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Rock Your Chair: Hair Artist Business Accelerator

Rock Your Chair: Hair Artist Business Accelerator. Booth Renters, Hair Artists, Independent Stylists it’s time to Make that Beautiful Business, Get More Clients, and Make More Money Doing What You Love. It’s Everything They Don’t Teach You in Hair School. Money Making Tips and Client Building Tricks!

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#003 Turning Clients into Raving Fans That Promote YOU with Ericka Chapman

When you educate and treat your clients well, you build trust, they are more than happy to rebook on the spot and share the results of your work, and help promote you on social media.


27 Jan 2015

Rank #1

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#011 Build Your Book Backwards and Make Big Bucks with Tracey Ransom from Shear Magic

Learn how to build your book backwards from the end of the week and make the money you want to make per hour, per day, and per week. Tracey Ransom Rocks her system to make $5,000 every week working only 4 days. You can have everything you want by working strictly your hair business and nothing else. She teaches: How to boost your income by 15% with no extra work. How to become a Specialist and charge premium prices and position yourself as a VIP stylist. How to get Clients to promote you properly without having to rely on Social Media. And most importantly how to stay Relevant and On Top forever. 


24 Mar 2015

Rank #2

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#013 How to Achieve Explosive Growth with Brandon Simmons: The Genius of Mr. Carter’s Men’s Grooming Lounge

The Rolls Royce of men’s grooming was born from the challenge of launching a small Barber studio where none had been successful in the past. With a $65 check average and $14K per month in sales with only 2 barbers, Mr. Carter’s defined a class of it’s own. 


7 Apr 2015

Rank #3

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#012 Salon Studio Stylists Mastermind their Successes After Only 3 months

The Stylists of Salon Studios discuss and share their success and income boost from listening and applying what they’ve learned in only 3 short months. Attention and commitment are the keys to profit. 


31 Mar 2015

Rank #4

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#007 Customer Service Boosts Sales and Doesn’t Cost a Thing with Bob O’Brien

The Best No-Cost Money Making Strategy is Giving Better Customer Service. Learn the secrets from a Pro, Trader Joe's Service Guru Bob O'Brien shows how a book of $45 clients can bring in over a Half-Million Dollars in 5 years.


24 Feb 2015

Rank #5

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#004 Building from the Ground Up By The Numbers with Joan Louis of Mo Hair

Do The Math! Use your Top 5 strengths on just 20 clients for each of those skills to establish a 100 person loyal client base to build an ever increasing income over $100,000.


3 Feb 2015

Rank #6

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#006 Salon Studios Stylists Mastermind about what Tips are Working Wonders

The Stylists of Salon Studios discuss and share the Tips and Tricks they’ve learned on the Rock Your Chair Calls. What’s working, how they’ve done it, and their increased sales to prove it. 


17 Feb 2015

Rank #7

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#010 Kitchen Beautician to VIP Stylist - 5 Tips To Top Producer with Melissa Gaines

Melissa Gaines "Rocked Our Chairs" Today with 5 simple tips that will take you to the top in this business. She went from being a Kitchen Beautician to a VIP Stylist with a Full Book that works on her preferred schedule. You'll learn: 1) The Real Secret is Customer Service in Every Detail2) Correct Pricing Ensures Profit3) Double Your Clientele - It's Easier than you think4) ReInvent Yourself - and continue to do so forever5) Stay Current - When you stop learning, you stop earning.


17 Mar 2015

Rank #8

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#005 Success Secrets of having “A Simple System” with Demetra Glover of Mr. Carters

Blowing your clients minds from the moment they step in the door. Creating an Experience and guiding them on a Journey they can’t wait to tell others about.


10 Feb 2015

Rank #9

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#008 Weave Yourself a Fortune by Creating an Extension Maintenance Program

Crystal Leblanc from Tres Bella Salon rocked our chairs as she showed us how to turn Hair Extension clients into a maintenance money machine getting them to come back every 2 weeks for service and thanking you for it. She also has some of the best hair in the business with a wholesale option that can be branded with your name on it. This was a powerful podcast bursting with the tips that can make you a super success. "The Masterpiece has to be better than the Master" - Crystal


3 Mar 2015

Rank #10