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Mischief Managed Podcast: Your recommended dose of Harry Potter nonsense

Not for ickle Firsties! This definitely-adult Harry Potter podcast is full of spoilers, wild theories, nerdy insights, and plenty of mischief. Mischief Managed is refreshingly irreverent while maintaining a loving connection with the books, movies, and all things J.K. Rowling. We solemnly swear that we are up to no good, so adult language and content is to be expected.

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Episode 84 - Y2JK

Hiatus Deletus!It's good to be back, my dears. It's a new year and it's a new season(?) of MMP. We welcome you back and let you know what's been going on in our lives over the break... but make it magic! Then it's on to our topic which is kind of a grab bag of Harry Potter developments, but mostly about JKs recent tweet that broke our hearts. Next we pick it up with a surprise double quizzle, a time turning Gryffindor, a joke of a Cast Away, and a Marry/Boff/Split that's all too real. Thanks for waiting! We're glad to be back!Love MMP

1hr 31mins

7 Feb 2020

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Episode 76 - SPOILER REVIEW - The Gripes of Cringelwald

Neckbeards, ahoy!One million spoilers await you, ye who enter here! Welcome to our spoiler review of Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald. To break the ice, we chat about the Lion King and the sneak peak of Wizards Unite. Then it's on to our Meet your Messrs question, which new character made the biggest impression, good or bad? Craig's is an unknown menace, Katie's is in the eye of the storm, Kate is being nice, and Laura likes things, too. Now it's on to the big one: The spoiler review. We take a long time and it feels like we barely scratch the surface of our feelings towards this movie. There are many gripes to be aired and some shining hopes along the way. Guard your heart. Here there be feels. We forgo the usual segments because we talked for hours! You've been warned. Love MMP

2hr 29mins

30 Nov 2018

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A Prequel, A Begin-terlude, A Warning!

Something wicked this way comes...Aren't you tired of this hiatus yet? Well we are! To get back into the swing of things three quarters of us were able to get together over the holiday break and have a quick chat about Potter Go... I mean Wizards Unite!So if you've missed having us rummage around in your ear holes then have a listen and get any suggestion owls in ASAP! We are recording Episode 1 of MMP Volume 2 soon!Can't wait to hear from you!Love,MMP


10 Jan 2020

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Episode 53 - Art you Glud?!

Intelligent (Production) DesignWe’re back from the holidays and winter has arrived! We also have THE FIRST EVER MISCHIEF MANAGED PODCAST HOUSE CUP RESULTS!!!! So exciting, you guys. We also announce our House Prefects and Head Boy and Girl, listeners who have gone above and beyond in the last year. We love you. We love you like Dumbledore loves socks. EVERYONE LOVES SOCKS. I’m sorry for yelling, but I’m just really happy. Then it’s on to our Meet your Messrs question, where we answer which character we’d like to cosplay. Craig is a silver fox, Kate likes layers, Katie likes make-up, and Laura is on brand. Next we start our topic: Production design in Harry Potter. We discuss places, props, creatures, and other nouns. It’s fun, check it out. Then it’s a tricky Quiz, a switcheroo Cast Away, a switcheroo Slytherin, a well-connected Underrated Character, and a similar Marry/Boff/Kill. Thanks for an amazing year, you cute pieces of cake.

1hr 31mins

12 Jan 2018

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Episode 54 - Kidding Around

Childishness is next to GodlinessWe have a familiar sounding special Guest this episode, James! We talk about his journey into Potter and read the wonderful robotically crafted chapter of HP fan fic. Beef women, amirite? Next for our Meet your Messrs question, we try to imagine ourselves as the bad guys. Kate is on brand, Katie shouldn’t teach, James goes for the big bad, and Craig traps Katie. Then it’s on to our topic: Child stars of Harry Potter. We discuss acting ability, casting choice, surprising level-headedness, and what they’re doing now. Then it’s on to an arresting Quizzle, a stand-up Slytherin, a tricky Cast Away, a ye olde Underrated Character, and a Marry/Boff/Kill of pretty ladies. In the end, we introduce Jess (FINALLY) and finish with some Scots!Love MMP

1hr 45mins

26 Jan 2018

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Episode 62 - Don't Hate the Player...

Low and SlowWelcome to another episode of Mischief Managed with a brand new guest, Maria! We begin by getting to know her Potter journey, some odd math and nightmares, then we move on to the world of fashion and culture (Craig's fave). Next we move on to our Meet your Messrs question that asks us to create our own Quidditch team. Laura has some word play, Craig is super gross, Katie is unimaginative, Kate wants to kill us all, and Maria gets granular. We then make it to our topic, which is all about Harry Potter games. We talk about sandwiches, video games, board games, card games, and games that have not yet come to pass. Then it's on to our penultimate Scottish Quick Quotes Quiz, a Masterful Cast-Away switcheroo, a Happy Hufflepuff switcheroo, an Underrated Constellation switcheroo, and a Mysterious Marry/Boff/Kill. Love MMP

2hr 4mins

18 May 2018

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Episode 61 - Move, Witch, Get out the Way

it's 100% about immigrationWe begin with Russia, of course. Then we go into a deep dive on the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery mobile game. Let's just say it takes a lot of energy. Then it's on to our Meet your Messrs question which asks us what muggle board game we would introduce to our common rooms. Then it's on to our Topic? I guess? We chat about immigration in the Wizarding world, refugees, and the Lion King. Next it's on to another Scots Quizzle, an guest-ish Underrated Character, a Mean Slytherin, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that is probably really good.Love MMP

2hr 2mins

4 May 2018

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Episode 40 - Boo, You Horcrux...

We have a grand ole time for you today! Our beloved Jamie is back and we talk about the Symphony, shuffling audiobooks, and the ultimate hybrid quiz. We also describe Jamie's gestures, which is entertaining for us and hopefully for you. Then we put on our proverbial marketing hats in order to rebrand our Houses for our Meet your Messrs segment. Katie makes the Slytherins laugh again, Jamie thinks Gryffindors should chill, Craig wants Hufflepuff to say "Fuck it", and Laura gets creative. Then it's on to our topic of the day which is Horcruxes, and guys... WE GO DEEP. It's a wonderfully complex topic as we dive into chronology, the specifics of horcrux making, and Jamie's sound effects. Then it's on to a double quizzle (because Katie is a jerk), a venerable Cast Away, a young Slytherin, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that takes us to Ogdenville!

1hr 51mins

14 Jul 2017

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Episode 69 - Percy? We barely know He!

Nobody's PrefectWelcome to another episode of Mischief Managed Podcast. We have a special guest, our lovely Tess returns and brought an suspiciously quiet Thom along. We chat about some new Harry Potter questions that occur to us in these autumn years. Then it's on to our Meet your Messrs question where we try to assign a genre of music to our respective Houses. Tess uses her wit, Laura is deeply angry and smart, Craig skips, Katie smashes ladies, and Kate fights for her rights. We continue (as you knew we would) to our topic of the episode: Percy Weasley. We chat about his family life, emotional intelligence, and Kate breaks out in emotions. Then, we FINALLY do a quizzle again now that all four Houses are present. There's a Trek-ish Cast Away, a Gossipy Slytherin, and a Marry/Boff/Kill you'll really get to chomp through. Love MMP

1hr 45mins

24 Aug 2018

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Episode 51 - What's the Point?

Our House Cup Runneth Over…It’s a classic MMP with all the Messrs! Laura has seen some Holiday Royalty, Kate still likes Riverdale, and we are solidly “Meh” on Justice League. We touch on the controversial casting and J.K.’s defence before moving on to our Meet your Messrs question. This episode we discuss our pet peeves in the book series. Only Laura understands the question, so points to Ravenclaw! A smooth as hell segue brings us to our topic: The House Points system. How do you get them? Can we accurately describe a cool infogram? What about chocolate? Etc? Next we move on to a woodsy Quizzle, a musical Slytherin, a festive Underrated Character, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that’s all about Head(s).Love MMP

1hr 42mins

15 Dec 2017

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Episode 3 - Muggleborns, Young Wizards, and Mennonites!

Back for more, I see! This time on Mischief Managed, we pick our subjects at Hogwarts in Meet Your Podcasters, and finally ask the big question, "Are Mennonites Wizards?". Yes, we only tackle the important stuff here! Next up, there's some rampant speculation about Muggleborns in Hogwarts which eventually leads to "what did wizard kids do before going to school?". Craig laments his lost dreams of the NHL and Kate thinks Maths are a joke. Then it's our snappy segments, including: Quiz by Craig, an underrated hottie, a heroic Slytherin, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that will make you throw up in your mouth a little bit!


16 Feb 2016

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Episode 52 - The House that Dumbs Built

Holiday Episode? No, Topic Down!It’s a cozy day in the not too distant past, and the Messrs gathered to bring you some Holiday cheer! Hurry before Kate falls asleep! We have a short intro, but you know what they say, “No news is good podcasting!” I’m pretty sure I’ve got that right. We move on to a very in-depth Meet your Messrs question, in which we Found a 5th House in Hogwarts. Craig is a Northern loner, Laura likes the moon, Kate likes everything, and Katie is a hidden loner. There is no topic today, because the Messrs need a break, too! So we skip on down to a nerve-racking Quizzle, a kindly Cast Away, a Golden Slytherin, and a Marry/Boff/Kill/Secret Santa that pits four festive pals against each other. Merry Everyone! Love MMP

1hr 9mins

29 Dec 2017

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Episode 67 - Fudge vs Scrimgeour

Good morning. Welcome to another episode of Mischief Managed Podcast! There's a new Fantastic Beasts, Crimes of Grindelwald trailer from SDCC and we dive right in with an intro/Meet your Messrs crossover. We chat about what excites us the most, what it means for the series, and also those cat things! Then it's on to our topic where we contrast and compare the two reigning Ministers for Magic in the HP series: Fudge and Scrimgeour. We talk about etymology, governing styles, and sneaking around Comic Con. Then it's on to NOT a quizzle as Gryffindor is not represented, a Giant Cast Away, a Mad Slytherin, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that requires supervision. Love MMP

1hr 32mins

27 Jul 2018

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Episode 44 - Was All Well?!?

Get ready for some Epi-lols...Happy 19 years later, everyone! The Mischief Managed Messrs chat about the 2-week-old weather report, guesting on Geektropolis, the Blyth festival, and Fan Expo, all while having some treats off the Trolley. Then for our Meet your Messrs question we try to answer what animagus we would choose to be and our Marauders-Style nickname. Craigs answer tickles Kate, Kate impresses Americans, Katie is concerned with food, and Laura just wants to stay in her pjs. Our topic is all about speculating what happened to our beloved characters between the end of the book and the beginning of the Epilogue. How was Hogwarts rebuilt? Can Kate do math? What was Harry’s exact schedule? Do we like the Robert Galbraith books? Did Draco go to jail? What colour is Victoire’s hair?! Had enough questions? TOO DAMN BAD. Next we go on to a sneaky quiz that has a big bonus fudge-up, a Pottermore quiz that we tackle as a team, a Love-ly Slytherin, an Underrated Charact-auror, and a boozy Marry/Boff/Kill/and Befriend? Love MMP

2hr 5mins

8 Sep 2017

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Episode 24 - Remus? You barely know us!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so... Let's just be friends, ok? JK, we love you forever. For our intro we hear all about Laura and Craig's magical trip to Orlando. They talk about dragon fire, the Hulk, and wands. Kate and Katie are jealous. Our topical Meet Your Podcasters question is all about Black Friday for wizards and Katie makes a terrible mistake. The topic for this episode is a character SHHHPOTLIGHT on Professor Remus Lupin. We talk in depth about his character and parts left out of the books. Here is where the feelings come out to play. We love Lupin. Next, it's a Cast Away that's oddly familiar, a Hollow Slytherin, a game of Bean roulette, knightly underrated character(s), and a Marry/Boff/Kill that doubles our disappointment.

1hr 54mins

2 Dec 2016

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Episode 5 - A Tale of Two Ginny's

We welcome back our beloved Laura to the podcast with welcoming words of welcome. Then we shatter your illusions of our perfection with our first official "Fudge Up". Pobody's Nerfect. On our Meet Your Podcaster's we talk quidditch. We agree that quaffle and bludger are funny words. Then it's straight into our topic in which we discuss Book Ginny vs. Movie Ginny. Did you want to hear us say "fleshed out" again? Me neither, but what can you do? And much to Katie's dismay, Craig is still obsessed with a certain character's moustache. Next up, Laura has a moment of Pottermore vindication and we talk common rooms and hybrids. We quiz, we appreciate, we slither; you know the drill! And finally a Marry/Boff/Kill that is a little hard on the old heart!


23 Mar 2016

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Episode 55 - Not Explicitly Fantastic Beasts

Take TwoIt’s deja vu city at Mischief Managed Headquarters as we record half the episode a second time (because of failure). We laugh about it because we are strong. We quickly discuss the game play that we’ve seen so far from Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and speculate accordingly. Then it’s on to our Meet your Messrs question that comes straight from the Craig’s mouth: “What current/future muggle technology would you be excited about as a Witch or Wizard?”. Laura boldly goes, Katie likes limbs, Craig likes alien, and Kate has 7 answers. Then it’s on to the controversial topic of David Yates comments concerning Dumbledore’s sexuality in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film. We try to take a calm look at this issue by discussing the importance of representation, the politics of the film industry, our head cannons, and how much uncertainty there still is. Then it’s on to a double Quiz, a SUPER SEXY Cast Away (seriously, look it up), a medical Slytherin, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that is queer as f&*k. Enjoy the Katie and Craig Friendship Hour!Love MMP

1hr 32mins

9 Feb 2018

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Episode 14 - Damp Wudgies

Our shadowy partner comes out of the shadows! We are joined by our co-creator Erin and boy is she mad! In our longest intro yet, we talk about Erin’s origin story, Pokemon Go, Trudeau, and The Lockhart’s new menu. Wooooooow, that’s a long intro. Next it’s on to a listener suggested Meet Your Podcasters where we get to the bottom of this Ilvermorny business. We are all super excited about our new houses and then we create some truly unfortunate hybrid names. We don’t apologize, but we probably should have! Our topic kicks off with Erin taking us to task for a certain adjective and we are so very guilty. But really, our topic is all about growing up with the books. It’s a thought-provoking look at how the books change with our experiences as we age. We all make strategic plans on how to introduce the books to our unborn children. Then of course, it’s back to nonsense! We have a quiz that breaks boundaries, a Recast that is super Sirius, a ye olde underrated character, a snarky Slytherin, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that is all about the agree-als....

1hr 40mins

27 Jul 2016

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Episode 41 - The Chosen Fun

Net-Witch and ChillWe have a very special guest this episode: Erin, one of the original Messrs. First off there’s a lot of catching up to do, and some plugs for other podcast. Bread the love, amiright? Then it’s a Meet your Messrs question that has a lot of “personality”. Get it? You will. Then it’s on to our topic of Wizarding entertainment. What do they do for fun? How do they get to their friends house? Why do we always talk about porn? Next it’s a quiz that we can all feel good about, a singing Slytherin, a boastful Underrated Character, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that takes a lot of skill.Love,MMP

1hr 35mins

28 Jul 2017

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Episode 4 - Fantastic Schools and Magical Beasts

New Schools! New Movie! New friends! No Laura! For this episode we have a special guest, Stef! She's our first of many guest contributors to the podcast and we love her. She brought cupcakes. And while our dear Laura is away helping children, we concentrate on the important stuff: Deciding which imaginary magic school we like best!! Then on to our topic, the upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Craig takes issue with "No-Maj", Katie tries to do maths, Kate geeks out about creatures, and Stef brought cupcakes!!! Next it's a quiz, two underrated characters for the price of one, a funny slytherin, and another in our series of Marry/Fuck/Kills that will leave you feeling uncomfortable! What's not to love?

1hr 6mins

2 Mar 2016

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