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#44: Your Salary = Your Business School Ranking

Miro and Tom discuss the new Forbes Business School Rankings and how a man has received a full MBA scholarship for tweeting.


4 Aug 2011

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#22: How to say your name so that people remember

Ali Freedman from SpeakAndWriteClearly.com joins Tom and Miro to provide some tips on how MBAs can improve their speaking skills. Learn how to say your name so that employers remember you. Also, Tyra Banks is now an HBS student.


3 Feb 2011

Rank #2

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#23: How to get a job in the healthcare industry

Discover how to get a job in healthcare and watch Tom and Miro learn the difference between 'pharmaceuticals' and 'biotech'. HBS 2nd year Jonathan Sheffi schools us in the art of using cold email to get a job. Also, Tuck centralizes recycling.


3 Mar 2011

Rank #3

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#43: Serving Up Hot Cups of Coffee Chat

Tom and Miro explain what to really expect at "coffee chats" and offers advice on how to avoid four big mistakes at these meetings.


28 Jul 2011

Rank #4

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#21: The Average MBA Gets One Job Offer for Every 3.6 Interviews

Find out how much MBA's made in 2010 and what they had to do to get those jobs from the GMAC annual salary survey of MBAs. Learn what a BATNA is how how its the key to getting that salary you are looking for after business school.


17 Feb 2011

Rank #5

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#19: Join Y Combinator and Get (Nearly) Free Money

Will MBA's follow all the money sloshing into silicon valley? Yuri Milner offers $150k in convertible debt, no cap, no discount to every Y Combinator participant and Tom and Miro explain what the hell that means. Bonus: What it means that Wharton and LBS are number on in the Financial Times Rankings and How to turn one informational interview into 10.


3 Feb 2011

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#20: Top MBA Salaries

Find out which MBA's are getting paid the most, and how much they're making. Tom and Miro discover why people who work in private equity are the best people in the world. Plus, the new painless way to write group papers.


10 Feb 2011

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#45: Will the US Downgrade Take MBA's With It?

The MBA Show discusses how the recent US credit downgrade will affect those getting an MBA and they get a visit from a "secret MBA".


11 Aug 2011

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#42: The 10 Best Places to Work and the Most Expensive Places to Learn

It's top 10 week at the MBA Show. Tom and Miro review the best places for MBAs to work and the most expensive business schools in the country. Also, find out the easiest way to generate content for your personal brand.


21 Jul 2011

Rank #9

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#41: Not recruiting yet? You're late!

Bain and JP Morgan have kicked off their 2012 recruiting seasons. Were you there? Jennifer Fremont-Smith of Boston startup Smarterer explains when to start a company and how to deal with "the MBA backlash".


14 Jul 2011

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#40: INSEAD Reveals It's Secret US Invasion Plan

The French are coming, the French are coming! INSEAD is planning an invasion of the homeland. Also, Tom and Miro reveal which school has finally taken the 'social' out of social-media.


7 Jul 2011

Rank #11

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#38: How to Beat The New GMAT

Dave Wilson, President and CEO of the company that makes the GMAT explains the new Integrated Reasoning section to Tom and Miro. He also suggests why it's worth taking a hit to your social life in the first semester of b-school.


23 Jun 2011

Rank #12

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#39: Your Salary Equals GMAT Times 325 Minus $123,000

Find out the formula for predicting your starting post-MBA salary based on your GMAT score. Test Prep company, Knewton, released their analysis that every 10 points on the GMAT translates to an additional $3K in starting salary.


23 Jun 2011

Rank #13

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#37: What To Do When You Hate Your Internship

Many MBAs are starting their summer internships, and many of them have discovered they are miserable. Miro and Tom talk about what to do if you are one of them ... and some tips for business school deans on the job hunt.


16 Jun 2011

Rank #14

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#36: A Very Special Graduation Message

This week, a very special address to the nation's graduating MBAs.


9 Jun 2011

Rank #15