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Episode 45: Justice for Snidgets

This time on SpeakBeasty: → Welcome Haley to the show! → "The Phoenix Register": Filming scenes at Hogwarts? → Apparently, we STILL need more Graves. → We want to see Nicolas Flamel. → "Look at this shiny rock I got!" → Does Grindelwald want the Philosopher's Stone? → "That's a pretty rock, but OLIVER WOOD!" → "Not with my pastries!" → Too many baguettes. → Giant baby Madame Maxime. → "So Veelas are okay because the patriarchy?" → "I wonder if Newt likes bananas." → "The Newt Case": The Golden Snidget! → #JusticeForSnidgets PODCAST QUESTION: Who of the characters we discussed would you like to see in Paris in the second film, and would you classify Veela as beings or beasts?

1hr 5mins

25 Sep 2017

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Episode 49: #ThmagicalThursday

This time on SpeakBeasty: → Listener guest host Sam joins us! → "We have some feelings..." → The Phoenix Register: Buckle up, everyone. TITLE REVEAL! → Tina is DEFINITELY a pigeon.  → Deus ex Frank? → Philosopher's Stone is almost of age in the Wizarding World. → Where is the Resurrection Stone? → "He's like a sexy Ulysses S Grant." → The Nagini Theory. → "It's more of a love rhombus." → No more Seraphina treatment, please. → Beasty squad cosplay at NYCC 2018? → We get critical, but only out of love. → "Well, he's got great lederhosen..." → The Newt Case: The Loveland Frogman! → The Demofrogan! → The Ohio tourism department should hire us. Podcast Question: What are your thoughts on the new image released and the title, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

2hr 30mins

20 Nov 2017

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Episode 74: Exposition, The Movie

This time on SpeakBeasty: → We waited two years for this movie!→ Major spoilers ahead!→ We were STUNNED AND CONFUSED.→ It’s a new feeling, not knowing what’s going on. → Does Crimes of Grindelwald have “Movie 2 Syndrome?” → OWL POST IS BACK!→ Johnny Depp’s performance validated a lot of our 15-year-old selves.→ Depp’s performance helped differentiate Grindelwald even further from Voldemort.→ Can Theseus become part of the Squad™? → Young Newt and young Leta were actual perfection.→ “You know, Dumbledore really didn’t tell Harry anything.”→ Dumbledore sent Newt to New York. Anyway, moving on. → “To quote the Backstreet Boys, ‘Tell me why.’”→ That thing. You know what thing.

1hr 56mins

18 Nov 2018

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Episode 100: Pun Always Intended

This time on SpeakBeasty… In case you couldn’t tell, we are celebrating our 100th episode! As a celebration, we will be traveling around the globe to talk to all of our past and present team members. “Hopefully without any concussions involved.” We didn’t get Richard Ayoade, but we did get Jude Law. “Maybe the real Fantastic Beasts were the friends we made along the way.” “That was one of the coolest days of my human life.” “We built this podcast on rock and roll.” Slytherins and Hufflepuffs make great teams. “Everything comes back to SpeakBeasty.” “If I didn’t cry, it wouldn’t be real.” “The best part of growing up with Harry Potter is the theorizing.” “Everyone is everywhere.” “It really does have that magical kind of feel to it – it doesn’t matter where you are, it just takes you away.” “I always end up laughing when I’m recording.” “My favorite part of these movies is ripping them apart afterwards.” We still miss Colin Farrell. Younger siblings are a pain, confirmed. “I didn’t expect to appreciate a new story in the Wizarding World quite so much.” “I could’ve had a whole 2-hour film of just him tending to his creatures.” Meet our lovely social media team! “They’ve had two films and they haven’t kissed yet, so I keep making it happen.” “We want that book! Or five!” “I’m trying to avoid the Cursed Child of it all.” “The theorizing machine came to life again.” “I thought you guys were going to cut it out – nope. It became the title of the episode.” “I also fixed the internet, so you’re welcome world.” “It’s a podcast for dogs.” “Dumbledore keeps the lights on in here.” Thank you for 100 episodes, Beasties! Here's to many more!

2hr 20mins

17 Nov 2019

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Episode 52: This Feels Like a Trap

This time on SpeakBeasty: → It's almost Beasts year! → The Phoenix Register: New photo of Jacob and Newt! → Come say hi to us at Celebration of Harry Potter! → The NOT Crimes of Queenie. → Dumbledore and Flammel? #WeShipIt → Flirty Dumbledore? Yes. → Banana sandwiches.  → "You too, can be a Haley!" → So many fantastic memories. → We are now a Grandma podcast. → Bring back proper midnight showings, please! → The Time-Turner: New Year's Eve around the world! → We're stealing each other's resolutions. Podcast Question: What is your New Year's resolution? What do you think Newt's would be?

1hr 36mins

31 Dec 2017

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Episode 53: Newt Is a Bond Girl

This time on SpeakBeasty: → Katy is back to guest host! → "The Phoenix Register": More new photos! → "The moustache has gotta go." → O Dumby, my Dumby! → Tina = new James Bond. → "In the last one, the bank explodes." → Kiss the Dementor cook. → "Professor! Language!" → Classic egg thievery.  → What was Fawkes really thinking? → This rejected theory brought to you by MATH! → The Newt Case": Lou Carcolh! → "It's REALLY HECKIN BIG." → Newt has the entirety of France in his case. Podcast Question: What are your thoughts on our weird theories we found?

1hr 56mins

15 Jan 2018

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Episode 66: All The Feels

This time on SpeakBeasty: → The Phoenix Register: No News Wednesday - Michael is on, so the curse is back on too. → Gellert Grindelwald and how "being a German pays off". → New movie countdown segment! We discuss the first 15 minutes of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. → The WB logo opening gave us all the feelings. → Visual callbacks to Order of the Phoenix are everywhere. → "Prepare for ALL the newspaper headlines". → MinaLima are awesome - a weekly reminder.  → "The hair-shot, because hair matters". → The fantastic actors in this film and their first performance. → Michael hates certain aspects of David Yates' movie style. → Life advice: "People who refuse food are not to be trusted". Podcast Question: Do you think that Voldemort and Grindelwald would have been friends had they encountered each other at the height of their power?

2hr 58mins

15 Jul 2018

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Episode 58: Dumbledore Is So Extra

This time on SpeakBeasty: → Welcome guest host Marjolaine! → The Phoenix Register: TRAILER'S HERE! → WB is scared of Megan.  → Fantastic Beasts 2: Newt Escapes His Babysitter → "Take my money, whatever..." → Hogwarts. Hogwarts! HOGWARTS!?  → March Madness: Apparition Edition. → "It has taken the name of Augurey in vain." → The Newt... shed? → Everyone's on a roof. → "Hi, I'm Jude Law, welcome to Fantastic Roofs..." → We're just here for the baby dragons. → The Time-Turner: History of Le Grand Palais! → Shannen is an Animagus. → Kowalski's Korner: Who's your BEAST friend? :P Podcast Question: Where do YOU think the French Ministry is located?

1hr 42mins

26 Mar 2018

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Episode 98: #LetaLives

Welcome to SpookBeasty! Owl Post: Is Tina secretly following her own leads without approval? Was that postcard really from Tina?  "I mean... magic."  "We have a lot of questions about Leta."   Did Grindelwald's blue flames actually kill people, or did they just imprison them?  "I do not want her to be framed for Newt's man pain."  Does Leta's death help or hinder Grindelwald in any way? "Just go buy another hookah - they have them in the Halloween section at Target." "Newt is the slow burn."  "Her entire existence is just one big fail of the Bechdel test."  "I think we've all had those moments, we just haven't swapped babies because of it."  "Why are all these people dying before I can kill them?"  The Time Turner: Le Theatre de Grand-Guignol! Podcast Question: Do you feel Leta’s story was fully-fleshed out, or was she short-changed for the purpose of Newt and Theseus’s own stories?

1hr 19mins

20 Oct 2019

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Episode 57: We ARE the Teaser Trailer

This time on SpeakBeasty: → Kat and Allison guest host! → The Phoenix Register: No news is annoying news. → How many editions is too many editions? → The Dark Arts in Fantastic Beasts. → Double agent Theseus? → HOW DID WE FORGET SASQUATCH? → "Other houses like to eat, too!" → Will Queenie get manipulated by Grindelwald? → We want the Leta, Queenie witch gang. → Wizarding Kardashians? → Let's hope Leta isn't evil. → What's up with the Lestranges? → The Newt Case: The Nain Rouge! → Detroit, you okay? → Kowalski's Korner: Wizard Moana. We're here for it. Podcast Question: Out of the characters we discussed, who do you think is most likely to go to the dark side? (Also, we reiterate, Detroit, you okay?)

1hr 21mins

11 Mar 2018

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Episode 67: Aren't We All Afraid of Paperwork?

This time on SpeakBeasty: → The Phoenix Register: All the news from San Diego Comic-Con!→ Is WB trying to copy Marvel?→ "Those lady's things, they really do get to you."→ The trailer is so long, Megan is not allowed to be angry.→ "Hogwarts just has the one wardrobe."→ Both the film and the creatures get darker and scarier.→ "Credence has 'a dark alleys' esthetic." → Stay tuned for "Megan on a T-Shirt."→ "This is Dumbledore."→ "Grindelwald's vision needs a narrator."→ All about the Mirror of Erised - what does Dumbledore actually see?→ "In that moment, Newt was all of us."→  Igor is the boss.→  Is Nicolas Flamel just a quip? Podcast Question: Who is the man in the hat? What are your theories and ideas on the trailer?

1hr 43mins

30 Jul 2018

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Episode 101: Grindelwald's Army (feat. Poppy Corby-Tuech)

Spoiler alert - we’re still Fantastic. “That’s news I’ve known for half a year, but…congrats.” “We’re just going to be brutally honest.” “No more McGonagallgates.” Take care of the props!!! We welcome the lovely Poppy Corby-Tuech, who played Vinda Rosier! “We were all kept in the dark.” “I think it was just tea served in a really aggressive teapot.” We are all on board for expanding the relationship between Vinda and Queenie. “The dark side has the best looks.” “It gives you an economy of movement.” “I think that often when things are in chaos, people will dress really well.” “100 years in the future when they do films about this era, everyone will just be in sweatpants.” Vinda probably needs a bit of a holiday. Time Turner: Fascism in France!

1hr 46mins

1 Dec 2019

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Episode 91: Mildly Interesting People and How to Make Sure They're Okay (feat. Potterless)

Join hosts Amy, Lizzie, and Michael, as well as special guest, Mike Schubert of Potterless!  → Check out Potterless for a non-rose-tinted-glasses approach to the Potter series with no previous nostalgia. → Don’t be racist!  → Phoenix Register: Amy and Lizzie waited 8 hours to ride the new Hagrid coaster.  → Owl Post: Representation, it’s not that hard!  → Idris Elba as Grindelwald? Yes please.  → Main Discussion: Has Fantastic Beasts enticed an new generation of people to explore Potter? What are some similarities and differences between the characters? → “The real beasts are the friends we made along the way” → “Oh no - he hasn’t seen the sequel.” → Is Filch Gunther or Mr. Heckles? → “Hagrid is gorgeous, how dare you.” → Does Fantastic Beasts stand alone as a series or can you only enjoy it after you’ve read Harry Potter? → Time Turner: The Potter family!  → “Sorry Grandma, your last name is Fleamont, so...” → “The Confundables are so confounding.” → What’s on the horizon for Potterless?  → We say goodbye to our dear friend and host, Michael, as he moves on to pursue other adventures.  Podcast question: Is Fantastic Beasts using Harry Potter to keep its audience captivated, and if so, how?

1hr 42mins

14 Jul 2019

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Episode 69: Ominous Back of the Head Shots and Where to Find Them

This time on SpeakBeasty: → The mighty triplet of Thunderbadgers → Movie Breakdown #3: 00:30:01 to 00:45:00→ We need more info about Legilimency → Was Pickett's reaction reversed? → "Credence's heart is not in the pamphlets" → Is Queenie good or bad? Join Team Ariel or Team Eric → "It's a future-off" or Doctor Strange meets Fantastic Beasts → Newt being grounded by the Goldsteins → Inside the case aka "a face full of CGI" → Physiology: differences between wizards and muggles→ How compatible are the beasts inside the case?→ Join Eric's Diricrawl fan club  Podcast Question: What was your favorite beast introduced in this scene and why? Do you think it will show up in the next movie(s)? What significance will the beasts play in the next films?

1hr 52mins

26 Aug 2018

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Episode 60: Apparition Fever

This time on SpeakBeasty: → "We all need therapy now, it's fine..." → The Phoenix Register: In which Ezra is us. → "They are Hogwarts adjacent!" → So much Apparition hoopla. → "Oh, David..." → Who needs sound effects when we have Michael? → Talk about Tina at all costs. → Why this movie is going to be GREAT. → Heroes journeys for days. → MORE MOONCALVES. → Should they give in to fandom expectation? → Give us sassy, flawed Dumbledore. → Hogwarts is in our hearts. → The Newt Case: The Minotaur! → "Megan's into it..." → "This is why we need feminism!" Podcast Question: How big of a role do you think Grindelwald will actually play in the second film?

1hr 16mins

23 Apr 2018

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Bonus Episode: Nagini?! What The Fwooper?!

On this special bonus episode of SpeakBeasty: It's #ThmagicalThursday once again as our hosts breakdown the final Crimes of Grindelwald trailer. → New posters! → Final trailer breakdown.→ "Why would I need a safe house in Paris?"→ Fandom: NAGINI???→ Again, with the secrets Albus.→ Nicholas Flamel looking like maybe it's Maybelline. Podcast Question: What are your thoughts on the trailer? Let us know on social media!


27 Sep 2018

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Episode 56: Will We Die, Just a Smidge?

This time on SpeakBeasty: → Welcome new host, Lizzie G.! → Guest host Mari is the Chosen One. → The Phoenix Register: Dan and Eddie's podcast! → Where. Is. The. Trailer. Though. → Is Graves even real? → Grindelwald's charmed his way to the top. → Barty Crouch Jr. was evil but had mad skillz. → What makes a great witch or wizard? → Fantastic points and how to lose them. → Just more Colin Farrell, please. → "Frank, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" → Kidnap Gnarlack and get all the answers → All the feels from all the franchises. → The Time-Turner: Women's Suffrage! → "This one goes out to all the ghosts."

1hr 20mins

26 Feb 2018

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Episode 99: Actual Likable Slytherins

This time on SpeakBeasty... It's a tri-lingual episode with Aureo, Marjolaine, and Shannen! The Phoenix Register: We think filming starts in February? Maybe? Also, a universe is apparently bigger than a world.  "It's way too expensive and we don't want it."  Owl Post: Leta's mental health struggles are not something Newt is equipped to deal with.  Main Discussion: Marjolaine takes us through what she found out from her Q&A with Brontis Jodorowski, who played Nicolas Flamel! "That's why we felt so bad after the movie - because we didn't have Nicolas Flamel giving us croissants."  "We are the perfect and only Fantastic Beasts podcast." How was Flamel's pursuit of immortality different than Voldemort's and Grindelwald's? “Yo - a wind could blow you away. Shut up.” "We had too many women already." "The Wizarding World, where they still use owls in the 90's and don't have phones."  The Newt Case: The Erkling! Podcast Question: Do you think Nicolas Flamel and/or alchemy will play a bigger role in future movies? 

1hr 9mins

4 Nov 2019

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Episode 103: Trelawney With a Very Deep Voice

This time on SpeakBeasty... Join Aureo, Ann, Jennifer, and Marjolaine for the last episode for the year! We’ve recorded this before Christmas, but we’ve already started eating.  “Thank you Marjolaine for putting us on the spot.” Our favorite Beasty moments of the year!  “Big Percy Energy.” Shannen visits to talk to us about the JKR Twitter controversy.  Phoenix Register: The new HP/Beasts knitting magazine is a thing of beauty.  Main Discussion: Prophecies and visions! “She was essentially high all the time.” Grindelwald just accidentally poked himself in the eye. “Constant vigilance!” "I don't think a strong French accent would suit Trelawney." We as readers are taught not to take Divination seriously.  Time Turner: New Year’s food traditions from around the globe! Podcast Question: Do you think the vision Grindelwald hints at will become more relevant in the future?

1hr 32mins

29 Dec 2019

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Episode 78: Snigglywiggly

This time on SpeakBeasty: → It’s our first episode of 2019! → Michael is slowly becoming Ariel. → The Phoenix Register: Crimes of Grindelwald has been nominated for a few awards. (It’s awards season, after all.) → Lizzie has never seen the original Mary Poppins. → Owl Post: We review your responses to last episode’s podcast question: "What do you think is in store for Newt in future films?" → “New year, new threats from Megan Kelly.” → How successful was Crimes of Grindelwald in the box offices? → What does the marketing strategy say about the film, and what we can expect in future films? → “They were pulling on the heartstrings of Potter and tying it into Fantastic Beasts.” → Hashtag hashtag hashtag → Why do so many people want to read a script? → Is it possible to easily remedy issues? → Newt Case: The ZouWou! Podcast Question: What do you think it would take for the Fantastic Beasts franchise to be overall successful?

1hr 59mins

13 Jan 2019

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