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This show is all about supporting our US Military members transition successfully into the civilian world.

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LLM 014 Brian Burger Marine 0311, Scout Sniper, Mech Engineer, Entrepreneur

Brian Burger served in the Marine Corps from 1993 to 1998 as an 0311 Infantryman and as a Scout Sniper team leader. After his service, Brian attended Clemson University, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Brian has a long list of skills and talents, including the ability to run a nuclear submarine! He is co-owner of Fathom 4 LLC, specializing in tactical vehicle design and integration.


25 Feb 2014

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LLM 021: Joe Crane, LtCol USMC, Cobra Pilot, Comecrial Pilot, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Lead Like a Marine welcomes Joe Crane to the show! Joe served in the Marine Corps for 24 years. He retired in 2013 at the rank of LtCol. During Joe's time in the Marines he was a Cobra helicopter pilot among other things. Joe is enjoying his retirement with his wife and 4 kids in Kansas. He recently launched a non profit called Speaking of Heroes and a for profit business called Veterans on the Move. Joe is in the midst of launching his first podcast called Veterans on the move, geared toward helping transitioning veterans explore opportunities in entrepreneurship.


10 Jun 2014

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LLM 043- Todd Hulsey, USMC Retired, Attorney, FBI, US Customs Service

Todd Hulsey gets more done by 9am that most of us do all day!  Wow, what an amazing career he's had. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1984 and served a tour of active duty, then went into the reserves and eventually earned a commission and finally retiring from the reserves as a Major. Todd's career has included time as a special agent with the US Customs service and many years in the FBI.  Today Todd runs his law practice from Ft Worth, TX.


7 Jan 2015

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LLM 041- Jason Stapleton, USMC, Entrepreneur, Professional Training & Coaching

Jason Stapleton is the host of the Jason Stapleton Program on YouTube, iTunes and Stitcher.  He has a listenership in the 10’s of thousands and reaches over 110 countries with his message. He spent his Marine Corps career with 5th Force Recon Battalion.  Today Jason is an Entrepreneur, a speaker, a coach and an investor.


24 Dec 2014

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LLM 026: Marvin James, USMC, Author, Substance Abuse Counselor, Husband and Father

LLaM welcomes Marvin James to the program. Marvin has an amazing story of overcoming the odds and coming out on top. He is a husband, father, Marine and substance abuse counselor. You've got to read Marvin's book The Secret of Marriage... Do the Opposite of What I Did.


26 Aug 2014

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LLM 044: Bob Wheeler, US Navy, Corpsman, Medical Recruiter, Staffing, Prolific Networker

Bob Wheeler served for 20+ years in the United States Navy.  Most of his time in service has been spent hip to hip with the Marine Corps.  Bob spent time as a Corpsman and as a trainer.   He is currently working the staffing industry specializing in security cleared candidates.  Bob is a prolific networker. The first time Bob was on the show he talked about his transition planning process.  Here he talks here about life in and after transition.  Bob has some really great advice based on his very recent transition journey.


14 Jan 2015

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LLM 027: Steve Hoeft, USMC, Forward Observer, Sales and Business Coach, Veteran Volunteer

Lead Like a Marine welcomes Mr Steve Hoeft. Steve once told me a way that I can easily remember how to correctly pronounce his name... it's just like sliding into home plate... "SAFE". Easy to remember. Steve served in the United States Marine Corps from 1997 to 2001 and achieved the rank of SSgt. Steve serves as the regional member coordinator for Trust Vets. Steve is a consultant, trainer and coach to companies large and small on the areas of sales and leadership. You are going to love this interview! He shares some sage wisdom for service members looking to transition as well as for those who may have already made the transition into the civilian marketplace.


4 Sep 2014

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LLM 051- Constantine Arzate, USMC, USAF, Army, Leadership Gone Rogue.mp3

4 Mar 2015

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LLM 052- Earl Breon, USMC, Writer, Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Speaker

Earl Breon (pronounced like freon) served 4 years in the Marine Corps as a weather observer.  Today he works for the National Weather Service.  Beyond that, Earl is a writer, leadership trainer, coach, mentor, speaker and an overall enthusiast

12 Mar 2015

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LLM 050- Scott Mann, US ARMY Green Beret, Entrepreneur, Military Family Advocate

Lt Colonel Scott Mann USAR Retired, Special Forces Officer, served 23+ years in the Green Berets.  Scott's dream since he was 14 was to wear the Green Beret and serve his country.  Mission Accomplished. Talk about busy!  Scott Mann is an Advocate, an Author, an Entrepreneur, a Mentor, a Speaker, a Stability Expert and a Trainer!


26 Feb 2015

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LLM 048 - Mike Haire, US Air Force, Active Duty preparing for Transition

Mike Haire is an active duty officer in the US Air Force.  Mike spent 10 years as an enlisted airman before receiving his commission in 2000.  No here's a guy who knows how to transition.  He's 18 months out from his separation date and he is working hard on planning a future for he and his family. Listen in for some sage wisdom about why and how to get into the transition mindset while still giving 100% in your military career. Success After Serving will be his podcast... launching VERY soon.  Stay tuned for Mike, he's got what it takes!  He's a world changer and I'm proud to have him on the show!

12 Feb 2015

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LLM 053- Steve Tessler, US Navy Chief, Fire Fighter, US Postal Service, Coach, Podcaster

Steve Tessler served 20 years in the US Navy primarily as a fire fighter. You're going to love the story of his enlistment. I've never laughed so hard during an interview before.  Steve works for the USPS and is passionate about fitness and launching his new Podcast "10,000 Steps".


18 Mar 2015

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LLM 049- Todd Cocheran, US Navy, Entrepreneur and Podcast Veteran

Todd Cocheran served 24+ years in the US Navy retiring as a Senior Chief.  Today Todd is an entrepreneur.  He is the CEO of RawVoice a media company which works with and represents 30,000 audio and video content creators. Todd is a Podcasting Pioneer.  He started his podcast Geek News Central in 2005 and has over 1000 episodes published.


18 Feb 2015

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LLM 024: Erik Therwanger, US Marine, Entrepreneur, Author Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Erik Therwanger is one of the nation's leading thinkers on issues of personal growth, professional development, and organizational excellence. Understanding the challenges faced by businesses striving for greater results, Erik focuses on the skills he honed in the U.S. Marine Corps, the financial services industry, and the entertainment industry, to impact growth-oriented companies and their teams.


13 Jul 2014

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LLM 047- James Woosley, US Air Force, Proect Manager, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster

James served in the US Air Force from 1009 to 2001 as a Requirements Manager and a Computer Systems Manager. After leaving the USAF he worked in project management for several large companies before venturing out on his entrepreneurial journey. Today he does professional training and coaching through his company Woosley Coaching.


4 Feb 2015

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LLM 046- Frank Gustafson - Unplugged - State of the Podcast

Welcome to The State of the Podcast episode #46.  This week I talk about the podcast, where we've been and where we are going.  I spend a few minutes on the One Bold Transition course and then talk about my goals for 2015.  Listen in to this shorter than normal episode and see what the future looks like!


29 Jan 2015

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LLM 019 Frank Manzella, USMC, 2531 Field Radio Operator, US Customs and Border Patrol, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

Frank Manzella served in the United States Marine Corps as a field radio operator. Frank was stationed in So Cal and in Okinawa Japan. After serving he to k advantage of the GI Bill and attended college, receiving his Bachelors Degree. Frank worked for


23 Apr 2014

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LLM 020: Wanda Booth, US Army Major, Logistics, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Podcaster

Lead Like a Marine welcomes US Army Major Wanda Booth to the show! Wanda has served 18 years in the US Army and has been deployed to the Middle East several times. Wanda is an Entrepreneur! She has a Podcast called Praise TOP Living and is a Life Coach


3 Jun 2014

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LLM 017 Mark St Onge, Marine, Facilities Dir Univ of AZ, Student of Leadership, Father of US Veteran

Mark joined the Marine Corps in 1982 and served in Aviation Supply in Okinawa and MCAS New River. He moved up through the ranks in the HVAC field. Mark currently works for the University of Arizona as an assistant facilities director. Mark's son served in


14 Mar 2014

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LLM 040- Sean McIntosh, US Navy SEAL, Passionate Entrepreneur, Veteran Advocate

Sean McIntosh proudly served as a US Navy SEAL for 12 plus years, then went into an Entrepreneur frenzy.  Currently Sean runs Vet Launch and a Veteran business incubator called The Bunker Incubator in Kansas City.


17 Dec 2014

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