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Morning Mindfulness - A Few Positive Minutes to Start Your Day With

This podcast is about mindfulness. It is about being in the moment. It is about paying attention. It is about nonjudgmental attitude. It is about awareness. It is about making wiser decisions. I am talking about lessons I've learned on my Martial Arts and Yoga journey, and what I've learned practicing meditation. My episodes are inspired by lessons I got from World's greatest success and leadership teachers.

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689 - Mindful Relativity: The Opposite Perspectives On The Same Issue

Whoa! I’m not sure if I would ever write something like that to my parents. But I think this joke demonstrates nicely the relative nature of our happiness.


1 Feb 2018

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592 - Choosing Love: How To Start Practicing Changing The World

Contrary to popular belief, the change has to start with me. And it’s not Love your neighbor part of the Commandment...


19 Sep 2017

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595 - Leadership Talk: 2 Most Important Points For Great Communication

Everybody likes talking about themselves. When we’re kids playing in a sandbox, it’s perfectly acceptable. However, as we grow up, we look like a bunch of grown up kids who are creating our own bubbles...


22 Sep 2017

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710 - Attachments: Sure Way To Make Our Life Really Unbearable

Changing direction or strategy is not quitting. There’s a difference between falling back on default program of actions and failing forward, meaning simply redirecting actions deliberately.


2 Mar 2018

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539 - Power Of DIN: The Practical Aspect Of Living In A Present Moment

When I was a kid, I learned one skill that helped me many times. I learned to always do things I needed to do, whether it was a home work, or a promise to bring something to school. How? I learned what is called the DIN attitude. Let me explain...


6 Jul 2017

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598 - Heal Thyself: Universal Rule For The Field of Healing And Beyond

There’s a well-known rule, “Physician heal thyself”. I started this week talking about medicine, but this principle applies to many other areas...


27 Sep 2017

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534 - Stretching Days: The Most Significant Trick For Making More Time

Would you like to have more time to get things done? Most of people I ask usually say Yes! What kind of question is that? Many years ago our teacher at school told us he had 26 hours every day...


29 Jun 2017

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634 - Great Day: The Way We See Things Vs The Way They Really Are

I often hear something like, “Oh, the traffic was horrible!” I can totally relate to that because I used to be that way too. But I realized that if I keep thinking about how bad it is...


16 Nov 2017

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627 - Easy Solutions: How Overthinking Can Kill Our Dreams And Goals

Some people like cats, they just like sitting in the box. But I’ve met quite a few folks who are genuinely looking for a way out, but they only focus their attention on the closed door. They miss so many opportunities!..


7 Nov 2017

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665 - Way To Go: The Best Way To Improve Our Productivity

My coach told me, the way we do anything is the way we do everything. That means, we develop the habits in some areas of our life, that spill over into other areas...


29 Dec 2017

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510 - Uncluttered Memory: Keeping Our Brain Clean And Fully Functional

One of the keys to productivity is keeping our workspace clean and organized. But let’s look at it from a different perspective. The question is, What are we leaning?..


26 May 2017

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545 - Being Zen: Become More Spiritual On The Path To Enlightenment

I came to see Zen teacher, and I saw a stone instead of a Buddha statue. This is Zen. So where’s a catch? I’t been around us all the time. We just need to stop chasing enlightenment and see it...


14 Jul 2017

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530 - Eat Your Frog: Find Your Ways To Have More Day Out Of Your Day

Do you do everything on time? If yes, honestly, you may skip today’s episode. I’m talking to somebody like myself, who’s a chronic procrastinator. Oh well, I have to be honest...


23 Jun 2017

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685 - Ordinary Life: What Does It Really Take To Feel Normal

People have a tendency to feel bored wherever they are. There’s a concept of finding fulfillment in new job, new toy, new whatever. And then immediately after that we start looking for the next thing...


26 Jan 2018

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588 - Free Mindfulness: The Other Side Of The Ultimate Learning Path

I’ve been learning, practicing and teaching various mindfulness modalities for over 3 decades, and I have done it as a community class, free or sometimes donation based, if I did it at somebody’s studio. But let’s look at this free stuff from a different perspective...


13 Sep 2017

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601 - Essence Of Life: Mindful Discussion About Achieving Perfection

The question came from a teenager. If it’s not possible to reach an ideal in life, then what’s a purpose of living? For you and I this may sound like a bizarre, but for somebody entering the reality of adult life this may be, in fact, a serious question...


2 Oct 2017

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633 - Mindful Conversations: Choose Your Words And Speak Them Carefully

Most of us are talking a lot every day. What are we saying? Working with people, l had to train myself to filter every word coming out of me. Some of these things I learned from not so pleasant experience...


15 Nov 2017

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605 - Path Of Excellence: How Can We Know When We Should Do Better?

I discovered that there’s a big difference between excellence and perfection. As I mentioned before, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Who set the standards for the perfection?..


6 Oct 2017

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686 - Reset Button: Which Options In Your Life Would You Change?

Let’s pretend you found a magic control panel, which has a reset button. The power of the button can transport you back to any moment in your life you specify. Wouldn’t that be nice?


29 Jan 2018

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684 - Facing Forward: Discover The Real Direction You Life Is Going

We need to make memories by living our dreams. But I’ve heard many times, if your memories are bigger than your dreams, you are moving backwards...


25 Jan 2018

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