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Inside Mental Health: A Psych Central Podcast

Award-winning weekly podcast that approaches psychology and mental health in an accessible way. Listen as our host Gabe Howard speaks candidly with experts, celebrities, and other notables to break down complex topics into simpler terms.

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Learn to Live with Anxiety, Stress, and Worry

Dr. Russell Morfitt explains the differences between stress, worry, and anxiety. He tells us how using the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be life changing. Listen to learn how you can free yourself from the burdens of anxiety.Dr. Morfitt is the co-founder of and the Chief Psychology Officer of LearntoLive.com. He has been helping people live better lives for more than 20 years and uses that experience to infuse each program with his natural compassion and CBT research


18 Jul 2019

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Does Person-First Language Reduce Mental Illness Stigma?

In this week’s Psych Central Show, Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales discuss the use of person-first language in mental health advocacy. Person-First refers to a form of etiquette that calls for language to be structured “person” first, “disability” second. For example: “people with diabetes” versus “diabetic.” It changes language to replace “to be” (mentally ill) with “to have” (mental illness). Our hosts discuss the relative merits and disadvantages of this supposedly empowering strategy. They question whether this is needed, whether it’s helping, or whether it is just one more way to stigmatize people who have been diagnosed with mental illness.


17 Nov 2016

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Ruminations and Worrying Ruining Your Day?

Does your brain seem to have a “mind” of its own? Does it jump in the driver’s seat and take you places you’d rather not go? In today’s episode, a licensed psychologist explains how we get trapped in cycles of ruminations -- those dark, repetitive thoughts that won’t leave us alone -- and how to escape this cycle by living with intention. When we realize that every decision we make is just one option of many, it reduces our anxiety and makes us feel more in control of our lives.


31 Oct 2019

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Hiding Depression: Using Perfectionism to Hide Our Struggles

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Do you highly value strength, resiliency, always counting your blessings and keeping a smile on your face? But perhaps, on the inside, you feel lonelier each day. Maybe you have trouble with intimacy and vulnerability and sometimes feel like nobody knows the "real" you. In today’s episode, psychologist Dr. Margaret Rutherford explains the epidemic of “perfectly hidden depression.”


10 Oct 2019

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How to Let Go of Past Hurts

Life is often emotionally painful. And sometimes the pain we experience becomes embedded to such a degree that it negatively affects our emotional health. In this episode, we examine this kind of emotional baggage and how to break free of the grip it can have on us.Hosted by Gabe Howard (www.gabehoward.com) and Vincent M. Wales (www.vincentmwales.com). Previous episodes can be found at psychcentral.com/show or on your favorite podcast player.


17 Jan 2019

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Getting unSTUCK: Get Yourself Going in 2020

Do you feel stuck? Whether it’s your living situation, career or an emotional state, we all yearn for growth and change -- but sometimes moving out of a stagnant place feels like climbing Mt. Everest. We just don’t know where or how to start. Join us as today’s guest, Shira Gura, creator of the unSTUCK method, shares specific tips on how you can step out of the mud and onto solid ground toward the life you desire.


2 Jan 2020

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Life With Schizophrenia – One Man’s Experience

The onset of mental illness can upend our lives in many ways. In this episode, we speak with a young man living with schizophrenia and hear about the impact it has had on him and his family.Hosted by Gabe Howard (www.gabehoward.com) and Vincent M. Wales (www.vincentmwales.com). Previous episodes can be found at psychcentral.com/show or on your favorite podcast player.


19 Apr 2018

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What to Do About Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, and more. They can include romantic, platonic, and even familial relationships. So what do we do when we realize that we’re in such a relationship? Listen for some excellent advice and information.Hosted by Gabe Howard (www.gabehoward.com) and Vincent M. Wales (www.vincentmwales.com). Previous episodes can be found at psychcentral.com/show or on your favorite podcast player.


14 Feb 2019

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Transforming Trauma Into Wholeness and Healing

Trauma is a part of life. Whether it’s acute trauma, like war or childhood abuse, or more “common” experiences like divorce or the death of elderly parents, we all face trauma at some point. Today’s guest, Dr. James Gordon, offers a more hopeful and empowering view of our traumatic experiences. He explains how trauma is the soil in which both wisdom and compassion can grow. Join us as he shares specific tips on how to alleviate the fear and pain of trauma and turn it around for our own good.


9 Jan 2020

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Anxiety Lies Constantly – How to Stop Listening

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales welcome Jodi Aman, popular psychotherapist, anxiety expert, blogger, radio host, and author of You 1, Anxiety 0: Winning Your Life Back From Fear and Panic. Jodi explains how she cured herself of anxiety and shares great tips on how you can get control over your own anxiety and panic attacks. She also explains anxiety and panic in ways you might never have heard before, giving you a better understanding of what’s really going on.


1 Jun 2017

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What Are Cognitive Distortions?

Cognitive distortions are lines of thinking that are based on untruths. Such thinking can cause misery in our lives. In this episode, Psych Central founder, Dr. John Grohol, explains many types of these distortions, as well as how to address them in order to improve our lives.Hosted by Gabe Howard (www.gabehoward.com) and Vincent M. Wales (www.vincentmwales.com). Previous episodes can be found at psychcentral.com/show or on your favorite podcast player.


27 Dec 2018

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Children’s Treatment for Mental Health Issues

Today’s guest is Okpara Rice, CEO of Tanager Place, a mental health facility for children. Unlike adults, children are not in control of their own environment, and anything that affects a child will affect their families, and vice versa. So, what is the best way to help these kids? Okpara joined Tanager Place of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in July 2013, and became CEO in July 2015. Okpara is the first African American to hold executive office at Tanager Place in its more than 140-year history.


8 Aug 2019

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Discussing Abandonment Issues & Attachment Disorder

In this episode of The Psych Central Show, our hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales discuss abandonment issues & attachment disorder. Listen in!


5 Apr 2017

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There’s More to Trauma than PTSD

Most of us are familiar with PTSD largely due to soldiers returning from service. But most people have experienced trauma in one form or another. Learn about the differences between PTSD and other forms of trauma, how to identify it, and what can be done about it.Hosted by Gabe Howard (www.gabehoward.com) and Vincent M. Wales (www.vincentmwales.com). Previous episodes can be found at psychcentral.com/show or on your favorite podcast player.


18 Apr 2019

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What Is Dopamine Fasting?

Have you heard of dopamine fasting? It’s the trendy idea that if you restrict your enjoyable activities, like drinking, gaming, checking social media, sex, or eating cookies for a day or two, that it will reset the neurochemical makeup in your brain. But is there any truth to this? Is this practice helpful? Is it harmful? In today’s episode, Dr. John Grohol, Psych Central founder and editor-in-chief explains the real science behind dopamine and whether this practice has any effect on it.


26 Dec 2019

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Why Does the Narcissist Always Get the Girl?

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales have a candid discussion about narcissists with Ramani Durvasula, PhD. In this information-packed interview, she gives the harsh truth about narcissists, including addressing the questions: What’s the difference between narcissism and self-confidence? Can women be narcissists? Are there more narcissists today than in the past? What happens when two narcissists are in a relationship? and, of course, Why does the narcissist always get the girl?


16 Feb 2017

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Understanding Depression – What It Is and What It Isn’t

In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales discuss depression and why so many people don’t understand this insidious disease. They speak of their own versions of depression (bipolar depression and persistent depressive disorder) and why terminology matters. Despite hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffering from depression, the average person still thinks of depression as nothing more than “sadness.” Listen and find out why this is exceedingly inadequate to explain depression.


23 Feb 2017

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How Is Depression Expressed in Children and Adolescents?

The rate of depression in children and adolescents continues to grow, leaving many parents clueless on what to do. What is driving this increase? Are things truly different for young people today, compared to twenty or thirty years ago?Hosted by Gabe Howard (www.gabehoward.com) and Vincent M. Wales (www.vincentmwales.com). Previous episodes can be found at psychcentral.com/show or on your favorite podcast player.


2 Aug 2018

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A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic, and the Psych Central Show

Strangely enough, Gabe Howard hosts a podcast with someone other than Vincent M. Wales! Michelle Hammer joins for a discussion about A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic, and a Podcast, including the positive and negative reactions they’ve received from listeners.


26 Apr 2018

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The Courage to Change, the Wisdom to Know How

Do you feel stuck in life? Would you like to learn how to take back your power in a big way? According to today’s guest, best-selling author and radio host Ken D. Foster, changing your life begins with small daily habits. And these begin with courage. When we have the courage to change our thinking, it can change our lives and get us moving forward again.


19 Dec 2019

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