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Honest conversations, love notes, and strategies to grow your business while building a life grounded in deep integrity. Join me, Megan Hale, for mindset & energetic wisdom as we dive into life, business, & personal leadership with a good dose of spirituality mixed in. Wild & Holy is YOUR permission slip to unapologetically honor your inner knowing & do life, love, & business your own way!

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Ep 36: 3 Mindset Shifts For More Earning

Links mentioned in this episode: Just Buy The F-ing Latte


15 May 2019

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Ep 18: First the Grief, Then the Surrender (And Other Four Letter Words)

Hi Friends.   And welcome back to another episode of Wild & Holy Radio and boy, do we have a good topic for today!   In this episode, we talk about the path to surrender, why grief is usually a part of it, the three reasons surrender is SO difficult, and who we find more ease along the way.  Tune in, then tell me - Is surrender a street fight with lots of four letter words for you?  Do you surrender easily?  Are there things that are easier to surrender than others?  I'll see you next week for another episode on Wild & Holy Radio!  


13 Nov 2017

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Ep 55: The Being of Earning

Hi, friends! Exciting news today :) At this very moment, I'm up in Kelowna, BC speaking at Shine Live - an annual conference hosted by Chantelle Adams. In fact, the day this episode goes live, I will have already led a powerful meditation on facing the pieces of yourself that are keeping you stuck and giving them the love & reassurance they need and today, I’ll be taking the stage to deliver a keynote titled “Embrace the & to Expand”.   I'm so excited to share my takeaways with you from the event when I get back.   This week on the podcast, we're diving into one of the most potent pieces of stepping into more earning that doesn't require more doing. It requires more YOU. And more specifically - owning your YOU-ness! This is one hell of an episode. I can't wait to dive in :)  Some of my fave parts of this episode were diving into:   The transition from transformational coach, helper, or healer to intentional CEO Allowing yourself to be both Good & Growing, especially in regards to DEI The process of creating more potency in your work & your revenue The 4-part framework for creating powerful transformational experiences Introducing the waitlist for my next program: The CEO Shift (join the waitlist below 🙌🏼) How to leverage more being for more earning How we become our BIGGEST selves (** hint, Embrace the & to Expand)  And why it's absolutely necessary to see yourself as a BIG DEAL and to jump on our own bandwagon! Links Mentioned in this Episode:   Hire Erica Courdae, DEI Coach & Consultant Shine Live with Chantelle Adams The Grounded CEO Masterclass: Now The Money Map The CEO Shift Waitlist


23 Oct 2019

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Ep 27: It'll Be Hard & It'll Be Fine

Links mentioned in this episode:  GBB Goals Masterclass: http://megan-hale.com/gbb


19 Mar 2019

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Ep 15: With Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg

Today, I'm joined by Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg for a beautiful discussion of the Divine Feminine, Judaism, finding our spiritual path, and creating balance between sacred texts and our inner knowing.   I LOVED this conversation so much and I know there are some beautiful gems in here for you!  Before we begin, today is the LAST day to join me for Wild & Holy Truth, my 8 eight week group program to help you cultivate more trust and less doubt so you can do Your Holy Work in the world.  Find all the details here: WildandHolyTruth.com. Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg is a speaker, educator, and performer who shares Jewish spiritual gems that spark more joy and beauty into the world. Presenting on topics of creativity, authenticity, and feminine empowerment, she creates sacred space for women to discover how to tune-in, turn-on, and radiate their unique light into the world, with love and reverence. As a singer, certified Jin Shin Jyutsu energy healer, professional chef, and dancer, she creates multiple entry points for embodied and accessible spiritual practice. Rabbi Cherina has offered programs at institutions, including Harvard University, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and at synagogues and women's gatherings across the nation.    Please connect with her at her website www.cherinaeisenberg.com This episode is sponsored by Honey & Sage Co., a Women's Wellness Subscription Service & Apothecary.  Take 10% off your first order at HoneyandSageCo.com.  My favorite products that have become a part of my daily practice are their body oil and aura mist!  You have to check them out!!


23 Oct 2017

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Ep 37: 3 Simple Shifts to Structure Your Business to Make More Money


22 May 2019

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Ep 25: Good/Better/Best Goals & Celebration

Happy New Year, friends!  I cannot believe we’ve arrived to the finale episode of Season 1!  Did that go quickly or what? In just two days, I’m scheduled to deliver our second baby boy and with the hubby down with the flu, I’m not quite sure that’s going to happen as planned, but at this point in my life, I’ve learned to roll with it – all the unexpected shifts and twists that life can sometimes bring and trust everything is always as its intended. So, I want to start off the New Year with you in celebration!  First of all, I have a wonderful interview out on The Courage and Clarity Podcast today with my friend Steph Crowder that’s all about setting good/better/best goals that has literally transformed so much for me this year. I know you know if you’re a previous listener of The Enoughness Revolution, so much of my worthiness used to be tied to hitting the moon when it came to goals.  I’ve always had high expectations for myself and would repeatedly feel discouraged whenever I failed to meet them, which was actually… quite often – especially when it came to hitting financial goals.  And maybe you can relate…. Feelings of failure were rampant inside my heart and there was always this mix of pressure and guilt that I wasn’t making as much progress as I thought I should be.  I constantly felt like I was letting my family down when I wasn’t doing enough and, to make it all worse, there was also a lot of comparison going on in there too.  And we all know where that gets us – straight to the pit where the voices of “not enough” are strongest that take us away from our truth and most definitely away from our power.  But this year was THE year I started doing things differently with this Good/Better/Best format and not only did I start hitting my goals, I started surpassing them super fast.  I talk all about it over on The Courage and Clarity Podcast this week so I’d love for you to go check that out!   One of my Best goals wrapping up 2017 was to sell out Wild & Holy Year.  As the cart officially closed at 10:00pm last night (which is the new midnight around here by the way!), 17 women decided to journey together for the bravest year of their life!  That means there are just 3 spots left as I walk into 2018 and my heart is so incredibly full you guys for several reasons. One, I’m proud of the way I held this container this past month, the way I practiced my tools of staying grounded and not letting the fear of the “what if’s” get in my way.   I believed wholeheartedly in the value of what we’re creating and instead of chasing people down to convince them how great it was, I instead sent out heart felt invitations for the right women to join me and they did!  Second, I’m so incredibly grateful for the ease that was present in the way I showed up and talked about the momentum we’re creating inside our community and why it is SO incredibly special.   If you’re a Wild & Holy Women tuning in right now, I know you know the deep level of connection, love, and support we have for each other.  I know you know the way we naturally start to believe in ourselves more and trust the value that we bring, the value that we are.  And I know you know the way we hold space for each other to show up as we are and walk this curvy, windy road of expansion with all it’s highs and all its lows.  I know you know how magical it all is to know how supported you always are.  And I’m so incredibly grateful to YOU and for YOU for helping me build a one of kind community this year by adding your magic, heart, and soul to the mix.  So from my heart to yours, I am especially wishing you a beautiful New Year full of gorgeous expansion!  You always have a seat at my table forever and always and I can’t wait to hug you at some point in person this next year however the Universe brings us together!! And Third, each of the women who have said “yes” to herself is a woman I cannot wait to support, cheer on, encourage, and bring back to her truth when she forgets so I can witness all the ripples she’s going to create in the world.   Wild & Holy Year has brought together a powerhouse group of therapists, coaches, helpers, and healers.  Some of them have been journeying with each other for some time and some will just now be meeting, but I cannot wait to see the way this group expands in their truth and is braver together in 2018! If you’re wishing you hadn’t missed out on joining us, the cart will remain open until Sunday although I won’t be actively promoting it.  There’s just 1 Crown Level left and 2 Lotus Levels left.  After that, the cart will close until mid February where the price will increase: The Crown will increase from $350/mo to $375 and the Lotus will increase form $150/mo to $175.  So tell your friends <3  I’d love to hold the space for them to have their own breakthroughs this year so they can show up braver and help others have their own. So… this first season on Wild & Holy Radio has been amazing!  The expansion series which includes episodes 3, 5, and 6 is probably some of my favorite content I’ve created this year, interviewing Rob Bell who has opened up so much for me spiritually this year was like a dream come true, and also episodes 8, 11, 12, 13, and 18 in particular have so much of my heart and soul in them.  It is such an absolute honor to connect with each of you every week and to know the topics we’re exploring on Wild & Holy Radio are making an impact. I know if you’ve loved some of these discussions, you’ll most definitely LOVE the Wild & Holy Fresh Start Spiritual Bundle I’ve put together too – 8 of my favorite self-paced exercsies to ease your way into the New Year in a way that feels grounded in truth, clarity, and bravery.  I’ve set it up to be delivered over the course of 8 weeks so it’s super manageable to integrate into your life with short activites that blend together reflective journaling prompts (one of my favorite gifts), guided meditations, and spiritual exercises I’ve collected over the years that really help clear the space of things that don’t serve you to make more space for the things that do!  You can find out how to order it in the show notes and it’s the exact process all the Wild & Holy Year Women will be going through before we officially get started in March!  I know you’ll love it so go check that out!  So… I always get sad when I’m going to be away from you guys for a bit.  Podcasting has become such a natural way for me to feel like I’m connected to you all even though it’s just me and my mic in my office recording.  To go on a short break these next few months is going to be hard, but I know taking this time for me and my family is the right decision with all the shifts and transitions we have coming up! I’ll be in and out of social media these next few months too, but I’d love to stay connected there!  So make sure we’re connected via FB or Instagram.  I’m sure you’ll see a cute baby picture every now and then and a real deal behind the scenes look of how I’m navigating becoming a mama to two under two!  Pray for me <3  BUT, I’m already looking forward to Season 2 which will kick off in Late Spring/Early Summer.  One of the areas I can’t wait to dive into is talking about Wild & Holy Parenting – how do we raise resilient children, how do we navigate the waters of spirituality and give them the spiritual tools to grow into healthy, whole adults, how do we navigate our own issues of parenting – choosing our own values and letting go of the rest?  How do we build in self-care practices that takes care of us as humans so we can show up as better parents?  All of these topics are things I can’t wait to explore in Season 2 and I have a great line up of guests to introduce you to. So, make sure you’re subscribed on iTunes so you’ll be first to know when Episode 1 of Season 2 is live!  I’m wishing you such a magical, powerful New Year, a brave year, a year full of gorgeous expansion.   Thank you SO much for supporting me on this new venture this year by listening to the show and sharing it. We’re so very much just getting started and I’m eager to be back with you all as we dive even deeper into spiritual truths, becoming our best selves, and expanding into our fullest expressions!  So much love to you and yours from me and mine!  Happy 2018! 


1 Jan 2018

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Ep 56: Marriage & Entrepreneurship with Anna Osborn

Hi, friends! Today, I'm joined by Anna Osborn – a LMFT based out of Sacramento who specializes working with entrepreneurial women and couples to help them reconnect and deepen their intimacy as she believes your primary relationship can be your greatest tool or greatest barrier to success.   I am so excited to be diving into this topic this week as this has been a huge piece of growth for me personally this past year. I’ve briefly alluded to my marriage going through a rocky season in 2018 as we went through a deployment, navigating the preliminary stages of a pervasive medical diagnosis for one our children, having a second child, and becoming acutely aware that the agreements in which we has built our marriage drastically needed to shift. What were originally created from a place of love we understood at the time had become toxic that were preventing both my husband and I from truly thriving – as individuals and together.   The past year has been about redefining our agreements and updating our expectations, needs, communication, and boundaries that better support us as a couple, but also make space for us to reconnect to our souls on an individual level. Life has gotten immensely busier and fuller in this season, which means we’re needing more from each other and just in general than ever before. This has led to vulnerable conversations around what we need, how we need it, and how we need the other person to step up so we consistently get our needs met.   And I can say too that going through a growth phase of business while also going through a growth phase of marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of presence, hard conversations, and a willingness to embrace the suck for a little while until you come out the other side. I’ll never forget having a conversation with my husband about a year ago in which I shared I was angry we were going through this after all we’d just endured. I was angry that it would likely be awhile before this felt easier as I knew we needed to rebuild our marriage from the ground up. And I also knew if we could show up and stay committed to who we wanted to be, we’d come out the other side stronger than we’d ever been before. I anticipated this would take us 6 months to do, but nope – we’re still very much in the rebuilding phase of our marriage a whole year later and likely have at least 6 more months to go before we feel like we’ve arrived to a new normal.   I wanted to bring Anna on to talk about entrepreneurship & mar&iage because one – both of these things are so complex and challenging and two - I often see business success come at the detriment of successful marriages. Entrepreneurship asks a lot of you as the CEO, but it can also ask a lot of our partnerships and I know from a personal level how much stress it puts on every area of your life when marital issues and rough patches pop up. It shifts the foundation in which you walk and can make you re-examine everything. Today, Anna is going to be giving us some tips and tools for maintaining intimacy and how to reconnect when we’re not really "feeling the love".   She’s offering an amazing 7-day challenge for couples to reconnect intentionally which you can find right here. Some of my favorite parts of this conversation were when she distinguished between being busy &&being productive, how we can leverage our entrepreneurial strengths for relationship success, why it’s so important to celebrate your wins, and how we all go through seasons of marriage just like we go through seasons of business growth.   Here's more about Anna:  Anna Osborn, LMFT, owner of Life Unscripted Counseling and host of Her Life Unscripted podcast, focuses her work on reconnecting couples and inspiring individuals. She works with couples and individuals on improving communication, deepening intimacy and changing negative patterns of disconnection in their love relationships. As a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist Anna provides therapy, relationship workshops and hosts speaking events that help folks create change and live their lives with intentionality. Anna also works with entrepreneurial women to inspire and motivate them to step fully into their voice and live their lives out loud. She believes that your primary relationship can your greatest tool or greatest barrier to success.   To connect with Anna on social, find here on Facebook!  


30 Oct 2019

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Ep 46: Stepping Into More Earning - Receiving, Permission, & Boundaries

During this episode, I mention the Grounded CEO Masterclass. Since this episode's first release, I have added so much juicy content and included topics like understanding your money motivators, the foundation for creating a sustainable business through aligned strategy, and the basics of Profit First.  It’s now a completely developed system distilled and perfected in The Money Map - the most holistic profit planning tool on the market.  If you’re ready for accelerated business growth without sacrificing alignment, check it out here!  I’d love to see you in the exclusive Money Mapping community for our next live coaching call. Other links mentioned in this episode: My White Friend Asked Me on Facebook to Explain White Privilege.  I Decided to Be Honest. Rachel Rodger's Million Dollar Badass Podcast Interview with Rachel Cargle


24 Jul 2019

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Ep 38: Healing Transgenerational Money Stories

During this episode, I mention the Wild & Holy Money Love course & The Grounded CEO Masterclass. Since its first release, so much juicy content has been added, expanded, & rolled into The Money Map - the most holistic money course on the market with live community support! If you're ready for money to feel grounded, fun, empowering, and liberating AF, learn all the things right here: meganhale.co/moneymap Podcast episodes referenced: Ep. 33: The 5 Love Languages of Money


29 May 2019

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Ep 48: The Gift of Personal Struggle & Collective Crisis

Hi!  Just as a heads up - we're going on a 4 short week break as I make my move from San Antonio to Omaha!  I can't wait to see you on the airwaves once I'm settled in my new city :)  To stay in touch, make sure we're connected on social @meganhale_mh where I'll be sharing grounded wisdom for life & business along the way!  In this episode, I mention the Grounded CEO Intensive.  This offer has been rolled into The CEO Shift, my signature program for creating aligned business growth through money mastery and going all in for the unique impact you're here to make.  Learn more here! Other links mentioned in this episode:  Coaching as Activism with Andréa Ranae Johnson Moms Demand Action 


7 Aug 2019

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Ep 23: Staying Grounded During Stressful Times

Hi friends!  Is anyone else feeling the crunch of the New Year or is it just me?  It probably doesn't help that I'm in my final weeks of pregnancy and things are about to get a little nutty over here!   Interestingly, even though I obviously have a lot of things going on - getting ready to have another baby, in the middle of a launch for Wild & Holy Year, putting the finishing touches on the Wild & Holy Fresh Start Spiritual Bundle that will be available soon, and getting ready for the holidays... I'm actually feeling more grounded than ever! How? I'm sharing my top 6 tools on the podcast today! Tune in to learn how I've gone from stressed out, overwhelmed, perfectionist, control freak to laid back, easy-peasy, go with the flow even when a million things are going on!   Mentioned in this episode:  Wild & Holy Year: a year long spiritual container for coaches, therapists, helpers, and healers ready to have their own breakthroughs so they can show up braver and help others have their own.  There are 2 spots left at the Crown Level & 7 spots left at the Lotus Level. Enrollment closes December 31st or whenever it sells out, whichever happens first!   We'll be getting started in March AND you'll be getting access to the Wild & Holy Fresh Start Spiritual Bundle the first week of January!  WOOHOO!   If you're ready to feel more grounded so you can show up braver, I'd love for you to join me this next year!  Find out more here! 


18 Dec 2017

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Ep 13: The "How" Will Follow the "Why"

Hi friends!  So many special announcements today! First up, we have a FREE masterclass happening this Wednesday where we'll be talking about how to have more faith and less doubt in 8 weeks or less so you can do YOUR HOLY work in the world.  I'd love for you to be there!  It's all happening at 12:00 CST.  Sign up here to get a notification for when I go live! Second, enrollment is officially open for Wild & Holy Truth 8 Week Program!  If you've been feeling the call to be BRAVER and are ready to do the spiritual work to help you get there, I'd love to be braver together for the rest of the year!  Wild & Holy Truth begins October 23rd and will run through December 12th, the PERFECT and most POWERFUL way to end 2017 and blow 2018 out of the water <3 This program is a practical spirituality course that will ask you to reclaim the narratives of who you're allowed to be as a woman. We'll be diving into your family narratives, our cultural narratives, and most importantly, our religious narratives that keep us from being braver! Wild & Holy Truth is an open, inclusive and diverse community of women from all religions, races, and backgrounds.  Expect to learn from the wisdom each woman brings and open yourself to new ways of connecting to God/Source/Spirit that will help deepen your faith so you can be BRAVER!  What I love most about Wild & Holy is that it adds a depth to your spiritual practice whether that be a religion, a particular faith, or your own intuition.  This is what makes our community different and I've very proud to grow a space where all women feel welcome to be who they are, own their truth, and step into their fullest expression. AND, I'm giving away some AMAZING BONUSES like a FREE ticket to Wild & Holy Live, my next big event happening in Austin, TX June 1-2.  Read all about it here PLUS the amazing payment plan that's good through midnight, October 6th! Now, into our episode.... Are you being called to expand?  To be braver?  To move outside your comfort zone? Then you'll want to tune into this episode because we're going into the messy middle of uncertainty and the unknown as we're expanding into a new version of self. Mentioned in this episode: Comfortable with Uncertainty by Pema Chodron "Everything you need to become the person you're here to become next exists in the hot loneliness of now." ~ Glennon Doyle Rising Strong by Brené Brown I'll see you on Thursday at 11:30 CST for After the Episode over on FB.  Make sure you've liked my page here to be notified of when I go live! 


2 Oct 2017

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Ep 28: How & Why To Put Money First In Your Business

Links mentioned in this episode: During this episode I mention the Wild & Holy Money Love course. Since its first release, so much juicy content has been added, expanded, & rolled into The Money Map - the most holistic money course on the market with live community support! If you're ready for money to feel grounded, fun, empowering, and liberating AF, learn all the things right here: meganhale.co/moneymap Interested in Wild & Holy Weekend?  Join the waitlist here: http://wildandholyweekend.com


19 Mar 2019

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Ep 24: How to Stop Feeling Like Shit with Andrea Owen

Oh my goodness!  You know when you get to have lunch with a girlfriend and just KNOW you're going to have such a good conversation?  That's what today's episode is like because today, I'm talking to Andrea Owen, one of my favorite life coaches, authors, and mentors on her newest book, How to Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness, which comes out NEXT WEEK on January 2nd!   So, a few things before we get into this kick ass interview!  Andrea has some amazing bonuses for you when you order her book, one of which is a month-long book study that's kicking off January 22nd.  Order her book here and then go claim your bonuses!! * Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life. She is the proud author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve, (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster). Her second book: How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness is due out in January 2, 2018 (Seal Press/Hachette Books). When she’s not juggling her full coaching practice or hosting retreats, Andrea is busy competing in triathlons, chasing her 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter or making out with her husband, Jason. She is also a retired roller derby player having skated under the name “Veronica Vain”. Learn more about Andrea at http://yourkickasslife.com and join the fun and wisdom at http://facebook.com/yourkickasslife Also mentioned in this episode: WILD & HOLY YEAR and there are just 6 spots left to join me!   If you're a coach, therapist, helper, or healer who's ready to have her own breakthroughs so she can show up braver and help others have their own, this container is FOR YOU!  Find out more by going to megan-hale.com/wildholyyear/ Enrollment will be closing soon and I'd love for you to join us!


21 Dec 2017

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Ep 30: 4 Core Money Beliefs & 5 Self-Beliefs That Support Them

Links mentioned in this episode:  During this episode, I mention the GBB masterclass. Since it’s first release, I have added so much juicy content and included topics like understanding your money motivators, the foundation for creating a sustainable business through aligned strategy and the basics of Profit First.  It’s now a completely developed system distilled and perfected in The Money Map - the most holistic profit planning tool on the market.  If you’re ready for accelerated business growth without sacrificing alignment, check it out here!  I’d love to see you in the exclusive Money Mapping community for our next live coaching call.  Find out more below: 


3 Apr 2019

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Ep 50: Embodiment & Visibility with Jaya Rose

This week, I'm joined by Jaya Rose who is sharing her wisdom on the power & process of embodiment to share your story more bravely.  Jaya has been a long-time acquaintance in the online space and I'm so glad we had a chance to connect on the podcast as we share so many similar approaches to putting your work out in there in the world.  One of the things I love about Jaya is her willingness to share her story & her behind the scenes of what it looks like to pursue your purpose in the world.   This conversation holds so many gems on learning to manage your energy as an empath, defining success on your own terms, the power of owning and sharing your story for more earning, and the connection between managing your energy & taking brave leaps.   If you're new to Jaya, she's a transformational speaker, spiritual business coach, and essential oil educator.  She helps multi-passionate entrepreneurs package their magic and speak clearly to the world WHO THEY ARE, WHAT THEY DO, and WHY THEY'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT - so they can create financial freedom and a massive impact along the way.   You're going to hear Jaya talk about the importance of embodiment and if this is work you know you need to do, I'd love to invite you to learn more about her program, Embody.  It's a 12 week beautiful that focuses on helping you embody your soul’s purpose with more clarity & honor your energy more deeply.  If you’re an empath who knows she’s here to do big things – most definitely go and check it out right here and connect with Jaya.  We’ll be speaking side by side at Shine Live in Kelowna, BC October 21st-23rd and obviously we’d love to see you there in real life too!  For all the details on Embody, find everything you need right here.  To join us at Shine Live, find all the details here.  We'd love to see you there!  


18 Sep 2019

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Ep 29: Wealthy & Holy | Holy & Wealthy


27 Mar 2019

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Ep 31: Alchemizing Fear + Faith into Bravery

A behind the scenes look at my signature speech in process. 


10 Apr 2019

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Ep 54: Infusing Impact into Every Layer of Your Business with Erica Courdae

Hello friends! Today, I’m joined by Erica Courdae, an entrepreneur, coach, and consultant who is dedicated to expanding how multicultural professionals, managers, lawyers, coaches, and creative small business owners interact with the world through the lens of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.   This DEI conversation is a big one, which is why I want to get your wheels turning for how you can start leveraging your business and your platform to create more change no matter what phase of business you’re in.  As I mentioned in Episode 51: The Power of Money, which PS if you haven’t tuned in, definitely go have a listen as we talk about what’s really keeping you from stepping into more earning, but in that episode, I started sharing a few big shifts that have been happening over here at Wild & Holy headquarters (aka, my soul) these past 2 years, especially in regards to seeing the opportunity we have as business owners to leverage our platforms for more awareness and change.  If you’re new to me, first of all WELCOME!  I’m so glad you’re here J  But if you’re new, just to catch you up, I think it’s incredibly important that our businesses are an extension of our values and for the most part we might think of this concept in terms of what we choose to be vocal about, what we choose to take a stand on, what organizations we choose to publicly support and so on.  And no doubt, those things are important.  We have such massive opportunity to use our platforms to raise awareness for causes we care about and if you follow me on social, you know that’s a big way of how I continue to challenge myself to use mine, but today, I want to talk about some other ways you can also use your business to love the world forward because chances are, you’re probably overlooking some subtle shifts that can have a huge impact on: serving a more diverse audience,  making your work accessible to more people,  creating an inclusive workplace and company culture as you grow, and  starting to tackle disparities that can help others level up – whether that’s directly through your business’s offerings or ways you choose to give back, create a movement, or put forth energy to create systemic change.    Find the full show notes here!  Connect with Erica on social: Instagram LinkedIn Website Ways to Work with Erica:  DEI In Business Workshop Series Ask All the Things Call

1hr 4mins

16 Oct 2019

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