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Pop in your earbuds and get ready to be inspired. Veteran homeschool mom and podcast host of the Your Morning Basket Podcast, Pam Barnhill unpacks how to have a better homeschool 10 minutes at a time. Full of practical tips, stories, interviews, and inspiration 10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool is your home learning go-to show for quick, helpful information.*Formerly the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast

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HSP 065 Tricia Goyer: Homeschool Basics & Motivation

Tricia Goyer shares her myriad of experiences homeschooling her 10 kids. She knows what it's like to homeschool from the beginning, as well as helping her adopted kids transition from public school to homeschool. Tricia's faith shines through as she reveals how she balances her busy life as a wife, mom, homeschooler, prolific writer and speaker. Find inspiration & delight as she chats about homeschool basics & staying motivated.


1 May 2018

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HSP 023 Susan Wise Bauer: It's Mostly About Parenting

Susan Wise Bauer is a mother of four, a writer, an academic, and a prominent figure in the world of home education. On this episode of the podcast, she shares her own experiences as a second-generation homeschooler and her observations about changes within the homeschooling community in recent decades. Susan has some great insight about homeschooling within the overall context of the parent/child relationship, and she dispenses helpful advice about outsourcing subjects during the high school years. She also gives us the scoop on the upcoming 4th edition of The Well-Trained Mind. So sit back and enjoy!


1 Dec 2015

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HSP 003 Mystie Winckler: How Organization is Like Laundry

In this episode of the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast I chat with Mystie Winckler about second generation homeschooling, what keeps her up at night, and how organization is more like laundry than a craft project.


14 Jan 2015

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HSP 052 Sara McClure: What to do with Toddlers While Homeschooling

Homeschooling with toddlers and preschoolers underfoot can be tough. This week Colleen talks to Sara McClure who has a new book out all about how to keep those little ones occupied, engaged, and learning while you focus on homeschooling the bigger kiddos. Join us as we learn all about busy bags.


5 Sep 2017

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HSP 047 Jennifer Pepito: Talking Preschool

Preschool is a time to play and enjoy your little one. Sometimes, though, we get mired down in the details of how to make a great preschool experience for our kids and still enjoy it. This week I am joined by Jennifer Pepito, author of the lovely Peaceful Preschool curriculum to talk about exactly that. Jennifer is a mom of seven kids she has homeschooled since the beginning including three graduates, so in addition to the preschool we cover the gamut of homeschool topics from A to Z. Enjoy! Jennifer is a mom of seven kids she has homeschooled since the beginning including three graduates, so in addition to the preschool we cover the gamut of homeschool topics from A to Z. Enjoy!


11 Apr 2017

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HSP 043 Tonia Lyons: Balancing Homeschool and Home

It's an age-old question that keeps homeschool moms up at night -- how do you homeschool and get the housework done too? For the most part, you can't do it all. If you do a great job with homeschooling and housework then you really won't have time for anything else -- like a life. As homeschool moms, we have to learn the hard lesson of letting our standards down a bit. Having said that, there are strategies we can use to make things easier. Tonia Lyons has figured out a few of those strategies and is here to share them with us today. From kitchens, to bathrooms, to laundry let's find a few ways to keep on top of the chaos.


14 Feb 2017

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HSP 054 Mary Jo Dean: Encouraging Homeschool Moms

It's easy to feel alone and discouraged when you're homeschooling in the trenches day in and day out. This week, Colleen talks to Mary Jo Dean, a homeschool mom who made it her mission and life's work to encourage moms around the country in their homeschooling journeys by founding the Great Homeschool Conventions. Join us and be encouraged.


3 Oct 2017

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HSP 035 Ainsley Arment: Homeschooling Wild and Free

Ainsley Arment is the founder of Wild and Free, a community to help homeschool parents connect with others who share the mindset that childhood is an important stage, not just something to grow out of. Noticing the light of wonder going out of her sons eyes, she became a homeschooling mom six years ago and hasn’t looked back. Come and be encouraged to trust yourself and your children in your homeschooling adventure by allowing the process of learning to take place naturally.


27 Sep 2016

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HSP 010 Allison Burr: Learning to Slow Down

In this episode of the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast I chat with Allison Burr about classically homeschooling her four kids. We talk about her efforts to slow down this year and take time to teach her kids as images of God.


25 Mar 2015

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HSP 009 Kendra Fletcher_ Homeschooling and the Introvert Mom


10 Mar 2015

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HSP 033 Lesli Richards: Things I Wish I Had Known

Lesli Richards from The Homegrown Preschooler joins Pam to talk about her homeschooling journey, from wonder based pre schooling all the way too the college years -- and some of the things she wish she had known when sending her first teen off to college.


30 Aug 2016

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HSP 005 Colleen Kessler: Simple and Consistent Parenting

Colleen Kessler and I chat about consistent parenting, homeschooling as a former teacher, and the joys and challenges of homeschooling gifted kids.


16 Jan 2015

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HSP 059 Christy Thomas: Becoming a More Playful Mom

Homeschool life can be busy. It's easy to feel like a not-so-fun mom. Would you like to become a more playful mom? Christy Thomas shares her secrets for building connections with kids through play. Don't miss her valuable tips & awesome resource for helping moms relax & enjoy their homeschooling adventures.


6 Feb 2018

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HSP 056 Cait Curley: Introducing Gameschooling

So many homeschoolers start down this alternate education path to break free from the traditional schooling mode, then find themselves recreating school-at-home and getting frustrated with themselves and their kids. Cait Curley has the answer for you, and she and Colleen talk all about gameschooling for fun AND learning this week. You don't want to miss this episode!


31 Oct 2017

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HSP 004 Kris Bales_ Get Up and Get Moving

About four years ago Kris Bales got up and got moving the week of Thanksgiving and lost four pounds. That was the beginning of a 90 pound weight-loss journey that she works to maintain even today.   Her story and her tips for how to get moving yourself are just a part of the podcast today, where we also chat about her favorite homeschooling mentor, how she defines homeschool success, and why it is important to find your homeschool tribe.Links and resources from today's show: Find Your Tribe: How to Start a Homeschool Support Group - Includes a link to Kris's FREE eBook 52 Weeks of Homeschool Group Activities. Trail Guide to Learning Curriculum The Adventures of Robin Hood - Kris's favorite family read aloud. Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers - Kris's blog. 50 Reasons Homeschooled Kids Love Being Homeschooled - Feel free to leave a comment or question for either Kris or me. We would both love to hear from you! You can comment at Homeschool Snapshots Podcast Episode 4.


15 Jan 2015

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HSP 039 - Diane Lockman: Focus on the Skills They Need

Ever feel like what you do doesn't matter? Do you ever wonder if the sacrifice you made to stay home and teach your children is in vain? Join us for this episode of Homeschool Snapshots Podcast as Diane Lockman encourages us with what really matters. Diane reminds us to let go of subjects and give our children the skills now to learn the content they need for their callings later. She reminds us that the most important thing we can do is teach our children, how to read, write, think, and speak well, equipping them to seek their passions and find their place in the world. But most of all, Diane helps us to see that when moms are equipped through prayer and education then the whole family benefits. Just a quick note on the sound quality of this episode; it isn't great. We do apologize for the fuzzy sounds and want you to know that this is not the norm. It only affects Pam's side of the interview so we decided to run it anyway because Diane is just wonderful! Please give it a listen anyway as this was one of my favorite conversations.


22 Nov 2016

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HSP 042 Cindi West: Training the Brain

Welcome back to a new season of the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast! We are kicking off with an interview with Cindy West from Our Journey Westward and Shining Dawn Books. While Cindy is known for homeschool nature study, she is also passionately interested in using a process called Brain Training in her homeschool with some of her wiggly boys. She heard about the techniques years ago and has studied them and how she can implement them into her homeschool. On this episode of the podcast she shares more about her homeschool, how she got interested in brain training, and some of the techniques she uses with her kids.


31 Jan 2017

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HSP 062 Holly Giles: Real-Life Nature Study

Does the thought of nature study make you cringe a bit? Don't worry-you're not alone! In this episode of the podcast, Amy chats with Holly Giles who shares her tips and tricks for customizing nature study for your family. Holly talks about how nature study has helped her home educate her special needs child and strengthen her homeschool. She also shares creative ways to incorporate nature study into your everyday life. Get inspiration to get outdoors and experience nature with your kids!


20 Mar 2018

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HSP 063 Connie Albers: Homeschooling the Teen Years & Beyond

Does the thought of homeschooling the teen years & beyond keep you up at night? Many homeschoolers wonder how to handle more rigorous academics, busy schedules, & raging hormones. Connie Albers shares her experiences & wisdom with wonderful encouragement & insightful tips. Sit back & be reassured that you can survive & thrive homeschooling middle school, high school, & beyond!


3 Apr 2018

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HSP 026 MacKenzie Monroe: Cultivating the Lovely Homeschool

MacKenzie Monroe is a homeschooling mother of 4 and the host of the Cultivating the Lovely podcast and morning show on Periscope. She tries to savor the beauty in the day-to-day routines of mom life and is on a mission to help other women do the same. On this episode of the podcast, MacKenzie explains how she endeavors to foster beauty in her homeschool through practices like Morning Time, reading and talking about great books, and utilizing traveler's notebooks. Enjoy!


23 Feb 2016

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