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Allison Fine, a nonprofit leader and expert on technology and communications, discusses how charities and foundations can more effectively use social-media tools to spread their messages and raise money. Look for new installments of this podcast once a month.

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Using Humor to Inspire Candid Conversation About Nonprofits

Leah Neaderthal of Start Somewhere, speaking about the tumblr blog "When You Work at a Nonprofit."

3 Jan 2014

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How to Go Mobile With Appeals

Guests: Tom Watson, president of CauseWired, and Kate Forristall, ArtsKC Fund Director

25 Nov 2013

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How Big Data Are Changing Philanthropy

Bradford K. Smith, President of the Foundation Center

10 Oct 2013

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Peter Buffett onthe Charitable-Industrial Complex Storm

Peter Buffett

17 Sep 2013

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How Philanthropic Contests Can Spur Innovation

Guests: Mayur Patel, vice president for strategy and assessment, Knight Foundation; Willie Stewart, 2010 winner of the Knight Arts Challenge.

13 Aug 2013

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Why Nonprofits Should Care About Net Neutrality

Guest: Amy Sample Ward, CEO, Nonprofit Technology Network

19 Jun 2014

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Mapping Social Networks of Influential People

Guests: Laura Meacher, head of business development for Relationship Science, and Spence Medford, vice president of institutional advancement at The Henry Ford Foundation,

15 May 2014

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Using Crowdfunding to Attract Support of All Kinds

Guests: Erin Barnes of IOBY and Megan Kashner of Benevolent.

11 Apr 2014

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Using Social Media to Connect With Older Supporters

Guest: Alejandra Owens, Social Communications Senior Advisor, AARP

17 Mar 2014

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How Nonprofits Can Use the Revenue-Focused Facebook

Frank Barry, director of digital marketing at Blackbaud

21 Feb 2014

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