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Fixed Income in 15 – Episode 21

In a special Crypto episode of Fixed Income In 15, Joe Cass is joined by Raoul Pal, Co-founder and CEO of Real Vision and Mohamed Damak, Senior Director at S&P Global Ratings. There was lively debate between Raoul and Mohamed on the emerging role of cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currencies in traditional finance, including the importance of ESG and energy usage in digital mining. Joining from the Cayman Islands, Raoul shared what life is like living and working remotely and his thoughts on the ‘Exponential Age’. Sign-up here to be notified as soon as future episode are published View the series so far here


1 Sep 2021

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Beyond the Buzz: A Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Emerges To Address Social Disparities

Climate disasters such as hurricanes, droughts, and wildfires continually expose vulnerabilities of U.S. infrastructure. In this episode, Corinne Bendersky and Mike Ferguson discuss the Senate’s recently announced bipartisan infrastructure package and its implications related to ESG. They cover what’s in the plan, what’s missing, who stands to benefit, and why the plan has bipartisan appeal. As infrastructure evolves beyond legacy transportation systems to focus more on climate resilience and environmental justice, a central question remains: How can infrastructure better serve our communities and facilitate the way that we live? Related Research: A Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Emerges To Address Social Disparities


3 Aug 2021

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Takes Notes- Is Commercial Real Estate In Covered Bonds Worth The Risk?

This time, Casper Andersen joins us to discuss commercial real estate (CRE) in covered bonds. Is CRE in covered bonds worth the risk? We do a deep dive into that question by looking at the divergence of different CRE asset performances due to the pandemic, their exposures in different jurisdictions, the outlooks for CRE in Europe, and more. Related Article – Commercial Real Estate In Covered Bonds: Is It Worth The Risk? July 8, 2021


29 Jul 2021

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U.S. Corporate Credit Outlook Midyear 2021: Trends And Transitions

U.S. corporate borrowers are recovering faster than expected, boosted by the strong economic rebound and pent-up demand. Still, it could take until well into 2022 for some sectors to recover to 2019 credit metrics; the outlook is further complicated by the resurgence of COVID. View the full article here


28 Jul 2021

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Root and Branch - July 2021: ELFA Survey, Greenium and KPIs

Series 1, Episode 4: Just before the summer break Nina and Chris look over the in depth ELFA survey of investors and discuss the findings, including their view of the size of the greenium and whether the pricing benefit for a bond should be immediate or after testing KPIs, should there be a penalty if a bond is called before KPIs are tested, how loans have more KPIs than bonds, how some investors want a third party involved in the KPIs and how most want the loan KPIs set out from the start of a deal.


23 Jul 2021

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Take Notes - Directive Issued To Harmonize EU Covered Bonds

Our host Tom Schopflocher is joined by analyst Casper Anderson to discuss covered bonds; this time it's the EU directive, which is now on its way to becoming law in all EU countries. The EU directive is the first real attempt at establishing a pan-European standard for covered bonds (as well as an attempt at strengthening the EU capitals market union). We discuss how the law seeks to establish that standard across the EU, some of the hold ups some countries are having in trying to enact this law, as well as some of the important legal differences that still exist between jurisdictions. Related Article – Covered Bond Harmonization In The EU Remains A Work in Progress , July 13, 2021


22 Jul 2021

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Capital Markets View - July 2021

In this month’s Capital Markets View, Taron and Chris talk about 2021’s surge in bond and loan issuance – including dividend recaps – the stabilisation of yields, and the flattening in CLO triple-A pricing.


19 Jul 2021

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The Upgrade Episode 13 Rising Stars, Fallen Angels

In this episode of The Upgrade podcast we discuss what’s new with rising stars and fallen angels based on recent research, along with a detailed discussion of a recent rising star – Advanced Micro Devices.


16 Jul 2021

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Fixed Income in 15 – Episode 20

Mark Haefele, Chief Investment Officer at UBS and Alexandra Dimitrijevic, Global Head of Research at S&P Global Ratings joined Joe Cass on this edition of Fixed Income in 15. Discussion focused on the evolution of ESG over the past 18 months, long term credit outlook and views on the digitalization of finance including blockchain and cryptocurrency. There was also time to talk about Mark’s prior career as a lecturer at Harvard and Alexandra’s experience co-leading the S&P Global Diversity Research Lab. Sign-up here to be notified as soon as future episode are published View the series so far here


14 Jul 2021

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Capital Markets View - June 2021

In this month’s episode of Capital Markets View, Taron and Chris chat about how new leveraged loan volumes for 2021 – even with the slight slowdown in the past month – are still better than in prior years, which industries are showing stress in 2021 compared to 2020, and the slight slowdown in the CLO market, coupled with a small rise in spreads in both the CLO and loan market.


25 Jun 2021

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