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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

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Episode 74: Quentin Tarantino

DVDTalk.com critic and SharcTankMedia contributor Tyler Foster joins us for one of our longer episodes in awhile to talk about a very obscure, unknown filmmaker that you've probably never heard of. Quentin Tarantino. We focus on the breakthrough classic PULP FICTION in honor of its 20th anniversary, as well as Quentin's first of two historical revisions with the WWII revenge drama INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. And obviously we pretty much bring up every movie he's ever done throughout the course of the episode. In addition we review 22 JUMP STREET, MOOD INDIGO, EDGE OF TOMORROW, THE RULES OF ATTRACTION, THE HITCHER films, and much more!   0:00 - 15:15 - Intro / In-House Business15:16- 17:14 - What We Watched Song17:15 - 1:35:50 - What We Watched This Week1:35:51 - 1:38:00 - Director Song1:38:01 - 2:06:07 - Pulp Fiction2:06:08 - 3:03:44 - Inglorious Bastards & All Of The Rest Of His Films!3:03:45 - 3:11:30 - Top 3 Lists / Outro In two weeks, Jim goes on vacation to NYC while Patrick checks-in with the great Kurt Halfyard to talk about film noir legend Samuel Fuller. Until then, send us your feedback and comments over to:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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17 Jun 2014

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Episode 82: Andrei Tarkovsky

Looking to get logey? Can't wait for the turkey's tryptophan to kick in? Why not dip into the work of the greatest slow-paced Russian director of all time, Andrei Tarkovsky with Patrick and Auteurist Trap's Bill Ackerman? In addition to touching upon all seven of his masterpieces, they talk about Interstellar, Whiplash, Inherent Vice, Outer Space, and more. The rest of the year Patrick will be dedicating to bonus episodes, but join us at the end of December for the long-anticipated Robert Altman episode!

3hr 1min

23 Nov 2014

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Episode 34: David Fincher

Renn Brown of CHUD.com returns to talk with us about a true auteur, the great David Fincher. We focus on the 1999 cult classic FIGHT CLUB as well as the critically-acclaimed 2007 true crime procedural, ZODIAC and then touch upon a couple other films as well.  Renn reviews BATTLESHIP, Jim praises Richard Linklater's latest BERNIE, and finally Patrick wraps things up with a discussion about J-horror and the American remake of THE RING. In about a week we will be talking live with Steve Prokopy (Capone @ Aint it Cool News) as we discuss Jim's favorite director, Paul Thomas Anderson!   Please be sure to leave us a voicemail to play on the show at 224-366-9528.  If you’re a movie blogger/podcaster and would like a guest spot on the show to talk about a filmmaker whose work you admire. Thanks again for listening and be sure to check out our updated upcoming schedule in the sidebar to see which directors we’ll be talking about soon!  Questions are always welcome via email: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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22 May 2012

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Episode 51: The Coen Brothers

Returning guests Matt Gamble of Where The Long Tail Ends as well as writer/musician Russ Woods joins us to talk about visionary filmmakers The Coen Brothers.  We review their take on the beloved gangster film noir with MILLER’S CROSSING as well as their critically lauded follow-up BARTON FINK.   In addition, Matt talks about both THE LAST STAND & RESURRECT DEAD: THE MYSTERY OF THE TOYNBEE TILES, Jim discusses a rewatch of THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, Russ reviews INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE which then leads Patrick into an impassioned conversation about Lucasarts videogames.  0:00 – 5:58 – Introduction / In-house business 6:00 – 7:30 – What We Watched This Week Song 7:31 – 22:42 – What Matt Watched This Week 22:43 – 32:50 – What Russ Watched This Week 32:51 – 45:00  - What Patrick Watched/Played This Week 45:01 – 55:15 – What Jim Watched This Week 55:16 – 56:33 – Coen Brothers Song 56:34 – 57:57 – Director Introduction 57:58 – 1:32:12 – Miller’s Crossing Review 1:32:13 – 2:07:12 – Barton Fink Review 2:07:13 – 2:24:09 – Other Coen Brothers Movies We Love 2:24:10 – 2:31:04 –  Top 3 Coen Brothers Films / Outro In two weeks, returning guest Erik Childress will be back to discuss Robert Zemeckis!  Please be sure to leave us a voicemail with your list to play on the show as well at 224-366-9528. If you’re a movie blogger/podcaster and would like a guest spot on the show to talk about a filmmaker whose work you admire. Thanks again for listening and be sure to check out our updated upcoming schedule in the sidebar to see which directors we’ll be talking about soon!  Questions, comments and top ten lists are always welcome via email: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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24 Jan 2013

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Bonus Episode: The Thing (1982) Commentary feat. Patrick Ripoll

I tied my dear friend Patrick Ripoll to a fucking couch!  Former co-host and podcaster extraordinaire, is back for this special bonus episode. We are hoping that this bonus offering for October will encourage you to donate any amount to the network to help keep our shows running, but again, no obligation, just a request: http://www.nowplayingnetwork.net/donation/ Patrick is a movie commentary savant at this point, thanks to his terrific show Tracks of the Damned. So I invited him down to my place for an in-depth analysis on John Carpenter's THE THING. Many laughs were had, theories were discussed, and a blood test was administered. The big question is: Who is THE THING and when? And does the introduction of McCready tie into the way the film wraps up?  Also why did DMX show up for a few minutes?  All of these questions may or may not be answered. I should've given Patrick a bottle of whiskey at the end of this truly joyful commentary on one of my all-time top five favorite horror films.  Cue up your copy and get ready to experience this classic movie, Jim & Patrick style for this wonderful time of year. Happy Halloween and Happy October to all! Patrick's Horror Movie Commentary Podcast: http://www.nowplayingnetwork.net/tracksofthedamned Follow Patrick on Letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/patrickripoll/

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10 Oct 2016

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Episode 141: Akira Kurosawa Part One

The Director's Club wanted to finish off the year right and begin the new one with a bang, so we're having our first 2018 episode on the films of epic director Akira Kurosawa.  This episode looks at the first half of his career, looking in on his early works from "Sanshiro Sugata" through his run of masterpieces ("Rashomon", "Ikiru", "Seven Samurai", "Throne of Blood").  Hope you all have a happy new year in 2018, and that you enjoy listening to us talk about his amazing films at least half as much as we did recording it for you! 7:18  Early works: "Sanshiro Sugata 1 and 2", "The Most Beautiful", "The Men Who Tread On the Tiger's Tail" ("Black Clouds", Papa Roach) 21:48 "Drunken Angel" ("Dirty Water", The Standells) 34:04 "Stray Dog" ("Heatwave", Martha Reeves & The Vandellas) 46:20 "Rashomon" ("Black Sheets of Rain", Bob Mould) 1:10:28 "Ikiru" ("While I Shovel the Snow", The Walkmen) 1:38:50 "The Seven Samurai" ("Heavy Rain", Boris) 2:09:01 "Throne of Blood" (Theme from John Carpenter's "The Fog")

2hr 39mins

1 Jan 2018

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The Horror Movie Show 2015: Part One

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those who do not believe in a gender binary: this is the one you've been waiting for. Last year we asked listeners to submit lists of their top 10 horror films, with the catch being that they weren't allowed to include 20 established classics. The result was the incredibly popular Horror Movie Show 2014.This year we asked for the same thing, but this time around not only were those 20 films off-limits, but everything listed last year was also off-limits. That's a total of potential 190 films that were taken off the table. A month later, dozens of top 10 lists submitted, totaling 313 films and seven hours of content. This is the ultimate experience in grueling horror podcasting. In this first part of The Horror Movie Show 2015, Patrick and Gabe cover the 221 films that got a single vote, which is everything from The Wolf Man to The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears. Join us in the middle of next week for Part 2, where we get into the films that got 2 votes.  Part 3 will be released at midnight on Halloween.

3hr 16mins

24 Oct 2015

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Episode 152: Robert Altman Redux Part 1

Once in a while a director comes along with such an original and distinctive vision that you can return to his work again and again and continue to discover new depths. Robert Altman is such a director and has inspired us to release our first Director's Club Redux episode. In Part 1, we cover the maverick director's breakout blockbuster M*A*S*H, all the way to his not so blockbuster take on Popeye. In between, we look at his deconstructions of Westerns (McCabe & Mrs. Miller), noirs (The Long Goodbye) and musicals (Nashville), all the way to such uncategorizable gems as 3 Women. We are pleased to welcome back Bill Ackerman, host of the Now Playing Network's Supporting Characters + From The Neighborhood as our guest for this episode.

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16 Jul 2018

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Episode 125: Sergio Leone

Brad and Al talk about Pre-Leone history of the Westers:  3:13 "The Colossus Of Rhodes"  12:16 "Fistful of Dollars" 16:14         * Theme from... "For A Few Dollars More" 33:47         * Theme from...         * "The Musical Pocket Watch" "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly"  49:38         * Theme from...         * "The Story of a Soldier"         * "The Ecstacy of Gold"         * "The Trio" "Once Upon a Time in the West"  1:34:40         * Theme from.... (Jill's Entrance)         * "Man With The Harmonica"         * "Farewell to Cheyenne" (played at our outro) "Duck, You Sucker!" 2:21:33         * Theme from... "Once Upon a Time in America"  2:42:20         * "Amapola" Summary: "Is Sergio Leone 'The Guy'?"  3:18:48         * Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass playing "Tijuana Taxi"

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3 Mar 2017

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Episode 107: Martin Scorsese (w/guest Nick Digilio)

At last. He is not only my favorite talk show radio host, but one of the main reasons I became passionate about film in the first place.  WGN's own Nick Digilio, who has been reviewing movies since 1985, came into my life in December of 1989 alongside the legendary Roy Leonard.  I haven't stopped listening to Nick review movies on a weekly basis since then.  He's been incredibly supportive, so it was only a matter of time he comes on to the podcast since he's one of the smartest guys I know.  We chose to tackle the filmography of one of our greatest filmmakers of all time.  And inevitably, decided that we have to record a sequel episode in a few weeks. Martin Scorsese has made a myriad of incredible films, including masterpieces way early on that became hugely influential.  We started recording thinking we could cover it all under two hours, but alas, the discussion for Part One ends at GOODFELLAS, but everything before that is covered including MEAN STREETS, TAXI DRIVER, RAGING BULL, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, AFTER HOURS and a whole lot more.  In about a month, Nick will come back for the second half in which we start out with Scorsese's only remake to date.  Recorded a few days after my birthday, this was one of the best gifts for me as a fan of Nick's show but as a fan of cinema.  Hopefully you enjoy this conversation as much as I did, and I look forward to continuing this examination & education in early June so stay tuned! 00:00 - 08:00 - Introduction To The Episode 08:01 - 13:40 - Introduction With Nick 13:41 - 15:04 - Director Parody Song 15:05 - 30:42 - First Experiences, Who's That Knocking, Boxcar Bertha 30:43 - 01:07:59 - Mean Streets, Alice Doesn't Live Here, Taxi Driver 01:08:00 - 01:34:00 - New York New York, Raging Bull, The King Of Comedy 01:34:01 - 01:54:35 - After Hours, Last Temptation of Christ, Goodfellas 01:54:36 - 01:57:30 - Top 5 Scorsese Films / Outro At the end of May around Memorial Day weekend, the great Patrick Ripoll returns to talk about the one and only Spike Lee, another NY legend with an expansive and fascinating filmography.  And then Nick will return for Martin Scorsese: Part Two!  Until next time, please send all your comments on Scorsese or any director to:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com.  Visit DirectorsClubPodcast.com as well as NowPlayingNetwork.net for a slew of great content!  Thank you so very much for listening, subscribing, spreading the word, and to everyone that continues to support my love of film. Nick Digilio on Facebook: http://wgnradio.com/category/nick-digilio/ My Recent Appearance on the Cinereelists: http://cinereelists.com/shows/202-midnight-special-high-rise-w-jim-laczkowski/

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10 May 2016

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Episode 119: Peter Bogdanovich

As of mid-January 2017, I will no longer be the host of Director's Club on a full-time basis. Episode 121 (The Best of 2016) will be my last official episode as the predominant voice you hear on the show. While some of you may frown at that change, I encourage you to listen to my reasons during the introduction as well as learn who the new host will be and why I decided to move forward. Reminder: I am not disappearing completely.  After a lengthy monologue about the changes to come including the ridiculous election results, I happily have a conversation with one of my favorite guests and friends, Supporting Characters' very own Bill Ackerman. Not only will Bill be my guest for Episode 121, he joins me today to discuss the life and films of a fascinating figure by the name of Peter Bogdanovich. We talk about his most renowned work such as THE LAST PICTURE SHOW & PAPER MOON, but we also touch upon overlooked gems like TARGETS, THEY ALL LAUGHED & SAINT JACK. There's a review for all of his films overall. Please listen to the entire episode this time around, it would be greatly appreciated. And I can't thank Bill enough once again for another wonderful conversation and education about one of cinema's greats!  For some reason, we forgot to give our top three lists!  00:00 - 22:22 - Introduction / Announcement (changes in 2017) 22:23 - 24:32 - Introduction w/Bill 24:33 - 26:34 - Director Song 26:35 - 01:08:08 - TARGETS, THE LAST PICTURE SHOW 01:08:09 - 01:39:52 - WHAT'S UP DOC, PAPER MOON 01:39:53 - 02:02:41 - SAINT JACK, THEY ALL LAUGHED 02:02:42 - 02:17:47 - MASK, TEXASVILLE, NOISES OFF 02:17:48 - 02:42:10 - THE THING CALLED LOVE & others 02:42:11 - 02:49:44 - Outro Stay tuned. In two weeks, right before Thanksgiving, you'll be treated to a special episode involving returning guests Kurt Halfyard and Kate Blair as we talk about the three films of Jonathan Glazer. Then December, I'll be laying low, watching as many 2016 releases as I can before my final official episode in early January. Please stay subscribed, and more news to come!  Visit: http://directorsclubpodcast.com and send an email to: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com Please visit: http://nowplayingnetwork.net http://letterboxd.com/billackerman http://letterboxd.com/instantjim

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15 Nov 2016

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Episode 115: Nicholas Ray

Nicholas Ray is now one of my top ten favorite filmmakers of all time. I had seen REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE when I was younger, but it wasn’t until recently that I went back to check out about a half a dozen of his films back-to-back. I realized the more that I watched, the more I responded to his work thematically. Joining me once again to talk about this legendary director is returning guest Sergio Mims, one of the smartest critics I know. And boy does he have some stories to share throughout our conversation that made my jaw drop. We go through several titles including THEY LIVE BY NIGHT, IN A LONELY PLACE, ON DANGEROUS GROUND, JOHNNY GUITAR, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, and BIGGER THAN LIFE.  Sergio also mentions a couple of other films worth seeking out. Nicholas Ray has lead quite the life, and we dive into a lot regarding the man and his movies, both on-screen and off.  I really think you’ll enjoy this one, even if you’re not familiar with the man’s work.  00:00 – 05:13 – Introduction 05:14 – 19:14 - Introduction with Sergio 19:15 – 20:04 - Director Song 20:05 – 52:14 - They Live By Night, In A Lonely Place 52:15 – 01:13:19 - On Dangerous Ground, Johnny Guitar 01:13:20 – 01:58:27 - Rebel Without A Cause, Bigger Than Life 01:58:28 – 02:17:23 - Top 3 Films / Outro I will be taking a couple weeks off from this podcast.  When I return it’ll be in mid-late September alongside Chris Olson, as we explore the work of another legend: Roger Corman!  Until next time, please send your emails to directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com. Visit: http://nowplayingnetwork.net and check out the archives: http://directorsclubpodcast.com.  Hope to hear from you during my break!

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27 Aug 2016

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Episode 104: Alfred Hitchcock

Another classic director that we've been meaning to feature on the show for quite some time is finally covered. I also decided it's been way too long since we got a different perspective, other than one of the male variety.  Kate Blair, holds a Master's in Cinema, writes reviews for Tiny Mix Tapes, has a blog titled Selective Viewing and turns out to be one of the more insightful guests I've had on the show.  We cover a whole lotta Hitchcock in just under three hours, and yet, there is still so much more to see for round two in the not-so-distant future.  Which titles would you like us to review for Part 2?  Send an email and let us know!  For this first outing, we talk about THE 39 STEPS, THE LADY VANISHES, SHADOW OF A DOUBT, NOTORIOUS, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, REAR WINDOW, THE WRONG MAN, VERTIGO, PSYCHO and THE BIRDS.  But that's the tip of the iceberg.  We briefly mention a couple more we've seen and enjoyed as well as touch upon how Kate fell in love with movies.  Expect return visits from this guest in the future, and hope you enjoy our discussion on the master of suspense! 00:00 - 06:18 - Introduction**06:19 - 17:11 - Introduction With Kate17:12 - 18:32 - Hitchcock Song*18:33 - 1:03:28 - Experiences, 39 STEPS, LADY VANISHES, SHADOW OF A DOUBT01:03:29 - 01:03:59 - Intermission / Spellbound Score Excerpt01:04:00 - 01:35:42 - NOTORIOUS, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, REAR WINDOW01:35:43 - 02:44:26 - THE WRONG MAN, VERTIGO, PSYCHO, THE BIRDS02:44:27 - 02:55:12 - Top 5 Hitchcock Films / Outro I'm taking a short spring break and have asked two of my favorite cinephiles to talk about a director without my presence!  The next episode will be on Atom Egoyan and will feature the return of Bill Ackerman and Al Kwiatkowski as they deconstruct EXOTICA, THE SWEET HEREAFTER and a whole lot more.  I will return in mid-April for another episode TBD, and eventually in early May, an episode featuring WGN's Nick Digilio and myself talking about Martin Scorsese will finally happen!  Until then, I encourage all of you to leave a review on ITUNES, send me an email at:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com, and of course, subscribe to all the great shows over at NowPlayingNetwork.net!  Thank you so much for listening.  Don't forget:  What titles would you like us to review for Hitch Part 2?  Send an email and let us know!  This episode has been brought to you by Freshbooks!  Here's the link to where you can try this terrific software free for 30 days: http://gofreshbooks.com/directorsclub *credit goes to Jen Schmidt for the inspiration **Also I don't know why I said David Blair when referring to Bill Ackerman's first guest on Supporting Characters. CORRECTION: The name of Bill's guest is Daniel Bird.

2hr 55mins

15 Mar 2016

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Episode 33: Michael Mann

We return to our original format with a third appearance from previous guest Brendan Leonard, covering the great crime thriller director Michael Mann. We focus on the 1995 classic HEAT as well as the critically-acclaimed follow-up THE INSIDER and then touch upon a couple other films from both earlier in his career and recently.  Brendan also talks about THE RIGHT STUFF which he recently saw on the big screen, while I proclaim my affinity for INTRUDER, and Patrick wraps things up with a discussion about the original KING KONG.  Brendan ducks out an hour early in this episode due to technical difficulties, but don't fret, you get to hear us conclude the conversation over Skype and once again, get into an argument about HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.  In two weeks we will be talking about another beloved auteur David Fincher with returning guest Renn Brown of CHUD.com.   Please be sure to leave us a voicemail to play on the show at 224-366-9528.  If you’re a movie blogger/podcaster and would like a guest spot on the show to talk about a filmmaker whose work you admire (or despise). Thanks again for listening and be sure to check out our updated upcoming schedule in the sidebar to see which directors we’ll be talking about soon!  Questions are always welcome via email: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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23 Apr 2012

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Episode 19: Christopher Nolan

Our guest film critic, Erik Childress of Efilmcritic.com is a huge fan of Christopher Nolan.  He put one of Nolan’s films on his list of the best films of the decade and we were more than curious to hear an interesting perspective on a such an innovative director. We mainly look at Nolan's most acclaimed film, MEMENTO, then discuss a film that seemed to be less acclaimed at the time, THE PRESTIGE.  We dissect both at length, and each choose one other film from his filmography to talk about further.  During the what we watched segment, Erik reviews WARRIOR, Jim reviews FRIGHT NIGHT, and Patrick reviews CAPTAIN AMERICA. We also announce the winner of the Amazon Gift Card contest!In less than a week, our first returning guest Brendan Leonard joins us to talk about the work of David Mamet (both as a director and as a writer).  Until next time, please send us your suggestions as well as any comments about Nolan or any director we’ve discussed or will discuss on a future episode.  Drop us a line if you’re a movie blogger/podcaster and would like a guest spot on the show to talk about a filmmaker whose work you admire (or despise).   Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our updated upcoming schedule in the sidebar to see which directors we’ll be talking about soon!   Leave us a voicemail to play on the show at 224-366-9528.  Questions are always welcome via email:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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4 Sep 2011

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Episode 122: Favorite Films Of 2016

This is the end!  (Don't worry, I didn't play The Doors in this episode). Well, no of course it isn't actually the end.  But this is the last episode where I officially host.  Fear not, there will be bonus episodes and I’ll be guesting from time to time throughout the year.  Give all your support to Al & Brad when they begin in three weeks on the Danny Boyle episode.  Of course, this is the year-end spectacular for 2016 and it should come as no surprise that it’s 4 hours long.  I enlisted the help of two great friends of mine to contribute their thoughts on the year that was, as well as sharing their favorite films of 2016.  Supporting Characters’ very own Bill Ackerman as well as Film Jive co-host Zach Betonte expand with me in great detail about memorable moments in film from the year that was!  We also continue the tradition of sub-categories, listener & past guest contributions, 2016 favorites from the fans, and so much more!  Obviously, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t begin with an introduction and a farewell.  I’ll miss hosting, but I will continue to be behind-the-scenes every step of the way.  It’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege hosting this show, and you can always find me on either the Now Playing Network or at Voices & Visions - Jim 00:00 - 09:18 - Introduction / Farewell 09:19 - 36:42 -  Overall Thoughts On 2016 36:43 - 01:45:50 - Sub-Categories (Best Actress, etc.) 01:45:51 - 01:52:10 - Regina & Andrew’s Lists! 01:52:11 - 02:26:16 - Numbers #25 - #11 02:26:17 - 02:29:14 - More Listener Lists! 02:29:15 - 03:57:37 - Our Top Ten Favorite Films Of 2016 03:57:38 - 04:03:45 - Final Round Of Listener Lists 04:03:46 - 04:09:30 - Outro / Final Parody Song For our complete lists, photos and show notes go to: http://www.directorsclubpodcast.com/blog/favorites2016

4hr 9mins

10 Jan 2017

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Episode 18: Brian De Palma

Reminder: This came out in 2011. For the first time ever, we welcome two guests for a point/counter-point discussion on a very divisive filmmaker.  This whole new format quite possibly turned out to be our best show yet with lots of hilarity and violent screams of fury!  Some love Brian De Palma as a remarkable visual artist and cite him as a member of the New Hollywood group of filmmakers, while others despise him for being derivative and lazy with the storytelling process. We wanted to explore both sides. It got heated. There was swearing. Our guests, Peter Sobczynski of Efilmcritic.com is on the plus side, whereas Matt Gamble of WhereTheLongTailEnds.com is on the negative side.  We mainly look at his earliest and most acclaimed film, BLOW-OUT, then talk about a rather goofy noir from the latter part of his career, FEMME FATALE.  Collectively, we all have very different takes on De Palma and it makes for a really tense and enlightening analysis especially as we obsess over his filmography.  During the what we watched segment, we also have a heated debate on THE TREE OF LIFE, and our guests talk about two new movies coming out within the next month or so, that we're both really excited to see.  Let us know if you enjoyed this new format so that we consider this approach again for future episodes. Email us at:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com.

2hr 22mins

20 Aug 2011

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Episode 110: Martin Scorsese Part II (w/Nick Digilio)

Back once again after only a month and a half, talk show radio hero extraordinare, WGN's Nick Digilio returns once again to discuss the post-GOODFELLAS career of Martin Scorsese. We start with CAPE FEAR and go all the way to THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, and everything in-between.  Digressions galore, but a real highlight of this episode comes at about the 59 minute mark when Nick brings up an infamous studio publicist who loved to let the expletives fly!  When he discusses Frank Casey at one point, it might've been the hardest I've laughed on this show in a long time.  But really, this is all about Scorsese's fascinating and influential career as continued from Part One. Nick and I disagree a couple of times, particularly on the last film he has put out as of 2016. Truly hope you enjoy this memorable conversation, because as always, talking with Nick on my own show is something that remains very special to me indeed. Scorsese Part One:http://www.directorsclubpodcast.com/blog/scorsesepart1 00:00 - 08:00 - Introduction 08:01 - 35:03 - CAPE FEAR, THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, CASINO 35:04 - 54:44 - KUNDUN, BRINGING OUT THE DEAD, GANGS OF NEW YORK 54:45 - 01:21:17 - AVIATOR, SHUTTER ISLAND, HUGO 01:21:18 - 01:35:15 - WOLF OF WALL STREET / Top 5 Scorsese Films / Outro Subscribe to Nick Digilio's podcast here: http://wgnradio.com/category/nick-digilio/ Nick, Erik & Collin's Favorite Films Of 2016 So Far: http://wgnradio.com/2016/07/11/the-best-and-worst-movies-of-2016-so-far/ Stay tuned -- many more episodes to come this month, including Agnes Varda, Alex Cox, and more!  Be sure to visit NowPlayingNetwork.net for all of the great shows I mentioned during the introduction.  Send an email to directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com and subscribe over on ITunes.  Thank you again so much for listening, and your continuing support.  Finally, the piece of music I used at the end of this episode is one of my favorite compositions of all time. It's by the great Max Richter and was used briefly and brilliantly in SHUTTER ISLAND.  Do listen to this piece in its entirety:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVN1B-tUpgs Website / Archives: http://directorsclubpodcast.com ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/directors-club/id414288912 Like The Show On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Directors-Club-248157061905613/

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12 Jul 2016

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Episode 83: Robert Altman

Well I'm back everyone and I couldn't be more ecstatic about this episode, in which we discuss Patrick's favorite filmmaker, the great Robert Altman!  In addition, I (kind of) review my favorite director's latest film entitled INHERENT VICE.  Maybe you've heard of it?  We also talk a couple of other recent releases such as WILLOW CREEK and I proclaim my love for NBC's gorgeous and disturbing show HANNIBAL.  But the bulk of the conversation consists of us raving about all-things Altman including THREE WOMEN, THE LONG GOODBYE, MCCABE AND MRS MILLER, THE PLAYER, NASHVILLE and more!  Stay tuned for our Best of 2014 episode in about a week and thank you so much to everyone for their continuing support and incredibly thoughtful, compassionate emails during my absence. I plan to stay on indefinitely and couldn't feel better about my return. Much love - Jim

2hr 39mins

4 Jan 2015

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Episode 53: John Cassavetes

Film Jive co-host Zach Betonte joins us to talk about the remarkably influential independent filmmaker John Cassavetes.  We discuss his most critically lauded film, A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, as well as his foray into the Mafia crime genre, THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE.  In addition, Zach revisits THE ROAD WARRIOR, Jim discusses STOKER, and PATRICK talks about his love of horror fan fiction and Troma films. 0:00 – 8:32 – Introduction / In-house business 8:33 – 9:02 – What We Watched This Week Song 9:03 – 19:50 – What Zach Watched This Week 19:51 – 29:29 – What Jim Watched This Week 29:30 – 47:13 – What Patrick Watched This Week 47:14 – 48:44 – John Cassavetes Song 48:45 – 50:49 – Director Introduction 50:50 – 1:25:30 – A Woman Under The Influence Review 1:25:31 – 1:49:30 – The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie Review 1:49:31 – 2:08:43 – Other Cassavetes Movies We Love 2:08:44 – 2:15:33 –  Top 3 Cassavetes Films / Outro In two weeks, we might have a guest (?) who will join us to talk about Claire Denis.  Please be sure to leave us a voicemail with your list to play on the show as well at 224-366-9528. If you’re a movie blogger/podcaster and would like a guest spot on the show to talk about a filmmaker whose work you admire. Thanks again for listening and be sure to check out our updated upcoming schedule in the sidebar to see which directors we’ll be talking about soon!  Questions, comments and top ten lists are always welcome via email: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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11 Mar 2013

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