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Archive listing of MLM NationMLM Nation is where you’ll get to hang out with Simon Chan and top network marketing leaders and learn about social media, cold market recruiting, duplication and leadership to grow your network marketing and direct selling business. These leaders come from different backgrounds and MLM companies but they all share how they got started, aha moments, how they recovered from their toughest times, favorite books, morning routines, time management tricks, consistency hacks and the first thing they’d do if they had to start all over again with no one to talk to.

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250: How To Build A Brand So Strong It Can Outlast Any Company, Attract Quality Leads And Build An Army Of Followers by Leonard Kim

To visit show notes page and resources, go to: www.MLMNation.net/250 Who is Leonard Kim? Leonard Kim got started in MLM when he was just 17 and turned that into building a huge marketing empire. Today, he’s the managing partner of a company called “Influence Tree” which is a personal branding accelerator that teaches you how to build your personal brand, get featured in publications and growth hacking your social media following. In just 3 years, Leonard himself, has over 10 million+ readership, 250,000 social media followers and has been published in Inc., Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and GQ. Asides from helping people with their personal branding, Leonard is also a trainer in the MLM profession.


31 Oct 2016

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