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The UCB Long-Form Conversations Podcast is the definitive source for news, information, and in-depth conversations about the best alternative comedy theatre on the planet. Now in its fourth incarnation, this podcast is a LaRonde, where the guest of episode 1 becomes the host of episode 2, the guest of episode 2 becomes the host of episode 3, and on, and on, and on. Sporadically, we also present “Palate Cleansers”, where UCB teachers and staff present official UCB news/updates, and offer experimental one-off episodes. Tune in for passionate, insightful conversations about the art, comedy, and love of long form improv, presented by the comedians who teach and perform at UCB (NYC and LA). This podcast feed also features the full archive of this podcast going back to 2009.

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Brennan Lee Mulligan / Scot Armstrong

Brennan Lee Mulligan sits down with NY OG, screenwriter, show runner, & director Scot Armstrong (Soundtrack, Mother). They cover his early days studying in Chicago at Second City under Del Close, the Chicago scene, the very first days of UCB New York, helping invite the Soundtrack format, and more.


8 Oct 2018

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Anna Rajo / Brennan Lee Mulligan

Anna Rajo / Brennan Lee Mulligan by UCB Comedy


30 Jul 2018

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Palate Cleanser: Brian Huskey

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