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Every day, our world gets smaller. Today more than ever, we're constantly in contact with people who don't believe the same things we do. How can a person who follows Jesus have healthy, respectful and loving conversations with people of other religions? What can a Christian and a Muslim talk about? What about Buddhist or Hindus? Atheists or Mormons?In this class, we'll explore the basic structure, beliefs and practices of other religions. We'll learn where they overlap with Christianity, and what the important differences are. In the end, we'll be more confident of our own faith, and more able to engage those of other religions with love and grace.

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What do Buddhist believe? How do they see the world? What are the important similarities to and differences from Christianity?

1hr 15mins

23 Jan 2013

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What does Modern Judaism believe and practice? How can Christians build respectful and loving, truth-seeking relationships with Jewish persons?

1hr 23mins

30 Jan 2013

Rank #2

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6 Mar 2013

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