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Fueling the future

As the clamor for greener fuels grows ever louder, bunker players are already looking forward to the next big thing. Platts bunker reporters Jack Jordan and Tom Washington discuss with Joel Hanley the alternative fuels being eyed as replacements for oil. And in the latest IMO 2020 podcast, Tamara Sleiman talks to Britt Russell-Webster and Eleni Pittalis on the industry's final preparations ahead of the much talked about January 1 deadline.


5 Dec 2019

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The only way is up for refiners

Talks of closures are over for now and a clutch of run cuts at European refineries, followed by a significant outage in the US, is propping up sentiment. Refineries reporter Elza Turner tells the latest to Joel Hanley. Later in the program, Tamara Sleiman talks to Philip Reeder and Lara Berton...


18 Jul 2019

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Sweet opportunities remain for sour crude and heavy products

IMO 2020 may be looming and the overall trajectory for sour crude such as Urals and high sulfur fuel oil is down, but with anomalous trading patterns and pockets of tightness, the high sulfur element can still show some strength. S&P Global reporters William Bland and Tamara Sleiman tell...


22 Aug 2019

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Implications of US sanctions on Iran for Asian oil buyers

How will Asia's top buyers react to the re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran?In this podcast, S&P Global Platts editors Mriganka Jaipuriyar, Philip Vahn, and Oceana Zhou examine why China is likely to benefit the most out of the US' move, as South Korea and Japan cut back on their imports and...


9 May 2018

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Choppier waters for European gasoline

The US is diversifying its sources of imports, but while this might sound dismal for European producers there is still a varied landscape of shorts out there and the outlook for producers is bullish. Francesco di Salvo talks to Solomon Lanitis and Joshua Brown. Meanwhile, on the high seas, Alex...


4 Jul 2019

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High noon for high sulfur?

Much is made of the new 0.5% sulfur standard in marine fuels come IMO 2020 but what of the well-established 3.5% fuel market? How are prices reacting to the upcoming changes in shipping standards? Platts reporters Tamara Sleiman and Britt Russell-Webster join Joel Hanley to discuss the short-term...


24 Oct 2019

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Saudi shut-in after attacks, and an exploding scrubber: just another week in oil

As the oil market players digested the insights from the annual APPEC meeting in Singapore, an explosive attack on critical oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia shut in over 5% of global oil supply. Joel Hanley discusses with Eklavya Gupte and Jonty Rushforth this huge shut-in of crude oil, with...


16 Sep 2019

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IMO: financing marine fuel costs post-2020

Tonnage, debt, price and credit could be explosive issues for the shipping and bunker industry going into 2020. The fallout from the International Maritime Organization's tighter fuel regulations will mean higher fuel costs and/or difficulties purchasing expensive scrubbers. S&P Global Platts...


24 Jul 2018

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Iran sanctions begin to bite; what does IMO 2020 mean for fuel oil?

The expiration of the US-issued Iranian sanctions waivers has now passed, leaving regular buyers of Iranian crude – and the fuel oil market – short of a regular supply line. S&P Global Platts reporters Tamara Sleiman and Eklavya Gupte tell Joel Hanley who they think the winners...


13 May 2019

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US crude: overpriced, overhyped, and over here?

As trade tensions mount, US crude production continues to grow and it has to go somewhere; Europe and Asia have been accommodating homes so far but have troubles of their own. How much more crude does Europe need, and who is losing out in the US export explosion? Joel Hanley is joined by Platts...


14 Aug 2019

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"The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia."

With Otto von Bismarck’s famous quote likely ringing in his ears, Saudi King Salman welcomed Russia’s President Putin this week. Oil, OPEC, and cooperation were high on the agenda, but will Putin’s visit to the Middle East prove more successful than the Saudi orchestra’s...


17 Oct 2019

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Refining maintenance

While oil refineries should be enjoying a relatively low crude oil price, the Covid-19 virus has hit demand in some regions. Can refiners use this time to overhaul their plants and make the most of the downturn? Elza Turner and Joel Hanley discuss the latest options for refiners and count the cost of the Coronavirus.


13 Feb 2020

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Changing currents for crude flows following trouble in the Strait of Hormuz

The UK and Iran are facing off against one another over oil tankers and this is spooking both shippers and oil producers, with ripple effects across the markets. News reporters Jack Jordan and Miriam Malek discuss the implications with Eleni Pittalis.


11 Jul 2019

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US, Russia battle for Asian crude oil demand

US crude has been gaining market share in Asia, with growing popularity in South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. S&P Global Platts editors Avantika Ramesh and Ada Taib examine how the flow of US crude in to the region has been affecting demand for Far East Russian crude grades.


2 Aug 2019

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Asian end-users grapple with soaring crude prices as freight rates surge

Asian end-users faced a month of soaring crude oil prices in October after freight rates surged to record highs earlier this month. Editors Vickey Du and Avantika Ramesh look at how end-users have responded and which grades in particular have benefitted from the expensive freight.


31 Oct 2019

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Crude sellers count the cost of mounting freight rates

As trade tensions take their toll on the shipping sector, will sellers of crude oil have to slash differentials to offset the high cost of transport? And how can the owners of clean vessels capitalise on high rates? Platts reporters Emma Kettley and Chris To discuss the market with Joel Hanley in...


10 Oct 2019

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Greener opportunities for jet fuel

Growing environmental scrutiny upon the aviation sector is shining a light on its carbon footprint. Tune into jet fuel specialist Emma Thomas and biofuel specialist Huw Shortland as they discuss the latest developments with Platts carbon news lead Frank Watson. Later in the program, fuel oil reporters Sarah-Jane Flaws and James Goldburn discuss falling premiums for very low sulfur with Tamara Sleiman as IMO 2020 gets underway.


20 Feb 2020

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Sour potential for Middle Eastern crude flows amid US-Iran tensions

Pressure on availability of sour crude could be brewing amid tension in the Middle East, with the potential for US involvement in the area to result in sanctions on Iraqi exports. Platts reporters William Bland and Eklavya Gupte discuss with Joel Hanley where recent events in the region could take us in this podcast, recorded on Tuesday. Also, Seth Clare, Britt Russell-Webster and Tom Washington update Tamara Sleiman on how VLSFO and distillates are faring at the start of 2020.


9 Jan 2020

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The middle way: Distillate-rich crudes forge ahead as IMO 2020 looms

With all of the focus on sour crudes ahead of IMO 2020, the relationship between naphtha-rich and distillate-rich barrels has attracted less attention. But increasingly, the product split in sweet crude yields has become a driving factor as refineries gear up for the new low-sulfur world. S&P...


12 Sep 2019

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Prepare to reap the whirlwind

While the US continues to count the cost of Hurricane Dorian, Europe’s refined products markets are seeing differing impacts. Joel Hanley hears from Platts reporters Solomon Lanitis and Virginie Malicier what effects a storm in the US has on European imports and exports. And in the latest IMO...


5 Sep 2019

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