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Deep Dive Ep 79 - Big Data ft Berryhorse

Deep Dive into data science and sports betting with the legendary Berryhorse (@berryhorse29). Discussion on modeling philosophy, MLB futures, the NFL season outlook, the Open and Bitcoin. Evergreen conversation that will entertain you while you learn something probably.

1hr 46mins

19 Jul 2018

Rank #1

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Deep Dive Ep 89 - NFL Week 1 ft Kaleb Gering

The fellas are joined by the gambling twitter GOAT@KalebGering24 to breakdown all the NFL Week 1 match-ups. In order they cover:ATL@PHIPIT@CLESF@MINCIN@INDBUF@BALJAC@NYGTB@NOHOU@NETEN@MIAKC@LACSEA@DENDAL@CARWAS@ARICHI@GB

1hr 31mins

5 Sep 2018

Rank #2

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Deep Dive Ep 67 - NFL Power Numbers

First Episode in a multi-part series digging deep into handicapping approaches for the NFL... Part 1 Power Numbers, how to go about developing them, maintaining them, adjusting them, accounting for home field advantage and what to do with them.

1hr 9mins

17 May 2018

Rank #3

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Deep Dive Ep 105 - NFL Week 8 ft Alex Kolodziej

Week 8 preview featuring the awesome @AlexKoIodziej

1hr 55mins

24 Oct 2018

Rank #4

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Deep Dive Ep 108 - NFL Week 10 ft Jay Krier

Friend of the Pod Jay Krier is back to catch us up on college sports betting stories before diving into the Week 10 card. All sides and totals discussed.

2hr 1min

8 Nov 2018

Rank #5

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Deep Dive Ep 103 - NFL Week 7 ft Milhouse

NFL Week 7 Deep Dive with special guest from beautiful Canada @MilhouseSports. Brief coverage of the CFL, the intersection of social media and sports betting and the current state of a certian offshore book the fellas go head first into the Week 7 card breaking down sides and totals.

1hr 51mins

18 Oct 2018

Rank #6

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Deep Dive Ep 127 - Championship Weekend ft Kaleb Gering

Andy and Whale welcome Kaleb Gering on to talk about the Chiefs amazing season to this point, reflect on the importance of Mahomes to breaking the playoff curse and get ready for the weekend's action. Comprehensive break downs of the sides and totals follow, not safe for Pats fans.

1hr 24mins

18 Jan 2019

Rank #7

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Deep Dive Ep 97 - NFL Week 5 ft Professor Shine

Andy and the Whale are joined by the esteemed @ProfessorShine in a two-part podcast. In Part 1 we break down the Week 5 NFL card, enjoy!

1hr 27mins

4 Oct 2018

Rank #8

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Deep Dive Ep 92 - NFL Week 2 Wrap and Lookahead

Andy and Whale survey the chaos from Week 2, missed opportunities loom large for Whale but the fellas are high on a handful of looks for Week 3 based on the opening lines.


17 Sep 2018

Rank #9

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Deep Dive Ep 120 - NFL Week 16 ft Xmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Week 16 is here, Andy and the Whale break down the whole card in the Christmas spirit. BOL this weekend and thanks for listening.

1hr 32mins

20 Dec 2018

Rank #10

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Deep Dive Ep 70 - World Cup Preview ft. Kaleb Gering

World Cup 2018!!! Joined by special guest Kaleb Gering to deep dive into soccer handicapping... detailed breakdown of the groups, futures market and game-by-game betting angles, enjoy!

1hr 41mins

8 Jun 2018

Rank #11

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Deep Dive Ep 229 - NFL Divisional Round Ft Suuma

We welcome back one of our best friends and contributors over the years Fabian Sommer (@suuma810) to cap the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. After touching on the results of the 2019 regular season we hit the sides and totals for all four match-ups.

1hr 44mins

9 Jan 2020

Rank #12

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Deep Dive Ep 82 - AFC West and NFC South ft Jay Krier

In Part 1 of the 2018 NFL Season preview the fellas are joined by sharp handicapper @JayKrier to breakdown all the angles in the AFC West and NFC South. After introducing Jay and talking format, AFC West is up first discussing the Chargers, Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos in that order. LA Chargers (08:00 to 26:00) KC Chiefs (26:00 to 38:30)Oakland Raiders (38:30 to 52:00)Denver Broncos (52:00 to 1:14:00)Short break then NFC South is up discussing the Bucs, Panthers, Falcons and Saints in that order. TB Buccaneers (1:14:00 to 1:24:00)Carolina Panthers (1:24:00 to 1:34:00)Atlanta Falcons (1:34:00 to 1:45:00)New Orleans Saints (1:45:00 to 2:03:00)Summary of leans: Joey Bosa DPOY +600... KC under regular season wins... Raiders Week 1 back, Week 2 fade... Denver over regular season wins... Bucs pass... Panthers under regular season wins... Falcs and Saints SB contenders... Drew Brees MVP +1200

2hr 3mins

8 Aug 2018

Rank #13

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Deep Dive Ep 136 - Rookie Mistakes

Andy and Whale reminisces about the days when they were beginners and the lessons learned the hard way over the years through the discussion of rookie mistakes as a sports bettor.

1hr 16mins

19 Feb 2019

Rank #14

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Deep Dive Ep 96 - NFL Week 4 Wrap-up Week 5 Lookahead

Most of a Wild Week 4 is in the books and we go through some important lessons learned and discuss the landscape of the NFL. A first look at the major games on tap for Week 5 with early leans on the sides and totals also broken down.


1 Oct 2018

Rank #15

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Deep Dive Ep 71 - US Open Golf Preview ft. James

Andy and Whale are joined by the white hot golf handicapper James (@jmazzjd) to breakdown some basics of approach to betting golf and then a deep dive preview of the US Open.

1hr 8mins

13 Jun 2018

Rank #16

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Deep Dive Ep 68 - NFL Lookahead Lines

Putting in more NFL Offseason work... Part 2 of the series we Deep Dive into what to make of the lookahead lines for all of games this season.


24 May 2018

Rank #17

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Deep Dive Ep 134 - Hoops Modeling

Andy and Whale go Deep Dive into the fundamentals of Hoops modeling and break down the factors that matter for college and NBA handicapping.

1hr 19mins

12 Feb 2019

Rank #18

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Deep Dive Ep 227 - NFL Wild Card ft Joey Knish

We kick of the new year in style welcoming back good friend of the pod Uncle Joey Knish. After touching on the state of the CFB title race we deep dive into all four NFL matchups this weekend capping the sides and totals on the board.

1hr 34mins

2 Jan 2020

Rank #19

Podcast cover

Deep Dive Ep 207 - NFL Week 8 Projections

NFL Week 8 is here and we make the most of a lackluster card finding value on a number of sides and totals across the weekend slate.

1hr 21mins

24 Oct 2019

Rank #20