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Episode 57: Ryan Popple

This week, Jon sits down with Ryan Popple, president and CEO of Proterra. Proterra is the leading innovator of zero-emission, battery-electric buses. This conversation centers on Ryan’s journey into the clean energy space and the role Proterra plays in leading the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. Prior to Proterra, Ryan was a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and the senior director of finance at Tesla Motors, focusing on strategic planning, technology cost reduction and corporate finance. Ryan served in the U.S. Army, received a bachelor’s in business administration from the College of William & Mary and a master’s in business administration from Harvard University.


28 Oct 2019

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Ethan Zindler, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Join us this week for a great conversation with Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Ethan’s career has taken him from baggage checker on the Clinton campaign to the White House to MTV to the early days of clean energy covering Cape Wind. For the last 12 years, as Head of Americas for Bloomberg NEF, he’s been at the helm when it comes to clean energy research, with industry leading data on deals and market reports, trends and forecasting. Today we have a great discussion about the market trends and the progress of the industry over the last 10 years. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_


26 Feb 2018

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Bill Bush, Chief Financial Officer of Stem

This week, Jon Powers speaks with, Bill Bush, the Chief Financial Officer of Stem, a leading energy storage company, where he manages the company’s corporate and project financing efforts, guiding Stem from a startup to a $200 million-invested leader in the industry. Prior to joining Stem, Bill was CFO at multiple companies within the solar space, including Borrego Solar Systems, and Solar Semiconductor Inc., leading them to high-growth and profitability. Bill brings a wealth of accounting and financial experience to the clean tech world, previously serving as CFO and Corporate Controller numerous software, and online media companies. Additionally, Bill worked for seven years in public accounting with Ernst & Young (EY) and PricewaterhouseCoopers. We discuss energy storage, and the potentially transformational impact it will have on the energy sector, and what Stem is doing to drive this change. We hope you enjoy our conversation today with Bill as much as we did. Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_Learn more about Stem here: http://www.stem.com/, follow on Twitter: @stempowered


6 Aug 2018

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Varun Sivaram, Author of "Taming the Sun"

This week, Thomas Byrne, CEO of CleanCapital, sits down with Varun Sivaram, a thought leader in the clean energy space. He’s We discuss his exceptional new book, Taming the Sun, which outlines the current clean energy landscape, and the advances that we need to make to unleash it. It's a thought-provoking book, and we encourage all listeners to grab a copy. I hope you enjoy the conversation. Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_Learn more about Varun (@VSIV): Science & Technology Fellow @CFR_org; Prof @GeorgetownSFS; Fellow @ColumbiaUEnergy. Order the @MITPress book, #TamingTheSun via http://amzn.to/2Aaal2E


23 Apr 2018

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Gretchen Bakke, Author of The Grid: The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future

This week, Thomas Byrne sits down with Gretchen Bakke, cultural anthropology professor at McGill University, to discuss her most recent book “The Grid: The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future.” In the last century, America’s electrical supply has evolved from a series of smaller, distributed energy sources to mostly monopolized large utility companies. And still the energy systems of America and other countries continue to evolve. On this week’s episode of Experts Only, our guest, Gretchen Bakke, shares insights from her book on the electrification of America, the development of the modern grid, and her thoughts on the future of utilities. Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com/expert-only Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_About Gretchen: Gretchen Bakke is a cultural anthropologist and author of The Grid: The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future. She is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at McGill University and currently holds a position as a Guest Professor at the Integrative Research Institute on Transformations of Human-Environment Systems, Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. Learn more about Gretchen Bakke and her work: http://bakkeconsolidated.org/Welcome.html


17 Dec 2018

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Hans Kobler, CEO and Managing Partner of Energy Impact Partners

This week we sit down with Hans Kobler, CEO and Managing Partner of Energy Impact Partners. It’s an interesting conversation on how Energy Impact Partners is working with sixteen global energy companies, including major utility companies like Southern Company, National Grid and Exel Energy. This represents a cumulative $263 billion in market value. We discuss the culture change happening in those utilities leading to investments and pursuit of energy innovation.Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_Learn more about Energy Impact Partners via https://www.energyimpactpartners.com/


16 Jan 2018

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Talking Clean Energy Investing with Rob Day of Spring Lane Capital

Thomas Byrne joins us this week with an interesting conversation with Rob Day, Founder and Partner at Spring Lane Capital. Rob has been a sustainable resources private equity investor since 2004, and acts or has served as a Director, Observer and advisory board member to multiple companies in the energy tech and related sectors. Rob also serves on the Board at the New England Clean Energy Council. Today’s conversation features lessons learned from Rob’s 15 years of experience in clean energy investing. He's witnessed the growth and challenges of the clean energy space and has a wealth of experience to share with you.Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_Learn more about Spring Lane Capital: https://www.springlanecapital.com/Spring Lane Capital partners with strong management teams who are selling or using distributed assets with compelling customer economics in the energy, water, food and waste sectors. Learn more about Spring Lane Capital: https://www.springlanecapital.com/


6 Nov 2018

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Episode 52: Miranda Ballentine

This week on the pod, we speak with Miranda Ballentine, CEO of the Renewable Energy Buyers’ Alliance (REBA). REBA works with businesses and organizations—Google, Facebook, and GM among them—seeking to procure renewable energy across the US. Our conversation centers on how the buying power of these large energy consumers is changing energy markets and driving America’s shift to clean energy economy.


22 Jul 2019

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Episode 54: Melanie Nakagawa

This week on the pod we speak with Melanie Nakagawa, Head of Climate Initiative at Princeville Capital. Melanie previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Transformation at the U.S. State Department (2015 - 2017) where she helped countries implement clean energy commitments and led engagements in high growth markets such as India and Morocco. Additionally, she served as a strategic adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry, where she spearheaded engagements with the private sector that focused on climate investment and addressing climate change.Host Jon Powers speaks with Melanie about Princeville Climate, Princeville Capital’s fund which invests in growth-stage technology companies with a primary goal of having a positive impact on climate change in sectors such as Smart Grid, Advanced Mobility, Smart Cities, Industrial, Smart Agriculture and Resilient Health.


9 Sep 2019

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Chris Buddin, Goldman Sachs

We are joined this week by Chris Buddin (@cbuddin), Global Head of Clean Technology Renewables Group and the Internet of Things in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. This week’s conversations focuses on technology, where clean energy has come and where it’s going. We also talk about how the evolution of technology development is affecting the market, specifically as it relates to the Internet of Things. Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_


24 Oct 2017

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Kate Brandt, Lead for Sustainability at Google

This week we sit down with Kate Brandt, Lead for Sustainability at Google. We discuss how technology can be an enabler for sustainability. We also talk through some of the challenges and opportunities Kate sees working for the largest corporate procurer of renewable energy in the world. It’s a fascinating look at how sustainability touches all aspects of work at Google from data centers, real estate, supply chain, to product teams to ensure the company is capitalizing on opportunities to strategically advance sustainability and circular economy.Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_Learn more about Google’s sustainability initiatives via https://environment.google/ as they head towards their 100% renewable energy goals.


6 Dec 2017

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Episode 56: Jamie Redford

This week, host Jon Powers sits down with Jamie Redford, Chairman and Co-Founder of The Redford Center. A nonprofit media entity, The Redford Center engages people using film, video and new media to inspire environmental action. Jamie discusses his film “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution” and the dawn of the clean energy era.Prior to creating “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution,” Jamie has written, produced and directed a number of HBO films including “Toxic Hot Seat,” “Mann v. Ford” and “The Kindness of Strangers.” In addition, he has traveled the world as an American Film Showcase ambassador with his two award-winning documentaries: “Resilience: the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope” and “Paper Tigers.”


15 Oct 2019

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Arun Majumdar, former Director of Department of Energy’s ARPA-E & Stanford University

Jon is back this week for a deep dive on energy with Dr. Arun Majumdar, former Director of Department of Energy’s ARPA-E and now at Stanford University. This conversation takes us through the amazing transformations that are happening in the energy space. We talk about how we are in a “tipping period” where we are seeing fundamental change in the energy markets, technology and the future of the space. Enjoy the conversation.Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_Additional Resources: Dr Arun Majumbar’s talk “Navigating the Turbulence of the Global Energy System” https://engineering.cmu.edu/news-events/events/2017/11/29-majumdar-global-energy.htmlLearn more about ARPA-E at the ARPA-E Innovations Summit March 13-15, 2019 in Washington, DC - http://www.arpae-summit.com/


12 Feb 2018

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Episode 55: Live at Solar Power International 2019

In this very special live episode of Experts Only, Jon Powers of CleanCapital hosts a panel of guests at the Solar Power International convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Guests include: Bill Bush | CFO, STEMBill drives project financing efforts and corporate funding initiatives at Stem, which builds and operates the largest digitally connected energy storage network. Adam Browning | Executive Director, Vote SolarVote Solar’s mission is to make solar a mainstream energy resource across the U.S. Adam co-founded the organization in 2002 and leads Vote Solar's team of advocates, experts and staff working to bring solar to the mainstream across the U.S. Emily Fritze | Director of Strategy & Business Development, PowerhouseEmily manages strategic partnerships, programming, and business development at Powerhouse, a network-driven venture fund that backs entrepreneurs building the future of energy and mobility. Jon and the panel discuss some of the exciting milestones the clean energy industry reached in 2019 and what's on the horizon in 2020. Appreciation to Nico Johnson of Suncast for hosting us at the North America Smart Energy Week Podcast Lounge.


8 Oct 2019

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Brandon Hurlbut, Co-founder and Partner of Boundary Stone Partners

We talk with Brandon Hurlbut, co-founder and partner of Boundary Stone Partners on the role of government in driving clean energy innovation through efforts like ARPA-E and the DOE's $38 billion investment fund in clean energy. Brandon previously served as Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary Steven Chu at the U.S. Department of Energy.


14 Sep 2017

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Erin Robert, Head of Capital Strategies/Exec Director, Sustainable Finance, JP Morgan Chase and Co

Join CEO Thomas Byrne and VP Zoe Berkery as they sit down with Erin Robert. Erin is Head of Capital Strategies at J.P. Morgan Chase Sustainable Finance. We cover a number of topics, including green bonds, corporate sustainability, and J.P. Morgan's effort to transform into a clean energy advisor and financier. She's a great guest with tons of insights we're sure you will enjoy as much as we did. Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_


25 Jun 2018

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Kiran Bhatraju, Founder and CEO Arcadia Power

Join us as we speak with Kiran Bhatraju, Founder and CEO of Arcadia Power and hear about his journey growing up in Kentucky 'coal country,' working on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Director, and how Arcadia Power is disrupting the utility energy markets.


2 Oct 2017

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Katherine Hamilton, Founder and Chair, 38 North Solutions

This week on the pod, Jon Powers sits down with Katherine Hamilton, co-founder and chair of 38 North Solutions, to discuss current climate culture and the challenges political leaders face with clean energy innovation. It’s a fascinating discussion on how policy makers influence new technologies, resilience and clean energy, and the role of innovation as a marketforce.Katherine has had a dynamic career advancing federal clean energy policy. She has served in advisory roles for the Energy Storage Association and Good Energies, Inc.; advocated for the development of renewable portfolio standards in New Jersey and Maryland as Co-Director for the American Bioenergy Association; and worked in buildings research and government relations at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In addition to her policy experience, Katherine spent a decade at a utility, designing electrical systems for commercial and residential developments.Katherine is also a co-host of The Energy Gang podcast through Greentech Media.Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com/expert-only Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_Learn more about 38 North Solutions: https://38northsolutions.com/


28 Jan 2019

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Amory Lovins, Co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

In today’s episode, Jon Powers sits down with Amory Lovins, the co-founder, Chief Scientist, as well as the Chairman Emeritus, of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). Amory is a leading innovator on energy and environmental issues. Time has named him one of the world’s 100 most influential people, and Foreign Policy named one of the 100 top global thinkers. His current work explores how to make integrative design the new normal, so investments to energy efficiency can yield expanding rather than diminishing returns.If you’re unfamiliar with RMI, it is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization that engages businesses, communities and institutions, as well as entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption of market based solutions to help us shift from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and renewables.Today’s fascinating conversation covers a variety of topics from the start of Amory’s career, the founding of RMI and what's currently happening internationally India and China. It’s a little bit longer than our normal episode, but we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Experts Only is made possible by CleanCapital. Learn more: http://www.cleancapital.com Follow on Twitter: @CleanCapital_Learn more about Rocky Mountain Institute here: https://rmi.org/, follow on Twitter: @RockyMtnInst @AmoryLovins


9 Jul 2018

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Brook Porter, Partner G2VP

Join us this week as we speak with Brook Porter, Partner with G2VP and discuss his career working for some of Silicon Valley’s most iconic funds at Kleiner Perkins before launching his own fund, and what he sees on the horizon for energy markets.


6 Nov 2017

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