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Is This Adulting? is the mental health comedy podcast you never knew you needed! Each week join Chris and Steven, as they welcome guests you love, play games, chat about mental health and discuss topics ranging from addiction to fast food mascots. Stop by each Thursday for a new episode; And remember kids: Be Happy, Stay Healthy, and Go Hug Someone!

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126: Courtney Enlow is Back!

Courtney Enlow (@courtenlow) of SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS, Strong Female Characters and Trends Like These joins Steven this week. Both of their brains are massive garbage fires. Watch as they talk about baby beverages, Courtney's mental health journey, and things they missed. No one missed Star Wars though... Don't worry.  Recommendation: Office Ladies Music by The Collection

1hr 3mins

31 Oct 2019

Rank #1

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Jingletime 2019: New Year

Chris and Kate chat about their hopes for the new year as Jingletime comes to a close.


1 Jan 2020

Rank #2

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122: Barbara Dunkelman

Barbara Dunkelman (@bdunkelman) joins the guys again to chat about everything under the sun. The gang gets real about imposter syndrome, Daniel Powter sees a resurgence, and they become human thesauruses.  Recommendation: The Dollop UK & Black Sox Music by The Collection

1hr 30mins

26 Sep 2019

Rank #3

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2: Boo-Boo Face

This week: Steven has a discussion with his mental illness, we re-cast a sci-fi classic, we talk about the reboot craze, Chris melts down over a childhood favorite, and we discuss the moral implications of hanging out with a genie named Rafa. Music By The Collection Check out the "Is This Adulting? Best Friends" on Facebook


6 Apr 2017

Rank #4

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63: Christine Schiefer

Christine Schiefer (@xtineschiefer) from And That's Why We Drink (@ATWWDpodcast) stops by the show this week to go on trial in the courtroom of hilarity. She and Steven debate the merits of elephants, Guy Fieri saves the day, and the gang discusses new age spirituality.  Podcast Recommendation: The Bright Sessions (@brightpodcast) Music by The Collection

1hr 42mins

14 Jun 2018

Rank #5

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Jingletime 2019: The Heroes of Loruu (part 2)

The journey continues and BOY OH BOY did that escalate fast! 

1hr 22mins

27 Dec 2019

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56: Hannah Gelb

This week: Hannah Gelb (@hizzlegizzle) of Hannahlyze This (@hannahlyzepod) joins the guys. A conversation about breakfast goes off the rails, Hannah remembers a fast food joint of days gone by, Chris tries his best to answer trivia, and Steven is quite the people pleaser. Podcast Recommendation: Within the Wires Music By The Collection

1hr 33mins

26 Apr 2018

Rank #7

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110: Amanda Jacobson Returns!

Amanda Jacobson (@amander007) is back this week! She chats with the guys about lady boners, stress manifestations, and plays an intense game of Pics Don't Lie.  Music by: The Collection and purple-planet.com Check out the show blog at isthisadultingpod.com to see the pictures! 

1hr 56mins

30 May 2019

Rank #8

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81: And Thats Why We Drink

Em Schulz (@TheEmSchulz) and Christine Schiefer (@xtineschiefer) join the guys this week for the spooky-ooky Halloween special. We find out how Em would battle a culinary demon, Christine calls her mom in a weird spot, Chris tries to win a game, and Steven reveals his sad costume history. And Remember, let the laughs flow...LIKE WINE.  Music by The Collection and purple-planet.org

2hr 10mins

25 Oct 2018

Rank #9

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100: Travis McElroy Returns!

Travis McElroy (@travismcelroy) returns to the show to help the boys celebrate 100 episodes! Stick with it though, they should hit their stride around year 9! Steven gets animated about toxic masculinity, Travis offers parenting advice, and Chris can't name a SINGLE cereal mascot.  Recommendation: Voyage to the Stars Music by The Collection and purple-planet.com To support the show, head to patreon.com/isthisadulting

1hr 31mins

14 Mar 2019

Rank #10

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64: Em Schulz

Em (@TheEmSchulz) from And That's Why We Drink (ATWWDpodcast) drops by to chat about the lists we all make. Em is pretty bummed by a toy jingle, Chris debuts a new game, the gang discusses the intricacies of webbed hands, and Steven makes a public statement. Check out the wish items HERE Podcast Recommendation: Bubble Music by The Collection

1hr 40mins

21 Jun 2018

Rank #11

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50: Good Christian Fun

This Week: The guys are joined by Kevin T Porter and Caroline Ely of Good Christian Fun. They definitely earned their explicit rating this week! The gang talks about reviving Spike TV, Kevin meets a ghost from his past, Chris writes a new song, Steven gets roasted at his own wedding, and Caroline makes clear that female/male friendships are not a bad thing. Podcast Recommendation this week: Wizard and the Bruiser Music by: The Collection

1hr 37mins

15 Mar 2018

Rank #12

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72: Courtney Enlow

Courtney Enlow (@courtenlow) stops by the show this week! The gang gets real in the mental health check-in, history is discussed, erotic novels are written, the game breaks Courtney, and the gang discusses the other side of addiction CW: Addiction, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm Podcast Recommendation: The Adventure Zone Music By The Collection & purple-planet.com

1hr 51mins

16 Aug 2018

Rank #13

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137: Amanda McLoughlin Returns!

Amanda McLoughlin (@shessomickey) is back on the pod this week! They talk about these new tic tacs, what it is like to be in a period of transition, new Multitude projects, and Amanda Answers your questions! Recommendations: Wine and Crime/Melissa Benoist Music by The Collection

1hr 17mins

12 Mar 2020

Rank #14

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3: Randy Johnson – The Bird Terminator

This week we chat a a little bit about drinks we grew up with, Steven remembers the greatest moment in sports history, Chris’s scarring basketball game, and how to help your friends who struggle with mental illness. Music By The Collection Check out the "Is This Adulting? Best Friends" on Facebook


7 Apr 2017

Rank #15

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134: Lauren Vogel

Is This Adulting is BACK for a season two, if you will. And think, it only took us 3 years to get there... Chris and Steven are joined by production manager and wonderful friend Lauren Vogel to talk about new formats, how they have been, and write a new song! Music by the Collection Recommendations:The Collection and Ratboys

1hr 12mins

20 Feb 2020

Rank #16

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BONUS: Patreon Preview 2019

HELLO! Here is a preview of some of the content you can expect over on Patreon.com/isthisadulting. We have previewed funny episodes, and movie adventures in the past, but we wanted to show you what the episodes are like when we have a personal conversation with the listeners. These are unedited, but if you'd like to get episodes every week, you can do so at Patreon.com/isthisadulting. So this week, theres no movie. There isn't a wikipedia deep dive (mostly). There is less around me to talk about. This is a miniature real talk almost. I'm making changes. I am trying to be better. I hope you all will come along for the ride... -Steven


15 Jan 2019

Rank #17

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4: Today I’m Gonna Skate

This week the listeners give us all the feels, we re-visit missed connections, we reveal our pranking pasts, Steven embraces the lessons of Disney Channel Original Movies, and Chris seeks his long-lost love. Music By The Collection Check out the "Is This Adulting? Best Friends" on Facebook


13 Apr 2017

Rank #18

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80: Justin McElroy

Justin McElroy (@JustinMcElroy) joins the guys this week to dunk on Steven's meds. New monikers are handed out, Justin takes a stand on milk levels, the gang discusses balancing family life with self-care, and and a new cartoon robot makes it's debut... Check out the Sawbones book, out NOW!  Podcast Recommendation: The Thrilling Adventure Hour Music by The Collection & purple-planet.com

1hr 17mins

11 Oct 2018

Rank #19

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119: Kenyon Laing Returns!

Kenyon Laing (@KenyonLaing) of Wine and Crime joins the boys this week. They definitely play a game and they definitely talk about mental health. That is all I can recall because I am uploading this from the delivery room. Please to enjoy... Music By The Collection Recommendation: Babies

1hr 37mins

5 Sep 2019

Rank #20