way we promise you you’ve never heard. So, it’s time to play the music, light the lights, put on makeup, dress up right, and get things started! Recorded March 26, 2022 Show Notes “Airplane” as covered by Jack MadaniWhat Do the Planets Meme on InstagramThe Beach Boys Love You in 8-bit musicEndless Summer Quarterly – Spring 2007, Issue #76, The Beach Boys Love YouCarol Channing outside the Shubert Theatre in Times Square – July 26, 2010Carey Anne Farrell on FacebookCarey on TwitterCarey on InstagramCarey on YouTubeCarey on BandcampDanger Noodle (Carey’s band) on BandcampForward March by Carey Anne Farrell


11 Apr 2022

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Episode 7: The Music Hall…

Radio City Music Hall, that is! It was 21 years ago that An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson was recorded for a July 4, 2001 broadcast on Turner Network Television. Lisa and Sean were there for the festivities. Listen in as they converse about their memories of that night, including some insider views and some discussion of what was left off the broadcast and the DVD. Recorded February 13, 2022 Show Notes: Normally we don’t include YouTube links when something is available commercially. However, because this is such a unique case in that there’s no other way to see some of these performances, we are providing these links. Be aware that in the future these videos might no longer be online; nothing we can do about that! An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson – audience recording, part 1An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson – audience recording, part 2

1hr 12mins

28 Mar 2022

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Episode 6: It’s just enough to believe…

To celebrate the 18th anniversary of the long-awaited debut of Smile in London, listen in on Lisa and Sean’s conversation about their memories and insights of the Brian Wilson masterpiece.Recorded October 9, 2021; September 12, 2021; September 5, 2021; and February 14, 2022 Show Notes Creators at Carnegie – Brian’s Smile concert in New York as aired on NPR

1hr 46mins

20 Feb 2022

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Episode 5: I guess I’m dumb, but I don’t care

In this episode recorded on vacation (we apologize for the sound quality!), Sean and Lisa, as much as they love The Beach Boys, address some of the, well…dumb moves they made. After all, they’re not perfect. Come listen to their conversation in which they ask that musical question, “What were they thinking?!”(Recorded December 20, 2021) SHOW NOTES: Rockabilia – for leftover tour merchCarl Wilson worn out at the studio! (not the picture Lisa was looking for)“Day Dreamin'” – episode of The New Leave It to Beaver with Brian Wilson“Surf the Stars” – episode of Duck Dodgers with Brian Wilson

1hr 40mins

10 Jan 2022

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Episode 4: Wow! Great Concert!

Having been longtime fans, Lisa and Sean have attended more than thirty Brian Wilson concerts. In this episode, your hosts talk about their memories and experiences of seeing the famed Beach Boys musical genius perform live over the past 22 years.(Recorded November 13, 2021. R.I.P, Billy.) SHOW NOTES: Beach Boys article from New Times, April 2, 1976 (PDF, ~24MB)Winston ad in New Times (inline JPG)Senator Biden gets hair plugs (New Times, inline JPG)Brian Wilson performs “Funky Pretty” live in LondonThe East Coast “usual suspects” at TGI Friday’s before the Holmdel show on September 9, 2000 (inline JPG; your hosts are in the middle and wearing green PSML T-shirts)Darian Sahanaja and Mike D’Amico, after signing Sean’s Wondermints CD insert (inline JPG)Said Wondermints CD insert (inline JPG)What got us backstage in 2006 (inline JPG)Nick Walusko and Brian at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL (inline JPG)Brian plays bass at the Arcada (inline JPG)

1hr 56mins

9 Dec 2021

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Episode 3: Tune right in everywhere you go

…everywhere you go because Lisa and Sean have put together a couple of playlists! Specifically, for that person in your life who is curious about The Beach Boys and wants to explore further. (Recorded May 29, 2021) SHOW NOTES: Sean’s playlist on Spotify (one substitution)Lisa’s playlist on Spotify (two substitutions)Sean’s playlist on YouTube (no substitutions)Lisa’s playlist on YouTube (no substitutions)Girl Scouts drop in on Brian Wilson“Good Vibrations” – lost studio footage

1hr 31mins

31 Oct 2021

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Episode 2: White puff glistening shadowy WOW!

Having had a chance to let the new Feel Flows: The Sunflower & Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971 package settle into their ears and minds, Lisa and Sean share their thoughts not only on this shiny new archival release but also the past quarter century in Beach Boys archival releases, all the while waxing philosophical on Sunflower, Surf’s Up, and this summer’s incarnation of the Sirius XM Beach Boys Channel.Show Notes Beach Boys Talk – August 31, 2021 – with David Beard and Alan Boyd“I’ve Got a Friend” live in Munich, 1972As mentioned in the episode, our beagles“It’s a New Day,” performed by Dan Addington and Jason Penick

1hr 36mins

16 Sep 2021

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Episode 1: It starts with just a little glance now...

As they gather their thoughts on the new Feel Flows box set, Sean and Lisa present you with how it all started for them as Beach Boys fans. Be prepared for a lot of technological nostalgia! Show Notes TV commercial for Endless SummerTV commercial for The Best of The Monkees on Silver Eagle Records1980 TV commercial for SunkistThe, uhh…picture…we talked about. WE’RE WARNING YOU!!!!Picture of Brian Wilson with his Grammy for “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow”The Beach Boys by Byron Preiss on Amazon

1hr 28mins

1 Sep 2021

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