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Step into the world of commercial real estate and join us for Talking Property with CBRE. In this podcast series, industry-leading experts discuss what’s shaping the property industry and what this means for businesses like yours.

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The Future of I&L Property

Imagine a world where your groceries arrive at your front door, delivered by autonomous vehicle or drone without having made an order - your smart fridge has done all of this for you. It might seem like a strange concept, but this is just one of the ways innovations in technology are changing the landscape of the Industrial & Logistics sector. In this episode of Talking Property, James Jorgensen, State Director Industrial & Logistics in Victoria sits down with Christine Miller, CBRE’s Pacific Head of Supply Chain and special guest Michelle McNally, General Manager Group Property at Australia Post. Together, they unpack some of the ways the industry is embracing technology to create stronger, faster and more efficient supply chains in response to the rise in e-commerce, consumerism and changing buyer expectations and make their predictions on what the industry will look like in 2030.


16 Jun 2021

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A valuer's view on the Residential property market

Property has seen one of the most significant growth surges in over three decades. In such a fast-paced growth market how do you know what the real-value of a property is, and what lifestyle factors are pushing real estate trends in 2021.In this episode of Talking Property we discuss how Valuers view the current property market and get their expert insight into property watch-outs for the months ahead. Hosted by Kat Hale, National Valuer Care and Development Manager at CBRE with special guests Kate Beekink, Residential Property Valuer in Perth, Western Australia and John Duncan, Certified Practising Valuer on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


19 May 2021

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How technology is shaping Facilities Management

The world has changed rapidly, and how we deliver facilities management services has had to adapt just as quickly. In this episode of Talking Property, we discuss how Microsoft HoloLens is transforming the facilities management sector through immersive communication and accelerating the timeline between fault detection and rectification. Michael Elliott, Environmental Operations Manager at CBRE sits down with Lawrence Crumpton, Microsoft Mixed Reality Solution and Partners Lead for APAC and Miquel Vidal, Head of Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions for CBRE to learn more.


5 May 2021

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) - Challenging the Paradigm

“We live in a diverse world and a dynamic world, where people are coming into and out of industries in non-traditional ways and with that they bring skills that may not have been relevant to that industry or area 10 years ago. So, hiring managers have to think more broadly and challenge what they think they know about the industry, about the role and the people who apply for it.” Steven MosesIn this episode of Talking Property, we discuss Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) and how individuals and organisations can challenge and shift their paradigms to create a more diverse and inclusive culture for employees. In this episode, Ingrid Massey, Director of Talent, Learning and Diversity at CBRE sits down with Steven Moses, Director of Business Operations, CBRE Property Management Pacific and Jackie Linton, President of JL HR Solutions, President of the Society of Human Resources - Philidelphia Chapter and Steven’s Mum.


31 Mar 2021

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Real Estate Market Outlook 2021

It’s fair to say 2020 didn’t play out as anyone expected. The world as we knew it quickly came to a halt in the rise of the COVID pandemic. Cities were locked down, borders closed, and the lights were switched off in office towers around the world. Australian net absorption reached a historic low, while national vacancy surged to highs not experienced since the late 1990’s.In this episode of Talking Property Kate Bailey, Head of Logistics and Retail Research sits down with some of CBRE’s leading experts to get their insights on how the market is shaping up in 2021. Touching on trends across various sectors including Capital Markets with Mark Coster, Hotels with Michael Simpson, Industrial & Logistics with Cameron Grier, Retail with Meagan Wakefield, Office with Mark Curtain and Residential with Jarrod Frazer and Tim Rees. For a more detailed analysis of each sector check out our latest research report Australian Market Outlook 2021.


17 Mar 2021

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IWD - Embracing progression not regression

From challenge comes change, so this International Women’s Day we’re choosing to challenge. The economic impact of COVID-19 has had a regressive effect on gender equality around the world – leaving women more exposed to job loss and taking on the bulk of childcare responsibilities. Despite this, the pandemic has also been a catalyst for major shifts that will help pave the way for great opportunities and greater gender parity. In this episode of Talking Property Phil Rowland CEO of CBRE’s Pacific Advisory Business sits down with Diana Mousina, Senior Economist at AMP Capital and Kathy Mac Dermott COO of the Property Council of Australia to discuss the pandemic’s impact on gender equality and how Australia’s property sector is navigating towards an equal tomorrow.


3 Mar 2021

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'Tis the Season for Placemaking

The festive season is ordinarily a time to connect with colleagues, family and friends at gatherings—both large and small—and to practice the gift of giving, but 2020 is no ordinary year.It’s fair to say, this year is set to look a little differently than what we are used too. COVID-19 has changed the way we gather, shop and socialise within our communities and celebrating the holiday season is no different.In this episode of Talking Property, we explore how buildings have adapted to make the holiday season safe, fulfilling and economically viable. Join host Suzette Lamont, CBRE Pacific’s Regional Director of Client Solutions, with special guests Meagan Wakefield, Regional Director of CBRE Pacific’s Retail Property Management, and Brianna Taylor, Customer Experience Lead for Host, Pacific, for insights into the importance of placemaking at this time of year.


9 Dec 2020

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Hotels - The Great Reset of 2020

COVID-19 has resulted in arguably the hotel sector’s most challenging period in history, both nationally and globally with hard border closures, country wide lockdowns and strict new standards for safety and hygiene. Hosted by Chinmay Chitale Head of Research for Hotels in Australia this episode of Talking Property, looks into how hotel sales have performed in 2020, the factors influencing hotel investment and trading conditions, as well as our predictions for 2021.


2 Dec 2020

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Changing Expectations -Is Your Asset Ready?

There’s no doubt COVID-19 has reshaped commercial property and had an impact on human behaviour. In this episode of Talking Property we discuss how expectations around hygiene, wellbeing and security have been transformed in today’s workplace. From cleaning robots and automation to branded hand sanitiser and even virtual concierge services, we uncover some of the ways landlords can ensure the safety and wellbeing of their tenants as they return to the workplace. Hosted by Amanda Steele, Executive Managing Director of Property Management, Pacific with special guest Suzette Lamont, Regional Director of Client Solutions, Pacific.


25 Nov 2020

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Building Immunity in Real Estate Post-2020

2020 will remain in people’s memories for as long as they own one. Not least for the tragedy and disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, but also for the fact that it has acted as a catalyst for changes in human behaviour and accelerated trends that were emerging. In this episode of Talking Property we bring together some of those behavioural changes – short and long-term in nature – that will impact property markets across the Pacific. Find out more at cbre.com.au/talking-property


17 Nov 2020

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