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450: “Pitbull – The Battle Over an American Icon”

The Dog Show #450 – October 11, 2017 Guest: Bronwen Dickey, author of “Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon”. This book offers a much needed opportunity for a balanced and educated conversation about this controversial breed. “Pit Bull” … Read More

11 Oct 2017

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440: Anxiety, Reactive Behavior, and Madonna…

The Dog Show #440 – August 2, 2017 An anxious, sensitive, brilliant, and maybe just a little bit naughty Pomeranian is the focus today with my guest, his owner, Liz. We talk about some of the first things to check … Read More


3 Aug 2017

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195: Drafting and Carting and the Working Group of Dog Breeds

The Dog Show #195- November 21, 2012 Ruth Nielson, Draft judge and trainer and Tim Perciful, moderator for Seattle Draft Dogs Group. Ruth, Tim and Julie talk about the sport of drafting/carting and the working dogs who love it. (Any … Read More


21 Nov 2012

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348: “How Do I Work with My Fearful Dog?”

The Dog Show #348 – October 28, 2015 Julie Forbes invites a listener in the booth with her today for a live private dog training and behavior lesson for her fearful miniature Australian shepherd. This show has lots of great … Read More


24 Oct 2015

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184: Vashon Sheepdog Trials and Working with Herding Breeds

The Dog Show #184- September 5, 2012 Guest: Maggi McClure – coordinator of the Vashon Sheepdog Classic. Julie and Maggi talk about herding breeds and this wonderful event. Great conversation about how dogs communicate with energy and how this is … Read More


5 Sep 2012

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433: Patricia McConnell, “The Education of Will”

The Dog Show #433 – June 14, 2017 Dr. Patricia McConnell, author of “The Education of Will – A Mutual Memoir of A Woman and Her Dog”. In this book, Patricia McConnell courageously shares how her easily startled Border collie, “Willie”, … Read More

20 Jun 2017

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466: “Maddie” the Cattle Dog Mix, Her Naughty Tricks, and Nosey Brilliance

The Dog Show #466 – January 31, 2018 Seattle client, Lori, joins Julie to share her dog, Maddie’s, experience since starting K9 Nosework, and also talking through her cute (but sometimes annoying) behavior of stealing things when she comes home … Read More


1 Feb 2018

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471: David Frei: Longtime Co-Host of Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and National Dog Show.

The Dog Show #471 – March 7, 2018 David Frei, co-host of the National Dog Show, and for the 27 years, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Julie and David “talk dog” ranging from evolution and genetics of dog breeds, to powerful stories of David’s work with therapy dogs. Great chat! You’ll love him!


12 Mar 2018

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387: Patricia McConnell – Dominance and Dogs

The Dog Show #387 – July 27, 2016 Thought-provoking conversation with the brilliant and entirely pleasant Dr. Patricia McConnell! Learn about how to have a healthy relationship with your dog while Julie Forbes and Patricia McConnell tackle the “D-Word” …dominance. … Read More


29 Jul 2016

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280: Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

The Dog Show #280 – July 9, 2014 Aggressive behavior in dogs. Julie and Tracy discuss some basics about aggressive behavior in dogs, how every dog is different and review the different main causes of dog aggression.


9 Jul 2014

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389: Professional Soccer Goalie Haley Kopmeyer – The art of presence & working with dogs

The Dog Show #389 – August 10, 2016 What do a professional soccer goalie and a dog training/behavior specialist have in common? Find out when host Julie Forbes talks with Seattle Reign FC goalie (and dog lover) Haley Kopmeyer. Julie … Read More


10 Aug 2016

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283: Author Von Martin – A Long Way to Nome – the 1925 Serum Run Expedition

The Dog Show #283 – July 30, 2014 Author Von Martin of “A Long Way to Nome” – sharing his experience retracing the path of the 1925 Serum Run to bring lifesaving diphtheria antidote to Nome Alaska, by dog sled … Read More


31 Jul 2014

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314: Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science and Autism Spokesperson

The Dog Show #314 – March 4, 2015 Temple Grandin joins Julie Forbes today for a conversation about how dogs experience emotion, how the family model is generally a more accurate description of their social structure than the alpha model, … Read More


4 Mar 2015

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381: Temple Grandin: Pigs vs Dogs & Animals and Emotion

The Dog Show #381 – June 15, 2016 You’ve probably heard people say “Pigs are as smart as dogs”. Maybe that’s true, but it doesn’t mean that having a pig as a pet is the same as living with a … Read More


23 Jun 2016

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317: Dogs, women and leadership!

The Dog Show #317 – March 25, 2015 Host Julie Forbes has spent the last 12 years coaching mostly women around how to effectively communicate with their dogs. She has a particular sensitivity to what this brings up for women … Read More


25 Mar 2015

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339: Dr. Jean Dodds – “Canine Nutrigenomics”

The Dog Show #339 – August 26, 2015 Dr. Jean Dodds joins Julie Forbes for a conversation about her newest book “Canine Nutrigenomics – The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health”. Today you’ll learn about the “genome” … Read More


26 Aug 2015

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179: Response to AVMA’s Proposed “Policy” Against Raw Food Diets

The Dog Show #179 – August 1, 2012 Roxanne Stone, co-author of Answers Pet Food’s Official Response Letter to the AVMA’s proposed anti-raw food policy. Talking all about the corrupt relationships between big-name pet food and the AVMA, among other … Read More


1 Aug 2012

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402: “Complete Canine Nutrition” with “Pet Food Diva” and Dr. Jean Dodds

The Dog Show #402 – November 9, 2016 “Complete Canine Nutrition” online course launches today! Use the coupon code: HOLIDAY100 to save $100 off the already-low registration fee! What an opportunity for us to learn some nutrition basics, as well … Read More


11 Nov 2016

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193: “Following Atticus” Author, Tom Ryan!

The Dog Show #193- November 7, 2012 Tom Ryan, author of “Following Atticus”, a true story about a man and his miniature schnauzer who climbed hundreds of Northeast peaks…in the winter! Wonderful book!


7 Nov 2012

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180: International Assistance Dog Week – All Things Assistance Dogs!

The Dog Show #180- August 8, 2012 Jeanne Hampl, President of the Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound. In honor of International Assistance Dog week, this week, Julie and Jeanne talk all things Assistance Dogs! Etiquette, Law, meeting the physical … Read More


8 Aug 2012

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