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Apple's new iPad Mini and every other iPad: Which do you buy?

Sorting out Apple's iPad lineup in late 2021 means figuring out how much you'd prefer to spend. We compare the ninth-gen iPad and iPad Mini to the Pro and Air.

14 Sep 2021

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Apple Fitness Plus adds new workout routines

Apple adds Pilates, guided meditations and group workouts to the subscription service.

14 Sep 2021

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Apple unveils new entry-level iPad

At its September 2021 event, Apple introduced its newest iPad, upgraded with an A13 Bionic chip.

14 Sep 2021

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Apple reveals iPhone 13

At its September 2021 event, Apple unveiled a smaller-notched iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini in five new colors.

14 Sep 2021

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Watch a cow getting potty-trained

Success! A calf pees in a latrine as part of its MooLoo training to reduce ammonia emissions caused by bovine waste.

14 Sep 2021

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How He-Man joined forces with Black hero Sun-Man

Mattel is teaming up He-Man with Sun-Man and relaunching the Black hero as a toy for a new generation. The minds behind these once-separate franchises talk about cultural significance of Sun-Man and why Mattel wanted to unite with what is likely the first Black superhero toy.

11 Sep 2021

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Decision reached in the Epic v. Apple trial

We break down the decision, and how it could affect iOS users.

11 Sep 2021

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What to expect at Apple's September event

It's virtually guaranteed we'll see new iPhones and a new Apple Watch with a redesign, but there could be more, including new AirPods and maybe a new iPad.

10 Sep 2021

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Cooley hacks the cooking of Impossible chicken nuggets and they make him a believer

An example of plant-based meat that isn't close to the real thing, its better.

7 Sep 2021

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Windows 11: Will your computer be able to run it? What to know

Is your device compatible with Windows 11? Here's what to know before Microsoft releases the new operating system.

5 Sep 2021

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