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The Graphic Sound is a podcast about creativity and work. Digging into the thought processes behind graphic design, illustration, and other creative fields, the show aims to uncover simple principles that drive creative people. Hosted by graphic artist Brandon Rike, a leading designer in the music merchandising industry, The Graphic Sound exists to simplify the methods with which we put our creativity to work.

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003 - Answers

Host Brandon Rike answers questions from Twitter on favorite designers, daily struggles, routines, workflows, college, and more. Brandon gives in-depth responses to common questions about life with a successful freelance design career. Outro music by Podington Bear.


2 Feb 2016

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004 - w Colin Rigsby (House Of Heroes / Vesperteen)

Host Brandon Rike sits down with Colin Rigsby (House Of Heroes, Vesperteen) to discuss why we create, and how our creativity evolves over time. Colin opens up about where his new creative endeavor, Vesperteen, came from, and the "itch" that it scratches. Brandon and Colin discuss making a big creative vision, and understanding how that need changes with our lives. COLIN'S CREATIVE OUTLETS Vesperteen House Of Heroes Graphic Design CREDITS: Created by: Brandon Rike Produced by: Brandon Rike, Brian Skeel of Chris Graham Mastering Theme Music: The Hands Of Stone Title Song Remixed by: Jesse Cale Website + Facebook

1hr 12mins

9 Feb 2016

Rank #2

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011 - Wavelength

There's more behind the project you're working on. You have a choice as to whether or not you choose to tune into that other wavelength. Host Brandon Rike explains the desire to know what's behind the projects we fill our days with, and the practical benefits of focusing on more than just the visuals we make. Throughout our career, we will scour our minds for any new motivator that we can find. Perhaps the most consistent motivator is the connection we have to the story and emotion behind the seemingly static work.


12 Apr 2016

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009 - Simplicity

Simplicity takes courage. Brandon gives a peek into his though process for designing simple logos. In our design concepts, the courage comes from a deep understanding of the story behind what we make. Knowing the story, and knowing how you arrived at your simple solution can allow you to be able to stand up for your concepts. Brandon discusses the journey through his career that now makes him value simple and bold solutions. Brandon gives stories about his branding choices, placing emphasis on pursuing a greater understanding of exactly what it is that we as designers are trying to make.


16 Mar 2016

Rank #4

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007 - Pushing Through

Sometimes we take on more than we should, and we have to grind through it. It's too late to change the deadline, too late to change anything - only enough time to put our heads down, and grind it out. But how? Graphic Artist Brandon Rike discusses his tactics when the workload gets too heavy, and we feel like we won't make it. There are a few mental tools we can use to push through the mountain of work that has been placed in front of us.


3 Mar 2016

Rank #5