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(Formerly Sh*t I'm 30 Podcast) Pivot with Purpose is a podcast that celebrates every step of the journey into finding our purpose. Whether you feel lost and purposeless or you are currently fulfilled, Carla documents her journey juggling being an entrepreneur, mother, and soon to be wife. How do the people you look up to the most find their purpose and have a balanced life? Well let's chat with them and get an insight into their lives.Every Wednesday Join Carla and her guest. Grab a glass of wine or coffee if you happen to be at work and lets find our God given Purpose!

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EP 92: Do You Have a Condom? feat WaxKyng & MandiiB

On this week's episode of Sh*T I'm 30 I am  joined by my bestie who loves to debate with me, Mandii B host of the Whoreible Decisions podcast and the new man in my life Wax from Bully and the Beast podcast. It was all kept pretty quiet until recently when a certain podcast decided to send the world on a hunt for Wax's new love! Since the cat is out of the bag we decided to l go ahead and give you the full back story of how our platonic friendship turned romantic , how we deal with a long distance relationship and the very first words Wax said to me, Trust me they were sooooo Wax's words.  You can watch the full episode on Patreon at www.patreon.com/shitim30 If you would like to get advice from me and my guests send your emails to shitim30podcast@gmail.com and in the subject line include #Advice. Follow us @carlawilmaris @waxkyng @fullcourtpumps

1hr 25mins

3 Dec 2019

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EP 73: Phobias, Fucking Married People, & Alot of Sh*t Talk! feat WaxKyng


1hr 10mins

23 Jul 2019

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EP 55: Teeth, Titties, & Toes ft WaxKyng

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW There's a cure for HIV WaxKyng The hurdles it took to be able to actually have this episode (we lost an entire hour of recording) We had an outline speaking about how everything happens for a reason but Wax decided he had better things to talk about.  UNSOLICITED ADVICE Man wants to get a DNA test to find out if his ex gf 9 year old daughter is his. The mother is remarried now, but he wants to be a part of the girls life if she is his daughter. SH*T TALK How many more times are y'all going to fall into the lions den?  Huge Thank you to Loud Speaker Networks for letting us use the studio and bring our loud Floridian voices in the building. 

1hr 13mins

20 Mar 2019

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EP 62: Free The Pussy "Decriminalization of Sex Work"

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Florida Approves Bill Allowing Classroom Teachers To Be Armed LEGALIZATION & DECRIMINALIZATION OF SEX WORK WITH SASHA BENJAMIN https://prostitution.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=000115 Difference between Legalization and Decriminalization How Sasha started in the industry. PTSD from violent attack Insight into Sex Work UNSOLICITED ADVICE My man let me use my finger and now I think he is gay. SH*T TAAALK Anthony - Hygiene WASH YOUR ASS Follow us @carlawilmaris @tony_the_realtor @shitm30podcast www.sashabenjamin.com Are you ready to start your podcast but don't know where to start? Schedule your podcast consultation today www.carlawilmaris.com

1hr 25mins

8 May 2019

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EP 97: All My Men Get a Million Chances feat Passport Cutty

This week I get to sit with the amazing Passport Cutty the author of "The M in Man is for Money" & Mandii B from Whoreible Decisions to have a girl chat.  Grab your wine (or coffee if you're at work) & sit down with us to discuss the topics that we have when we are sitting at home with our homegirls.  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Can you imagine having to bring a loved ones corpse to an insurance company? How far would you go to get your coins? Girl Chat 9 years of an On and Off Relationship, WHY? Dealing with a friend now dating or "talking" to your ex. Social Anxiety while being a social media influencer Why do men want to know your past when dating you? Unsolicited Advice How does my friend outgrow her loose reputation now that she has changed her life? CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA @carlawilmaris @passport_cutty @fullcourtpumps Get "The M in Man is for Money" FREE on audible 

1hr 35mins

7 Jan 2020

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EP 51 Entrepreneurship: Parties & Podcasts feat Chris Stylezz

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Black and Hispanics youth are targeted with junk food ads, research shows CHRIS STYLEZZ How Chris started doing parties & not being given the mic. Leaving his 9-5 as a school counselor. Grad School turning him down Tidal picking up Trappin Annonymous & More UNSOLICITED ADVICE Co-signing for your significant other because you love them/ SH*T TAAALK Literally we dive into my shits and the awful experience I had with an asian tea. (According to Chrisl, girls dont poop)


19 Feb 2019

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EP 63: "Take Your Ass to Sleep" Mental Health Awareness

Today's podcast is brought to you by audible - get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/shitim30 . Over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW ‘Anna Delvey,’ Fake Heiress Who Swindled N.Y.’s Elite, Is Sentenced to 4 to 12 Years in Prison SELF CARE MENTAL HEALTH REMINDERS Make sure you sleep Regardless of what Steve Harvey says Instagram thinking about getting rid of likes on pictures. Self esteem vs confidence SH*T MY THERAPIST SAYS Feelings Chart With perfectionism comes procrastination Organization/Habits UNSOLICITED ADVICE I'm not sure if you should delay my wedding or not get married at all. SH*T TALK Carla - Heartbeat Abortion Bill Anthony - Walmart Pranksters Follow us on Social media  @carlawilmaris @tony_the_realtor @shitim30podcast

1hr 18mins

14 May 2019

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EP 95: You've Got Mail! #UnsolicitedAdvice with WaxKyng

1hr 32mins

31 Dec 2019

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EP 68: Big News & Let's Talk About Sex Baby!

It's Official! Paperwork has been signed and we are a Team! www.Patreon.com/ShitIm30 SH*T You Should Know Personal thoughts on abortion Good Sex Vs Bad Sex Dexty joins us this week to talk about what we like and dont like in the bedroom. This is her favorite subject on the podcast! Favorite Sex Positions What Kinks are you into UNSOLICITED ADVICE He wants to fly me out all of the time, but only wants to be friends. SH*T Talk Lovebugs in Florida Thank you to our Sponsors Simple Health -  is all about care that fits your life - making birth control simple, convenient & affordable with online prescriptions & free home delivery. A better way to get birth control is here.  The prescription is usually $20 but you can try Simple Health for free - just go to www.simplehealth.com/carla30 or enter the code CARLA30 at checkout. Daily Harvest -  is the easiest, most delicious way to load up on fruits and vegetables first thing in the morning, before bed, and any time in between! Go to www.daily-harvest.com and enter promo code CARLA30 to get three cups FREE in your first box!

1hr 16mins

18 Jun 2019

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EP 60: Is It Trust Issues?

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW I know who I’m voting for next year! Heeeey Elizabeth…these loans are waiting for you to be president. TRUST What is trust to us and who do we trust? We talk about Dr. Brene Brown’s episode on Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast. Tony was cheated on but says he didn’t lose trust. Carla talks about lost friendships due to trust! Frenemies!…Are you only friends with someone because of the shared hate of a particular person or group of people? UNSOLICITED ADVICE Her boyfriend is texting other women, but she doesn’t think its physical. SH*T TAAALK Sh*tty goverment insurance now Carla’s knee will stay messed up! Nigel Shelby’s untimely passing! www.audibletrial.com/shitim30 Get your Free Audiobook Today! Schedule you’re One-On-One Podcast Consultation Today! FROM IDEA TO LAUNCH www.shitim30.com Follow us on social media @carlawilmaris @tony_the_realtor @shitim30podcast

1hr 14mins

23 Apr 2019

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EP 81: Priviledge & Dating 101

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Felicity Huffman gains favorable probation report in college admissions conviction Brooke Skylar Richardson walks free on probation in daughter’s death DATING 101 How long does the talking period last during cuffing season? Do you think a relationship can last if youre in love but no physical attraction? Would you be ok with you parent dating someone that is the same age as you? How long do you date before bringing your boo to meet your family? Is it a turn off that someone is constantly on their phone while they’re with you? UNSOLICITED ADVICE Fuck Buddy or My Almost Perfect Boyfriend SH*T TAAALK If this dog runs away ONE MORE TIME!!!

1hr 7mins

17 Sep 2019

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EP 98: "The Other Woman" A Story of Growth and Forgiveness

Have you ever dated a married man? At some point in your life you will either know someone who has or you will have experienced this BUT will you ever sit across from her and talk about how you felt during this time and what led to it? This week I am joined by Vyky to tell our stories from 7 years ago when I was "The Other Woman". It takes one hell of an incredible woman to agree to come on this show and tell HER story which is one of Strength, Growth, & Purpose! My goals with this episode is to show every woman you can choose to be brave and let go of negative feelings that are holding you back from you GREATNESS! We are women and we are more powerful together than we could ever be apart! SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Would you eat from the forbidden fruit? A GROUP OF FARMERS AND RESEARCHERS CREATED A HYBRID APPLE THAT WILL STAY FRESH FOR UP TO A YEAR VYKY How did this unusual friendship come about? Find out both sides of pain and forgiveness. What goes through a woman's mind when she finds out that her husband is cheating? Emotional vs Physical Cheating Repairing a marriage after infidelity How do you move on? UNSOLITICED ADVICE Helping a friend with an eating disorder. IDEA TO LAUNCH ACADEMY The Launch Your Podcast IN 30 Days Course will be opening up to EVERYONE 1/27/2020!  If You are thinking of starting a podcast get your FREE checklist HERE Connect with us: @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast @vykyrifai

1hr 34mins

14 Jan 2020

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EP 77: Body Counts & Boundaries In Relationships

Shit You Should Know  Donald Trump Proposes Mental Institutions As A Solution To Mass Shootings https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/08/16/trump-pushing-mental-health-facilities-after-shootings/2029157001/  Body Count & Boundaries in Relationships  Blueface claims he has slept with 1000 women in 6 months Do we know our body count? Little Black Book? Famous Celebs and their Body Count Does your partner need to know your body count? Privacy and Boundaries in relationships.  Unsolicited Advice My husband and I have custody of my 16-year-old sister for two years. My sister identifies as bisexual and since we have had custody, she’s had a boyfriend who was also bi and now has a girlfriend. What would you think I should do to let her feel like I support her choices? Sh*t Talk JayZ Roc Nation partners with NFL – entertainment and social awareness partnership “We are past kneeling, now let’s address injustice” Don't Call Anthony if you’re not buying or selling a house! Thank you to this week's Sponsor Audible - Get your free audiobook today at www.audible.com/Carla30 or text Carla30 to 500-500

1hr 19mins

21 Aug 2019

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EP 85: Foreplay Objects, Nude Rules, & Penny Flights feat Lex & Drea

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Woman, 24, shot dead after 'using loaded gun for arousal in sex game gone wrong’ Lex & Drea Who is Garfield? & Why is she so fat? The Rules of sending nudes and videos. Older men or younger men? What do we prefer. Traveling on a Budget..PENNY FLIGHTS! UNSOLICITED ADVICE Newly Single and I Don’t Know If I’ll Find Love She dated the same man for most of her 20’s and now is terrified that the pool of men left is trash! SH*T TAAALK Airplane exit etiquette…try me again if you want to! Follow us @carlawilmaris @lex_p @dreanicoleee www.Patreon.com/ShitIm30 - UNLOCK THE FULL BONUS EPISODE “ Making Friends as an Adult” feat. Jena GET YOUR SH*T IM 30 MERCH @ WWW.SHITIM30.COM AND CLICK ON”MERCH” Today's show is brought to you by AUDIBLE get your FREE 30 day trial and FREE audiobook today www.audibletrial.com/shitim30 

1hr 31mins

15 Oct 2019

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EP: 56 Gentrification & Stalking Drive-Bys feat @itsJameer

Free 30 day Audible Trial including 1 audiobook of YOUR choice and 2 Audible Originals. MODCLOTH.COM use code CARLA30 for 15% off  SHIT YOU SHOULD KNOW The US Government Will Be Scanning Your Face At 20 Top Airports In March 2017, President Trump issued an executive order expediting the deployment of biometric verification of the identities of all travelers crossing US borders GENTRIFICATION What is Gentrification? How does it affect US? Buying and selling real estate because of gentrification. Our personal experiences due to gentrification. UNSOLICITED ADVICE Ex-GF wants to drive by new address to see if it belongs to the new girlfriend. MESSY! SH*T TAAALK Do you have to talk about what is going on in your household and explain yourself?

1hr 4mins

26 Mar 2019

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EP 102: Dating, Divorce, Dropping Out of College! feat Krysta Monet

Join the FREE Launch Your Podcast in 30 Days Webinar Register Here  Feb 26th & 27th at 8pm SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Relationships: How The Internet Changed Things https://www.zoosk.com/date-mix/relationship-advice/healthy-relationships/social-media-and-relationships-2/ Krysta Monet Divorce and how to handle it Communication in dating Being walked out on during a first date How to get over a breakup Declining Wedding Invitations UNSOLICITED ADVICE Man wants to know if he should continue relationship with Muslim girlfriend that refuses to introduce him to her family. SH*T TALK Ms. Marie has a message for y'all that go to the bathroom in the clubs! Connect with us on social media @carlawilmaris @krysta.monet @shitim30podcast Email shitim30podcast@gmail.com to get advice and your letter might be read on the next episode. 

1hr 22mins

19 Feb 2020

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EP 88: Dating, Polygamy, and Living with Herpes in your 30's feat Carolyn Toney

New BONUS Exclusive Episode on Patreon all about  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Student IDs list phone sex number instead of suicide hotline Carolyn Toney The feelings and reaction to finding out you are herpes positive. Different Types of Herpes How to communicate to others your status Living a polygamous lifestyle Experiences in Sex Clubs and being open about STD Status Dealing with friendships and your status UNSOLICITED ADVICE Woman wants to know how to date a man that has mutual friends and how to open up about herpes status fearing that her friends will find out. SH*T Talk How to properly approach me through DM's or emails for business purposes! GROW UP AND BE PROFESSIONAL!

1hr 9mins

5 Nov 2019

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EP 80: Official Draft of the Cuffing Season

Join us on Patreon you will able to contribute and help us make more and better episodes. In return you can unlock exclusive content and personal stories, receive a discount on our podcast merch, and monthly Q&A Live Streams. WWW.PATREON.COM/SHITIM30   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Oregon bill would allow victims of racially motivated 911 calls to sue https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/politics/2019/06/04/oregon-bill-would-allow-victims-racially-motivated-911-calls-sue/1337547001 CUFFING SEASON Cuffing season is the time of the year, usually between Oct-March where people feel the urge to be coupled up. Is cuffing season even a real thing? Carla & Anthony seem to be in the draft of the season Tips to not let cuffing season distract you from your personal goals How do you know if you found “the one” that will make it through cuffing season? UNSOLICITED ADVICE Being months away from the 30th birthday and wanting to know if she should pursue her passion in the entertainment industry again and how to financially go about it.  SH*T TAAALK Shit Talk Little Nas X on the Shop Diversity and Inclusion  Malik Yoba hits back at claims that he solicited young trans teen for sex

1hr 29mins

10 Sep 2019

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EP 108: "I Wasn't Lost" feat WaxKyng Quarantine Bonus

Spending almost a week together 24/7 a lot is revealed in our relationship and our day to day and Since we are quarantined together why not get in front of the mic!  This episode Carla and Wax discuss how the relationship has changed after spending so much time together not only together but with Carla's teenage daughter. Would Wax be ok being a stay at home dad? Gender roles are real on this side of the fence! & we are giving advice to unsolicited advice letters: a womans bf is addicted to porn an immigrant is struggling with her conservative bf and his anti feminism view __________ If you are ready to start a podcast get your Launch Your Podcast in 30 Days Self Paced Course HALF OFF! http://IDEAtolaunchpodcast.teachable.com/ ________ Send your letters for UNSOLICITED ADVICE to shitim30podcast@gmail.com ____________ Connect with us on social media: @carlawilmaris @waxkyng

1hr 41mins

25 Mar 2020

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EP 90: Coping with Break Ups in Your 30's ft Ashley Rose

This week I am joined by the host of Dear Overthinker Podcast Ashley Rose SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW How to protect your kids from predators. We discuss the video of a young girl hiding and getting away from a car following her. Coping with Break Ups in your 30’s  Divorcing your high school sweetheart at 29 Learning how to date when you feel the clock ticking Why are breakups harder in your 30's We discuss our individual experiences on how we knew it was OVER. UNSOLICITED ADVICE Woman wants to contact an ex for closure. SH*T TAAALK Father being prosecuted for leaving 1 year old twins in hot car. You can follow us  @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast ASHLEY QUILL @dearoverthinker www.dearoverthinker.com @lifeofashleyrose THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS BLUE CHEW -  Visit www.BlueChew.com and get your first shipment FREE when use our special promo code 30-- Just pay $5 shipping. AUDIBLE - get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/SHITIM30. Over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player.

1hr 8mins

19 Nov 2019

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