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VN Podcast, Ep. 34: Tour de Pharmacy, Tour de Suisse, and Tour tech

Is "Tour de Pharmacy" a horrible, sad depiction of pro cycling or is it merely cycling's "Caddyshack" moment? Have we finally made it? Spencer Powlison and Caley Fretz are joined by VN tech editor Dan Cavallari to debate the upcoming HBO film, as well as look back at the Tour de Suisse and ahead at the tech we're likely to see debuted at the Tour de France. Finally, Spencer catches up with Jeff Byers, a former pro football player and avid cyclist. This episode is presented by Velofix mobile bike shops. WIN a free tune-up, pedals, and Jagwire cable set at velofix.com/velonews

1hr 2mins

20 Jun 2017

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Fast Talk, ep. 30: Myth Busters—Why we can't talk about lactic acid

Ouch, it burns! But what is "it" — the root cause of the pain in your legs when you smash it up a hard climb? For the longest time, we colloquially called "it" lactic acid. It turns out that was wrong.Coach Trevor Connor and Caley Fretz examine the chemistry that occurs in our muscles while riding and racing. They talk to Dr. Iñigo San Millán, who is the director of Colorado University's exercise physiology lab. Best of all, they give you practical advice for your own training to help make that burn go away — or at least make you faster even if it hurts.


19 Oct 2017

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VN pod, ep. 90: Did Lance win or lose? Plus a Sea Otter recap

Lance Armstrong settled with the Feds for $5 million... Did he win? Plus, we discuss the tactics that played out in one of the most exciting editions of Liege-Bastogne-Liege in years.Later in the show, we bring on tech editor Dan Cavallari to talk about the biggest bike show in North America, Sea Otter Classic. What tech was cool? What trends are growing? And what's the deal with e-bikes? All that and more on this episode.


24 Apr 2018

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Fast Talk, ep. 103: The final VeloNews episode

These are special times, challenging times, and this is a special edition of Fast Talk. And I say that not because we discuss COVID-19 in this episode, but because this will be the last episode of Fast Talk to be released on the VeloNews channel.What’s that mean? Well, I have a big ask for all of you: Head to your favorite podcast app, search for the Fast Talk podcast, and subscribe. All future episodes of Fast Talk will be released on that channel. Some of you have already found us there, many of you have not.In the episode today, as a way to say goodbye to our good friends at VeloNews, we invited editor-in-chief Fred Dreier to join us on the show to interview both Trevor and me, about Fast Talk — where we’ve been, where we’re going, and to discuss some of the highlights from our long history together.


24 Mar 2020

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Fast Talk, ep. 24: Surviving a long season like a pro

Is it possible to stay fit and fast all year round? We talk to former pro and team director Mike Creed about the toll that cycling takes on a body. He also discusses the mentality required to endure bad days on a bike, which happen far more often than good days. Plus, we speak with Cannondale-Drapac pro Toms Skujins and Trek-Segafredo pro Kiel Reijnen about how they plan their seasons, schedule training and avoid the dreaded burn-out.


27 Jul 2017

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Fast Talk, ep. 39: The secrets to staying strong as you age with Ned Overend

Is aging as bad as everyone thinks it is? Are our rides doomed to slowness and pain after 35? Don't despair, on this podcast we give you some answers. Throughout, we talk to Ned Overend about how he's managed to stay fast into his 60s.We first address what the research says, and why even past research painted a much grimmer picture than reality. We’ll explore the science with Dr. Jason Glowney and coach Frank Overton who know how to help masters athletes get the most out of their aging bodies. Don't sweat it, folks — age is just a number!

1hr 9mins

1 Mar 2018

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Fast Talk, ep. 32: A cyclist's guide to the weight room

We cyclists can get a little lost in the weight room. That doesn't mean strength training doesn't have important benefits though. We are joined by Jess Elliott, who is the sports performance coach and biomechanist at the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center. She helps us understand the fundamentals of strength workouts in the weight room: what to do, how to do it, and how many times to lift those big hunks of iron. Plus, we speak with pro rider Brent Bookwalter (BMC) about how he fits weight lifting into his busy travel schedule.

1hr 9mins

20 Nov 2017

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Fast Talk pod, ep. 34: Become a climber (even if you live in a flat place)

In this episode of Fast Talk, we tackle the always-popular topic of climbing. A listener in Iowa asked if he could become a better climber. Not only will we answer his question, we’ll describe ways in which anyone can improve their technique, efficiency, and power to refine their climbing.Surprisingly, climbing isn't as simple as dropping a few pounds or spending your days riding in the Rockies. We look at the question from a few angles: First, does dropping weight make you a better climber? The fact is, for the last few decades, winners of the Tour de France, who can climb with the best, aren't the lightest athletes. Why this is has a lot to do with something called allometric scaling. Secondly, we'll discuss whether you need to climb hills to be a climber. Is it really just a question of power-to-weight? Finally, we'll take a closer look at the particulars of climbing, including the effects of grade, cadence, standing vs. staying seated, and the importance of core strength.We’re joined by a collection of talented riders and coaches: Sepp Kuss, newly signed with the LottoNL-Jumbo WorldTour squad; Dr. Iñigo San Millan, director of the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center; as well as fantastic climbers Joe Dombrowski and Ned Overend.

1hr 3mins

21 Dec 2017

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Fast Talk, ep. 37: Sugar, wheat, paleo, and performance nutrition

NOTE: This is an updated version of episode 37. We apologize for uploading the previous, rough cut of this podcast. This is the one you want ... Thanks for listening!We take on the always-controversial subject of nutrition. Why is it so controversial? First, it’s very personal: Many people, trained or untrained, have strong opinions on the subject, and a lot of heated debate revolves around what is healthy and what is best for performance. We’ve had a few prominent guests on Fast Talk previously, and they’ve given their opinions on the subject. But thus far we have strayed away from revealing our thoughts — until now.In this podcast we’ll discuss what we think is healthy and what isn't. We’ll talk about what foods to eat, we'll take on the question of wheat, nutrient density, and sugar. Unlike other episodes, in this show Coach Trevor Connor will not only be the co-host, he’ll also be the guest of honor. His research in graduate school focused on many of these topics, and what he’ll share are his educated opinions.

1hr 4mins

1 Feb 2018

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VN Pod, ep. 151: Tour de France wrap up, plus Vaughters on cycling's EPO era

Andrew Hood and Fred Dreier present their final analysis of the 2019 Tour de France. Did the race's truncated finish ruin the excitement? Will we remember Egan Bernal's victory for his stunning attack, or because of the shortened stages?Then, the guys discuss the future of Team Ineos, which now has three Tour de France champions, all of whom will want to win the race next year. How should the British squad navigate the strange leadership story that is bound to pop up?Then, we have a long and frank discussion with Team EF Education First manager Jonathan Vaughters, who has written a new book, "One-Way Ticket: Nine Lives on Two Wheels" about his experience in pro cycling. Vaughters has some great insight on cycling's so-called 'EPO era,' and the social pressures that he and his peers felt to dope. Vaughters sheds light on some of the anecdotes and opinions in his book, and talks about why he's confident in the current generation of pro cyclists.This week's episode is sponsored by Whoop, the performance tool that is changing the way people track their fitness and optimize their training. Whoop tracks your heart rate and gives you a strain scores that lets you know how strenuous your training was on your body, with additional information around your sleep and recovery to tell you how well your body rebounds from training. Right now, listeners can get 15 percent off a Whoop device by going to www.whoop.com and using the code 'velo' at checkout. www.whoop.com.

1hr 18mins

2 Aug 2019

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Fast Talk, ep. 59: Preventing cycling's most common injuries, with Dr. Andy Pruitt

In this episode of Fast Talk, we speak with the guru of cycling medicine and ergonomics, Dr. Andy Pruitt, about cycling's most common injuries and how to prevent them. The discussion includes: 1)What used to be the most common over-use injury — knee problems — why they are no longer the most common problem, and how it’s possible for most of us to go through the rest of our cycling careers without one. 2)Back problems — these have eclipsed knee issues as the most common cycling complaint. Unfortunately, the cycling position is not kind to the lower back, but there are still things we can do to prevent pain. 3) Saddle sores, numbness, and pressure issues, and how with the right saddle and fit most of these issues can be addressed. 4) Just like the back, the cycling position can be tough on the neck. We’ll discuss. 5) Feet and hands — many of us think that numbness is just part of riding a bike. But the truth is that if you're experiencing numbness, something is wrong, and it can generally be solved. 6) Finally, for those of you still clinging to that 1980's mindset, we'll talk about just how bad it was then and why you want to get with the 2000s.

1hr 17mins

1 Nov 2018

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VN Pod, ep. 184: Rewatching the Tour of Flanders

It's Flanders week here on the VeloNews Podcast. And even though Belgium's biggest race is on hold (like the rest of the sport), we are taking a deep dive into our three favorite recent editions of De Ronde. Andrew Hood, James Startt, and Fred Dreier examine the Tours of Flanders from 2015, 2016, and 2019, and examine the tactical decisions and storylines from each race. What did each edition tell us about the Flanders course design? How did the marquee riders approach the course differently? What are our favorite moments from these editions?All that and more on this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast.


1 Apr 2020

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VN Podcast, ep. 52: The world championships of banned beards

It was a three-Pete! The world championships in Bergen, Norway finished up over the weekend and Peter Sagan took home his third rainbow in a row. Fred Dreier, Caley Fretz, and Spencer Powlison discuss whether WorldTour riders should be allowed in the U23 race, how the American women could have factored in the finale, whether Tom Dumoulin's TT win is a bad sign for Chris Froome, and more. Plus, a deep discussion of a Belgian team's new beard ban.


26 Sep 2017

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Fast Talk, ep. 54: Applying the polarized model, with Dr. Stephen Seiler

We received so many questions after we published episode 51, "Polarizing your training, with Dr. Stephen Seiler," we decided to take an even closer look at the polarized model of endurance training, to help listeners execute such a model in their training.Our discussion includes: - Why cycling is an aerobic sport- What is meant by the two thresholds — LT1 and LT2 — and how to determine yours, both in terms of power and heart rate. Dr. Seiler provides a test protocol to determine LT2, which may sound very similar to Neal Henderson's test that was described in episode 33, “Is FTP dead?”- Why it's important not to over-estimate LT1 or LT2, and how to use them to determine your zones in a three-zone model.- The specifics of zone 1 training: how long, how much, how easy? We take a deep dive into what zone 1 training is all about, why it's important to keep those rides easy, and the value of long rides.- Finally, we discuss the 80-20 principle of the polarized model and how to put it into practice to map out your week.

1hr 30mins

30 Aug 2018

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Tech Podcast: Can you trust your GPS elevation data?

Editorial director Ben Delaney and senior editor Betsy Welch needed a challenge — much like the rest of us craving races that have been halted during these strange times. Everesting? That seems a bit too intense for mere mortals, so Ben and Betsy settled on Project 14er instead, attempting to conquer 14,000 feet of elevation in a single ride. But with Lachlan Morton's troubles with official elevation data resulting in his record being expunged, the question of elevation data reliability comes squarely into focus. Can you trust your GPS elevation data? Why did Morton have data problems? Find out on this episode of the VeloNews tech podcast.


22 Jun 2020

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Fast Talk, ep. 65: Debunking supplements, and the positives of beet juice, cocoa, and ketone esters

Those who take their training and racing seriously are always looking for something to give them an edge — that marginal gain — including nutritional supplements. So much has been promised to us in pill form, it’s created a multi-billion-dollar industry. Those promises carry into enhanced endurance performance. And many athletes have resorted to the morning supplement cocktail believing it will make them better cyclists. But there’s a dark side. Those cocktails can actually hurt performance, certainly affect health, and lead to even darker, ethically-challenged places.Today, we’re going to talk about supplements and our concerns with them, and then cover a few foods that actually do work.We’ll discuss:- We thought about bashing all the supplements that don'’t work, but then realized we only have an hour. So instead, Trevor will read a description of every supplement that does work. That list combined with a discussion of its sources will cover the first three minutes.- We'll talk about supplements in general and why they can be a big concern.- And with those concerns in context, we’ll start addressing things that have been proven to help, staring with pickle juice.- Next on our list is beet root juice which can not only help performance, but has been shown to have health benefits as well.- Believe it or not, we’re going to talk about chocolate — or more specifically the active ingredient, cocoa flavonoids, which also, surprisingly, have both performance and health benefits.- That, of course, leads to something that frequently comes up in the sports nutrition literature — chocolate milk. It’s as effective as most recovery mixes. So, the key question is how effective are the mixes?- Finally, we’ll revisit the ketogenic diet and specifically supplementing with ketone esters.- Our primary guest today is Ryan Kohler, the manager of the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center who holds a masters degree in sports nutrition and exercise science. Ryan has helped Trevor and I with many previous articles and behind-the-scenes work with some of our experiments, shall we call them. We’re excited to finally get him in front of the mic, even if he is a little shy.In addition, we'll talk with world-renowned coach Joe Friel, author of the definitive book on training, "The Cyclists Training Bible." We asked Joe his opinion about supplementation based on decades of coaching. We'll also hear from endurance mountain biker Rebecca Rusch and Apex Coaching owner Neal Henderson, the personal coach of world time trial champion Rohan Dennis. They'll each give us their thoughts on supplements and a few things they've found that work.

1hr 9mins

11 Jan 2019

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VN Interviews: Jeremy Powers

"There’s no question there’s static there," Jeremy Powers says of his relationship with former protegé Stephen Hyde. So how does it feel when the apprentice becomes the master? Caley Fretz sits down with cyclocross star Powers to talk about fatherhood, Powers' relationship with Hyde, and the little Belgium that is Western Massachusetts cyclocross.


28 Sep 2017

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PYSO, ep. 56: Jolanda Neff on competition, overcoming injuries, and YouTubing

Road bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, and motorbikes — Neff loves riding them all. On this episode, the multi-time world champ talks about the special Swiss cycling programs that helped propel her to the top. Bobby and Gus speak with Neff about her early days of competition (she won the first race she entered at age six), overcoming injuries, and her new series Jolanda Land on YouTube. After getting stuck in the U.S. for 2.5 months because of travel restrictions, Neff is back in Switzerland now for a national training camp, where eight of the nine riders have world junior titles to their names. How does Switzerland create such successful riders? Part of it, Neff believes, is the unique race formats for young kids that prioritize handling skills and not just pedaling. Like many Olympic-bound athletes, the coronavirus pandemic has changed Neff's life and timing, but after the Swiss star suffered a terrible crash in December, the extra preparation time is probably a blessing.Neff, a veteran of the Rio Olympic where she placed eighth in the road race and sixth in the cross-country mountain bike race, talks with Bobby, an Olympic medalist himself, about lessons she wants to take into the Tokyo Olympics. Forefront among them, is advocating to have trusted female staff with her. "I need to have the people around me in those days before the Olympics and during the Olympics that I've been working with for years," she says. "In Rio, we did not have one single female person on staff. I get along great with men, that's no problem. But at the competition, you need a certain balance and especially for me, my physio that I've been working with for years, she is a girl. She was not selected to go to the Olympics. So I've been working on that very much."At the coming Olympics, Neff will be unable to race both road and mountain because the two competitions are on the same day.Outside of the Olympics, Neff recently launched a YouTube channel."I want to show people cycling is social. It's fun. It's great. It keeps you fit. I don't want to show like, 'ah, it's so hard to train and everyone who's at that level has to put in work and has to train hard,'" she says. "For me, what got me into mountain biking and what I want to inspire other people to get into mountain biking is the fun, the social aspect."


11 Jun 2020

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