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Talk Dairy to Me explores new and exciting things happening at Dairy Farmers of America and within the industry as a whole. Join our host, Doug Dresslaer, as he talks you through some of the innovation happening in dairy.

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Talk Dairy to Me - More startups from the DFA Accelerator

The latest edition of Talk Dairy to Me has our host Doug Dresslaer covering topics from cows and cannoli to Canada, which is where his guest Louis Hui of Healthy Cow calls home.  Healthy Cow participated in the 2019 class of the DFA Accelerator.  In this episode, Doug is joined by another alum from 2019, Will Hickox of RifRaf.  You won't want to miss it so subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.  Oh, and if you have ideas for future episodes, send them to innovation@dfamilk.com.

5 Sep 2019

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Learn about two Startups from our DFA Accelerator and meet our new podcast host.

Is it gassy in here, or is it just our podcast? Talk Dairy to Me is getting gassy — and buttery? If you think that’s a weird combination, you’ll want to listen to the August episode of Talk Dairy to Me, available now. This month you’ll meet our new host and spend some time with a couple of the startup founders who joined us in the 2019 DFA Accelerator class. We’ll talk enteric emissions (yep, we mean cow burps) with Dr. Elizabeth Latham, and then hear from the Butter Boy himself, Josh Green. If you haven’t subscribed yet, get your life together and search Talk Dairy to Me wherever you listen to podcasts.

8 Aug 2019

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Striving to be a supplier of choice: our Transportation and Logistics Department

Today we’re going to take a look at the Transportation and Logistics Department here at Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), and dive into some of their new, innovative initiatives they are working on to create efficiencies across the Cooperative. We’ll kick it off with an overview of supply chain with Executive Lecturer and Director of the Supply Chain Management Centerat University of Kansas Roger Woody. After we have a little bit of context, we’ll talk to several members of the DFA team, including Susie Richie, Corey Ritenour, Darlene Wolf and Frank Wurst, about their work more specifically. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss our newest episodes!

9 May 2019

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Talk Dairy to Me

On this month’s podcast, we are going to dive into the development of a disruptive new product you may not know is on the market. And it’s on store shelves thanks to a brand owned by DFA — Live Real Farms. The product is Dairy Plus Milk Blends beverages. Using a unique blending process, Dairy Plus Milk Blends combines almond and oat beverages with the protein power of dairy.

4 Oct 2019

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Craigs Station Creamery: A Sustainable Partnership

Join your host, Annie Kramer, as she takes you on a journey from farm to table at Craigs Station Creamery, a facility in Pavilion, N.Y., built as a joint venture between DFA and eight local farmers. We’ll talk with farmer-member Chris Noble; Brian Paris, plant manager at Craigs Station Creamery; and one of our customers through the plant, Don Stohrer, Jr., general manager at Arla Foods USA. Want to learn more about Craigs Station Creamery and the farmers invested in this venture? Check out their website at http://www.craigsstationcreamery.com. www.dfamilk.com/innovation

3 Apr 2018

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Continuous improvement within our manufacturing plants

During this episode, we’ll outline some of the work our Beverage and Dairy Foods division is doing around continuous improvement and challenging the status quo every day. Join your host, Annie Kramer, as she chats with Craig Martek, Dustin Mitchell and Jeff Terrell about the exciting work they are doing within their division and how they’re getting it adopted across more of the manufacturing teams at Dairy Farmers of America. As always, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode. Questions or ideas for a future episode? Shoot us a note at innovation@dfamilk.com.

11 Jul 2019

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A Closer Look at Consumer Insights: Part 2

In part two of this 2-part series our host is joined by Greg Czernik, Senior Director of Consumer Insights and Trade Spend for DFA’s Consumer Retail division, to discuss how DFA’s Consumer Retail division, uses consumer insights to decide which new products to launch. Want the full download on how consumer insights are used within the Food and Beverage industry as a whole? Check out part one before you listen to this episode!

5 Dec 2018

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Employee spotlight: Brandon Fischer, Compliance Manager

Take a quick break from your day as we hear from Brandon Fischer in our first employee spotlight mini episode. Brandon works as our Compliance Manager at our Kansas City, Kan., office in the mind behind the name for this podcast. Want to learn more about innovation at Dairy Farmers of America? Check out our website at www.dfamilk.com/innovation.

3 Jul 2018

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The Landscape of Chicago’s Food and Beverage Industry

During this episode our host had a chance to sit down with Alan Reed, Executive Director at the Chicagoland Food and Beverage Network. Listen as they dissect the complicated landscape of the food and beverage industry — from trends and new products to e-commerce and accelerator programs.

15 Aug 2018

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Talk Dairy to Me

Innovation is all around us at DFA, from robotic milkers to new, blended products and everything in between. On this month’s episode of Talk Dairy to Me, DFA’s podcast featuring all things innovation, you’ll hear about one of those in-between topics: mooving milk.  Our host, Director of Cultural Innovation Doug Dresslaer, talked with Tim Houck, vice president of fluid milk operations, and Cory Johnson, senior vice president of operations and logistics, about how we’re getting the good stuff from farm to plant more efficiently with their new mobile manifest project. To listen to this episode and ensure you don’t miss any in the future, search for Talk Dairy to Me and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

7 Nov 2019

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