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Kumbay’all is a podcast hosted by Dr. Amanda Shipley, pelvic physical therapist and owner of Renew Pelvic Health in Atlanta, GA. She is passionate about prevention and believes that to be truly healthy we need to consider ALL of our needs: mental, emotional, physical, nutritional, financial, creative, and spiritual. This podcast is designed to uncover all the amazing resources we have available to help us on this grand journey we call life. Amanda will also occasionally share her knowledge on various topics, including pelvic floor health and pelvic physical therapy. She’d love to hear from you! Email with ideas for future episodes and questions you’d like answered on the podcast.

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Episode 5: Caitlin Samson, MSACN, MS

Episode 5Caitlin Samson, MSACN, MS, is a nine-time marathoner who has worked as a fitness director and has experience in medical research, health coaching, personal training, and nutritional counseling. She is the author of "The Rheumatoid Arthritis Cookbook: Anti-inflammatory Recipes to Fight Flares and Fatigue." Her own healing health journey is what started her interest in nutrition. She no longer suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, digestive issues, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), fatigue, or anxiety. She is the owner and founder of True Food and Wellness in Smyrna, GA providing nutritional services to all ages. Some of her top areas of interest include digestive wellness, autoimmune conditions, autism, and women's health - specifically hormonal balance and preconception care. She has a Master's degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College, as well as a Master's degree in Exercise Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Her undergraduate degree is in Biology from the State University of New York at Geneseo. Caitlin also has a passion for fitness and holds certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine: Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer, and Certified Personal Trainer. Listen in to learn the top things Caitlin recommends we all do in order to prevent disease and live our best life possible. truefoodandwellness.comThe Rheumatoid Arthritis CookbookDietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhDdrbrighten.comwellnessmama.com


7 Nov 2018

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Episode 6: Debra MacIntyre, ND

Episode 6Debra MacIntyre is a naturopath, board-certified by the American Naturopathic Certification Board, with 40 years of experience in health and wellness - first as a health club manager for 16 years, then as a nutritionist and naturopath. She holds a nutrition certification from American Health Science University as well as a Naturopathic degree from Trinity School of Natural Medicine, and has had advanced training in Biological Medicine with Dr. Thomas Rau (medical director of Switzerland's Paracelsus Clinic), NAET allergy elimination with Dr. Devi Nambudripad, and homeopathic hormone rejuvenation with the California College of Natural Medicine. She's been in private practice since 1994 in her Roswell practice, Vitality Project, and was voted Best Naturopath in Atlanta 4 years running in Best Self's annual “Best Of” contest. Listen in as Debra and Amanda discuss what the environment can do to our health, and how we can all fix it!Vitality ProjectThe Earthing StoreThe Body Electric (PDF) - Dr. Robert O. Becker


14 Nov 2018

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Episode 4: Myth Buster #1 - Painful Sex

Episode 4Dr. Amanda Shipley breaks down some common myths surrounding the pelvic floor in this series. The first myth she dispels is that painful sex is normal. She also gives general information on what the pelvic floor is and how you would know if you have pelvic floor dysfunction, and clarifies the difference between the vagina and vulva - terminology that is important for every woman to know! womenshealthapta.orgpelvicrehab.compelvicguru.comaasect.org


31 Oct 2018

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Episode 8: April Warhola, DC

Episode 8Dr. April grew up in a small town south of Atlanta - Sharpsburg, Georgia - and enjoyed a memorable childhood with her mom, dad, and two sisters. It is no mere chance that she decided to serve others through the healing power of chiropractic. Her grandfather was a pioneer in the profession and two uncles are in practice today.Years ago, while on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic, she had the opportunity to share chiropractic adjustments with thousands of people, many of whom were children. It was there that April realized her own mission was to create a healing center where people could experience their path to a greater life beginning at birth. Today she is fulfilling her life's purpose as a chiropractor serving families at the Café of Life in Grant Park, and there is no question that a special place resides in her heart for adjusting children.Today Dr. April is known to be an intuitive healer, which shows up in her chiropractic care.  She enjoys connecting with animals and achieved her certification for animal chiropractic in 2014.  Her center in Grant Park brings together many types of practices, all with the idea of integrating holistic, life-giving services under one roof.  Dr. April is a member of Café of Life International and International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She is certified through International Veterinarian Chiropractic Association to adjust animals. She also serves as a LifeForce 1000 doctor and a P.E.A.K Extension Faculty doctor at Life University.In this last episode of Season One, Dr. April shares about her own healing journey after an injury, discusses what she sees most women dealing with nowadays, and how important it is to listen to our bodies. “Our bodies do not lie, and they are always working for our greatest good.” Working with a chiropractor and learning to listen to and honor our bodies are only some of the suggestions she makes for optimal health. Listen to learn more, and to hear what resources Dr. April shares with us.Kumbay’all will return in February 2019 with Season Two. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to bringing you more exciting resources and insights in the New Year! Cafe of LifeBiology of Belief - Bruce Lipton, PhDSpontaneous Evolution - Bruce Lipton, PhDHuman Heart, Cosmic Heart - Thomas Cowan, MDInto the Magic Shop - James Doty, MDA Mind of Your Own - Kelly Brogan, MD

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28 Nov 2018

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Episode 11: Elizabeth Thomas, CFP

Episode 11Is 2019 the year you’re going to get your finances in order? Listen to the unique approach certified financial planner Liz Thomas uses to help her clients achieve their financial goals. If you’re looking to maximize your finances and align them with your life’s vision, this episode is for you!As a financial consultant with Nora Wealth Liz develops initiatives to promote financial literacy and wellness in the community. Prior to becoming an advisor, she focused on helping clients understand their options around life insurance, annuities, and long-term care as part of their holistic financial plan.  After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and serving in the finance industry for 8 years, Liz attended Emory's Financial Planning Certificate Program and earned her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. Her passion is educating clients about the long-term benefits of prioritizing their future selves, and helping families to improve their financial wellness. She has led over 40 webinars and seminars on topics of investments, budgeting, financial planning & debt management. Nora Wealth


20 Feb 2019

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Episode 16: Carrie Contey, PhD

Episode 16In episode 16 Amanda speaks with Carrie Contey about understanding and incorporating our knowledge of brain and human development into best practices for conscious, evolved parenting. Carrie explains why self-care is a necessity, not a luxury, and how the “new paradigm” differs from the old way of relating to our growing family members and ourselves. Carrie gives very practical examples and shares such important information for us all, whether we have children or not!Carrie Contey, Ph.D., is an internationally-recognized coach, author, speaker and educator. Her work offers a new perspective on human development, parenting and family life. She guides, supports, and inspires her clients to live with wide-open and courageous hearts so they can approach family life with skill and spaciousness. Carrie received her doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis on prenatal and perinatal psychology and is masterful at synthesizing and articulating the science, psychology, and spirituality of humanhood. She is the creator of Evolve, a year-long "personal growth through parenting" program which ran from 2011-2017. She is also the co-founder of the Slow Family Living movement and the co-author of CALMS: A Guide To Soothing Your Baby. Carrie has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show, NPR, CBS radio and in many publications including Time, Parenting and The Boston Globe.Carrie Contey

1hr 2mins

2 May 2019

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Episode 12: Christie Coursey, IBCLC

Episode 12This episode is for all you moms-to-be and new moms! Christie Coursey is the owner of Breastfeed Atlanta and a trusted source on all things breastfeeding and breastmilk. Christie, who is an international board-certified lactation consultant and mom of two breastfed children, shares with us some of the benefits of breastmilk, what can hinder or help our milk supply, our rights when it comes to breastfeeding, how something can be natural and normal but NOT easy, and much more! Breastfeed AtlantaBreastfeed Atlanta - Facebook


6 Mar 2019

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Episode 9: Jill Wener, MD

Episode 9In this first episode of Season Two, Amanda talks with Jill Wener, MD of Conscious Health Meditation and Wellness in Kirkwood, Atlanta. The only Conscious Health (also known as Vedic) Meditation instructor in Georgia, Jill completed her training in Rishikesh, India in April, 2016. She specializes in teaching meditation and stress reduction techniques to healthcare professionals from all fields and anyone else looking to manage stress and improve their physical and emotional health. After 10+ years practicing internal medicine in a busy urban hospital, Dr. Jill Wener knows firsthand what severe stress and burnout feel like. In the midst of her own burnout, she was introduced to Conscious Health Meditation, and it had a profound effect on her resilience and reactivity.Like many healthcare professionals, Jill was initially skeptical of spiritual practices. However, as she learned the science behind Conscious Health Meditation, she embraced the training and marveled at the results of the practice. Jill tells us how Vedic is different from other types of meditation and why meditation is so beneficial for both adults and children. She also shares with us the impact of a daily meditation practice on her life and how everyone can see meaningful improvements!Conscious Health Meditation + WellnessPower of Now - Eckhart TolleE-Squared - Pam GroutJeff Kober Meditation


6 Feb 2019

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Episode 18: Pelvic Physical Therapist & Sex Educator Heather Edwards, MPT

Episode 18In Episode 18 Amanda speaks with Heather Edwards, pelvic physical therapist, sex counselor and educator, and founder of Vino and Vulvas. Heather talks about their journey from physical therapist to pelvic physical therapist to becoming certified in sexuality education and counseling. They discuss sexuality, gender identity, binary vs. non-binary, and BDSM! Heather opens our eyes to the importance of feeling heard, seen, and understood not only in our personal relationships but also in our experiences with medical professionals. She strives to let her patients unfold their stories for her without assuming hetero-normative and stereotypical gender roles and inspires us to be open-minded and welcoming to the people we encounter in our lives, too. Heather Edwards, PT, MPT has been a pelvic physical therapist for 15 years in western North Carolina. She is a University of Michigan trained Sexuality Counselor and Educator. She founded Vino & Vulvas in 2015 and it quickly became her favorite thing to do. She teaches community classes such as “Field Guide to Your Crotch” for transgender and nonbinary folx. Heather created the Transgender Pelvic Health Survey (currently in progress) and teamed up with Nova Southeastern University and the Pelvic Health Research Initiative for its implementation and data analysis. In 2016, she presented at the Southeastern Transgender Health Summit on the topic of pelvic PT considerations for the surgical trans patient. She presented at the 2018 AASECT conference on the topic of BDSM/Kink and Pelvic Health with the fabulous Aleece Fosnight, PA-C, CSC, CSE. She teaches Transgender Pelvic Health nationally with Pelvic Guru.Despite all her clinical stuff, really Heather considers herself an artist… and if truth be told, she’d love to just draw fantastical crotch doodles all day. This unusual hobby has led to her creation of her first self-published book, Important Parts: A Coloring Book for the Crotch Enthusiast which is available at downtown bookstores in Asheville, at the V&V events, and online through Amazon. For information about how to schedule an appointment with Heather or for connecting with Vino & Vulvas, email vinoandvulvas@gmail.com.Vino and VulvasImportant Parts: A Coloring Book for the Crotch Enthusiast - Heather Edwards, PTPelvic GuruCome As You Are - Emily Nagoski, PhDThe Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Healthcare - Zena SharmanTrans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Trans Community - Laura Erickson-SchrothMating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence - Esther PerelDrawn to Sex: The Basics - Erika Moen, Matthew Nolan

1hr 5mins

5 Jun 2019

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Episode 3: Delta Brogden, III

Episode 3Delta Brogden is the owner and personal trainer behind The Delta Method (Change is Now Fitness) in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. He is a personal trainer unlike any other you have experienced! Check out this interview for his numerous nuggets of wisdom. This episode is great for anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life!http://thedeltamethod.com/index.htmlhttps://www.heartmath.com/https://www.preferredchiroatlanta.com/http://drbobdalton.com/

1hr 13mins

24 Oct 2018

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