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ADHD Events for May 2009

As the weather gets warmer, and the spring is coming - it often means getting outdoors again, and getting active. It also means more school pressure for kids, as the school year starts to wind down… As well as other possible challenges. In our commitment to informing you about ADD and ADHD events that will help you - we wanted to share times when you can learn from Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Handelman this spring. Some of these events are complimentary, and all promise to help you and your families out. See Dr. Handelman Live: 1) Dr. Kenny will be taking part in the ADHD Family Summit. This is a teleclass series that you can take part in for f.r.e.e., and then purchase the recordings if you like. It begins on May 4th, and runs for 6 weeks. Click here to claim your spot for free. 2) Dr. Kenny’s speaking in Toronto for a one day seminar for professionals. It is called: 7 Steps to Succeed with ADHD. While the day will be geared for educators, social workers, psychologists and doctors, parents are welcome as well (as long as you know that the material will be at a level to educate professionals). This is taking place on Thursday May 28th, and you can learn more here. See Dr. Hallowell Live: 1) Recapture the Romance with Ned and Sue Hallowell - a special weekend event to take place at the wonderful Waldorf Astoria in New York City on June 5- 7. This interactive seminar weekend is for all couples looking to reconnect with all that they love about their mate and to refurbish their love. Register early to assure your space! For more information, click here. Note: The Boston seminar for ADHD couples is sold out.2) Cape Cod Institute: Dr. Hallowell will be giving a one week course on his strengths-based approach to ADHD from June 29-July3. For a full agenda and more information, go to this link.3) Dr. Hallowell on Dr. Phil: Dr. Hallowell recently joined Dr. Phil to tape an episode of the Dr. Phil Show on the topic of “Can This Marriage be Saved?”. They explored how ADD can affect marriages and what can be done to help. As of this writing, this show is TENTATIVELY scheduled to air on May 4th. Please go to the Dr. Phil website this weekend to verify the air date. Check your local listings for exact time. We hope to see you at one of these events, and we wish you a great spring!Best, Dr. Kennyp.s. the events to watch for this week include: a) Dr. Hallowell on Dr. Phil - possibly May 4th b) Dr. Kenny’s participating in the ADHD Family SummitShare This

3 May 2009

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ADDA Conference - Register Early for Discount

On call # 4 of our series, our experts from ADDA (you can find them at www.ADD.org) told you about their national conference in July in Minneapolis. Beverley Rohman is helping to organize the event, and she forwarded me an announcement to make sure that you know about the upcoming conference. I am including the message here. Please note, they are giving you a discount if you register by May 16th. Here is the important information:I’m writing today to tell you about the 2008 Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADDA) Conference this July 10-13 in Minneapolis“Adult AD/HD: People, Purpose & Passion – Pathways for Success”This year’s conference features some of the most renown authorities in the world of AD/HD, including keynote presentations by:* Sari Solden, MS, LMFT, on “A ‘Whole’ New View of Success – Aiming for Wholeness Instead of Perfection” * Ned Hallowell, MD, on “Unwrapping the Gifts of the Mind” * John Ratey, MD, on “The Spark for Success”Other topics addressed in the many breakouts include:• Family and Relationship Issues • College Challenges and Success • Workplace and Career Issues • Medical Management and Treatment • Science and Research • Life Skills • Non-AD/HD Spouses • Time Management and Organization • Women’s and Men’s Issues • Coaching ………and much, much more!Check it out on www.add.orgThere is a Mother’s Day special going on now. FAX your registration in before May 16th and get the early bird rate of $299 for members/ $199 for students. Write ‘Mother’s Day special’ on the FAX form. Or Register on line. All registrations up to May 16th will get the reduced rates. [end of the ADDA notice]We all heard rave reviews of this event on our Unwrapping The Gift call, and I encourage you to come if you are interested. I intend to be at the event - and I hope that if you come, you’ll come up and say hi. And of course, if you are considering coming - act now to save some money on the discount that they’re offering.All the best, Dr. KennyTechnorati Tags: ADD, ADHD, Adult ADD, Adult ADHD, ADDA Share This

16 May 2008

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It Was A Crazy Day Yesterday… But Registrations Remain Open

Yesterday, our site went live for registrations. We knew that a lot of people were interested in our program, and the ‘buzz’ was building… We had 479 spots for our program, but based on all of the feedback that was coming in, it was obvious that that wouldn’t be enough…And then, at 11:55 am eastern time (5 minutes before the site was supposed to go live!), the server went down. Despite all of our planning - when the traffic started to hit the site hard, it crashed. It turned out that there was a problem with a ‘mysql database’. Hmmm…. Thankfully, my webmaster ‘diagnosed this’, and got us going by 12:09 pm (i.e. 9 minutes late). [Thank you Mike!!!!]. It was a very long 9 minutes for us (And many of you too…) Despite all of the planning, technology is technology…Needless to say, I was inundated with emails - frustration, upset, anger… People wanted to get into our program - Unwrapping The Gift of ADD.I was tied to my computer (as was Dr. Hallowell’s list manager), answering questions and helping people sign up for hours. As the day went on, I was able to arrange for more spots for our program. We will be using ‘webcast’ technology - meaning that you will be able to listen in via your internet connection. Because of all of the chaos yesterday, I didn’t email you again to let you know that we would have extra spots, we just kept the site live and taking registrations. (Just as an aside - this webcast technology works on dial-up too…)Many people emailed in saying: “I had to miss the signup at noon - will you run this program again?” The answer is - ‘no’, we have no plans to run this program again…BUT… You can still sign up now. I am speaking with the president of the webcast company (when you need A LOT of lines, I guess you get to speak to the president…) this afternoon. At that point, I’ll be able to gauge how many spots our program will have.In other words - if you want to make sure to secure a spot - go to our site now and sign up. If you get in before by this afternoon, then you will have a spot for sure. (I really hope we’ll just be able to keep the site live for ongoing registrations, but I can’t be sure until later today…)A final word: thank you to all of you who have been sending in your positive emails and comments. We really appreciate it!We’re so excited (and humbled) to be able to share our ’strength based approach’ to ADD/ADHD with you. Because at the core of it - we know that the information that our experts will share can literally change lives….Looking forward to having you participate in the live event!Dr. Kenny Handelmanp.s. if you skipped to the bottom - the short summary is: we can still take registrations today, so sign up now here.Share This

17 Apr 2008

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Secure Your Spot Tomorrow

As promised - here is the update for today - Tuesday April 15th. Our site - Unwrapping The Gift of ADD.com goes live tomorrow (Wednesday April 16th 2008) at 12 pm Eastern, 9 am Pacific time.I’ve recorded a 9 minute video to explain to you how it is going to work. You see - we have over 4700 people who have downloaded our free report, ‘Find The Genius in ADD’, and are on the VIP notification list. As well, there are many organizations who are mailing their email lists about this tomorrow as well. Our event is free to attend - and that includes 8 live teleseminar calls - with top ADD/ADHD experts - all with the focus of helping you to unwrap your gift of ADD. But… we only have 479 free spots open. So, you’ll need to visit our site tomorrow at 12 pm EDT or 9 am PDT to secure your spot.Watch this video where I explain all of the details: [See post to watch Flash video]I look forward to ’seeing you’ on our teleseminar series which starts on Monday April 21st at 8 pm EDT/5 pm PDT.Dr. KennyShare This

15 Apr 2008

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Join Us At The Hallowell Center

Dr. Hallowell and I just met at the Hallowell Center a few days ago - to put the final plans together for the ‘Unwrapping The Gift of ADD’ program which will be launching in a few days (The website will go live on Wednesday April 16th at 12 pm EDT, 9 am PDT). I thought it would be fun to bring my camcorder - and let you join me for this journey. You’ll get to: See Dr. Hallowell’s office Listen in as I ask him some of the questions that have come up on this blog (i.e. that you’ve sent in) and hear more about ‘Unwrapping The Gift of ADD’ Even though you may not ever be able to visit the Hallowell Center - you can check it out with me on these videos…This video runs about 15 minutes - so it had to be broken into two parts (Youtube only allows 10 minute videos…)Enjoy! …and as always, please leave your comments below.Dr. KennyVideo 1: Video 2: Technorati Tags: ADD, ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dr. Hallowell, Dr. Handelman Share This

14 Apr 2008

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PROOF - Unwrapping The Gift of ADD Works

I am happy to share with you an inspirational interview with a gentleman who embodies the term ‘unwrapping the gift of ADD’. Jay Mandarino is living PROOF that people can unwrap the gift of ADD and Dyslexia. He was in a very difficult situation - where he was failing at school, and couldn’t read - and now he is successful on so many different levels.Jay and I met at a Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario conference, and immediately respected one another. I asked Jay if he would be willing to be interviewed for the lead up to Unwrapping the Gift of ADD, and he graciously agreed.In this 32 minute audio interview – you’ll discover: * How Jay couldn’t read in elementary school, and how his teachers wanted to send him to a halfway house * How Jay was told that he couldn’t amount to anything more than a gas attendant * WhyJay got so down that he became suicidal on two different occassions * Jay now runs 13 companies and his companies earn $24 million per year * …about success on many levels – not just financial *How Jay inspires high school students, and provides hope and support to so many through his volunteer work** Listen to this interview carefully, because you’ll hear specific steps that YOU can do too – to unwrap the gift of ADD.The amazing part of Jay’s story is that he and his parents DID NOT have a roadmap to follow to ‘unwrap the gift’ - yet they did it so well. In the coming weeks, Dr. Hallowell and I will be launching the ‘Unwrapping The Gift of ADD’ series, and we’ll be sharing specific and actionable steps that people can take to unwrap the gift of ADD.And for anyone who thinks that this can’t be done… Just listen to this interview. It will inspire and move you.Download Link To listen, just click on the ‘plus sign’.Enjoy this interview, and after you listen – please share your comments below.Dr. Kenny p.s. we are now just 1 week away from the website going live for the ‘Unwrapping The Gift of ADD’ program. To be sure to get the opportunity to take part in this revolutionary and never-before-done event, enter your name and email above to be on our VIP notification list (if you’ve already signed up, or received our free report Find The Genius in ADD, there is no need to sign up again).Technorati Tags: ADD, ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Gift of ADD, Gift of ADHD Share This

10 Apr 2008

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Dr. Hallowell on Unwrapping The Gift of ADD - An Interview

I am pleased to share with you an interview I did with Dr. Hallowell - where we cover the basics of ‘unwrapping the gift of ADD’. Dr. Hallowell shares his personal experiences as someone with ADD and Dyslexia.In this 21 minute audio - you’ll discover: * How a 1st grade teacher helped Dr. Hallowell when he couldn’t read * What the only REAL learning disability is… * How Dr. Hallowell went from a boy who couldn’t read - to a graduate of Harvard College, went onto Medical School, and now makes his living with words * How there can be gifts in ADD and Dyslexia (and why it’s different than medical conditions like arthritis) * The ‘double edged sword’ - if you nurture and support these gifts, they can be great. But if you don’t - you can be cursed by them… * How if you ‘unwrap the gifts - not only will you level the playing field - you will go WAY BEYOND what ‘Joe Ordinary’ and ‘Jill ordinary’ will do * This message comes directly from over 25 years of Dr. Hallowell’s personal and professional experience * Dr. Hallowell wouldn’t trade his ADD or Dyslexia for the world - they have given him an edge for creativity, energy, originality, empathy… that other people don’t have * How Mozart, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin and many others have this gift - and were able to ‘unwrap it’ * How this information can spare children and adults from the real stigma which is shame, loss of hope and no dreams * And much more…We hope you find this interview helpful and instructive. *** Please join our email list so that you can receive ongoing updates about ‘How To Unwrap The Gift of ADD’***Join in the form above (where it says: Sign Up Today!)Download LinkTo listen, just click on the ‘plus sign’.Enjoy the audio - and please share any of your comments in the forms below.Dr. Kennyp.s. we are excited and committed to get this message out there to as many people as we can. Would you consider forwarding this to your friends who want to know more about ADD/ADHD?Technorati Tags: ADD, ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Gift of ADD, Gift of ADHD, Dr. HallowellShare This

7 Apr 2008

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Listen to The Radio Interview

On Wednesday April 2, 2008, I was interviewed on CKTB with host Laurie Walsh. She asked me to clarify how ADD/ADHD is a gift.I answered her in 7 minutes and 29 seconds.…and I’m able to share that interview with you right here.Just click on the ‘plus’ sign below, and you’ll start to hear this radio interview:Download LinkEnjoy!Dr. Kennyp.s. Remember - get your copy of Find The Genius In ADD here, and let people know about it!p.p.s. Join the conversation about this new view of ADD - right herep.p.p.s. If you want to hear more more of my ‘ADHD Talk Radio’ interviews, just click over here to my blog (and scroll down to hear ADHD Talk Radio)Share This

4 Apr 2008

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Find The Genius On The Radio

Dr. Edward Hallowell and I have just released our new digital special report - and we are getting great feedback already. In fact, a local radio station has asked to interview me tomorrow (April 2) at 12:35 pm Eastern time. Even if you aren’t in the area- using the power of the internet - you can listen in if you’d like.The radio station is: 610 CKTB The live streaming player for their station is here. <==click here to listen in liveJoin us if you can.Dr. Kennyp.s. If you haven’t got your hands on this report yet, click here to learn how to ‘Find The Genius in ADD’.Technorati Tags: ADD, ADHD, Radio, ParentingShare This

2 Apr 2008

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Find The Genius In ADD - Join The Conversation

The FREE special report that Dr. Edward Hallowell and I (Dr. Kenny Handelman) released today has had more than 1100 downloads in just a few hours. …and the best part from my perspective - is that people are telling their friends and family to go get a copy!This is exactly what we wanted… For the message to get out in a BIG way that:* there’s genius in ADD * ADD can be a gift - it is just difficult to unwrap * the system needs changing (to a ’strength based’ approach to ADD and ADHD)(If you’ve landed here without getting your hands on this breakthrough new report yet, click through here to get your hands on it right away: Find the Genius in ADD)In order to have a big impact on the world of ADD and ADHD - we need your input. Please use this blog to share your thoughts, experiences and impressions.Please scroll down to the comment box below and share your thoughts about: * Do you think there’s genius in ADD? Can you share an example? * Do you have great experiences with the ’strength based’ approach to ADD? * Have you WISHED you could get the strength based approach (i.e. you were upset by a negative approach to ADD)? * Any comments you want to share about our special report?Thanks for ‘joining the conversation’. Every comment will be approved before it hits the blog (this just protects all of us from SPAM comments for inappropriate things) - so have a little patience …and watch your email for more updates… we will be giving away more free information and training in the coming days and weeks.Dr. Kennyp.s. just share your comments in the box below to ‘join the conversation’Technorati Tags: ADD, ADHD, Genius Share This

2 Apr 2008

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