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The only thing better than playing fantasy football with friends? Beating those friends in fantasy football. Join Garrett Wise, Trent Wooldridge, and Hunter Saffell as they discuss all things fantasy football including: strategy, player analysis, league construction, and everything in between. Whether a seasoned vet, or fantasy rookie, this show is the secret weapon to help win your next title!

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Ep. 32 Bust or Thrust pt. 2

What's up Armchair Army! On this episode, we brought back one of our more popular games from last season, Bust or Thrust! Draft season is right around the corner and with all of the moving parts in the league, some tough decisions are going to have to be made in the middle to later rounds. Tune in to episode 32 to see which NFL players we think will bust out of fantasy relevance or thrust themselves into fantasy stardom!

1hr 11mins

14 Jul 2022

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Ep. 31 Hot, Spicy, and Fire

After a short break, the armchair analysts are back with one of their favorite episodes to record each year. The 2022 fantasy season is approaching quickly, and analysts, Garrett and Hunter, each give three hot takes leading into draft season. Arkansas humid weather isn't the only spicy thing happening this June. Listen in and see which fire take is your favorite!

1hr 10mins

26 Jun 2022

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Ep. 30 What'd I Miss??

Episode 30!! We've made it 30 episodes, we appreciate everyone sticking with us. On today's episode, we talk a lot about dynasty fantasy football. We touch on a quick question about dynasty leagues, bring back the Keep/Trade/Cut game dynasty edition with fantasy veterans, and introduce a new segment we like to call, "What'd I miss?" You won't want to miss out on episode 30, there is too much dynasty fantasy football information in here to pass up.


26 May 2022

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Ep. 29 NFL Draft Recap

With the 2022 NFL draft behind us, rookie draft season is now approaching fast. Armchair Analysts, Garrett and Hunter, give their personal reactions to certain landing spots of the top tier fantasy relevant rookies. They take a deep dive into the risers and fallers of this year's rookie class coming off of a wild draft weekend. Even though this rookie class has its question marks, there are still bright spots to be found everywhere. Goodluck to everyone in their upcoming rookie drafts.

1hr 2mins

3 May 2022

Rank #4

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Ep. 28 Rookie Preview

With the NFL draft right around the corner, Garrett and Hunter compare their little rookie rankings and take a deep dive into the analysis of each player. Highlighting players like Breece Hall, Kenneth Walker, Garrett Wilson, and Treylon Burks, they talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each player along with possible landing spots and fantasy relevance for next season. Be sure to listen for potential late round rookie draft sleepers at each position as well.

1hr 13mins

24 Apr 2022

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Ep. 27 More Free Agency Reactions

This 2022 NFL free agency has been more exciting than any other off season free agency that we can remember. On today's episode, we talk about all of the free agency news since our last episode on March 17. The Tyreek Hill blockbuster trade, Deshaun Watson to the Browns, a very interesting Jameis Winston debate, and even some Juju vs. Allen Robinson are all topics of discussion on episode 27.

1hr 4mins

2 Apr 2022

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Free Agency reactions

News, news, and more news. March madness is not just for basketball. The NFL's 2022 free agency has not disappointed. Starting with the GOAT coming out of retirement, and ending (for now) with the biggest wide receiver contract in history, this off season is starting with a bang! Garrett and Hunter breakdown all the news plus give their reactions and opinions on fantasy implications. 

1hr 8mins

18 Mar 2022

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BONUS; Ep. 25 continued: New Year, New Me

BONUS episode! With the new (fantasy) year coming around, we thought adding in some bonus fantasy content was in order. Every season, fantasy mangers live and learn from past mistakes and successes. On this episode, we each touch on our previous season's success or mistake that made us a better manager moving into next season. Hopefully, these tips will help you be a more successful fantasy football manager this off-season.


5 Mar 2022

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Ep. 25 New Year, New Me

Welcome to season 2, Armchair Army! If you've been with us this long, we are excited to be heading into our second season of the podcast. Episode 25 is jam packed with current news related to fantasy, 2022 free agency talk, and even our predictions on possible free agent landing spots. Off-season fantasy football is just as important as in-season. Be sure to hang with us each episode to stay up to date on all things dynasty and redraft fantasy football.

1hr 5mins

5 Mar 2022

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Ep. 24 Hires, Fires, and Retires

After a short break, the Armchair Analysts are back to give you their final episode of season 1. Since the last episode, so much has happened in the NFL. The Analysts touch on the most current news, the many fires, hires, and retires of recent weeks, and finally settle a small debate of the best wide receiver class in the last 3 seasons. Be sure to continue to tune in as free agency and off season fantasy football heats up! 

1hr 14mins

5 Feb 2022

Rank #10