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This is The Scare Peddlers- Interviews with the scariest vendors in the haunted attractions industry. Each episode offers lessons, inspiration, and background on the most prolific vendors in the industry.This show is part of the the Haunted Attractions Podcast Network- view all our shows at http://hauntedattractionspodcast.com/

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Gantom Lighting - Making an Impact using Light in Your Attraction

Joining us today is Landin Fuseman, Marketing Director at Gantom Lighting. Gantom, formerly Darklight, was founded in spring of 2010 as a manufacturer of special effects lighting equipment catering to the themed attraction industry. They specialize in illumination of low-light and space constrained environments where traditional theatrical luminaires are not suitable. In late 2014, after experiencing extraordinary growth over several years, Darklight rebranded to Gantom; a combination of “Gan,” our founder’s last name, and “phantom,” which reflects their humble Halloween lighting beginnings.


16 Sep 2015

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Welcome to Haunt Life

"We wanted people to be able to represent: 'This is me, I'm a haunter.'” Daniel Doepke from Haunt Life discusses the concept, goal, and history behind his brand on this episode of The Scare Peddlers. Haunt Life is offering a "Skull Corpsing" tutorial along with a Skull contest. Entries are due by February 19; winners will receive a Haunt Life Shirt, Bumper Sticker, and Prop. The tutorial can be found here: https://youtu.be/IP4AjBrOzhQ and the contest instruction page can he found here: http://www.hauntedattractionspodcast.com/hauntlife/


28 Jan 2016

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The Zombie Face Mugs of Turkey Merck Pottery

We came across some pieces of hand-sculpted pottery which captured in their oozing faces the essence of the industry- the zombie head mug series by Kevin Merck. Functional, fascinatingly detailed, and gruesome these mugs have become quite famous. Kevin comes on the show to discuss their process. In addition, Kevin will be hosting a giveaway for one of his new casted mugs from January 1-10, 2016. You can find information on that contest and future contests by following him on social.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turkeymerckpotteryInformation on Turkey Merck Pottery can be found at: http://turkeymerck.com/


6 Jan 2016

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Hot Wire Foam Factory: If you can imagine it, you can make it!

The effervescent Shaina Moral from Hot Wire Foam Factory comes on the show to discuss the company and discuss our joint Tombstone Contest! Hot Wire Foam Factory is a manufacturer of foam cutting tools and coatings. They were established in 1991 and have 3 lines of tools, a line of protective foam coats, foam safe glues & instructional DVD's. They are based out of Lompoc, California and have distributors all over the USA, in the UK, Australia, Canada and even India! More information can be found at: http://hotwirefoamfactory.com/For more information on the Tombstone Contest running until November 1, 2015 enter your email here: https://hotwirefoamfactory.com/subscribe.html


28 Sep 2015

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Fog It Up - The Secret of Scents!

Joey from Fog It Up comes on the show discuss their brand’s background, products, innovations for 2015, & how their scents are crafted to maximize haunt experiences!http://www.hauntedattractionspodcast.com/e211/


16 Sep 2015

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