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The Artelligence Podcast presented by LiveArt unpacks the mysteries of the global art market through interviews with collectors, dealers, auction house specialists, lawyers, art advisors, and the myriad individuals who make the art market a beguiling mixture of sublime beauty and commercial acumen.

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Hrag Vartanian of Hyperallergic, James Tarmy of Bloomberg and Brian Boucher of Artnet

Hrag Vartanian of Hyperallergic describes his trip to LA for a series of art fairs including the LA Art Book Fair and ArtLA Contemporary; James Tarmy of Bloomberg and Brian Boucher from Artnet News talk about the New York Old Master sales.


4 Feb 2015

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Christie's Education Panel: Selling Art in the Digital Age

Vivian Brodie, Christie's Head of Mid-Season and Online sales; Elena Soboleva, Director of Online Sales, David Zwirner; and Sam Orlofsky, Director, Gagosian discuss their experiences extending sales from their globally branded enterprises into the digital domain. Among the topics we cover in this panel discussion is the different ways that Christie's, Zwirner and Gagosian have come to selling digitally; how the sales process is integrated into the larger pattern of client acquisition and sales; who benefits internally from digital sales and how the companies are charting a path forward.

1hr 20mins

14 Feb 2019

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Michael Weisz on Art Lending for Collectors and Investors: Yieldstreet at The Armory Show

Continuing ARTnews's collaboration with Yieldstreet for the Armory Show fair in New York, Michael Weisz talks about bringing liquidity to art collectors in the form of non-recourse loans backed by Yieldstreet's platform. Weisz, co-founder and President of Yieldstreet, talks about the transformation Yieldstreet is bringing to investors looking for diversified investments and the opportunities that offers to art collectors and dealers. Loans, properly applied, offer those with significant capital tied up in art greater flexibility and spending power.


6 Apr 2020

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KASMIN Director Nick Olney on Paul Kasmin, painter William Copley and California Surrealism

Nick Olney, Director at KASMIN Gallery, discusses the life and legacy of Paul Kasmin, the gallery's founder who died in March 2020. Olney illustrates Kasmin's vision through an examination of the William Copley show that opened just days before New York fell under a "stay-at-home" order that closed the galleries temporarily. Copley was a California-bred painter who became an ardent and self-styled surrealist before becoming an artist in his own right. Copley's experience dovetails with the subject of another show at KASMIN Gallery—"Valley of Gold: Southern California and the Phantasmagoric"— temporarily suspended too.


23 Apr 2020

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Sean Kelly Collect Wisely

This podcast is a partnership with Sean Kelly Gallery to promote their Collect Wisely program which is a series of podcasts in which Sean Kelly interviews prominent international collectors on the nature of collecting and connoisseurship in the 21st century. These conversations aim to inspire a new generation of individuals committed to making a vital and meaningful investment in our common cultural future.To subscribe to Collect Wisely, please visit Anchor, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast hosting platforms, or through Sean Kelly's website: skny.com/collect-wiselySean Kelly will have an exhibition at the gallery in the summer of 2020 which will have a publication the following year.Join the conversation, subscribe to the podcast and leave a review.


17 Oct 2019

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Michael FIndlay on Seeing Slowly

Michael Findlay, the author of The Value of Art, has a new book out about changing the way we approach a work of art. In Seeing Slowly, Findlay suggests we put our experience of the art itself first. Ignore the wall labels, avoid pontificating to your companion and simply look at the art informed by own connoisseurship, the experience of having looked at art in the past, and your own cultural awareness. In this podcast, Findlay explains what he means and why he thinks we would all be better off approaching art this way. Then he talks about Instagram and the way that the business of selling art has changed—and how buyers and sellers would benefit from seeing slowly.

1hr 1min

17 Oct 2017

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Sam Gilliam interviewed by Jonathan Binstock

Sirius XM produced this interview between artist Sam Gilliam and Jonathan Binstock, the director of Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery and a Gilliam scholar. On the occasion of Gilliam's return to the Venice Biennale 45 years after he represented the United States, this far-ranging conversation covers the artist's entire career. Born in Louisville, Kentucky where Cassius Clay, Sr. (Muhammed Ali's father) was a prominent painter, Gilliam encountered a European refugee Ulfert Wilke at the Louisville and became his studio assistant. He also eventually encountered the Gutai artists in Japan, Bob Thompson and moved eventually to Washington, DC where Kenneth Noland was at the center of the Color Field movement and the city was "a town of connection."Throughout this conversation Gilliam talks of the lifelong struggle to make art and make a life as an artist. His career followed no clear trajectory but has been punctuated by encounters with an endless cast of 20th Century artistic influences culminating in his most recent turn in the center stage.


17 May 2017

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Phillips's Deputy Chairman Jean-Paul Engelen

Jean-Paul Engelen discusses Phillips's position in the new global auction marketplace, its recent additions of highly experienced specialists in Impressionst, Modern and American art, and the new exhibition space, "The Cube," at 432 Park Avenue.Jean-Paul Engelen is the Deputy Chairman and Worldwide Co-Head of 20th Century & Contemporary Art. He joined Phillips in August of 2015 and is based in New York. With over two decades of market experience and working with artists, Engelen was Director of Public Art Programs at Qatar Museums beginning in 2011. In this role he was responsible for a significant public art installation program, the establishment of an Artist in Residence program and space, and Contemporary Art exhibitions and working with contemporary artists on notable exhibitions including Damien Hirst, Richard Serra, Cai Guo Qiang, and Takashi Murakami. Engelen also oversaw over three dozen site-specific public art installations including “East West West East” by Richard Serra, “The Miraculous Journey” by Damien Hirst, “Salwa Road Murals” by eL Seed, and “Untitled (Playground)” by Tom Otterness.


13 May 2019

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Fantasy Art Collecting Tips from Christie's Johanna Flaum

AMM Fantasy Art Collecting game is live now for the November auctions. Entries will be accepted until 9pm on Nov 10th at fantasy.artmarketmonitor.com. In this podcast, Christie's Johanna Flaum, a past winner of the game, joins us at CORE Club to talk about strategies for playing the fantasy collecting game and give us an overview of the November 2019 New York sales season.


7 Nov 2019

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Eykyn Maclean's Nicholas Maclean on the Private Market

Nicholas Maclean spent nearly a decade as the co-head of Christie's Impressionist and Modern art department along with his partner, Christopher Eykyn, before opening his own New York and London-based gallery, Eykyn Maclean, 11 years ago.In this podcast, Maclean talks about the often overlooked private market where many substantial collectors who do not buy or sell through auction houses conduct a surprising amount of business that potentially dwarves the public art market.Maclean also talks about the difficulties for dealers in acquiring new work in today's art market where the overall public sales volume has fallen substantially without having an effect of weakening prices. In this climate, Maclean points to Italian Pop art as a potential area for collectors to find high quality work at prices that have yet to equalize with the rest of the global art market. Finally, Maclean shares his thoughts on new collectors and their behavior in the art market.


26 Jan 2017

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Timothy Taylor on Alex Katz, Ding Yi and Running a Global Art Gallery

Timothy Taylor has a space in New York that measures 16 x 34 feet. The intimacy of the gallery appealed to his artist Alex Katz who helped create a show around one of his student sketchbooks. The small works set in a small space offer a very different experience of the artist known for his work at scale. In this podcast, Timothy Taylor talks about the changing ways in which art dealers must operate to represent their artists well while coping with the constraints of ever-rising retail space rents in major metropolitan centers and the growing interest in art from collectors in far-flung cities across Asia and the West.Taylor, who has just opened a show of Ding Yi's new work in his London space, has also brought Alex Katz and Sean Scully to China. He sees the way that dealers represent their artists requires thinking creatively and hints that the future of art dealing may already be upon us.


5 Jun 2017

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David Norman Discusses the November 2016 New York Impressionist and Modern sales

David Norman delves into his 30 years experience as a top specialist in Impressionist and Modern art to discuss in this podcast sponsored by Christie's Education New York the results of the November sales in New York.*Norman explains the backstory behind Wassily Kandinksy's Rigide et courbé and the not-easy decision to guarantee a post-Bauhaus Kandinsky at that level.* Norman offers some of the market history behind Edvard Munch's Girls on the Bridge.*We learn more about how the changing tastes have effected the prices for Monet's gainstacks.*Also discussed here are many works that were previously offered nearly a generation ago that failed to find buyers but now achieved major prices, as well as surprises for Miro, Chagall, Picasso and others.


4 Jan 2017

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Amy Cappellazzo on Barkley Hendricks

Amy Cappellazzo talks about her record setting sales of three works by Barkley Hendricks, the recently deceased artist whose unique portrait style, developed in the 1960s and 70s, has been gaining attention for the last decade since the Nasher Museum held a retrospective of his work called, The Birth of Cool.In this podcast, Cappellazzo talks about having encountered the artists work and then getting the rare opportunity a few decades later to sell three works from one collection as it came to market. Faced with a series of choices about how to position and market the work, Cappellazzo walks us through her thinking and strategy. The record prices ultimately achieved were the product of a combination of cultivating new buyers, personal selling and the value of a sense of discovery.


26 Jun 2017

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Mike Tansey and Barry Ellsworth on Art Dealing in Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM has long been a center of the visual arts in the United States. For more than a century, modern artists have retreated to the dry climate. The region is also home to a rich array of native and Spanish artists and artisans that have attracted visitors for hundreds of years. With a large number of vacation homes and occasional visitors, a long-running international opera that attracts foreign visitors and being a major tourist have made Santa Fe a magnet for art dealers as well as art buyers. There are more than 200 galleries in the city spread across four major neighborhoods. SITE Santa Fe, a national and international Contemporary art venue, re-opens in expanded form this Fall.Mike Tansey and Barry Ellsworth are two prominent gallerists in the city, they talk about the culture of art dealing in Santa Fe.


10 May 2017

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Who Was Henry Geldzahler?--A Conversation with Randall Bourscheidt

On Thursday 7 February, Randall Bourscheidt and Vincent Fremont will join Peter Brant and Gary Tinterow in a panel discussion about Henry Geldzahler at Christie’s New York, 20 Rockefeller Plaza. The event will be chaired by Marc Porter, Chairman of Christie’s Americas. This conversation with Randall Bourscheidt explores some of the themes of Geldzahler's life: His role at the Metropolitan Museum during the height of New York's art market ferment; Geldzahler's friendships with Andy Warhol and David Hockney; his experiences as New York City's Cultural Commissioner; his eventual retreat to the Hamptons and his early death from liver cancer.


4 Feb 2019

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Marisa Kayyem on the Convergence of Art and Fashion

"It's easier to know what bag to pick up for a lot of people than it is to know what art to pick."Marisa Kayyem, program director for Christie's Continuing Education, talks about the ways in which art and fashion have grown to depend upon each other more and more.In this conversation she talks about:*Why brands are in search of the "new" and what they find in art.*The trend toward luxury retailers using art to create unique spaces.*Fashion shows as performance art.* Historical links between fashion and artists like Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí.*The controversy surrounding Cecil Beaton's Vogue photoshoot in front Jackson Pollock's work.


10 Jan 2017

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The Business of Art: Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance at The Armory Show

At the 2020 Armory Show Art Fair, three entrepreneurs—Yieldstreet's Co-Founder and President Michael Weisz, PRZM Co-Founder Larry Milstein and Athena Art Finance's CIO Cynthia Sachs—got together to talk about the challenges to building a business in the creative industries. Milstein's PRZM guides companies through the complexities of marketing to Gen Z consumers who prize experiences and cultural property in ways that are novel and rapidly expanding. Sachs has built Athena into the leading non-recourse lender in the art finance category. Now owned by Yieldstreet and benefiting from the capital sourced through Yieldstreet's platform, Athena provides art collectors and dealers with a different model for managing the capital and liquidity requirements of owning art. Weisz shared his experiences in building the Yieldstreet platform and vision for the future of finance.


25 Mar 2020

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Mnuchin Gallery's Robert Mangold: A Survey 1965-2003

Mnuchin Gallery's founder, Robert Mnuchin, discusses the work of Robert Mangold and his gallery's show, "Robert Mangold: A Survey 1965-2003."The exhibition begins with a selection of early works from the 1960s in which the artist inaugurates his mode of tracing hand-drawn geometric figures within the outline of a shaped support, and continues through the 1970s, featuring examples of Mangold’s Circle paintings and A Triangle Within Two Rectangles paintings. In the early 1980s, the geometric forms of the paintings’ interior compositions—in this case, Xs and +s—began to dictate the shapes of the canvases themselves. The show also includes examples of Mangold’s work from the 1990s and 2000s, including the Attic Paintings, the Plane / Figure Paintings, and the Column Paintings, speaking to the evolution of Mangold’s interest in art history.


13 Feb 2017

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Judd Tully, Veronique Chagnon-Burke & Marion Maneker on the Future of Auction Houses

This edition of the Artelligence Podcast is the second part of a two-part conversation at Christie's Education between Vernonique Chagnon-Burke, Judd Tully and Marion Maneker.Chagnon-Burke is the director of Christie's Education New York. She organized this panel to discuss the future of auction houses and the current state of the art market for students and guests at Christie's Education's Rockefeller Center location.The discussion begins with a general take on the shape of the auction houses' businesses, how they differ and what their strategies going forward appear to be.


21 Dec 2016

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Stefania Bortolami

Elena Platonova sits down with Stefania Bortolami to talk about her new gallery in Tribeca, Daniel Buren's show inaugurating the space and her ambitious plan to get art across America including into former fast food outlets.In this podcast, Bortolami and Platonova discuss:*Has Chelsea left galleries no more room for error?*Will TriBeCa take over from the Lower East Side as the next gallery neighborhood? *Daniel Buren—"the Stripe Guy"—his latest exhibition and his career? *Her program to bring art exhibitions to cities around the US. Next up, New Haven's remarkable Marcel Breuer masterpiece.


25 May 2017

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