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Introducing the Chloe & Zoë Show!This podcast is about two best friends who will be chatting about about their lives, their faith, being dedicated bloggers, high school/college experiences, and dishing out unsolicited advice about food, fitiness, fashion and much more. C&Z will also be doing interviews with small businesses and fellow bloggers to learn more about our incredible community of entrepreneurship. They are extremely excited to share all these wonderful connections and insights and be the second show ever on the @xvxiiinetworkCheck them out: @chloevandzoe

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||EP 06|| Social Media

The ladies are back and at it again with an episode they are especially excited to share. They’re switching things up and did their research to have a “real talk” about something on everyone’s minds: Social Media. The big one. How does it affect your mental health? What do the experts say? How can you transform social media from being a habit into a platform?


9 Nov 2018

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