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Podcast dealing with survival topics ranging from gear reviews to primitive wilderness skills and modern survival mindsets.

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Survival Tech Episode 34

Episode 34 – Active Shooter Discussion In Episode 34, Korey and Matt discuss what they learned during a recent active shooter training class with Licking County SWAT.  Enjoy the show and note that all info discussed on this episode is how the information was depicted to us.  Please look at the show notes and inquire around your area for this training if you are interested. http://archive.org/download/SurvivalTechPodcast/SurvivalTech_Episode34.mp3

23 Apr 2013

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Survival Tech Episode 32

Episode 32 – Q&A and the first show of the new year!  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Survival Tech this year.  Enjoy the show! http://archive.org/download/SurvivalTechPodcast/SurvivalTech_Episode32.mp3

17 Jan 2013

Rank #2

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Survival Tech Episode 31

Episode 31 – The Christmas Spectacular!  Korey and I take the reins of the sleigh in this episode and give some last minute gift ideas for preppers/outdoorsmen.  There should be at least 1 gift that might make sense on your shopping list, so give it a listen. Enjoy the show and Merry Christmas! http://archive.org/download/SurvivalTechPodcast/SurvivalTech_Episode31.mp3

22 Dec 2012

Rank #3

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Survival Tech Episode 29

What’s been going on?  Here at Survival Tech we have not been podcasting, which all of you know!  We have been hunting and in this episode we share some ideas and upcoming shows with you guys and we have some reviews.  We are now on Facebook and Twitter so friend us and follow us. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/survivaltechpodcast Twitter – @survivaltechpod http://archive.org/download/SurvivalTechPodcast/SurvivalTech_Episode29.mp3

13 Dec 2012

Rank #4

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Survival Tech Episode 30

In Episode 30, we welcome The TrailRat and ExposerNine to the show and they help us out talking about ATV’s as BOV’s and BOB security.  We also touch on the tragedy in Connecticut and due to information that we had at the time that isn’t true now, we edited some of the original conversation. http://archive.org/download/SurvivalTechPodcast/SurvivalTech_Episode30.mp3

18 Dec 2012

Rank #5

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Survival Tech Episode 35

Episode 35 – Camping, tubing, blowguns and Seizures! What a barrel of fun! We discuss all of these topics and more in our Blitz show to get us back on track!  Thank you Survival Tech Community and Enjoy the Show! http://archive.org/download/SurvivalTechPodcast/SurvivalTech_Episode35.mp3

31 Aug 2013

Rank #6

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Survival Tech Episode 33

Episode 33, Gun Talk with Andy, we jump into some great topics on the current state of acquiring and maintaining firearms.  There’s some great apps that are discussed and we run down some neat guns we have our eyes on.  Also, if you are a fan of the AR-15, then this is a good show to listen to, Andy finished a project recently and discusses the build along with his next project he is planning now.  This episode is packed full of great info.  Enjoy the show! http://archive.org/download/SurvivalTechPodcast/SurvivalTech_Episode33.mp3

8 Mar 2013

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Survival Tech Episode 28

It’s MYSTICAL, it’s MAGICAL, it’s RUT!  In Episode 28 we explode with the greatness that is the season of RUT!  We discuss this past weekend’s trials and tribulations with hope that a good harvest will be blessed upon the worthy by the loin cloth wearing, bolt and arrow flinging tribal Gods of the Whitetail Realm! Is that Magical and Mystical enough Shaun & Korey?  (That was an attempt at a Nuge Rant.) All kidding aside, we have some good gear reviews, some hunting lodge type stories and we also have some tricks.  Enjoy the show and we need callers for our Shotgun/Rifle/Muzzleloader special we will be having in a few weeks. Enjoy the Show! SurvivalTech_Episode28.mp3

6 Nov 2012

Rank #8

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Survival Tech Episode 27

In Episode 27, we welcome Tim to the podcast as we discuss the basics of backpacking.  Tim brings some great information with him so enjoy the show!  Remember, crocs aren’t considered hiking shoes even if they are camo! BIG NOTE: Matt brought up a couple of times the next show, which is the Rut-Archery Special Part 2, which he said is 2 weeks away.  This is not the case, for any voicemails, please have them in to us by Friday, October 26! SurvivalTech_Episode27.mp3

24 Oct 2012

Rank #9

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Survival Tech Episode 26

Episode 26 discusses “Vacation Prepping”.  We welcome one of our new cohosts, Andy, to Episode 26 and we talk about a lot of aspects to think about expecting the unexpected during a vacation.  Although you might practice some of these preps during everyday life, maybe you will take something new away from the show.  Enjoy the show and Thank You For Your Support! SurvivalTech_Episode26.mp3

3 Oct 2012

Rank #10

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Survival Tech Episode 25

Episode 25 is here and so is the new format.  In this episode DMAC, Shaun, Korey and Matt discuss multiple hunting topics ranging from scouting locations, hunting bag contents, gear used for Whitetail Archery, our thoughts on some aspects of Ohio’s Hunter training courses and much more.  Our emphasis was mainly on Whitetails, but we will never be able to discuss everything Whitetail in a few episodes, so look for Whitetail Archery Part 2 coming soon.  Enjoy the show and Thank You For Your Support! SurvivalTech_Episode25.mp3

18 Sep 2012

Rank #11

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Survival Tech Episode 24

Has the Survival Genre Jumped The Shark?  Maybe on TV?  Download the show to listen to the discussion.  Big things are in the future for Survival Tech, enjoy the show! SurvivalTech_Episode24.mp3

7 Sep 2012

Rank #12

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Survival Tech Episode 23

In Episode 23, we welcome Dave from our members area for a discussion of the end of June storms and power outage.  We talk about our experiences with the storm and lessons learned in our preps.  By the way, it’s Derecho, pronounced deh-REY-cho!  Enjoy the show! SurvivalTech_Episode23.mp3

10 Aug 2012

Rank #13

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Survival Tech Episode 22

Episode 22 is finally up!  This was recorded before the storms and the intro was recorded this past Friday.  Enjoy the show and thanks for sticking with us! SurvivalTech_Episode22.mp3

1 Aug 2012

Rank #14

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Survival Tech Episode 21

In Episode 21, we welcome D-Mac and Ohio Beagler from the members area to help us out on our discussion of beginning fishing for Panfish.  We discuss other types of fishing, but we talk about gear and what to get and what to avoid.  This is a very insightful discussion and there’s lots to learn whether you’re a novice or professional.  Enjoy the show and remember time is running out on the Member Contest #3, so please submit your entry by June 22nd! SurvivalTech_Episode21.mp3

16 Jun 2012

Rank #15

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Survival Tech Episode 20

We’ve discussed First Aid, SOP’s, BOB’s, BOV’s, BOL’s and now we discuss Shelters!  In this episode, we run through the many shelters you can buy or construct that might save your life.  We also talk about some other paracord projects to try and we tease about Bigfoot and the Turtle Man.  Enjoy the Show!  If you haven’t done so yet, check out the Membership Contest #3 and upload your weapon for your chance to win a Defender! SurvivalTech_Episode20.mp3

12 Jun 2012

Rank #16

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Survival Tech Episode 19

First Aid is the topic of discussion in Episode 19!  We get into some myths about first aid and we discuss the different supplies one should have.  We also touch on some items overlooked in our Bug Out Bags that we’ve since added.  If you haven’t done so yet, check out the Membership Contest #3 and upload your weapon for your chance to win a Defender! SurvivalTech_Episode19.mp3

7 Jun 2012

Rank #17

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Survival Tech Episode 18

Episode 18 is a halfway short episode and we discuss “Bugging In” in general as an option.  We also discuss the latest news headline of the “Zombie” in Florida.  Enjoy the show! SurvivalTech_Episode18.mp3

31 May 2012

Rank #18

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Survival Tech Episode 17

Master Peter Brusso joins us on Episode 17 to talk about non lethal self-defense and the importance of self-defense skills in the prepping mindset.  We discuss with him the different Defender Self Defense Tools he has to offer and situations where they come in handy.  We also touch on the movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, starring George Clooney where Clooney’s character of Lyn Cassady was based on Peter.  Finally we talk about remote viewing and the importance of that skill in survival situations.  Hunker down for this one, it is of decent length, but you should definitely enjoy it.  Thank you listeners! SurvivalTech_Episode17.mp3

19 May 2012

Rank #19

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Survival Tech Episode 16

Episode 16 is another “Blitz” show, just hitting on a few topics including the Intel Report, Korey’s camping adventure, some reminders on what to look for in your gear since camping season is upon us, the new Community Campfire, some camping apps for your smartphone, gear review on the Nebo Redline flashlight and a gear review on the Davey Crickett Bolt Action youth .22 LR.  Enjoy the show! SurvivalTech_Episode16.mp3

5 May 2012

Rank #20