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Wall Street Unplugged - What's Really Moving These Markets

Listen to renowned small cap stock analyst Frank Curzio talk with leading economists and respected investment professionals. Frank also breaks down the news of the week so all listeners can make money in these markets!

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One on one with investing legend Ken Fisher (Ep. 679)

Today, I’m joined by first time guest Ken Fisher. Ken is founder, executive chairman, and co-chief investment officer at [15:43]. He’s also a prize-winning researcher and bestselling author.  Ken breaks down his process for finding the best investing ideas… and why he believes this bull market will continue higher.  In my educational segment, I share a fantastic example of why boots-on-the-ground research is critical [51:17]. One company is down over 40% in the last few months… But thanks to my field work, I already warned you about it. Now management is making awful excuses regarding its recent earnings miss…  And be sure to listen to my rant—which was triggered by dinner plates, of all things. ---------------------- Editor’s note: Want first access to Frank’s boots-on-the-ground intel? For a limited time, we’re offering at our lowest price ever. Membership grants immediate access to all of Frank’s research… and an on-fire portfolio full of “buy” recommendations. . -------------------------------- Enjoyed this episode?   Get Wall Street Unplugged delivered FREE to your inbox every Wednesday: https://www.curzioresearch.com/wall-street-unplugged/   --------------------------------   Wall Street Unplugged podcast is available at: --: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wall-street-unplugged-frank/ -- : https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/curzio-research/wall-street-unplugged-2 -- : https://www.curzioresearch.com/category/podcast/wall-street-unplugged/   : https://twitter.com/frankcurzio :. https://www.facebook.com/CurzioResearch/ : https://www.linkedin.com/in/frank-curzio-690561a7/ : https://www.curzioresearch.com

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24 Jul 2019

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Where to Find Value in Mining Stocks Today (EP. 617)

There’s been a lot of pressure on mining stocks, and I know a lot of you are wondering if the bottom is in and it’s time to buy.   Jeff Phillips, President of Global Market Development, joins me this week to share what will be a boost to these companies… what he looks for in a resource investment… and where to find value. You’ll also hear Jeff’s favorite ideas in gold and uranium today...


10 May 2018

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Ep. 565: Cactus Schroeder: Where Oil Prices Are Heading

This week I sit down with legendary Texas wildcatter and CEO of Chisholm Exploration, Cactus Schroeder. Cactus is one of the smartest men you’ll find in the oil business. For 40 years, he's drilled around the most prominent basins of North America. And he's consulted on or invested in over 1,000 drilling projects. Cactus was featured on Discovery Channel’s Wildcatters – a television series that followed three people searching for oil and gas in areas other than oil fields. He's also credited with finding one of the largest oil-producing wells in the Eagle Ford – which he later sold to Norway’s Statoil for north of $1 billion. If you own any oil stocks, or thinking of jumping back into oil any plays, be sure to tune into this interview first... Cactus tells us where he thinks oil prices are heading... and the risks to consider today when placing your bets in this space. More importantly, he updates listeners on the breakeven prices needed to drill in the Permian, the Bakken, and the Eagle Ford… and why these “strike zone” numbers are vital to oil producers and investors going forward. Good Investing, Frank Curzio P.S. On this week’s Educational Segment we’ll discuss a trade Marin Katusa recommended last week. If you took action, you’d be up 60% in just four trading sessions. It's another example why sometimes – especially during this volatile earnings season – you just have to stick to your guns.


1 Nov 2017

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Ep. 584: Frankly Speaking


6 Jan 2018

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Ep. 521: Take Your Profits on This Tech Darling

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged.   This week I’m again joined by the one and only market veteran – Richard Suttmeier.   Rich has been analyzing stocks for over 40 years, is a weekly contributor for Forbes and TheStreet.com, and is the founder and CEO of Global Market Consultants.   As my frequent listeners know, Rich is probably the biggest permabear I invite on the show.   Our opinions almost always contradict...   Yet for this reason, he is an asset for all my investment theses… Why?   Rich has a knack for uncovering data no else seems to mention. He calls it "the balance sheet of the U.S. economy," otherwise known as the FDIC Banking Profile.   And although he uses this overlooked data to contest nearly everything I put on the table...  It always helps to hear the otherside.   If you own a stock, or a have any interest in a certain sector... you don't want to talk to the hundreds of people that love it. Instead, you want to hear from that one guy who hates it.   And Rich is that guy.   On today's show he brings the heat - focusing on the downside risks of oil, semiconductors, utilities, housing markets, and his favorite, the financial industry.   If you have bets on any of these sectors, let Rich challenge your perspective. It won't hurt.   Then, for today's Educational Segment [43:13], I’m breaking down a stock that the whole world’s in love with right now.   It’s a global tech “darling” and is part of a select group of stocks that essentially drives the entire market, also known as FANG.   But trading at 23 times earnings, after coming off four straight quarters of positive earnings estimates, I make the case for why it’s time to cash in… and take profits any off the table. Recent momentum has carried on just too far.   Good Investing,   Frank Curzio


31 May 2017

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Ep 395 Frankly Speaking: Inverse ETF’s, NY vs. FL, Billions, Marin Katusa, Trump and Mentors

We start today with a question from Daniel about Inverse ETF’s.The next is a comment from Alex who would like to know if Frank is trying to make Florida more like New York.Steve writes in and asks Frank about the new Showtime show Billions and hedge fund practices in general.Mike writes in to ask Frank about Marin Katusa and how they can find his fund.Frank takes another political question, this time from Jeremy.And our last question comes from Lisa who would like to know who Frank’s mentors are.If like to know about Frank’s special discount offers just .And don’t forget send in your questions


13 Mar 2016

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Ep. 574: Frankly Speaking | A breakdown on AMD

Uranium bets… A friendly feud at this years Silver & Gold Summit… My thoughts on AMD… And will Airbnb ever impact hotel stocks?


1 Dec 2017

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Ep 392: Why Our Next President Matters For Investors

Andrew Horowitz, founder & president of Horowitz & Co, talks about which presidential elect would be the most damaging to your portfolio. He also highlights why Donald Trump is capturing so much attention despite sharing little details on his bold plans to change America.Andrew and Frank then break down their favorite sectors to buy and sell.  They also share some of their best ideas - including one social media company that could pop more than 100% over the next 12 months.

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1 Mar 2016

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Ep. 463: The Donald Trump Game Plan

Who saw this coming? Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged. As all of you know, the one and only Donald Trump will become our next President. Our economic environment has radically changed overnight - and I'm here to break-down what this means for every sector going forward. I'll try my best to avoid anymore political discussion. Instead, on today's segment, we'll be talking about whats important - your portfolio. My guest this week is Nick Hodge - founder and President of the Outsider Club, and investment director of Early Advantage. One thing is clear... the resource bear market is coming to a close. And as Nick explains, opportunities are arising "across-the-board." Nick shares with us his strategy of buying some of the highest-yielding resources at dirt cheap prices. To end the episode, Nick gives listeners his favorite stock ideas. This includes four buy-recommendations every resource stock investor needs to be aware of.


9 Nov 2016

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Ep 366: Frankly Speaking: Cord-Cutting, T, UA, FB, TWTR, the Retail Sector and Global Panic

We start today with Kurt who comments on Franks where he talked about “cord-cutting”The next question comes from Andrew who wanted to share a personal experience with ATTDave writes in and asks about Under Armour and when is the right time to buy a stock.The next comment comes from Cameron who sends in a picture of a Chevron gas station in Calf.  Gas at $1.69 a gallon.Barb writes in to ask about the retail sector.Kenny wants to know more about the impact of the Paris attacksOur last question today is from Andy who mentions TwitterIf like to know about Frank’s special discount offers just .And don’t forget send in your questions


20 Nov 2015

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Ep. 524: Frankly Speaking: Industry on Fire - Video Games

Welcome back to another episode of Frankly Speaking. If you’re interested in buying some video game stocks but don’t understand the differences between the U.S-based big three; Activision Blizzard (ATVI), Electronic Arts (EA), and Take-Two Interactive (TTWO)... Today’s show is right up your alley. In comparison to movies, TV studios, and other corners of the entertainment industry, no other sector has seen this much success in recent quarters. In fact, video game stocks have been in an all-out frenzy...  Revenues are growing… share prices are reaching new all-time highs almost every week… and the combined market-cap of these companies now reach over $80 billion. Over the last two years alone, shares of Take-Two have nearly tripled, Activision has more than doubled, and EA is up over 80%.  Unlike, let’s say, just five years ago… Video game companies no longer have to wait till Christmas time to make their profits. Those days are over. Today, digital revenues now come from an array of sources like in-game advertising, downloadable map-packs, full-game downloads, subscriptions… along with the consumer's ability to purchase virtual cars, clothes, and guns with real dollars - pushing company valuations even higher. Let’s not forget to mention their impact on the world of mobile gaming... Now although I wouldn’t be going all-in at these levels, on today’s show, I jump into the nitty-gritty. And give away my favorite bet out of the three. Switching gears, I turn my focus to a sector that is showing no signs of slowing down. It’s sort of like the video game industry with only more potential. Like four times the potential.  I’m calling out what some investors in this sector are failing to do: Looking at the bottom-line numbers and fundamentals… NOT only the stock price. (Yes, some are expensive) Investing in future growth catalysts… NOT only in momentum (cough, cough, Nvidia). The truth is, there are still several companies out there climbing at only 15x forward earnings… in a sector that’s still very much in its infancy. Special thanks to George, Sheryl, and Jerry for all the questions. Keep them coming at Frank@CurzioResearch.com Good Investing, Frank Curzio


9 Jun 2017

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Ep 364 Frankly Speaking: Big Oil, Diversification, ITOT, AUY, TSLA and TWX

We start today with a question from Mario who to know more about last weeks discussion about the current state of the oil industry.The next question comes from Jocelyn was wants to know about investing if you have a limited amount of funds to start with. How diversified should you be?Adrianna asks about Yamana Gold (AUY)The next comment comes from Gab who wants to know more about Tesla (TSLA).Our last question today is from Andrew who got a shocking letter from Time Warner and wants an opinion of the cable business.If like to know about Frank’s special discount offers just .And don’t forget send in your questions


13 Nov 2015

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Ep. 438: Frankly Speaking


13 Aug 2016

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EP. 611: It’s a Stock Picker’s Market… If You’re Smart

Welcome back to Wall Street Unplugged. This week, my guest is Mike Alkin, editor of Moneyflow Trader and host of the . Even though Mike writes his newsletter for Curzio Research, he and I often have differing views on the markets. (Mike is bearish and I’m more of a bull.) Even so, we generally find common ground. I have a lot of respect for his knowledge and opinions. Today, Mike reviews how he analyzes stock news and what helps him decide whether a company is going to have success in the future. Then in my educational segment [50:15], I talk market risk factors. The media is hyping three main risks right now: rising inflation, rising interest rates, and a potential trade war. All of these things have investors running for the hills. But the truth is, they’re not the negative market forces the headlines are making them out to be. Listen to find out why... SHOWNOTES: 0:33 –  I share my broken water heater horror story 9:20 - Michael Alkin, editor of Moneyflow Trader and host of the , is my guest this week 12:56 - Mike talks about how much fun he’s having doing the new podcast 14:27 - Mike and I debate our views on the market; Michael is bearish and I am more bullish 20:17 - What Mike observed about the market at the 2009 bottom 23:10 - Impact on stocks now that the Federal Reserve is backing off its quantitative easing programs 27:02 - Stocks are dropping for companies even after positive earnings 32:30 - Concerns Mike is seeing within the consumer staples sector 36:59 - Some of Mike’s stock picks 45:33 - There are always pockets of stocks that buck market trends 50:57 - My thesis on the markets and the three major risks I’m seeing 52:49 - Why China blinked during trade talks 59:56 - Rising inflation is not that detrimental to the market because it’s not unexpected 1:00:22 - Why the the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates and what that means for the markets and economy 1:03:46 - What does this all mean? 1:07:16 - If you look carefully, you can find plenty of stocks that are undervalued and have potential for growth 1:10:38 - Still not convinced that there are opportunities in the market? Look at all of the mergers and acquisitions taking place

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12 Apr 2018

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Ep. 539: Sprott's Natural Resource Symposium: The good news... and the bad

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged!   I just returned home from the 2017 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver… my go-to conference each year.   It’s where the most successful junior mining investors and executives gather from around the globe… where I've learned about companies like McEwen Mining, Sandstorm Gold, and Northern Dynasty... and where I get to sit in exclusive closed-door sessions with company insiders.   On this week's show, I'm honored to re-introduce the Executive Chairman of, by far, the most promising company of this year’s Symposium.   His name is Ivan Bebek.   His company is about to embark on one of the largest drilling programs in the junior resource space today. And if they hit… investors could see a 50%-plus pop in shares almost immediately.   It’s the type of risk/reward setup that’s too favorable to ignore.   That’s the good news…   Some of what I witnessed in Vancouver was cringeworthy… the same pump and dump scams I’ve seen too many times.   It reminded me why the natural resource industry can be so dangerous for investors. So on this week's Educational Segment, I’ll remind you of the key things to watch out for.   Good Investing, Frank Curzio

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2 Aug 2017

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Ep 350 Frankly Speaking: Hedging, Biotech, Stichting, Burn Rate and Dividends

We start today with a question for Brandon who wants to now Frank’s opinion on those shale drillers that have hedges on and what will happen when those expire.The next question comes from John who asked Frank if it might be time to take another look at those immunotherapy stocks Franks previously recommended.Todd wants to know more stichting in regards to Mylan Pharmaceuticals.Jonathan asks Frank if, using mining companies as an example what do you look for to determine if a company will be healthy enough to weather a bear market. Our last question today is from Glenn who wants to know about ATT’s dividend.If like to know about Frank’s special discount offers just .And don’t forget send in your questions


25 Sep 2015

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Ep. 582: Frankly Speaking: How to position your portfolio for 2018


29 Dec 2017

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Ep. 585: It's Conference Season!

Welcome back to another episode of Wall Street Unplugged. With the Consumer Electronics Show underway, today I’ve reached out to Marc Lichtenfeld to get a preview of the annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference. Marc is Chief Income Strategist at the Oxford Club and has covered the biotech field for over a decade. He is my no. 1 analyst when it comes to this industry. With over 400 biotech companies present at the conference, tune in as Marc reveals two companies he’s excited to meet with that have untapped potential... Marc also explains why 2018 is an “inflection point” for the entire sector. Good Investing, Frank Curzio


10 Jan 2018

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The most important lesson in investing (Ep. 649)

Volatility can be hard to stomach. Right now, we’re seeing 300 point moves in the Dow Jones index on daily basis… and some of the greatest companies in the world are down more than 30% from their highs.    During volatile markets, it’s vital to have tools in place to lower your overall risk. After all, the last thing you want is to take a 70% loss on any position. And by limiting your losses, you have some dry powder to buy incredible names at significant discounts. In this special podcast, I break down one of the most important lessons in investing—risk management. Few people know more about this topic than Dr. Richard Smith, founder and CEO of TradeSmith. On today’s show, Dr. Smith, who has a PhD in math and systems science, breaks down his favorite risk management techniques… and his strategy to take emotions out of investing. This interview is a must-listen. Then in my educational segment (55:00), I do the unimaginable... I break down one of my biggest losers of the year. We’ll have losing investments from time to time… but today I show you how I was able to avoid a catastrophic loss for investors by using this one simple risk management technique.   It’s a great lesson on how to become a better investor. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to me eat some humble pie!  Wishing you all a very happy holiday!

1hr 6mins

19 Dec 2018

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Ep. 568: Frankly Speaking | A merger arbitrage opportunity in Alterra?

One of the most manipulative yet completely legal occurrences on Wall Street… A little hate mail… How to play volatile earnings… A merger arbitrage opportunity in Alterra? Questions & Comments: “Nice rant on wednesday. Seems like every week one of my stocks is getting trashed by these short reports. I’m not sure which firms are legit and which ones are the short scammers… hard to know which short sellers to trust when everything seems so manipulated. I’d like to know if you’re in my corner.” • Wade [00:50] “Frank, I decided that listening to your podcast was a waste of time given the amount of time you spend ranting about sports (bashing baseball mostly). I have stopped listening and have turned my attention elsewhere.” • Grant [08:30] “I’ve never seen a more wild earnings season for individual stocks than we’re having over the past few months. A handful of stocks on my watchlist are up or down more than 20% just today! Plus, at an index level - it’s the lowest volatility on record. Something has got to give?” • Erold [13:27] “My question is on Alterra Power (AXY). I’ve been a shareholder since before the reverse split. Now that it’s known it’s going to sell for $8.25 per share (because they’re getting bought out), and it’s currently $7.70 per share - Would it make sense to buy under the sell price before the sell date?” • Jonathan [24:33]


10 Nov 2017

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