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Chris Baca and Jared Truby are professional Baristas and are here to introduce the world to Specialty Coffee! From placing in the finals of the United States Barista Championship multiple times, winning regional competitions, to leading training and education for some of the most progressive coffee companies around - these two have learned a ton about coffee and want to share it with you. Tune in for weekly interviews, tutorials, and general mayhem from the brothers from different mothers: Truby & Baca. Learn more at catandcloud.com

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Being Sued By Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc., a company that generated $54.7 billion in sales and revenue in 2018 alone, is suing us in an attempt to cancel our Class 25 trademark to "Cat & Cloud." Baca and Chuck sit down to talk about what this means and how we're moving through it. If you want to help please share and pass this along and share on your social platforms. We appreciate you. Coffee and such: catandcloud.comBaca: youtube.com/realchrisbaca instagram.com/realchrisbaca


20 May 2019

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James Hoffmann - Square Mile Coffee | Equitable Green Buying, Tipping, Wholesale Coffee, Buyouts.

Former World Barista Champion James Hoffmann has been commenting on the modern specialty coffee movement since 2004 and shows no signs of stopping now. He talks with Baca about tipping culture, sustainable and equitable green buying, wholesale coffee, big specialty coffee buyouts, and more. So many gems in this one - enjoy! The only coffee subscription you need: https://catandcloud.com/products/subscriptionJames Hoffmann YouTube: https://bit.ly/2gekpSjWorld Atlas Of Coffee: http://www.theworldatlasofcoffee.com/Chris Baca Video Interview with James: https://bit.ly/2QileLJ

1hr 30mins

26 Nov 2018

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How Will A Barista Earn A Living Wage?

It’s not the first time we’ve posed this question, and it certainly won’t be the last. Here’s where we’re at with it at this point of our journey. Owners Chris, Jare and Charles toss around a some ideas, business models and attitudes for owners and employees that might be key.Coffee!catandcloud.com/products/subscriptionRelated Episodes!Creating Sustainable Careers in Coffee: https://apple.co/2XOa417Gross Profit Per Labor Dollar - How Can Baristas Earn More Money: https://apple.co/2Si0QJ4Resources!Seth Godin’s Podcast: https://www.akimbo.meVineyard 7 & 8 (Hi Wesley!): www.vineyard7and8.comPeople!JT on the Gram: www.instagram.com/jared_trubyBaca's YouTube: www.youtube.com/realchrisbacaBaca on the Gram: www.instagram.com/realchrisbacaCharles on the Gram: www.instagram.com/chukjakIf you love it here a rating and review on iTunes or your podcast player of choice would mean the world to us. If reviewing sounds annoying, sharing with someone you care about also takes us to happy-town and allows us to help more people. We appreciate you.


15 Jul 2019

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All About Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee - it's coffee and water but what else? Baca will tell you. The only coffee subscription you need: https://catandcloud.com/products/subscription


15 Oct 2018

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Creating Sustainable Careers In Coffee | Chuck's SCA Expo Talk Broken Down

Why is it so hard to build a career in an industry centered around one of the worlds most heavily traded commodities? Chuck will tell you! the goods: catandcloud.comGross Margin + Sales Mix info: catandcloud.com/blogs/news/grossmarginChuck's newsletter: catandcloud.com/pages/responsibilityThis Week: Creating Sustainable Careers In Coffee | Chuck's SCA Expo Talk Broken Down

1hr 14mins

30 Apr 2018

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Truby and Baca Talk Espresso Brewing Philosophy and Scales

In this episode we forgo a guest in order to dig into espresso brewing parameters, style, philosophy, and our never ending quest for people to be able to make great coffee with no scales.


3 Aug 2015

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Scott Rao of Light

Scott Rao has written multiple books about coffee roasting, extraction & theory.His story includes founding coffee shops, studying physics, traveling, blogging, writing & everything in between is very fun.IN this episode he talks application, perspective, context & answers many questions.If you ever wondered, WHO IS SCOTT RAO?Now you can know.

1hr 11mins

2 Dec 2016

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Q&A With Trubaca | Investing in Employees, Blends, Building a Coffee Community

You wrote in questions and we got your back! We chat about latte art plateaus, the place of blends in modern Specialty Coffee, investing in your employees and building a healthy & holistic life/work culture, and why you should break all the rules of espresso.


30 Sep 2015

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Modifying Techs for Different Drinks & Hard Guests

In this episode we talk about our approach to steaming & creating drinks. Do we change our approach for different drinks?We also answer a little questions surrounding opportunities to change paths and what you should consider. Finally we talk about some of the hard guests that come through the doors and ways to approach them when they are having a bad/hard time.All that and more on this episode. If you want to help Baca gather information for his lecture at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo - here's a quick six question survey that will change his world: surveymonkey.com/r/roasted


19 Feb 2017

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Creating & Sustaining an Engaging Culture pt.1

This episode is one of two educational ones around creating culture. Both Baca & Jared gave lectures at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle. They were both asked to post their lectures for others to learn from. If you are in leadership, own a business or want more insight into how Jared, Baca & Charles approach business, this is your episode.Pt. 1 includes Values & Hiring Practices. Enjoy!


20 May 2017

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Values, Philosophies and Blowing Off Steam

Chris & Jared take a moment to talk about the realities of starting a business & what it's like to balance all the details. In this episode you will learn more about Cat & Cloud's vision around hiring, training and collaboration with future employees. There are also a few rants on bar-flow, efficiency, spacial awareness, spending money & other tangents. Rate, Review, Share & Enjoy!


11 Apr 2016

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The Lonely Life | Taking Risks + Owner Mental Health

Risk doing something that excites you or do nothing? You know what we think you should do. Also, why being besties with your team might be selfish...Where are my friends though?The only coffee subscription you need: catandcloud.com/products/subscriptionResources:Reezy Resells | Food Stamps to Freedom episode: https://apple.co/2sDtHLZR.O.A.D. Podcast: https://apple.co/2RVv2NfDJ Impulse IG: https://www.instagram.com/djimpulseDJ Excel IG: https://www.instagram.com/excelagramJen Gotch podcast (Therapy episode): https://apple.co/2UfSLEJ


28 Jan 2019

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What Makes A Business Special? | Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast

Posing a heavy question which we have no good answer to. the goods: https://catandcloud.com/


20 Aug 2018

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All About Espresso Machines

Where did these beautiful machines that make this lovely liquid come from? How do they work? Baca takes you on a magical journey through time and space to find out. The only coffee subscription you need: https://catandcloud.com/products/subscriptionSources: Smithsonian Article | https://bit.ly/2ACmOR9Wiki | https://bit.ly/2FjrNcMGaggia | https://www.gaggia.com/legacy/La Marzocco | https://bit.ly/2w7v8mbEspresso Vivace Archives | https://bit.ly/2JZ3UWuPrima Coffee | https://bit.ly/2QDpdQ3


12 Nov 2018

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Wall Street Journal Says Coffee Market Is Saturated - We Say No.

Local mom and pop shops do have it tough, but we think there's hope!Holiday Blend now available: catandcloud.com/collections/coffee/products/holiday-blend


17 Nov 2017

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Starting Your Coffee Career? | Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast

We get asked all the time what's the best path for starting a coffee career. We're not quite sure but here are a few things we think about. Home base: catandcloud.com/collections/allStarting Your Coffee Career? | Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast


15 Jan 2018

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U.S. Barista Champion Charles Babinski - Part 3 of 3

In our final episode with the champ himself Charles talks about the differences in language between green buyers, roasters, and baristas, how he and Kyle approach espresso recipes and standards at G&B and Go Get Em, milk beverages being the economic backbone of a cafe, and how we don't have to give flavor descriptors in the real world.


31 Jul 2015

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U.S. Barista Champion Charles Babinski - Part 2 of 3

Charles talks about his training for the USBC and the World Barista Championship, working at Intelligentsia Venice, and the catalyst for starting his very own company.


27 Jul 2015

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Chris & Amy Elliot | Slayer Espresso + Baratza Grinders | Husband & Wife Power Team

Chris & Amy Elliot, husband and wife dream team happened to pop by on their anniversary vacation a bit ago and we wrangled them into the studio to find out what happens when grinder and espresso worlds collide in one magical household.


26 Oct 2015

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Roasting Approach, Location Approach, Final Approach...

We are getting close to finishing our buildout & people have been asking us about our approach.How do we roast, how do we blend, how did we pick our location & many other fun things.This episode is definitely worth a listen & a share. Thanks,Cat & Cloud


18 Aug 2016

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